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I have a question regarding to Membership. I recently bought membership in the Play Store and I found out that there was a subscription. I cancelled it in the Play Store and it says it will cancel on a specific date. Does that mean the membership will get cancelled  on the next billing date if i cancelled the subscription in the Play Store? Or do i have to contact the support per mail to get it cancelled? I am really scared that it gets renewed even tho i don't want it renewed. I just want to be sure that it won't get renewed.



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  To cancel your membership,


  • To cancel your membership, please sign into your account and click here for immediate processing or email us directly at with any other account-related inquiries. When sending an email, be sure to include the email address registered to the account, so that our team will be able to locate it in our system and process your request quickly.



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When you cancel a membership on Google Play, then you will not be billed. Essencially you keep the membership until the expiration date of the membership you got.


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