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All information will be posted below on a DNR post. (Also, note that their could be bad spelling)



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Eika was built by a Forerunner who said to have fled from a super weapon her race was designing. She fled to Aperture and made her own Promethean AI to remind her of home. As a spark of inspiration of this AI to the scientists, they decided to make AIs of their own and keep Eika as the forerunner's companion. A decade before GLaDOS was activated, the forerunner died of some condition.

From the moment she died she attempted to make new friends of her own, even some AIs, or spending time with her scientist buddies. But rendering into depression for the loss of the forerunner she decided to lock herself up in a Cryptum for as long as possible. By the loss of the forerunner was her dearest friend and companion, she accepted the offer and powered down for decades.


Over the course of time, she found out that she was alone and without her creator tended to be very snappy and aggressive towards anyone she meets. That includes Spark, the first Aperture Science Personality Sphere she ever encountered. Life towards Spark at first seemed crude and snappy and they try to keep their distance from each other in utter hatred, but by mistakenly bumped into again and again, they slowly build a bond.






Eika has rather a feminine voice—as to why Eika was classified female as she was designed that way—that is not too high pitched and not too low pitched, and wields a typical Michigan ascent. She does however, have a mechanical/robotic feminine voice that could greatly fit an antagonistic role.


A more detailed description is the first line of this song: Haunted~Evanescence with 98% accuracy.

As to Eika speaks slightly softer, and sounds very slightly lower pitched.




OC Development:


I made Eika as I went into designing robots on paper. I immediately fell in love with her when I finished and found her very fun to draw. The only problem was, I couldn't find out where I should put her. It was at first going to be my own character from no where but my own. But since she looked like a Promethean Crawler, I decided to give out the option to place it under a Halo OC. But the issue with that is, it also looked like it fits under Portal. After a self-debate and opinions from siblings I decided to just put it under both.

A Portal and a Halo OC. A Species of Promethean Crawler that was built in Aperture science.





  • Warping- Able to teleport certain locations however cannot teleport too far or teleport into completely closed spaces
  • Wall Climbing- Like a standard Crawler she can climb up walls and ceilings. Adhesion gel pores on her feet allows her to do so.
  • Thrust- Using her thrusters, Eika can add speed by firing up her spikes while charging.
  • AI Communication- Forerunner AIs normally can't speak but she can if she is not savage. She can communicate with any other AI specimen
  • Parasitic Engineering- She has a mosquito-like ability to add specific codes. Kill codes share a death when Eika dies, they di.e too. A viral code will shock an AI when they do something bad.
  • Suppressor- A Forerunner weapon that was built in that shoots rapid-firing (SMG) scattered bullets.
  • LightRifle- A Forerunner weapon that was built in that shoots a single bullet at a time for a longer range with more accuracy.
  • Superbolt- A weapon oh her own that fires a bright and powerful 50,000 volt lightning bolt from her opening nuzzle that drains half of her energy and can cause damages to herself with a single shot.
  • Spiker- Eika can fire from behind her with plasma spines from her thrusters.
  • Mating Call- Summons 5 holographic Promethean Crawlers to fight for her (Only can be done on Savage Mode)




