Mercury - Estowick's Last Word - Major Fanfiction - Epilogue - Afar's Goodbye

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 Nadrig, the new co-chief of Afar arrives on Berk, the day before her untimely assassination. She approaches Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III because she has some 'news' she needs to tell him. 

"It's not big news," Hiccup explained to his nearly-wife, "she told me, but apparently it was important. Brief, but important." 


She walks up the way, passed Snotlout's and passed the arguing of Mulch and Bucket over carrot dressing on fish. She meets the chieftain halfway between Astrid's house and Gobber's blacksmith. 

"I do not have much to say to you," she starts as she notices the chief's almost-spouse peering from near their house. 

The chief explains that whatever deal they may make today, it will be under guidance and consideration of the Afar, Berk, Shivering Shore and Defenders of the Wing treaty which was formed by Estowick, seven months before his death, and fifteen months before that day. 

"It is nothing to do with that. I just needed to tell you to beware Hiccup Haddock, the Dragon Hunters have something big planned for you," she got up to leave, " Oh, and sorry- you won't be able to see Cressida for a few more days, she's gone into labour." 




Two and a half years after Estowick's child, Cassandra, was born and Nadrig was dead, a ship arrived of Afar while all of its population was away. The Beast had already been released via the canal route Esvivin had found. Seven people exited the ship, all with masks and cloaks on and they headed to the pond at the height of the Island that had seen so much history.  

   After this, three dragons are seen on the horizon. Two Timberjacks and a large, bulbous one. The largest lands as the seven people abandon their ship in the caves and climb aboard the Timbers. The leader of them all finally said before departing the island to the two people holding the ropes and chains of the largest dragon, "Members of Qu.E.R.Y. Squadron 3/ Sector 17: Release the Eruptodon." 


With that they leave in darkness, the dragon of whom's name was the Eruptodon and he flew down into the caves and began to feast. Seconds later, all around the archipelago an explosion of fearsome booms and bangs could be heard. A mighty scene of fire and flying rocks can be witnessed by those on the horizon. The mountainous peak fell into the caves and the ancient rooms and chambers collapsed. After a few hours Afar was just a mound of rock, larger than before, but still. Afar was gone for good.  





"The Truth was hidden once, but that was long ago,"