Midflight Mysteries and Midflight Shock

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Viking Name: Midflight Mysteries

Dragon Name (Breed): Midflight Shock (Whispering Death)

Clan: Jormungandr (Member)

Hobbies/Interests: Maintaining the bond between her and Midflight Shock. Flying about above the vlouds. Watching the sunset every night. Watching her dragon and kitten, Luna, play together. Cookies, cats, being left alone, dragons, pheonixs and most of all, her dragon.


Hi! Midflight Mysteries here! I'm about to tell you all about me!


How I Got Here:


I was never actually born here. I guess you could say that I was born in the real world. One day, I came across something that was shining in the distance. I crept forward, closer and closer, and then in a flash, I was in the docks at Berk!


How I Met Midflight Shock:


I was on my own, as usual, sitting on a cliff. I was watching the sunset, like I normally did anyway. Suddenly, I saw a snake-like shape in the distance. As the shape grew clearer, I saw her. She flew forward, in all her glory, and landed before me. Such a magnificent beast she was! She scowled at me, and I flinched. I remember what to do, having read the Book of Dragons too many times. I grabbed a toothbrush and scrubbed her teeth. I never thought I'd have to do this. I laughed. She then came close, so close that I could make out every detail on her face. I reached out my hand and stroked her snout. I had done it, I had earned her trust. She lowered her head, enabling me to climb up. We then flew off into the sunset.


We have had so many moments together since then, we're life-long friends. We'll always be there to catch each other when one of us falls. We will risk our lives for each other, and the ones we love...


A few of our moments together:





And that, my friends, is us!




Hello!! I'll do my best to help <33

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Sorry about th few spelling

Sorry about th few spelling mistakes :P

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Touching Whispering Death tale

Awww, that story of how you met your Whispering Death was really cute, especially considering how fierce they are! I could picture the scene vividly. Oh, I finally get what you meant by the real world, and something shining in the distance. You took a less common aproach to what was reality. Did you mean that you were transported to the Viking world, or were you just describing a computer in a mystical way? Anyway, your pictures seemed quite fresh because people don't often fly outside the school. It's neat to see the snow covered rocks from a distance. It looks like a completely different island.


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Thanks :) And yes, I meant I

Thanks :)


And yes, I meant I was transported.


I write for a living, basically XD

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In fact, I write almost

In fact, I write almost everyday XD