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Hey guys!

I want to pay for membership but I have some questions before I would do so.
If I buy membership for 3 months will I still have all the expansion packs unlocked even after my membership status is over?

Can I keep Toothless and the flight suit even after I'm not a member anymore?

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As I know the islands will be locked again if your membership runs out. You will keep toothless but he will get locked as well. Then you need at least trail member to use him. Same for the flight suit.










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Unfortunately, Honey is right... once your membership expires, you will lose access to all the expansions (even if you complete all the quests) and you will no longer be able to use Toothless, although he will retain the level that you raised him to and will sit in your Dragon Inventory and in your stable, taunting you... until you renew your membership. lol


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Well.... in this case it

Well.... in this case it doesnt's really worth buying membership... It's better to buy gems.

Thanks for your help. :)