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Guide to Membership and Gems



I'm sure a lot of you are wondering what's the best to buy. In our case, we have the Membership and Gems. You can get them with a credit card, Paypal account, and possibly other payment methods depending on your country.


Membership Information

*Provides unlimited access to all game features and content, **20% off sales on the store, 500 free gems every month, ***more activity rewards, ad-free experience & more. The School of Dragons Membership gives the most out of the game features. It's the most advanced in perks.



  • Unlocks every in-game content, including Flight Club lessons
  • 500 Gems every month
  • Monthly mystery dragon egg
  • No ads
  • Double Energy
  • Unlimited access to every available Expansion Pack - this goes to the first dot.
  • 20% off items in the store.
  • If an account with a Membership has got more than 1 Viking, the Membership perks will be available on all Vikings on the player's account.
  • Free Boulder Stable on 3 Month Memberships and higher


  • Monthly and 3 Month Memberships do not give EVERY perk in the list, find the table below for more information.
  • When expired, every Membership perk will be again locked until you buy a new Membership.
  • Memberships do not come with Game Cards, no matter where you buy them from.
  • When expired, the Membership perks will be removed from all Vikings on the player's account until you buy a new Membership.


As you may know, the School of Dragons Memberships can last for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year (12 months.

With the help of the table below, you can see what a Membership has to offer!

Every feature & content that has got a tick () means that it's available with the membership you want to buy. As of now, the 1 Month (Monthly) and 3 Months Membership cannot unlock the following content:

Upgraded Alpha Toothless

If you buy the Monthly membership, you won't be able to unlock the following:

Free 'Boulder Class' Stable

Your very own Toothless

Upgraded Alpha Toothless


Alpha Toothless appearance:


Keep in mind that if you buy, for example, a 3 Month Membership and get and use Toothless, but it expires after 3 Months, you will be able to use Toothless after you bought a new Membership. Even if you buy a Monthly membership, you can keep him but the Membership's duration will be short. Once the Membership expires, again, you'll need to buy a new one to get to use him again. This is the same for the rest of the content and features you earn with your membership.


How to gift a membership to someone


So you want to gift a Membership to your friend, best friend or any dear person to you?

Then, it's important to know how to do it... following the easy steps!


Step 1:

Go to or click 'Home' in the top left of your forum page.

There's a bar with the following buttons: Home, Game Guide, Mobile, Community, Membership, Forum.


Step 2:

Click the Membership button. It's highlighted on fire/orange so you can see it. It'll redirect you to the Membership page.


Step 3:

You are now located at the Membership page. Here are the prices for each Membership. At the top right corner, near the 'Home' button, there's a circle button with a gift on it and with the tag 'Give the Gift of Membership'.

I highlighted it in Gold so you can find it.

Click on that to be redirected to the Gifting page.


Step 4:

Great! You're now located at the Membership Gift Packages page.

Scrolling down on that page will show you what Members receive, but you can also find that on the Membership page I showed on the previous step.

Anyway, choose the Membership you want to send, there are Monthly, 3 Months, 6 Months and 12 Months/1 year Membership.


Step 5:

Very well! One step closer to gifting your Membership!

Now, on the 'Sender Email:' box, insert your email which is connected to your account.

'Receipient Email:' box is for the person who you're planning to send your Membership to. Once you enter it, click on 'Purchase'.


Step 6:

Woop woop! You finally reached the last step! It's gonna be a little bit of challenge, but I know you're gonna make it. I believe in you!! :D

Now, we have the Payment Methods tab. Please bring a Parent or Guardian to help you on this one, if you're under 18, unless you have permission already.

Use your favorite Payment Method and make sure to insert the information it asks you. No worries, all of those payment methods are trustworthy. I recommend you use Paypal, Amazon and bitcoin, but overall just use Paypal. I'm not ordering you, but choose whatever's good for you. I'm a little certain Credit Card purchases can take a little while to give you what you bought, so Paypal is a fast way to pay and will send the Membership in no time.


Theory is, once your purchase is completed successfully, an email will be sent to the Receipient with a Promo code. The Receipient will use that Promo code on the Membership page and will become a Member!



