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This is a remake thread off of the original. All information will be posted below on a DNR post.


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Origin:  (copypasted from the Resistance Society thread)

In the beginning when School of Dragons just opened, everyone gets there starter dragons and begin their adventures on the dragon world and had no thought, worry, to even wonder what the word "Hack" is. Everyone lived peacefully. One day, a viking got his dragon and looked at the dragon world a different way.

Instead of viewing the world peacefully, he wanted something that no one else have. He wanted vikings to be special and unique and earn rewards much faster and easier. Then he came up with something. A brilliant plan to make this work. He engineered a razorwhip to serve him. After weeks and thought of building, Garcia has been activated. Garcia has an unspeakable ability to break into the digital dimension and change thing about the dragon world.

With artificial intelligence, he gave this viking the taxi. The Timberjack that nobody else owns. This was only the beginning. Turns out everybody looked at him like he was special and asked him "Where did you get that timberjack?" But he never answered. He turned to Garcia and gave all of his friends timberjacks and it spread. Eventually, Garcia was modified and now gave them enormous amount of gems and these vikings became rich and bought anything they want.

Then when Hiccup was able to hand Toothless to the vikings, Garcia developed the ability to color Toothless and changed him. At first, Toothless was aware of his hacking, but he cannot fight the digital codes and lost against his own mind. He has no knowledge of his hack and remained his night fury behavior and personality and unaware of his data change and ignore duplications.

He invented speed hacking by the viking's request by his greed of trophies. Then the other hackers began doing this, and then caused many upset and jealous vikings.

Then, one day, the vikings modified him one more time to convert it's ability to them so they can break through the computer world and modify things about the world. Gacia didn't mind at all, so he did. They classified themselves as "Hackers."

Suddenly, these hackers ran threw this world of codes and into the codes of the other non-hacking vikings, and corrupted their minds without them knowing. They began to change things about other vikings forcing them to do bad things, or worse, Kill them! (deleting) Many devastation was caused and now became a problem. Finally, Garcia returned from digital matrix and found players in control of hackers.

Garcia investigated the heart-broken vikings and overheard the deaths and destruction caused by the hackers. It interacted with a few and then it struck him. After another corruption with a viking, its AI system created a new emotion code he never felt before.


Garcia felt the pain and devastation that he has caused the viking players, while he found out, he was lied to. Angered, Garcia confronted the viking, but he denied it and kept it on. Then the robot turned against him, then lead to a good long fight. Eventually the fight was over and the viking, was dead. But there were more hackers that spread and corrupt. Angry and guilty Garcia was, he tried his best to undo what it has done. But he got no luck. He never should have given them his ability he always thought. He tried and tried again, but the damage is permanent until all the hackers are gone.

Species: Robot (Dragon; Razorwhip)
Gender: Masculine Programming
Determination: Always focuses on the task at hand.
Hobbies: target practicing, exploring the cyberverse, and rhythmatic tapping.
Problem-Solving: Tends to focus on solving all the problems it has caused and becomes easily distracted in the process.
Morality: Has a reasonable and selfless motive of morality. Tends to only grasp it when the subject experiences extremely tense situations.
Reflexes: Responds averagely to events that occur.
Temperament: Tranquil, selfless, patient, insecure, protective, and personally sensitive.
Agency: Is always open for a line of work and is quick to act.
Self-Preservation: Subject does make its impressive to overcome danger along with his powers. As it wields that ability, it often detects dangers in both the physical world and the digital world alike. Often avoids danger that it knows it can't handle.
Hair Color: N/A
IQ: 81
Diagnostics: No known system errors.
Name: Garcia
Height: Slightly taller than the average male human (6'6)
Weight: 600 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Leader and Commander of The Resistance Anti-Hacking Society
Birthday: Unknown
Blood Type: N/A
Pain Tolerance: Low
Role-Play Appearances:
The Resistance Rises (Unofficial Appearance)
Hacker Alert! Hacker Alert! (First Appearance)
The Core and the Fury (Mentioned only)

The Resistance Rises- Garcia was meant to appear within the RP before it manage to di.e before it started.

Hacker Alert! Hacker Alert!- The second short-lasting RP where Garcia had made a single appearance within. Garcia demonstrated some of his abilities just for fun and training purposes.

The Core and the Fury- Garcia was referenced within the RP when Eika mentioned she saw a "robotic dragon" within her digital systems looking vastly like a Razorwhip. To grow the reference a little more, Eika is drawn slightly attracted to the robot razorwhip.

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Garcia's laser.


Pixlated Garcia.