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Evie was hatched last upon 4 older brothers. She's been raised by her mother as her father departed with 3 of her brothers. The brother who stayed, Kian, was the first who hatched. Evie and Kian bonded so close that they were almost inseparatable. As they relied on their mother to hunt, Kian and Evie were to watch and study the living creatures around the Atlas of Fire to learn their behavior.
With their studies, they learned many different types of bonding and socialization upon others that they don't see in the other dragons. In their teenage years, their mother, Azia, died from a battle with the Siide Guardians: a military group of felines of the Siide country. Kian and Evie escapes and flees back to the Atlas of Fire without comfort of their mother.
They were raised alone for 2 weeks before Kian told Evie that he'll look for their father. Evie disagrees for him to go alone, but Kian assists that the mission is dangerous, and he left the next morning. A couple days later, Evie met a cat who was names Ceterus, and he claimed that he was part of the Siide Guardians and friends with the future chief.
Evie felt triggered at first knowing that their mother has been killed by the Guardians, and the reason her brother had left her. She left the cat, but a day later she managed to bump into him again. This time, the cat had food out for her as she was unable to hunt. After a short discussion, Ceterus told her that he'll teach her to hunt and fight. Evie finally accapts after the fact that no one wanted to take care of her afterwards.
Evie met Tatus, another cat long afterwards. She recalled the face of the cat as a son of a cat that was claimed to be killed by Evie. Tatus was at first upset to see the dragon that killed his parents and Evie assisted him to claim his revenge and kill her. Tatus refused, which as Evie was surprised, she tried to urge Tatus to kill her and Evie tells Tatus that she indeed killed his parents. Still, with natural talent to see through the eyes of others, Tatus refused to fight. Evie was testing him, but it seemed that Evie trusts him enough to show him the truth that Ceterus killed his parents.
Later on, on a final battle between the Atlas of Fire and the Siide Guardians, Evie had a chance to claim her revenge on the force by destroying the base as the force destroyed her family. She noticed Ceterus' fight with Tatus and thought about how merciful he was on refusing to take revenge. Not even on Ceterus who was the real culprit on murdering his entire family.
Tatus allowed Ceterus to kill him if he can, Evie made her decision and took Tatus' place. On an act of betrayal and final breath, she bites Ceterus on the back as hard as she can, breaking his armor and penetrating his skin and threw him. Evie dies from the shot that was meant for Tatus and she said her farewell to him. Tatus gives her his smile which Evie praised him from before when she met him. Her final words, "There's that smile."
OC Development:
Evie went through a whole lot of stages in development. She was an older OC with constantly changing stories, but similar personality. When she was created, she didn't have an origin, she was just thrown in the story, but as time progressed, there were stories for other characters and I was able to make the Uriban story have more and more personality the more I rewrite it.
Note: The Uriban story I released on the forums is not final. Because of the constant adding and changing to develop a final story, it is no longer cannon.
The first name of Evie was just Eve, but it didn't fit in to her character as a giant Uribian Western Dragon as the others had other names such as Kian, Azura, Piku, Osi, Ash, Cuba, etc. So her name was eventually extended by adding an "I" in the name, Eve to Evie. At first that didn't work quite well either until I remade her designs and stuck with it for a while.
Evie was going to be a large dark purple dragon that Ceterus was just given to by an old Pteradactyl OC that was scratched. Evie actually went through multiple coloration that resembles lava and that includes black and red. Then she was navy blue with a purple belly and orange markings, but that didn't stand out. This OC lasted very long without a proper design for her, especially while writing the first story.
From what I recall a first sketch of her, she had a short neck, tail frills, single row of long spikes, and only two bony horns and nose spikes. She wasn't colored because of the long debate of what color she was going to be. (It was titled "Eve", which remember was the first name of her)
-This page is currently getting developed. Do not reply to this page because it needs an edit.
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