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Jet is an English traveler who journeys across northern Europe seeking adventures and gold with his Monstrous Nightmare, Arson. Born in England with an Irish-born father, British mother, and little sister Jenny all travelers across the regions of Northern and central Europe, his family are merchants. Currently, he works as a greedy mercenary flying in and around the Barbaric Archipelago.
Character Development:
I came up with this OC as a random idea at night just as I was going to sleep, caused a train of thought to roam by. This character is yet to be altered, modified, and updated. The personality was a harder part. I didn't want to make Jet look like the hero, neither do I want him labeled ad the villain. I thought it could be interesting to make a character that stands in between good and evil.
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Determination: Very often confident over solving tasks.
Hobbies: Gambling, playing mind games, solving riddles.
Problem-Solving: As a natural talent of critical thinking, he will manage to think his way through situations on his own. If that doesn't work, he has a plan B of action.
Morality: Knows what's better at desperate circumstances.
Reflexes: Very high.
Temperament: Greedy, patent, stubborn, slow-tempered, and quick-minded.
Agency: Independent.
Self-Preservation: Handles it all with a snap of a finger. He shows little to know fear and is often confident. When it comes to making enemies, subject would rather make a compromise, but if a fight is started, he simply lets his dragon do the dirty work.
IQ: 150
Diagnostics: Healthy.
Name: Jet Kimberly Doyle
Weight: 144 lbs
Height: 5'8
Hair Color: Black.
Hair length: Long.
Eyes: Sage.
Occupation: Traveler.
Birthday: September 24th
Blood Type: A
Pain Tolerance: Medium.

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Arson is Jet's Monstrous Nightmare that cooperates along with Jet with his schemes.



Character Development:
Arson existed long before Jet. I came up with a good name and figured a fire dragon could perfectly fit. At first, it was going to be a western dragon encoated with fire, then I simply changed it into a Titanwing, mutant Monstrous Nightmare. Arson was going to be a rouge dragon that hangs around Lava Island within a volcanic cavern. Arson would be known by a few Vikings and named as a famous dragon.
I later nerfed the Titanwing trait and changed him to a younger Monstrous Nightmare when I added Jet. Instead of a wild, rougue Titanwing, Arson is going to be a regular Monstrous Nightmare with a rare condition of exaggerated flame.
The bond forming between Arson and Jet is based on the movie Life of Pi.
Species: Dragon {Monstrous Nightmare}
Gender: Male
Determination: Always waits for the signal to take action, but lays low only when things are low. When active, subject will be as hard to stop as a typical Monstrous Nightmare.
Hobbies: Gambling, drawing in the sand, and chasing his tail.
Problem-Solving: Never solves problems by himself. He may cause a problem and it is up to the master to fix it. Subject rarely causes problems with his master, but the subject alone isn't fit for problem-solving.
Morality: Knows what's better at desperete circumstances.
Reflexes: Medium.
Temperament: Stubborn, short-tempered, competative, prideful, and persistant.
Agency: Independant.
Self-Preservation: He is metaphorically the blade on his master's hand. Subject will attack an opponet if he's challenged, and become delusional and desperate if he's losing. When he fights, it's normally to the death; however, it can get him into great danger. Subject has a stronger flame, but weaker armor.
IQ: 80
Diagnostics: A rare, unnamed birth condition that effects a fire dragon's (commonly a Monstrous Nightmare's) fire. Increases the number of shots, increases firepower, increases fire/shot regeneration, and doubles gel poduction, but it also dehydrates the dragon faster, slows down regeneration, weakens immune system, sensitive firebursting, and shortens lifespan by one-third.
Name: Arson
Weight: 2488 lbs
Height: 9'11
Hair Color: N/A
Hair legnth: N/A
Eyes: Yellow
Occupation: Steed; companion.
Birthday: October 31st
Blood Type: A
Pain Tolerance: High.

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