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Thero is a Monstrous Nightmare who's parents were killed by a Skullion rampage and his egg was all that was left. He was found by a tribe of humans who didn't have much knowledge about dragons. In his early life he was taken care of by various humans and other times had to fend for himself. As a cultural tribute he can naturally speak Dragonese. He'd also learned to speak English while growing up to communicate with the humans that take care of him.

When Thero was young, he developed a bond with a young Viking named Felix who happens to be naive enough to keep him. When Thero became in his young teenage and the boy becomes in his preteens, Thero meets a larger Monsterous Nightmare from a new neiboring tribe who goes by the name Odex who he hates and fears.

Odex is a much larger monstrous nightmare that constantly picks on Thero for his inabilities for a hunting dragon, and bullies him to where Odex is not afraid to pick fights with him. Felix is aware of the bullying, but doesn't see it as an ongoing threat in Thero's life. Eventually Thero becomes emotionally scarred by the events of failure, but has some support with his Viking friend.


Character Development:

I wanted to make a HTTYD book OC because I didn't find any here on the forum. Since this OC has been just made, I am getting some adjustments on this character such as expanding his origin. What breed of dragon was the hardest part. At first I wanted to make him a Common or Garden dragon, but I also wanted to made him a more exotic species from the book like a Windwalker or Chickenpoxer but I also wanted to make it a hunting dragon. It turns out the Monstrous Nightmare was the best option.




Name: Thero
Species: Dragon (Monsterous Nightmare; Bog Dragon)
Gender: Male
Hair Color: N/A
Hair Genetics: N/A
Height: About the size of an eagle (1'9); quite small for his age.
Weight: 28 lbs
Eye color: Olive Green
Occupation: Hunting Dragon
Birthday: Unknown
Blood Type: B-
Pain Tolerance: High
IQ: 44
Diagnostics: Common allergies to felines.
Determination: Often refuses tasks given to him, but cowers from facing large enemies.
Hobbies: Gets his attention in studying flowers or coming up with his own ministories if he can come up with a good one. FYI, his stories are juvanile and poorly plotted.
Problem-Solving: Shows a lack of preservance from solving problems by hoping someone else will do it instead.
Morality: Seemingly a very few.
Reflexes: Surprisingly high, noting that the subject is easily startled and reacts quickly in response.
Temperament: Juvanile, Picky, petulant, disrespectful, and feisty.
Agency: Avoids most responsibilities
Self-Preservation: Is openly vulnerable to danger both physically and mentally due to a lack of power. Because he shies away from bigger problems, subject has little or no motivation to face them alone; thus making him weak and inassertive. However, the subject does show a rather spiteful tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants.


Role-Play Appearances:
The Core and the Fury (First Appearance)
The Core and The Fury- Thero appeared in The Core and The Fury through a portal from his dimension. The portal was set there by mistake when Thero finds it and tumbles through. According to The Core and The Fury, Thero is easily frightened and tenacious: has the ability to grasp on to something for extended periods, hense his hatred toward offenders.
In the Core and The Fury, it seems like Felix doesn't exist. That is because when Thero first appeared, he was still under development and it was before I came up with Felix. For that reason (and the fact that Felix would not make it in to that RP), Thero instead lays a fond to a human volunteered test subject named Mel. He feels that she is the only person in the facility that can take care of him, and feels safe with other than Eika and Virgil.
(According to the Core and the Fury, it is said that Thero has a very pathetic cry)
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