3 feet tall and 6 feet high. Four flexible canine-like legs, electromagnetic suspension and a hanging cable from the forearm elbow to the armpit. Eika has 3 long fingers with round tips and a single "thumb" in the back of the paw, and 4 toes with a fifth on the back.
5 spiked plates on her back and a small insect-like rear and a glowing tip and plates on her underbelly. A long one and a half foot flexible neck with 5 white metal plates protecting the scruff and a triangular shaped head with two triangular side plates resembling that of a rocket.
Two small inverting hooks on the sides of her beak and a single eye in the front that acts like a gun. Beak opens up in use of a powerful weapon.
Eika's motions is that of a regular Promethean Crawler during combat.
((Visual reference))
Otherwise, Eika's motions are cat-like: rocking her spikes left and right with a shoulder motion and slow stepping.
Eika is mostly chill and is slow to anger, but has a sensitive spot towards the people she looks up to. This is due to the past after her creator died and locked herself in a Cryptum for an unknown amount of years, coming out to notice that everyone she ever knew is gone. Because Eika spent some time by herself, and from in the Cryptum, Eika had formed a lonely bond to pictures on the walls. Eika has constructor sentinels, but they are only linked to her control and a lack of sentience and speech.
Eika was always Sassy when it comes into feeling. Her sarcasm extends and she can come up some serious roasting when she needs to, mostly to effect bullies, or enemies and knows how to knock them down with her words. If not, then Eika can throw a pretty good fight. When it comes to friendship, Eika can get pretty blunt, and is not afraid to tease one for affection. Maybe shove in some bad, or dark jokes.
Eika is more of a "guard dog," made to protect and serve her creator Mala: a forerunner that escaped the firing of the rings running through, into an alternate dimension within a Cryptum. Because of that Eika can get pretty protective over someone based on the strength of one's bond. When a troubling situation arrives, Eika does show her loyalty upon her friends, and will stop at nothing to protect them (As an effect of character development, Eika shows more loyalty and trustworthiness then what happened at the beginning of her origin. Meaning she learns her lessions and become something better.)
Shortly after Eika was out of the Cryptum 3 years after the events of Portal 2, she tend to show an aggressive side, giving Spark a death threat just for startling her. This is pretty much aside of her depression and taking too much into the fact that all of her friends are dead.  Several times at least, Spark had to hold her back and keep her from destroying GLaDOS after her fear, and rage takes a hold of her, and even attempted to "destroy the facility" if she has to. Meaning, if Eika's worst fear becomes true, her sassiness, and aggressiveness goes through the roof and it could mean something deadly.
Promethean; Warrior-Servant and Companion
Birth (Creation) Date:
June 3rd 1952
Eika has a love of Astronomy, so she pays attention to the skies and focus on what is out there. She takes a study in astronomy and loves to share her passion. Eika can name every constellation viewable to Earth and tell of their origins on what they represent. Eika has a passion over extra-terrestrial life such as aliens from other planets.
Eika happens to be a fan of soft rock/metal or classic rock music. Sometimes techno, but out of the range of mainstream. Her favorite song back then was a Rolling Stones song called Paint it Black. If someone were to bring it up, it would give her some lucid distant memories. Her other favorites could include various songs from artists such as Deaf Leopard, ACDC, Linkin Park, and Three Days Grace, but likes any song with a good enough beat. If not set on an alternate reality world, Eika's favorite band of all would be Starset.
Eika also happens to be interested in the Utopian/Dystopian genres. Despite Eika's vision cannot detect black writing on white paper, she would really love the Hunger Games, Mazerunner, Divergent, The Giver, Tomorrowland, The Island, etc. Her favorite movie back then was a classic (Metropolis) which was into the Utopian/Dystopian genera.
Lastly, Eika happens to be a Speilberg fan. Therefor she's a fan of Jurassic Park, ET, Animaniacs, etc. Though Eika barely or ever brings it up, she loves to fan over those topics.
Undecided: Eika is unsure about religions nor Christianity. She doesn't exactly believe in God, but she does have some questions that linger in, giving her a possible chance to believe, or drift into Aetheism.
Eye Color: Variant
Orange- Her normal phase over Eika being herself.
Blue- Eika's state of being full Promethean Crawler after being pushed a certain limit of showing her rage, or under the control from someone else.
White- Lasts shortly when something goes wrong with her systems. A Promethean sensation or a possession of some kind. The few moments it lasts can be violent and extremely deadly, or lays dead inside.
Black- Only when Eika gets a death over exhaustion or unconsciousness.
Universe Origin: 
Halo, but created in the Portal/Half-Life universe.
Theme Song:
Eika has many powers used for combat. She wields the abilities of a standard, and alpha Promethean Crawler, and a Promethean Soldier having the ability to warp and talk as well as having a human-like mind. Eika is swift, brave, and strong even for her rather light size. She's not the slickest at stealth, but it makes up for such an expert soldier in the battlefield.
Overconfident due by being fearless, she can easily get herself into harms way without thinking of much that can go wrong; thus, can result into disaster. She's also coated with Pride that can get in her way.
Despite of Eika's slow-to-anger personality, she seems to be sensitive when it comes to her emotionally attached people like her Forerunner creator Mala. She does have her friendly affections toward a few of her long-time scientist buddies such as Buck Madison, Jenny Hopper, and Hector Smith, with a surprising affection towards Al Gilbert: also known as the Disco man.
Eika has common sense, but simply she just can't think her way through various situations, allowing her to slip and fall later on.
Any physical weaknesses is that all of her powers costs energy and can make Eika exhausted and cannot use any of her powers, or else can cause some lethal consequences. The more powerful her powers get, the more energy it costs. Her most powerful attack would be the superbolt. One strike from the bolt will zap her energy low, second one can strip her shields and lay herself extreme dizziness and jam her sensors, and a third in a row can cause her to burst into flames of data and fall down.
A loss of a loved one, and failing miserably on her tasks. She takes her protocol seriously to guard as a Warrior-Servant.
Role-Play Appearances:
The Core and the Fury (First Appearance)
The Core and The Fury- Eika's backstory in The Core and The Fury appeared to be different as well as her personality. She seemed to bond rather quickly in the RP to be able to show a better relationship with her.
According to the Role-Play, instead of Eika getting out of the Cryptum by the work of the sentinels, the Cryptum was opened by AEGIS who took control of her and attempted to take down the main characters, but Virgil as the primary target. Eika claims that all of her memories of the fight are in tact, but has no control of her body. Instead of Spark being the first core she meets, it's the idea of nearly crushing Virgil before getting bashed into the pits by ApertureNightFury's OC Harper.
Eika tends to be less sassy and doesn't make very many dirty jokes or roasting comments upon someone, but her overconfidence and protective manors are still in there, not to make Eika too far out of character. Eika is Eika on the inside, and can spring out of her cage at anytime.
Eika seems not to have a relationship and friendship with Spark, as it is replaced with Virgil.
Note: As the RP is still going, there is soon to be a reference to the Real Eika and her ongoing relationship with Spark. Simply when she first meets Spark, she would do what she does often enough to him: tackle him and rib him off with his rails and nuzzle him, just to mess with him.
The Multiverse- Eika's original backstory is redeemable, revealing her full story without a tweak, known as an after-event of her story and bonding with Spark. According to The Multiverse, Eika knows how to play cool in front of people; therefor, Eika shows great respect for people in the start and can get among with somebody easily. The RP hasn't gone long enough for Eika to really show herself.
Eika shows great respect for other people, only because she first met them and willing to give them a good first impression before her sassiness kicks in. Regardless that she seemed very pouty over the Cinderella reenact.
She mentions that her creator Mala loved fantasy, so she knows a little bit about fairy tails. But, it is shown to never pose her as a Disney princess, otherwise she will show an example to children such as running across the streets naked for instance. Not too good with acting in fairy plays.

