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Thero is a Monstrous Nightmare who's parents were killed by a Skullion rampage and his egg was all that was left. He was found by a tribe of humans who didn't have much knowledge about dragons. In his early life he was taken care of by various humans and other times had to fend for himself. As a cultural tribute he can speak dragonese even though he has less contact with other dragons then he had with humans. He'd also learned to speak English while growing up to communicate with the humans that take care of him.

To be written...


OC Development:

I wanted to make a HTTYD book OC because I didn't find any here on the forum. Since this OC has been just made, I am getting some adjustments on this character such as expanding his origin. What breed of dragon was the hardest part. At first I wanted to make him a Common or Garden dragon, but I also wanted to made him a more exotic species from the book like a Windwalker or Chickenpoxer but I also wanted to make it a hunting dragon. It turns out the Monstrous Nightmare was the best option.


You can compare Thero to Toothless except he speaks in first person, a little more emotional and immature and often disobedient like an average monstrous nightmare. He can speak Dragonese just fine, but his English skills isn't perfect due to him having troubles with suffixes and the lack of the use of the word "The."

Thero is also a picky eater, he does not like fish, he'd rather prefer crab or shrimp only. He would only eat shrimp that has been roasted, impaled in a stick, tail has been cut off and skin is pealed. He eats the skin separately.

Any land food, he only eats chicken if they are perfectly cooked and diced into cubes (pretty unusual) so they can fit into his mouth and does not get stuck in his teeth, and it's not slimy where it can make a mess. He only eats roasted beef that is mashed and seasoned in oregano.

He also like daisies to smell and often eat. He has a slight interest in flowers, but daisies are the ones he loves the most and the only flower that he eats. It also turns out he likes exotic fruit like dragonfruit and cactus fruit. He also likes Ice Cream, cake, and "cookie flavered cookies". ((Huh??))

Thero dislikes seafood except for crab, crab is the only seafood he'll eat rather then fish. He'll only eat a certain amount before he loses his appetite quite easily. Bread is not too bad to him but he never eats it alone. He makes his own "Hamburger" with garlec and rosemery and extra roasted beef (Like a duble hamburger) leading to a little less bread and more meat.


Thero hates it when things don't go his way, do it and he will throw a temper tantrum.

Thero is often unfriendly if not, quite rude and trollish. He might tease you for fun and taunt you if he happens to have something you want in his claws. Make him mad he will start insulting and never think about the consequences first and often makes the same mistakes.




-The idea for the name Thero, came from the word "Thermometer"


-Thero is not much of a fighter, but he does attack when he needs to


-Thero thinks that all humans speak one language. Speak a different language such as Chinese, or Italian and it will throw him off and confuse him. Thinking it's new words the humans have invented.


-Thero lacks intelligence. He doesn't learn too easily and often makes the same mistakes. He has a mind of a child, sometimes a toddler.


-By making his personality, I basically combined book Toothless' personality and Fireworm's. Along with a bit of my personality.







~Currently being developed~