Gems Information

Gems are School of Dragons' premium currency. They are less advanced in perks than the School of Dragons Membership. Gems are used to purchase from exclusive items and dragons to amazing expansion packs! They are found on the Membership tab, simply repeat the steps given above.

The maximum amount of Gems you can buy is 11,500 gems for 99.99$. If this is your first time buying Gems, I suggest you buy 1,075 gems if you need dragons. Bear in mind that most dragon eggs in store cost 750 gems, and few of them cost 1,000 gems, some though cost less than 500.

If you're merely planning to decorate your farm or planning to purchase a Hideout individually from the Battle for the Edge expansion, buy 525 gems since they're for 4.99$.



  • Can buy any item, dragon etc. that requires Gems.
  • When expansions are bought with Gems, they are permanently kept and will not be necessary to be bought again.
  • When Flight Club levels are bought with Gems, they are permanently kept and will not be necessary to be bought again.
  • Gems come with Game Cards.
  • Can be used for a 7-day Membership Trial.
  • Can be used to buy Coins.
  • Can be used to speed up progress in farming, stable missions, etc.


  • Contains less perks than the School of Dragons Membership.
  • Cannot be used to buy Toothless permanently. Toothless only applies to 3 Month Memberships and higher.
  • Cannot purchase the Alpha Toothless skin with Gems. It's earned for free for 6 Month Members and higher.
  • Gems do not affect any of the prices in the store, for example, you can't use them to decrease the prices in the store. This only applies to the School of Dragons Membership.
  • Every expansion should be bought individually and not be accessed unlimitedly. Only Memberships give the ability to access all expansions without extra fees.
  • Does not affect the amount of rewards you get in quests. This only applies to Memberships.
  • Cannot earn 500 extra free gems monthly. This only applies to Memberships.
  • Does not give extra energy. This only applies to Memberships.


Yes.. the difference between Membership and Gems is actually large.


Which is worth buying, actually?

Seriously, dude. Go for the Membership. Purchase at least 1 Month Membership, finish all expansions, since they're going to be free once you buy them, and you'll get a ton of dragons! As of now, once you complete every expansion, you'll get REWARDED dragons!

You'll get to do lots and lots of quests to spend your time, and at the same time, you'll also be able to try and finish all Flight Club levels. I should also mention that you'll get a Flight Suit. Actually, you'll get a lot more content and perks to enjoy with a Membership.

You get 500 gets and 20% off the store. Most of the dragons in the store will cost less than 750 gems, so I'm sure you'll be able to buy some of them!




Membership is the best solution. Do not buy gems like crazy since you won't get ALL the features in the game. You can save money thanks to the Membership,









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Instagram & Discord: Ask.








(Made by me. Please give credit when you use it.)

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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

You forgot a few cons for membership. In rare cases it can bug and not give you what you're suppose to get (in fairness gems will do that one too but it's not as bad because you aren't getting as much). Some memberships also automatically renew if you don't cancel them and canceling them can sometimes be a serious hassle because of SOD's bad customer support.

The second one is a big reason I don't buy memberships.





Seen here with a snow nadder and a statue Termite gave her because she couldn't sell it.

(Wiggles bit it's left arm off.)

Below is my profile pic made bigger to show the amazing detail

It's Hypergoof going berserk with a durian mace.

(Drawn by my amazing sister)

(She even drew the fur on the shoes)

            (My in game character)- A friendly young Viking who interacts better with dragons than with people. This is partly because although she now lives on Berk her family was originally from the Berserker tribe. When Dagger came to power Hypergoof, her sister and her parents were forced to flee as they were terrified of their new chief after he threatened to kill Hypergoof's parents for speaking out. The family found a new home on Berk. After working hard to get the Hooligans (what Hiccup's tribe was called in the books) to trust her (mostly) Hypergoof got a job working at a dragon rehabilitation center which is part of the reason she knows so many dragons. Hypergoof has a few problems. One, she is terrified of hot things. (A problem I myself have) She will not touch any stoker class dragons as a result. (With the exception of two individuals) She will still try to help a injured stoker as long as she doesn't have to touch it. Her other problem is also based on one of mine. I am Hypersensitive to sound and certain noises hurt me. Hypergoof has this too but in her the pain can cause her to go Berserk. One of the worst noises is whistling. She will attack anyone who does it near her. (Note this does not mean that I will fire troll those who's character whistles in game. It is a character trait for role playing and storytelling only.) Hypergoof also can't stand large crowds for too long. She will often retreat if things get too noisy. Hypergoof is a good fisher and farmer but a horrible fighter. (Unless she goes Berserk in which case she may get hurt but will do significant damage to her opponent.) She is generally friendly unless she gets stressed out in which case she becomes snappy. Most of her friends are dragons. Because of this Hypergoof has picked up dragoneese and speaks it quite fluently.





