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Hello, please help me i do not wish to be member in school of dragons anymore. reported payment problems 3 months ago and didnt get fixed. i am being charged every 3 months automatically for member eventho i click no in-game. if this continues i need to take serious actions because im being robbed.



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Same here

No one is replying to my email

its REALLY irritating


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serious payment problems, too!!

On May 7, 2015, I used my debit card to pay for a 3 month membership on SOD.  I went on to my bank account and noticed that I was charged TWICE - two charges for $24.99 each - for one three month subscription.  To my horror, I then noticed that they do not have a phone number for customer service (my bad...shoulda checked that before I used my card!!!)  Anyway...I have sent countless emails to these people over the last 7 days and have not recieved anything but a "ticket" number reply.  Does it just take a while for them to reply with actual help?  OR  did I just get scammed?  Also, they say to cancel "auto-renewal" to just "simply" email them to opt out.  Okkkkkkkk........I "simply" have been emailing for a week now and nothing. I am checking my email like a fanatic every day to see if they are replying--and nothing yet.  In the end, I guess, I will need to close out my bank account to prevent them from automatically deducting the membership fee. They cannot keep stealing my money if my bank account is closed.  ANYONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM?????

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Try to PM the admins again. 

Try to PM the admins again.  If there is no answer then if you used credit cards then you should call the credit card company and tell them to take it off and disconnect it.  I really hope that this will work for you! 





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THX soooo much!!!

Thank you so much i hope it works too!

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Seriously (and unfortunately)

Seriously (and unfortunately) I think the only reliable way to discontinue your membership is to change your CC/debit number. I've also tried to contact the SoD team several times regarding several issues and have only ever received a response twice.


For something as sensitive and critical as automatic payments, I WISH this team had better response time and agree they need a better way of managing payment options.  It's ridiculous that the only way to request cancellation is to email them and then have no further way of contacting them or even checking if your ticket is being looked at (I mean really, how bad  is it that you get a ticket number, but can't even log into the site to check on your ticket status??  It's a horrible system!)


I'm no longer a member of this game because I've been concerned about NOT being able to cancel payments in a reliable or timely way.  It was fun for a while, but with numerous glitches, not knowing if my account will work, and bad customer service, it really isn't an enjoyable experience anymore. 


I'm sorry you're experiencing this, too, and hope it gets resolved for you soon!!

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I have sent 4 emails to the

I have sent 4 emails to the support teams and they seem to be ignoring me.  They keep taking the money.


i've contacted visa via my bank to try and resolve it, but it shouldn't be this difficult.  how can you trust a company who operates this way.



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It got solved for....

It got solved for me and geuss what!!!!!

I got the rest of my three month member free!!

And im getting my $25.00 back!!!

I hope it gets solved for you guys soon......




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Hey sorry to hear about that,

Hey sorry to hear about that, we'd like to take care of this for you as soon as possible.  Could you please send us your support ticket number, username and viking name so we can work on getting this resolved immediately?  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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hey i need serious help

is there any possible way to refund the money for the membership because i was trying to cancel it but the money keeps getting taken. Please help. My username: is halo32007 In game name is genesisrider


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Email our support team
 Hello tengo720,
To prevent your membership from auto renewing, please send an email to with your request. If you do not hear back from them soon with confirmation of the cancellation being processed, just send us you ticket number and we will do what we can to expedite cancellation. Thanks!
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hi, i have emailed twice for

hi, i have emailed twice for cancelation and it hasnt been done yet. i dont know what to do?