Mercury - "Release," - Nadrig's Last Word - Part 4 - THE MAINLAND

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Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the Barbaric Archipelago, a woman stands. She stands and stares into the deep, darkening lagoon that threatens itself before her. She knows what is going to happen, how it's going to happen and what they must do. For the Armstrong was at large, he was becoming more powerful by the day, threatening more and more islands along with it. Sophie, the girl who had talked to Nadrig, was scared. The chief of the Shivering Shores was scared. The Prime Minister of the Xzantium, was scared. The Empress of the Northland was scared. And this woman, Emma Fenton was scared, though for different yet similar reasoning.  


"Ma'am?" Called a small voice from behind, waiting for a response.  

"Urm, yes. Sorry to keep you waiting, Matthew. You understand, with our heritage an' all; it's stressful," he nods and agrees consequently to her statements as they pass the overhanging cellar and looming dungeons of the island, finally arriving at one of three docked ships. 


"Pilot!" She called, "To the Southern-North Land!" 


She walked to the bow of her ship, watching the spear at the end, slice the water in two halves. And after a while, passing large rocks and boulders of sea stacks and uninhabited islands, they arrive at the destination- The North of the Mainland.  


"Name?" Questions the dock-keeper just like the ones on the Shivering Shores, as they park the vessel against the sea wall. 

"Em, as in Emma, Fenton, please. Em Fenton," she pleaded. Continuing to answer the questions. 


"Are we sure about his plan?" Queries one of her workers, who stood high above her golden hair. 


Her eyelids opened and closed faster than before as a single drop of salty water fled from her forehead down her face. Her breathing became heavier and heavier as she contemplates the question, walking onto the pontoons of the land before them. 

"I honestly do not know, Ken. I really don't. Our forefathers and ancestors wanted us to do it, so I think we should. But then again, it's just totally wrong!" She exclaimed, walking along the thin, dusty coast road that lead to the North of the Mainland. "Anyway, that's not why we are here." 


As you know, the Mainland is a place only talked about in legends and fables around the Archipelago. We thought we had discovered it years ago when Estowick was banished to the outskirts of the West of the never-ending dessert. However, this was disproved for the island was in fact a large circle which the prisoner was unable to see that they were just going around in circles. We were also very close to getting to the Mainland in- actually, I'd rather not speak of it. What a tragedy. Anywhom, as Em Fenton, Matthew CloskerCatrin Fellopem and many more arrived down South, they were introduced to the idea that this, too, wasn't The Mainland. Although it was under the same power, it was not attached, which greatly disappointed them, but they still had what they needed.  


In modern-day terms, these few people were on an island. An island that belonged to the country beneath. A country threatened by 'The Dragon of the South' but protected by the fearsome 'George'. Yes, this country was Scotland.  


Although they weren't as far down as they had thought, they were still on the same island. You see, on this small, un-remembered little mound of rock, were homes. Many homes on platforms in the water. Many metallic, strong homes in the choppy seas of the southern Archipelago. And slightly to the North of these were deep waters and less than two days earlier, in these depths lied a beast.  A tremendous beast of legend- Bakunawa. 



"The Truth was hidden once, but that was long ago,"