Littlebird (Hypergoof's sister) and Hypergoof's parents don't have much back story at the moment. None are in game.



Termite- Is one of Hypergoof's few human friends. (She is in game now as HypersFriendTermite. The chances of seeing her are low though. If seen she will probably be with Wiggles.) She is a woodworker hence the name. She didn't trust Hypergoof when they first met but soon found that they had a lot in common. She is the true trainer of Wiggles but often leaves him with Hypergoof when she must work on something.  Hypergoof and Termite like to take dragon food out into the wilderness ware they wait to see what shows up. A pass time they lovingly call dragonwaching.






(wants to chew on Mildew's new chair just off camera)

(FUN FACT: Mildew is one of the only people Wiggles doesn't like)

            A young rambunctious whispering death with a sweet heart but a naughty mind. Hypergoof's friend Termite adopted him as a baby when his whole family was killed by dragon slayers. Unlike most of his species Wiggles could be described as... cuddly. He wants to be friends with everyone he meets and seems completely oblivious to his size and appearance. He simply does not understand that he is scary and is baffled that some people won't play with him or give him a hug. His best friend growing up was Termite's mutt of a dog Drool, and Wiggles learned the odd habit of waging his tail from his canine friend. Most dignified dragons (especially whispering deaths) are appalled by the behavior but no amount of laughing at Wiggles or begging him to stop for the sake of dignity will change anything. Wiggles simply doesn't care. All that matters to him is how much fun he's having. He will even allow himself to be dressed up for snoggletog and will parade around in the Jingle bells and antlers with pride. (As seen here.) Wiggles is an all around charming and sweet creacher but he is not without flaws. He can not be left alone for more than five minutes or else he will chew on something, especially furniture. Usually damaging it beyond repair. He can not be taken to a marketplace because the concept that Termite "hasn't bought that yet and so he shouldn't eat it" is something he can not seem to grasp. Nore is the one that "That doesn't belong to us!" Termite has taken to carrying a bag of dried mutton strips (Mutton is Wiggles's favorite) to redirect the serpent's attention if she catches him with the look in his eyes that she learned to recognize as his "I'm going to chew on that" face. Despite her best efforts Wiggles is a hand full and Termite often leaves him with Hypergoof if she has to go do some woodworking. Wiggles thinks of Termite as his mother but he thinks of Hypergoof as a friend and enjoys playing with her. Hypergoof shows no fear towards him at all and will even let Wiggles hug her if he asks permission first. (Hypergoof does not like being touched without warning but will happily accept a hug from a friend.) Interestingly Hypergoof found that Wiggles is a very good racer despite his poor eyesight.





(Relaxing at home)

          The first dragon Hypergoof ever rescued and one of her closest friends. He is a Pink and Blue deadly nadder. When he was a hatchling his curiosity got the better of him. He wandered away from his nest in the dead of winter and found himself lost in a blizzard which would have been the end of him if he hadn't stumbled onto the front lawn of Hypergoof's house. His crys alerted the family who quickly took him in out of the cold and thus saved his life. Cuteseepie and Hypergoof have been friends ever since. Cuteseepie has a mellow gentle nature broken up occasionally for excitement at an adventure. He will defend Hypergoof or if need be prevent her from attacking someone who whistled. His level headedness balances out against Hypergoof's goofyness rather nicely. 





