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The Messengers
Joined: 10/14/2016

​If you have any questions to this clan you may post it below. Please, do not post your questions on the DNR post. Please give me a second as I pull it up. When it's up you may reply but to the top page.


-Thank you for your patience


Clan Rank: 263

First Elder: ​Hiccup of the Night (Owlflit)

Battle Rank: 839 (Last updated 3/17/17)

Head Elder:​ NyteRaider (Navlyn Fury)


​Elder Count:​ 3

Total Members: ​11/100


​Elder List:

​Hiccup of the Night

RioluAura (alt)

NyteRaider (alt)


Code of Conduct      Rules & Requirements     FAQ     Artwork     Community




​Warning: ​Typing "Hello! Please add me to your clan" isn't going to get you accepted because it makes me think that you havn't seen the Forum page or this Signature

How to Join


​Dragon Mascot:




If you want to contact me by PM please do it on this account so that I immediately know that it is about this clan




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The Messengers
Joined: 10/14/2016

Q: Where did you get the clan name?

A: It was something I had to think of deeply. It was going to be called "The Resistance" which is for rebelling against Satan's orders and do the opposite. Later, I came up with something better to reflect the true human nature to tell the truth as in spread the word about light itself"The Messengers" was a better choice to reflect a desire to say the word to other people and a better fit. (And because The Resistance was already taken by a nameless viking who doesn't play the game anymore obviously). Then after the clan was made, eventually I reworked "The Resistance" into a Hacker Hunting Forum Clan.


Q: Why did you make a forum account of your clan?

A: This is for advertising. But of course, this is also for bringing an entire thread everywhere I post and the ability to update it every time I notice a change in the clan so I don't have to spam you guys by making 500 threads of the same topic. This to me is much easier.


Q: Is this a Christian clan?

A: Yes


Q: Do I have to be a Christian to join?

A: If you want to join you don't have to be a Christian, but do expect some Christianity-related on the messages. This is as if you want to learn to be one. It's pretty easy


Q: Who did the artwork?

A: Actually, only me. Although I do allow other clan members to make banners and artwork, but I seem to be the only one to do so. I take my time to be prepared.


Q: How old is your clan?

A: Created July 26th 2016 (Young clan)


​Q: Why is your dragon mascot a rainbow flightmare?

A: Opal is the mascot, but she represents light that shines in our soul. Actually a lit of things go with the flightmare in this clan. Spiritual image, the shining light, cannot drift too far from it's food or the light fades, following the path of light that leads to heaven. The rainbow part was... an added effect I guess. Maybe, the beauty of different color's of God's light? I don't know, I had to come up with something unique :3


Q: Have this clan done anything yet?

A: We had our constant fails on scheduling clan meetings, but we did have our discussion of the species of dragon is our maskot in the beginning. But every Christmas Eve there is going to be Christmas parties at the Clan Hall every year, and we celebrate birthdays too, but so far we didn't have any yet as far as I know. But we'll get into it.


Q: Are you ever going to compete in a tournament?

A: Probably not because we are not a competitive clan, we're not about winning trophies and winning in first place and popularity, we're about supporting other clan and keeping them together and help people with their issues.


Q: You have a Clan Hall?

A: Yes and No. The Clan Hall is actually my farm. I remodeled it into my clan's theme and made it the main place to hang out and call in meetings, parties, and get-togethers.


Q: Do you support all clans?

A: Even though the main thread said we do, but actually no. The clans we do NOT support are hacker clans, pro-hacker clans, troll clans (Such as a clan with trollish members or a mean leader), or clans that contain high levels of cheaters, hackers, and bullies. And unfortunately we do not support old used-up clans with nameless vikings that have stopped playing the game.


Q: What do we do if our clan gets attacked by a hacker?

A: Find ANY way possible to contact ANY of us including the lowest ranked members. We'll se what we can do and don't forget that I'm a member/leader of T.R.A.H.F.S. (the resistance anti hacking forum society). This happened with the Zappa clan that's why I started that forum society.


Q: What do I do to get in the clan?

A: 4 possible ways

  1. ​Pm The Messengers Forum account with your Viking name, buddy code, and information such as most important: Trophies and Stars to meet up with the requirements to be a member with the "Rules and Requirements" link on my signature
  2. ​Don't have a forum account? Email me the information at the emails listed on my signature containing that viking information
  3. ​If you can't log in to your email or don't have your own you can go In-game and find me or an elder and talk to me or an elder and we can get you accepted
  4. ​Or you can click on the join tab and a small page pops up and type in these codes listed on my signature on the box. (Leaving a "Hello, can I please join your clan" or whatever, will NOT get you accepted)

Q: What if your clan is attacked?

A: I have friends in different clans. In fact they were all members of the Elite Force before it was split into separate clans. Also I have the rest of the members of T.R.A.H.F.S. that can help me too if of course is a hacker.


Q: Why is this clan set on "Invite Only"?

A: This is so that this clan is not attracted by unwanted members that destroy the clan from the inside out, and to avoid inactive players and definitely hackers


Q: How much work do we have to do in this clan?

A: ​You can be a lazy slacker, or an active go-getter. I for one, is a slacker or procrastinator but I do my own work. You can still race and earn trophies but we're not a competitive clan. So you don't have to do a lot of work.


​Q: This is a Christian Clan. Does that mean we have to be saints and do religious stuff all the time?

A: Even Christians can have fun and fool around. No, Christianity is a relationship and follower of Jesus, not a religion (read Luke 5, it tells you everything). So we don't have to be 24/7 on our knees

and prey forever without a life. We can go out to do some crazy things. In fact I like crazy action from time-to-time.