The Messengers: Rules and Requirements

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The Messengers
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​Please do not reply directly at the posts that contains the Rules and the Requirements because they may be changed, modified, added, or removed from time to time. If you are going to comment, please reply to the main thread.

Give me a second to post them. Thank you for your patience.


Clan Rank: 263

First Elder: ​Hiccup of the Night (Owlflit)

Battle Rank: 839 (Last updated 3/17/17)

Head Elder:​ NyteRaider (Navlyn Fury)


​Elder Count:​ 3

Total Members: ​11/100


​Elder List:

​Hiccup of the Night

RioluAura (alt)

NyteRaider (alt)


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​Warning: ​Typing "Hello! Please add me to your clan" isn't going to get you accepted because it makes me think that you havn't seen the Forum page or this Signature

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The Messengers
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1. No Disruptive Behavior- This is a bully free clan. We must not post rude comments, insult, or offend clan mates and be supreme to others. False behaviors include lying, harassing, bullying, spamming, cussing, and harmful acts upon this clan and the people both in and out. We respect others and treat them fairly. Its good that we have disagreements and that we respect opinions even if you disagree.


2. Anti-Hacking-​ As also a leader of The Resistance Society there is a 0 tolerance of hackers present in the clan. If me, or a clan member catches you hacking you will immediately get kicked from the clan and be reported here on forum. If you were a hacker please contact me by sending an email (Please display your Viking name in the email), send a message on my profile page, or talk to me in-game and we can settle things (But no hacking or cheating when your in the clan).


3. Remain Active-​ For those who I catch you inactive for more 2 months I will kick you from the clan. If you are are behind on work, school, family (issues, vacation, ect...) game isn't working, computer not working, please find a way to contact me and let me know that your going to be off and I will ignore this rule. Unless if the clan gets Rebooted. (The importance of paying attention to our activities on forum)


4.​ Required Members-​ For all members who have not wielded all the requirements to be a member you have 30 days to meet those standards (Mostly trophies. You have to have 50 trophies to be in this clan (its not that hard, just race 5-10 times or win 3 Fireball Frenzy matches.). If you can't, I can hold the timer and you can work your way to solve this issue. Be warned, it will not be held forever.


5. Show Kindness-​ This clan is made to support other clans and help other people with their problems both inside and out. Please show love and affection toward everyone, including the ones you hate, has stubbornness, and/or repulsive behavior towards your opinions and beliefs.


​6. Never Quit-​ Don't quit the clan. If you decide to quit, your fired! (Kinda had to add this in <))


7. Rejoice- ​Do not be afraid or ashamed to be a Christian. Let your light shine, for that is the clan's verse. Become a proud Messenger, be yourself, and show how much you love Jesus. If people give you bad comments about it, just remember this rule and this phrase.

"I'd rather live with God and be judged by the world, then to live with the world and be judged by God."


8. Birthday Events- ​Birthday cellebrations are allowed for Elders and Leaders. We'll have a special get togethers at a place of your choise and chat and wish you happy birthday!

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The Messengers
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To be a Member:

  • ​Must own a silver star
  • ​50 trophies required
  • Must've played at least 2 weeks
  • ​Must be either Christian or someone who wants to learn to be one
  • Needs to study this clan before joining
  • ​Forum account is recommended


To be an Elder:

  • ​Must be active on either forum, in-game, or both
  • ​500 trophies required
  • Must've played for at least 2 months
  • ​You helped out
  • ​Must have a forum account
  • Must know this clan very well
  • ​Trusted to stay loyal


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Archery and Dragons
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I have one platinum star, at

I have one platinum star, at least 120 trophies, im a very devoted Christain, i joined 2 years ago, and im on almost every day. May i join the Messengers?


I am accepting art requests. Feel free to request!

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Yes, you may. I have links on that signature (Not this one, if I recall) that views the main page and stuff. Tell me your user and when you get in the game you can search it on the clan tab and click join. Or you can send me a PM and I can give you my friend code and I can get you accepted (But do it on that profile. Its the same person so, yah)


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