(Showing off again)

          A skrill that Hypergoof found injured while dragon watching. Her success in helping him helped her get the job she currently has and also built up a friendship between Hypergoof and Ziggy. It probably helped that Ziggy is not a very old skrill, only having just left his parents, before somehow getting hurt. Much like a cat Ziggy tries to be more dignified than he really is. One moment showing off his impressive wingspan with a majestic yawn and the next he's off chaiseing a light or a leaf when he thinks no one is looking. He often roles his eyes when Hypergoof playfully teases him by saying his name in a funny pitch or calling him "The Zigster" but a poorly hidden grin betrays the fact that he doesn't mind as much as he lets on. Ziggy is decently friendly to most people who don't insult his dignity (only his close friends are allowed to do that) but he is still technically a wild skrill. He spends most of his time off chaising storms and doing whatever else wild skrills do only he stops by every once in a while to visit Hypergoof. Manny people wonder why he keeps coming back as he always seems more annoyed with Hypergoof than anything but it is just a mask. A false front. He secretly really enjoys her company. In fact perhaps Hypergoof's absurdity amuses him. FUN FACT: Before meeting Ziggy it was Hypergoof's life dream to see a live skrill. (Partly her Berserker heritage) For her meeting Ziggy was akin to meeting a celebrity. Of course things got more normal between them as they got to know each other but Hypergoof is still pretty darn proud that a skrill let her be his friend.








(Knows the owner of this house hates it when he sits there)

           A young flightmare who was one of Ziggy's friends then also became Hypergoof's friend when Ziggy brought him to Berk. Unlike Ziggy though, Causemoe decided that he liked Berk and the school so much that he would stay. He is a complete showoff and loves to be the center of attention. He can get huffy if he finds someone who does one of his favorite things better than him. He especially hates it that Wanda can glow brighter than him. She often tones down her glow when she's near him to spare his feelings.







(Knows the best places for the best view)

         As mentioned before, Hypergoof is scared of stoker class dragons. When approached by a fireworm her normal reaction is to flip out as if the little dragon was a bee. Wanda however is an exception to this rule and not only is she a fireworm but she is a fireworm queen. Hypergoof once got herself lost in a snowstorm and was found by one of Wanda's workers unconscious and soon to freeze if something wasn't done. Wanda is a very empathetic dragon. Even though she didn't trust humans she didn't want to see a helpless creacher in such a way. She took Hypergoof into her nest to warm up. Hypergoof was stuck there for several days not knowing which way was home until Cuteseepie tracked her down by scent and took her back to the village. During Hypergoof's time in the nest Wanda decided she liked this little human. Hypergoof was terrified of most of Wanda's children and since Wanda didn't understand Norse yet Hypergoof communicated her unease by sticking as close to the fireworm queen as she would allow. Purposely mimicking the bodylanguig of a scared puppy to get her point across. Wanda was sympathetic of Hypergoof's fear and allowed the little human to stay near. Keeping the meaner members of her family at bay until Cuteseepie could find the lost viking. Wanda was a bit suprized to find that a dragon was the one looking for the girl. She has a healthy dose of curiosity in her and often visits Berk for "research purposes" as she calls it. Wanda is curious about humans and wants to learn about them. Hypergoof is grateful to Wanda for her kindness and will come when she calls. Something Wanda finds amusing but also gives her an easy target to study. Personalitywise Wanda is the type of person one might have a fancy tea party with. She is every bit a queen but is also an intellectual with a kind heart. She hangs around Berk to study the uneeq human and dragon interactions there. Seeking how to possibly spread that type of friendship for the good of dragon kind.







(Wonders if she'd get in trouble for blasting me into the water behind the camera)

          A pink thunderdrum who someone in the dragon rehab center found as a baby then dumped on Hypergoof since no one wanted to deal with the hatchling. Their relationship started out terribly due to Hypergoof's sound sensitivity. In the beginning Hypergoof could barely stand Burpetta but eventually the dragon realized that her loudness has hurting the human and learned to be more gentle with Hypergoof's delicate ears. Sometimes Burpetta can be careless but she never means any harm and will correct her behavior when she eventually realizes she did wrong. She is kind by nature but loves a bit of mischief now and then. She also has a bit of the stubbornness common in her breed. Once she sets her mind to something it is difficult to convince her otherwise.






