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Miki was abandoned as an infant on the streets and was raised by scientists who wishes to test and create their own artificial superpowers. They raised her as a daughter and a test subject in the underground facility. One day, they wanted to make a power where you don't age, immunity to disease and poison and tested it on her. The experiment was partially successful, making her immune to sickness and poison, but also granted her immunity to fire damage, shock, ice, and the ability to breathe underwater with her power of shape-shifting, and alter her particles into a shadowy mist. But it can be clear that she still ages.
As not entirely comfortable with preforming tests on her, Miki snapped and became corrupted with her own darkness and attacked the facility and made her escape. She loved the feeling of combat, even though the scientists always taught her friendship, love and kindness; such as little kid videos to make her peaceful. Even though all of it seemed bland to her by the time.
While she loved the feeling of combat, she also loves using her powers against lifeforms. She often battles or even kills just for fun.
Character Development:
Because this character has been created recently, her development still needs some work. Miki is an OK K.O. OC with a power level of -12. The idea of Miki came from the concept of a Mary Sue: Perfect, beautiful, and extremely hard to defeat as well as facing fights with little difficulty. This makes her a spectacular Mary Sue —-depart that it is based off the thoughts and opinions of the author-— with a villainous, violent twist. Her snobbiness keeps the concept of the Mary Sue, claiming that she is perfect and better than everybody else.
Her power level is a negative number; therefor, Miki is classified as a villain even though she is a rouge, so she takes neither side. She is classified as a villain because of her merciless attitude and a notorious criminal murderer over her region.




Species: Unknown (preferably reptilian)
Gender: Female
Determination: Subject will handle an occasion without a thought of failure: May be careless of a situation whether it is successful or not.
Hobbies: Assault, battling, racing, or other combat related challenges.
Problem-Solving: The character cares whether or not the circumstance of success is failure or completion.
Morality: Lacks a motive.
Reflexes: Extremely high.
Temperament: Merciless, manipulative, snobby, playful. Petulant.
Agency: Falls control under no one. Subject will likely turn on heroes and villains alike.
Self-Preservation: Because of her powers, the subject has a high resistance to any forms of danger. She appears to be immune to fire, water, shock, ice, poison, sickness, and in her shadow form, she's immune to scratch and projectiles, making her extremely hard to defeat. It could be by the lack of parental figures to support, she is highly unstable and must be avoided at all costs.
IQ: 130
Diagnostics: Mutant
Name: Miki
Weight: 125 lbs
Height: 5'7
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Long
Eyes: Purple/indigo
Occupation: Rouge
Birthday: Somewhere in 2X
Blood Type: B+
Pain Tolerance: Moderate
Role-Play Appearances:
(Has not attended or referenced in an RP so far:~ N/A)
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First drawing of Miki in her shadow form


Miki can take on a colored form. Often, she likes to play cute and innocent before something backfires. She only does this on certain occasions.



Miki's purest form.


Miki sctatching.