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Spark is a Portal OC: the Petulance Core built as an Aperture Science Personality Construct as a number of the other cores. Spark was then allowed on the management rails to wonder around the facility on his own. Unlike some cores, Spark has never seemed to be assigned to anything rather then have a job. Some say he's just there, and often enough he felt like he was an extra. It didn't bother him because he'd rather not enjoyed company.
Somehow, that got respect over Lagar: a construct in a computer that runs an entire laboratory that crafts different chemicals, mobility gels, and dark energy. However, Spark has managed to convince Lagar into saying that he is worthy of entering, but of course only through the rails. They talked through the closed door of the lab and had a long conversation until Lagar began to like him.
Spark turned out to be Lagar's only trusted friend and he managed to respect him within Lagar's trust issues with others. Being with Lagar took Spark's mind off of feeling like an extra when he learned that no one else was worthy to enter Lagar's lab and the only core to witness his laboratory. Lagar had told him not to invite anyone with him and see his lab, but Spark responded by saying that he doesn't have any other friends and told him that the secret of his existence remains hidden.
One day, Spark was completely locked out of Lagar's lair and Spark tried to talk to him. He stated that the reserve power is offline and he is under a security lockdown. He asked him to leave, then he stopped talking to him. Spark was however displeased by Lagar shutting out on him. He never let him back in his lab ever since.
Months later, after trying to forget about Lagar, he met someone else. She looked unique then any other Aperture Science AIs, meeting her by mistake. It wasn't really a pleasant encounter for she did threaten him with her gun and threw an interrogation at him. She said her name was Eika, and she was an Aperture Science Promethean Crawler, built and crafted by the last Forerunner. For the interrogation, he answered every question she threw him. At first he didn't like her, for one, she attacked him. She let him go and walked away, leaving him off his rails.
Around two days later, he bumped into her again. Both of them were crude and snappy. Eika quickly turned away and revised the moment she attacked him. Spark wasn't that grouchy because he was pretty much afraid of her, so he stayed cautious around her.
A week later, Spark heard a sound in the other room and went to investigate. He yet again bumped into Eika battling some creature. The creature was 4 and a half feet tall. It had two legs, two toes on each foot, yellow in color with black spots and stripes down his back, a long tail with a hooked tip, two large sheep-like eyes, six white tentacles as a jaw with a round mouth in the middle, and a squid shaped body. Because these creatures never touched Aperture, Spark had no idea what it was.
Eika was distracted by Spark's appearance and the creature managed to swipe her. Spark started talking, but it caught the creature's attention and it shot acid. It missed, but landed right by him. It approached him and snatched him, until Eika came back and continued to attack. Spark helped Eika by trapping it in a claw so hat she can kill it.
By the death of the creature, that was when they finally began to accept each other. Eika and Spark still remained snappy toward each other, but it slowly lead up to a bond. After 2 months, Eika finally began to look up to him like a dog. It strengthened after a while and Spark accepted the fact to raise her as his own. 
OC Development:
This is the core that Eika befriends in her origin story and unreleased fanfiction. This was a replacement from Virgil due to my fear of copyright. Instead of recycling an old OC from another one of my unreleased fanfictions, I decided to just create a new core with a new personality so that Eika can have a friend after she goes out of her room for the first time in nearly 4 decades.
Species: Aperture Science Personality Spherical Construct
Gender: Masculine Programming
Determination: Approximately careless about most situations.
Hobbies: Displays a lack of hobbies.
Problem-Solving: Subject knows whether or not of its skills in problem solving procedures, but when times come, it does tend to think throughly on situations coming up with a few incomes and outcomes before making it across a situation.
Morality: Unlikely for it to grasp on purposely, but at displays a concept inintentionally.
Reflexes: Pretty dull, but quick enough for a swift rescue of a recent falling target.
Temperament: Snappy, disrespectful, Sarcastic, and grumpy.
Agency: Acts upon average, but is careless.
Self-Preservation: With a lack of power and abilities, subject can be easily defeated. However, it is fortunate that it can come up with different outcomes upon a situation and often acts suspiously towards unusual activity.
IQ: 100
Diagnostics: No known system errors.

Name: Pentulance Sphere (Spark)

Hair Color: N/A
Height: 2'8
Weight: 50 lbs
Eye Color: Red
Occupation: Pentulance Core
Birthday: March 18th 1998
Blood Type: N/A
Pain Tolerance: Moderate
Role-Play Apperances:
The Core and the Fury (First Appearance)
The Core and the Fury- Spark appeared once as a side character, but shines when he took care of a future Return to Black Mesa character Neiliah, and a dragon named Thero as Virgil said he'd find a core to take care of him while he investigates some danger ahead. This RP isn't canon due to the fact that Spark has no relations with Eika.
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