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Snowflake was named by his tranquility and patience and his approachable attitude and assertiveness. Snowflake was recruited by Thal Vadamee during the attack on Reach and spent until the discovery of Alpha Halo (Installation 04) when he was set off by Thal to follow the orders of the Prophets to clear the area for their arrival. He escaped the ring just before it's destruction on a banshee. However, all the blame was taken to his leader, Thal Vadamee and sentenced to prosecution and was now titled Arbiter.

Snowflake bonded with Thal before hand and was a loyal companion to him before Thal was pointed to as a Herotic by the high counsel. He avoided the Arbiter and remained in High Charity before the death of the Prophet of Regret. As the genocide starts, he ran into Bubba once and told him about the lonely passage, and warned him about the Flood as they break in the chambers.

How he escaped was the help of Rtas, a friend of the Arbiter's and fled to Delta Halo (Installation 05) to help fight the Brutes. He then rejoined Thal shartly after they stopped the ring from firing and helped him, Miranda, and Johnson fight their way out and sided with the humans along with the oracle (The Guilty Spark).

OC Development:

I made Snowflake so that Bubba is not the only Elite OC on the forum. This is to get him some company.



-This article in unfinnished for now. Every additional information will be posted soon