~Eika's Vision~

Eika has a Matter-Based vision that reflects surfaces and liquid.

The figure on the left is a normal cartoon view of a tree next to a morning sun on a hilltop, seen by a regular human eye. The figure on the right shows the same exact picture, but what Eika sees. It displays Shield and Energy bars, compass, 300ft range motion tracking radar, and a cursor to aim navigate.

In Eika's basic vision, everything is darker colored with orange highlights and bright shading. All flares is highlighted in red and doesn't cast so much light. When Eika becomes observant, she detects matter through walls or any hollow surface to a locked target.

  • 300FT Radar- Eika can track things based on motion. Anything with a greater mass then 20g can be detected on her radar for a 300ft range.
  • Grid Scan- Eika casts a grid in her vision that reveals every matter from a long distance. She uses this to track objects.
  • Compass- Basic navigation. North, South, East, and West
  • Energy Meter- Tells Eika how much energy she is using up. Every one of her powers takes up energy and that includes shooting bullets. If low, some things in her will malfunction and she may lose balance and focus and aim is messed up, and if empty, Eika will damage herself. It she tries to use her powers when her meter is empty, she reaches a critical state and get sick, or a death of exhaustion. Regenerates automatically.
  • Shield Meter- Keeps Eika secure and durable so she can take on damage. If empty, Eika is vulnerable and bleeds when shot/damaged. The meter goes down the more damage is absorbed. Regenerates automatically.
  • Cursor- Eika's second, invisible pupil inside her visible white pupil that helps with aiming and navigation. When something is detected, her cursor navigates the area and zooms it in to view and track the target, or cancel it out. It can also be used as a magnifier and mapper, to determine her surroundings and detect small things that may be invisible to the human eye.
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Eika with a friendly pack of Promethean Crawlers. Getting some love.



Eika in Promethean mode with her hollographic pack of crawlers.

(Image taken in The Core and the Fury role-play)



This is a newer design of her where the hooks on her head serves a purpose. It inverts to the point facing forward to charge a cleaner, accurate, and longer distance shot. This is switching to her Lightrifle.



Eika and Spark



More artwork will be posted in this reply.

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AHHAHAHAH I LOVE IT! A Promethean with a personality! Your artwork is amazing btw, you're an inspiration. I especially love the mechanical look and lightning!


One crawler I wouldn't want to snipe with the light rifle.


*Halo fangirl high five*


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*Fangirl high five*

Halo fans unite! XD



Be careful though, she also has a Suppressor C:

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There ain't no kill like overkill!

Oh I will, *glances suspiciously at checkpoint*


It's so cool that she's a crossover between Halo and Portal, two awesome games in one! Seriously though, that was a good idea.