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Thero is a Monstrous Nightmare who's parents were killed by a Skullion rampage and his egg was all that was left. He was found by a tribe of humans who didn't have much knowledge about dragons. In his early life he was taken care of by various humans and other times had to fend for himself. As a cultural tribute he can speak Dragonese even though he has less contact with other dragons then he had with humans. He'd also learned to speak English while growing up to communicate with the humans that take care of him.

To be written...


OC Development:

I wanted to make a HTTYD book OC because I didn't find any here on the forum. Since this OC has been just made, I am getting some adjustments on this character such as expanding his origin. What breed of dragon was the hardest part. At first I wanted to make him a Common or Garden dragon, but I also wanted to made him a more exotic species from the book like a Windwalker or Chickenpoxer but I also wanted to make it a hunting dragon. It turns out the Monstrous Nightmare was the best option.


2 feet tall and 17 pounds which is small for his species. Four legs, two wings, horns, ears, spikes, and an arrow-pointed tail tip that of a typical Western Dragon. Thero has slightly retractable fangs that do not sink into his gums fully, and pops out the fangs when threatened. Like all Monstrous Nightmares, Thero also has extra extendable claws that retract into his paws, that can deliver a deadly swipe.
Thero actually has a unique colorization from most of his species, displaying quite a stripey pattern down his spine and face. His scales are dark purple, but smooth and shiny and his stripes are more of a neon purple with little bits of blue on his wings.
Since Thero isn't exactly a full-grown dragon, he can show a pretty childish fuss. Thero can throw full-blown tantrums when things do not go his way, and surprisingly, unlike other Monstrous Nightmares, Thero is mostly a softy. This could be because of the lack of experience with other dragons, and more of getting raised by a tribe of Peacekeeping Vikings.
Thero lays a petulant attitude towards many things, and is a picky eater; therefor, he can only eat certain things if done the right way. Thero for one doesn't like fish, but does like to eat a limited amount of crab.
Every once in a while, Thero does his own thing, and likes to rest a lot and slack off on occasions. Most of the time, he doesn't want to go enjoy the outdoors and much rather spend his time indoors. Thero is kinda lazy and can procrastinate on jobs given to him.
Thero has a habit on being disrespectful. He can easily say what rude thought comes in mind, and lie when he feels guilt. Since Thero has a lack of intelligence, he is ignorant and prone to make the same mistake more than once. He would face the consequences sternly and feisty, and he doesn't think of the consequences first when doing other things.
Even as a feisty, petulant dragon, Thero can still care deep inside and lays a slight protectiveness if he lays a fond of one another. This "fond" would be layed on a Viking named Felix.
Religion: Atheist
Occupation: Hunting Dragon
Age: 14
Serpent-like without the emphasis of the "S." Thero has a generic dragon voice with a slight squeak within when complaining, and rather a bratty teenage sound. Thero had a decent voice when young, but typically changes as he grows.
Thero poses a weak British accent, speaks in first person, and can speak both English and Dragonese instead of the typical Norse for the tripe originated from Britain in the past. Thero can speak Dragonese and just fine, but his English does need some work. He has picked up the language from being raised by humans, but can only understand the common English-speaking words except for his difficulties with some pronunciation, suffixes, and the use of "The."
There is a lack of interest Thero has, despite of telling stories. Usually fables or urban legends can get his attention.
He also happens to be a slight florist. He studies a little about flowers, can name several flowers and what they can do, and especially has a love toward daisies: the only plant that he eats other than a few exotic fruits.
Eye Color: Olive Green
Universe Origin: 
The Books of How To Train Your Dragon
Theme Song:
Thero had sharp hearing, sense of smell, and observant vision. Thero can track prey from a distance and is surprisingly swift only when terribly frightened. Thero tends to look terrifying when angered, but mostly poses as empty threats.
Thero can whip his tail for defense that can do a moderate amount of damage to the human skin. Thero also has pretty quick reflexes and can pounce without warning.
Thero is smaller than the typical Monstrous Nightmare age and weaker, posing him the "runt" of his species. Occasionally, a larger Monstrous Nightmare would meet up with him and remind him of how insignificant he is. Thero would quickly retaliate and is eager in attacking the offender, but effectively, Thero would always loose a fight, especially against an expert, larger dragon.
Thero has all the abilities of an excellent hunter, but lacks the ability to be able to kill his prey. He has difficulty catching fish, and a hard time fighting off larger prey than a rodent, or a bug. The prey would either get away quickly, or outpower Thero, causing him to easily cower away.
Bullies, the feeling of being watched and stalked, large dragons, things chasing him, and snakes.
Role-Play Appearances:
The Core and the Fury (First Appearance)
The Core and The Fury- Thero appeared in The Core and The Fury through a portal from his dimension. The portal was set there by mistake when Thero finds it and tumbles through. According to The Core and The Fury, Thero is easily frightened and tenacious: has the ability to grasp on to something for extended periods, hense his hatred toward offenders.
In the Core and The Fury, it seems like Felix doesn't exist. That is because when Thero first appeared, he was still under development and it was before I came up with Felix. For that reason (and the fact that Felix would not make it in to that RP), Thero instead lays a fond to a human volunteered test subject named Mel. He feels that she is the only person in the facility that can take care of him, and feels safe with other than Eika and Virgil.
(According to the Core and the Fury, it is said that Thero has a very pathetic cry)







~Currently being developed~

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