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This Code cannot be changed and once added, cannot be removed



​A member in the clan cannot be offline for more then 50 days. If we haven't seen the green dot next to your name, a change in your trophy count, or a message of any kind, you are to receive a warning by the leader on your profile page. If the leader cannot reach you, their will be a specified date that a member will be kicked from the clan, and hopefully you'll know that it is you if you know you've been inactive for months (And have not met the requirements).

​If you have been kicked from the clan, you are allowed to come back once and promise that you will become active and if not, work up to the requirements. If you become inactive again I will throw you a yellow flag and you get 10 days before you are kicked perminately.

​If you let me know why you are inactive please let me or an elder know and then we can hold the timer for you. We'll understand if you are busy, or facing family or personal issues.

​If the inactive player has never met up with the clan requirements, the timer is sped up and you only get 3 days after warning before you are kicked.


​You must know the Rules and Requirements before joining the clan. You can join without some of the requirements such as trophies or stars, but you have 2 months to meet up with these requirements. If these 2 month come to pass and you have not improved on any of the requirements you have a week long warning before you are kicked.

​You are allowed to come back once to fill out the requirements and you have 1 month to own up. If that month is up, you'll have to find your place in a different clan.


​This clan has a very strict policy on any kind of Hacking. If any of the members have caught you speed hacking, battle hacking, or owning a hacked (glowing) dragons, or any other kind of hacking you are immediately kicked off the clan with no warning and reported on forum.

​There are no second or third chances. If you have hacked into one of the other members accounts you are strictly reported straight to the admins of School of Dragons.


​In The Messengers, we show respect towards other players. That is no bullying, harassing, lying, hacking, trolling, or any disrespect or unacceptable behavior towards other players, clans, and towards the School of Dragons Code of Conduct and on the forum.


​Any member of the messengers are allowed to use the clan crest and artwork on forum. There are no copyright labels of the artwork so it is free to use on any member of The Messengers. However, these banners can't be used by people who are not part of the clan. If one of your Vikings are not part of the clan, you must not use the banners, edit, or change any of the artwork belonging to this clan.

​Any unauthorized users who use these banners that are changed and modified to a different clan are reported as Art Theft, and will be reported by The Resistance on forum.


​This clan is not ashamed to call ourselves Christian. If there are any attacks of Atheism or Satanism in the clan they are to receive a warning of being kicked from the clan for showing disrespect and harassment. If there are any harassment from outside the clan, just remember rule number 7 and report on forum or the leader for harassment.

​The Messengers are made to support all clans. But we do not support Harassing clans (either the whole clan, leader, or elders that bully or harass players), Hacker clans, Pro-Hacker clans, Dead clans, Satanist clans, or any clan below the 1000 rank.


Clan Rank: 263

First Elder: ​Hiccup of the Night (Owlflit)

Battle Rank: 839 (Last updated 3/17/17)

Head Elder:​ NyteRaider (Navlyn Fury)


​Elder Count:​ 3

Total Members: ​11/100


​Elder List:

​Hiccup of the Night

RioluAura (alt)

NyteRaider (alt)


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​Warning: ​Typing "Hello! Please add me to your clan" isn't going to get you accepted because it makes me think that you havn't seen the Forum page or this Signature

How to Join


​Dragon Mascot:




If you want to contact me by PM please do it on this account so that I immediately know that it is about this clan




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The Messengers
Joined: 10/14/2016
The Reboot

​As there will be an addition in the Code of Conduct due to the Reboot. During the Reboot, the leader will kick all of those who've violated the Inactivity Code and are long overdue for punishment. The Vikings that will be kicked includes:


  • gwapo mi
  • Eretson
  • Sweetie pie  H
  • Clover Amundson
  • Silverlaurenamber
  • GoldenBrightLight
  • alessa Galaxy
  • ​EontheSwift


​If you see your name on this list and don't want to be kicked please make your way into School of Dragons and contact me on ither clan messages or profile page. You have until March 27th before the Reboot.