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Some of you might already know Garcia

You know Garcia as the leader of the Cyber dragons and starter of The Resistance to stop hacking once and for all.

-Garcia is a light gray all metallic and robotic razorwhip. Titanium steel armor, rubber outerwires and copper innerwires. Blue fire and shockproof wings that can handle scratches, equipped with pistons, gears and air compressors to handle movement and rubber skin underneath to prevent the equipment to wear out.

-Garcia's personality is made up of different chips that have been careful coded and located in his head as presumed "The Brain." It doesn't look like a brain, but instead a computer cube that hold several red bars that holds terabytes of memory and chips that contain each personality

Tranquility~ Made so Garcia won't go against his owner and hackers (They rebel, that's what robots do)

Intelligence~ Made so Garcia will be smart to come up with working plans to eliminate foes and come up with good ideas and to learn new things

Conscience~ Made so that Garcia will feel sorry for things he's done in case he does something wrong

Morality~ Made after an upgrade because so that Garcia would be less sassy and more loyal to his owner and the owner's friends

Rage~ To weaponize Garcia

Curiosity~ No one knows how he managed to become curious or fascinated by many things

Garcia's intelligence allowed him to speak, know, and learn languages

-Garcia's voice is of a male voice, but mostly mechanical. Though he can tone his voice matching his attitude. He does not sound like an emotionless zombie robot. Think of K2SO from Rogue One except a bit of a lower pitch and a Canadian Accent. Nobody knows where the Canadian accent came from either.

-Garcia doesn't speak through his mouth. He has the ability to translate his thought through his head and his voice emits from a speaker in the back of his head toward his throat. He does speak english and he does speak like a human.

-Garcia's fire is out of the ordinary for a regular razorwhip. He has a retractable beam in his throat where he could summon whenever he wishes. You cannot see it unless if it is pointing at you, however it is small and it is just a simple green light next to a small dish inside. That dish can shoot a large laser beam that is made to obliterate large weapons, and damage walls.

You can say that Garcia's fire is based and completely inspired by Halo's Spartan Laser.

As you can see the resemblance. Anyway, the problem is the more energy he uses the more he drains his power. One full blast takes up 50% of his power and battery life and the weakest blast that only tears a small hole in a tree trunk setting the area around it on fire takes up 5% of his power.

Garcia cannot regenerate either. He doesn't have blood and fibers to be able to regenerate a cut. He needs to be repaired.

Garcia also has a limited amount of spine shards in his tail. Its like a limited stock of bow an arrows, so they can run out and break. That is good for forging more (Though he is actually not good with a forge)



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A nice,detailed,well thought out OC.

Just thought I'd mention,that in the first picture you spelt science wrong,twice. 


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Hi I'm Jade queen. I have a Deadly Nadder named Screech,she is my first dragon.


Me and Screech:




The rest of my dragons are:

Snapper the Whispering Death (adult) male.


Tremble the Whispering Death (adult) male.


Terrorfrill the Screaming Death (adult) male.

(Pretty muchly just looks like the Screaming Death from Httyd)


Razorrin the Razorwhip (adult) female.

(Pic coming soon)


Laluby the Death Song (adult) female.


Bolder the Gronckle (adult) male.

Zig and Zag the Zippleback (adult) male(males?)

Sheld the Armorwing (adult) male(When I was naming Sheld I was actually trying to spell "Sheild" but forgot the i) 


Iceberg the Groncicle (adult) male.

Tideline the Sand Wraith (adult) male.


Scorching Fang the Singetail (adult) male.

(Sorry the pic of him is so small,I don't have the greatest editing app)

Rocky the Eruptadon (adult) male

Pyroite the Monstrous Nightmare (adult) male (His name is a combination of Pyrite (also known as fools gold) and pyro meaning fire)

(Pic coming soon)

Shimmer Sting the Speed Stinger (teen) female

Skrilla the Skrill (adult) female


The Doubles: One day I logged on to SOD and most of my dragons had glitched out of their stables. I then got three of the notices that you get when you earn/train a dragon in one of the expansions,one said I had gotten a Groncicle,one said I had gotten a Deathsong and the last one said I had gotten a Armorwing. I thought they were my original Deathsong,Groncicle and Armorwing that I had been re-given and so I named them the same names as my originals. I was upset because the original three dragons had disappeared and the new ones were not the same. My original Armorwing,Deathsong and Groncicle were still displayed in my dragon list,but I could not make them active. I eventually figured out how to make the original three active through stable quests and then I placed each of them in a stable and everything was back to normal... Well except for the three extra dragons that I had gotten. 



Iceberg the Groncicle adult male 

Sheld the Armorwing adult male 

Laluby the Deathsong adult female(I actually like this Double,I call her Limelight) 



Eggs: 2 Gronckle 1 Rumble Horn 1 Groncicle 1 Deadly Nadder 1 Shockjaw 1 Hobblegrunt/Threadtail 1 Smothering Smokebreath 1 Scaldron 1 Mudraker. 




My clan is called The Screech Dragons I named it after my first dragon Screech the Deadly Nadder. 


                                                            We care for dragons 

                                                            We respect dragons

                                                            We love dragons!

                                                       We are THE SCREECH DRAGONS 



I have only one account called Jade queen. 

Appearance: Green hair,but you won't see it because it's usually covered by a hood. She has green eyes.

She wears a snow wraith hood,a light brown shirt and a brown fur skirt,tall white boots as well as thermal wrist warmers and thermal shoulder pads. She wears a feline grace mask(I was really going for a cat look) I occasionally change her outfit around,but this is what she wears most of the time. 

Friend code: Pm me for it

I hardly ever really play the game anymore,mostly I just hang out on the forum. 





Somethin' or Other the Chiropan. Made by the talented NightmareRebuff!

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I know, I tend to do that and never learn >.<

Unfortunately there is no spell checking in Microsoft Paint