(Sleeping like the baby he is)

            A screaming death. He is the baby of the group despite being the biggest member of it. When Alven found out that one of the eggs he'd planted under Berk had hatched a screaming death he decided he wanted such a beast for himself. He knew he couldn't capture the adult so he decided to get his hands on a hatchling. He captured a bunch of the successful breeding pair's family members in the hopes that more of them would carry the incredibly rare screaming death gene. The captive dragons were force bread and after many many attempts Alven got what he wanted. He didn't get to keep it though as a couple Hooligans who had snuck into Alven's hideout looking for helpful info about future plans found the baby screaming death instead. They took it back to Berk to figure out what to do with it. Several people wanted to kill the little guy before he could grow into an island eater but Hypergoof over heard and was horrified. She knew what it felt like to be disliked for what she was rather than who she was. Some people didn't trust her because she was a Berserker. She knew it wasn't fair to judge someone that way. She stole Chomp and (With Wiggles and Termite's permission) hid him down Wiggles's tunnels. Wiggles didn't mind and enjoyed having a roommate to play with. Chomp stayed there unknown until his loudness and the sheer amount of food being brought down there gave him away. By then though he was old enough that he had enough personality to proved him a gentle giant rather than a monster and he was allowed to stay. He is not at all a full grown screaming death and has the personality of a giant toddler. He is surprisingly gentle especially considering his breed. He is so mild tempered that he will stare blankly at fire trolls wondering what they are doing. He will only engage if he thinks it's a game. Despite his gentleness his size and strength can be a problem. He will occasionally knock someone over with his tail by accident then stare at them in confusion not smart enough to understand why the person fell but knowing it was still somehow his fault. When other screaming deaths were allowed into the school Chomp was thrilled to have playmates his size. Chomp is very much still a baby mindwise. He is very food oreeinted and can be prompted to do nearly anything for a snack. It's a very good thing he doesn't consider humans food. It's hard to imagine that he could ever be related to the screaming death who once tried to eat Berk but he is. The danjoris one happens to be his somewhat distant uncle. Fun fact: Hypergoof often refers to Chomp's uncle as Mr. Island munch and insists that she will continue to do so until his actual name is found out or created.







(LOVES sand)

(I really shouldn't be suprized)

            A female sand wraith. Punaluu comes from a subspeasys of sand wraith on a volcanic island with black sand. (Like the beach Punaluu is named after.) As such they adapted to the environment by becoming black. A side affect of this is that now the subspeacys looks even more like a nightfurry than the normal ones. Some money hungry showmen found out about them and decided to make a quick buck. They stoll an egg from this island and paraded the black hatchling around claiming it to be a nightfurry. This charade ended when they made the mistake of bringing their show to Berk. Seeing that the dragon was being treated badly the Hooligans took the baby from the showmen and took it to the dragon rehabilitation center for treatment for whip wounds and malnutrition. Punaluu is much healthier now and is a happy energetic young sand wraith. One problem she has is that her dark coloring is only designed for a certain type of area and she can not camouflage most of the time because of it. Not being able to hide occasionally gives her episodes of anxiety but a quick trip to a beach ushuly fixes it. She is very shy around strangers but around those she knows she is a complete goof. She can also be a bit naughty. Sometimes she feels out of place like she doesn't belong and so interacts well with Hypergoof who doesn't fit in all that well ether.







Bumbles the candy loving Lazersight Vesperwing who likes to stalk me for my food.

(And probably the only adoptable I'll ever adopt)

Adopted from goldenfury360 who made the species

lineart done by NightmareRebuff 


Click here if you want a Lazersight Vesperwing of your own;



(I have other dragons but I didn't want to make my sig any longer. I have removed some that were once there too)


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Watashi no tomodachi

Yeah, I forgot many things actually, and it caught me panicking in the background once I posted it. At least I hope people get to read your comment to fill things up ;-;

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free dragon egg chest with several vikings

My question is: Is every viking you have supposed to get a monthly egg chest if you bought the membership or only one of them?  Meaning if you have three vikings do  all get one chest, which sums up to three eggs in total for the account?

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Watashi no tomodachi

I am pretty much certain that the box will disappear once used on one of the vikings. Once you get the chest, I bet it appears on all vikings, but once used on one, the egg will go to that viking's inventory.

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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

I don't know. Everything else is available on all vikings. Why wouldn't this be too. Though I must admit that I haven't ever had a membership and can't know for sure.