Mercury - "Release," - Prologue - IMPOSSIBLE ISLAND

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After the out-of-the-blue demise of our beloved friend and Chieftan of Afar, it came to pass that Nadrig Eidleviess and her new found friend Cressida Selfovet to rule over the land. However, after many-a-month, it also came to pass that Cressida was heavily pregnant with her dead husband's child and so it was up to the ex-Dragon Hunter to manage the trade and ward off enemies 


    One day, during Afar's night, Nadrig took note of something peculiar happening in the silent waters of Icestorm Island. With the dim light shimmering over her lilac coloured hair, she saw bubbles raising to the surface in front of her. Mercury, after six months of no action, had awoken. 


    On the opposite side of the archipelago, on Impossible Island, the tide rises. A small sand-nipper makes his way high and high up the embankment of sand; further than he ever has been able to before. The water rises, higher and higher, trampling over the small tent set up by the Defenders of the Wing. It submerges the sanctuary escape a few hundred yards over, along with the map set up by the archaeologist when it was first re-discovered. Passing rocks and mounds, our little sand-nipper feels and sudden wave from behind him. A passing trade ship also feels a wave, although the owner is naïve to the rising tide. His fishing bell rings as another large wave interrupts his napping routine. Waking, he walks to the bow of the ship and witnesses the cause of the disruption. The water level rises further, now nearing the cenote, itself. A force can be felt by our little dragon friend as he is dragged one way by the current. The  water finally reaches breaking point and begins to pour into the cavern. It plummets down into the freshwater bay beneath as that, too, begins to rise. First, the platformed bridge is covered, then the steps leading to the mouth of the exaggerated Eruptodon statue, then the rooms and chambers inside. The grassy maze, the Flamewhippers' nests, the Krayfin's paradise. Finally, it reaches the opening at the top of the mound, hiding the mountain-like structure and the baby dragon. It climbs the rotting steps and sweeps them away, gone. At last, the entire island, apart from a small peak is hidden. Impossible Island was gone. The cenote had disappeared, leaving the sandnipper plenty of new space to explore. The sailor felt one last wave in the pitch sky and poisoned seas and when he looked up, a long, spiked lifeform swam its way across the non-existent island. A long, green back to a dragon feared and craved for over the archipelago- Bakunawa. 


Back over to Nadrig. After hours of reading what this may mean, she gives up. She then climbs to the lake at the feet of the peak of Afar where she sees a dragon flying over. A fat lump of a dragon. It was elcicnorG the Groncicle and EaglemossEaglemoss was a great friend of the late Estowick and a very wise businessman in his later days. He hurried over to the standing chief panting, holding out a worn, brown piece of parchment with writing on.  

"Read it," he commanded. 

It read: 


It is not over, people of Afar. The BOA will soon be ours. Be prepared.


"A ransom?" Her Russian accent questions. He nods in return. 


She runs back down to the books and scriptures that she was reading minutes earlier and scatters through them, attempting to rediscover a particular one she recalled being of importance. Finding it, she shows it to her peer who in turn comprehends that it was written by his lifelong yet departed allie – Est-y. 


This one read: 


If there comes a time in Afar's lifetime that the BOA or Mercury is in complete danger, then do not be afraid. For there is a way to save her. You just need to be willing to RELEASE. 




"The Truth was hidden once, but that was long ago,"