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Hurricane was found by a S.T.O.R.M recruit from the Monsuno world, as their new tech to travel dimensions. Hurricane was found in a glacier as a lonely unguarded egg, taken in and experimented on. They infused the egg with Monsuno Essence, turning the purple egg yellow and the baby continued to develop. As the egg hatched, they gave it to the new recruit, a little 8 year-old girl, Alpha Zero as her own.

Hurricane was an inaverage skrill, stronger and faster then any dragon from his native world with his mutated hybrid abilities. Him and Alpha Zero (real name: Irene) practice training with his abilities as he grows up with Irene. His first Monsuno battle was with an Eclipse core, Alexander Coss and his monsuno Kindleye. Hurricane loses the battle and almost gave out his life for he, as a flesh-born skrill, is weaker then an average monsuno. They escape by a diversion and took time to recover in a S.T.O.R.M. camp.

A months later, Hurricane had a second battle with Commander Trey against One-Eyed Jack and his crew. Hurricane fought along-side Ricochet and Airchopper. He fights Sizzler, but again it's like a repeat of Kindleye and Hurricane takes more damage then Sizzler. As the monsunos were occupied, Irene was able to step up and encourage Hurricane to find a new way to fight and she finally was able to command him. Hurricane wins the fight and the mission was completed.

Another month later, Marshal Charlemagne, the head leader of S.T.O.R.M., wanted to convert more dragons into her government. By Irene's bond with Hurricane, she allowed her to travel to the Viking world with Hurricane. Hurricane with Irene traveled there and he met the dragons from that world. Some were afraid of him because he was irregular and it attracted the Viking's attention when Hurricane demonstrated a couple of his powers.

A year later, Irene bonds with the dragons, and as Charlemagne's original plan to kidnap them and infuse them with monsuno essence to become her own, Hurricane ends up fighting Charlemagne's monsuno Driftblade alone. The battle was long and nerve raking, but Hurricane was able to fight him head on. Before the last strike, Irene escapes through the HTTYD world and Hurricane destroys the portal, diving threw it right before it blew, so there is no chance S.T.O.R.M. can threaten the dragon world, and no chance of them both to coma back.


About 3 years later, Hurricane was able to unlock his Titan form with his updated essence (currently working on this story).



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Due to Hurricane being part Monsuno, he has the monsuno abilities + the skrill abilities.


Immortal Battery Unlike a regular Skrill, Hurricane has produce his own lightning underwater, all with his monsuno energy.


Lightning Bash Turns into pure energy and travels the speed of a bullet, faster then any normal dragon in the HTTYD world. Used as an attack to strike an opponent at all ends. His most powerful, but also his most painful. Almost fatal if used incorrectly.


Savagery— Hurricane's yellow marks and lightning turns green temporarily and it upgrades his endurance, speed with his physical abilities with the motion of his claws and teeth, and increases his reflexes.


Energy Wall Uses his electricity to create a frontal shield that absorbs heat and electricity. (Plasma cancels it out)


Strike Basic shot of skrill lightning.

Oral Blast Charges a strong close range blast with his lightning.


Electric Barrage Redirects lightning to the clouds to strike multiple targets at once. Basic Skrill ability.


Joule's Field— Locks himself with a force-field of electricity. Cannot move, but cannot take damage/cannot hold for too long.


Golden Orb Wraps himself into an orb of electricity to hit any surrounding target with electricity. The lightning orb doesn't take damage when hit, but a huge energy drainer for Hurricane the more bolts he strikes. (Plasma weakens orb, cannot be done underwater)



Hurricane can shoot lightning from all directions, not just from his mouth. It can be a basic skrill attack, very often it is.

Hurricane has plenty of weaknesses because even as part monsuno, he is full of natural flesh. When badly hurt, it can be fatal and once dead, he's gone forever. Hurricane is stronger then most dragons, however, he is weaker then most monsunos. Each monsuno battle he faced was a difficult battle. Even though he won against Driftblade, Driftblade was actually stronger then him. Strategy made him win.


OC Development:

Hurricane was first made as a Monsuno OC. In-Game, he was my first dragon converted into an OC, and at the time, I was into the NickToons TV series Monsuno. With my young and naive self, I made an origin for Hurricane involving both franchises, and crossing HTTYD with Monsuno. I created this OC because of SoD once I hatched the skrill, but I thought of a Monsuno/dragon hybrid long before.

On the contrary, it was a phase and I grew out on Monsuno eventually as I grew older. I looked back at this origin and instead of changing everything out of Hurricane, I decided to just keep him and his past, but make a few tweaks, such as additions and changes, so that the crossover will be minimized as much as possible and limit the cannon character interference as much as possible.

Originally, I was going to have S.T.O.R.M. invade the HTTYD world and they'll have life as hybrid dragon/monsunos, and Alpha Zero will fight off the troops that threaten dragons and people will go in and out of the portal. But as said on the origin, that was changed with a final battle with Driftblade and have the crossing dimensional portal destroyed. Alpha doesn't talk about S.T.O.R.M. until someone were to bring it up.

The first color of Hurricane was black with white wings and yellow marks. I changed the white color to black, and it turned out as a dark brown which looked perfect.


As a TitanWing, I was going to do that same aspect at first, being black with white teeth, spikes, and horns, and yellow belly, but the same reason, I switched it to orange because it had a better coloration.





Hurricane is a Skrill/Monsuno hybrid set up as a Monsuno/HTTYD OC. Stronger then most dragons but weaker then most monsunos. Hurricane inherits the monsuno abilities as well as his basic skrill abilities, but doesn't always win a battle. Hurricane is wolf-like, like the skrill but is very dependent with his owner Irene Galorson, formerly Alpha Zero.


Hurricane doesn't fight unless he has to, but even with enhanced stamina, each battle can still exhaust him.


It is unknown whether he is immune to disease and poison, but they don't test and find out.


Some of his monsuno abilities can do damage to himself.


When Hurricane gets in a fit of rage, his eyes invert. His eyes will turn a dark yellow or black as his pupils glow bright yellow.

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Hurricane before Titanwing




Elemental Hurricane. Savagry effect.









Hurricane's battle with Driftblade.






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