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All information will be posted below on a DNR post. (Also, note that their could be bad spelling)



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Eika was built by a Forerunner who said to have fled from a super weapon her race was designing. She fled to Aperture and made her own Promethean AI to remind her of home. As a spark of inspiration of this AI to the scientists, they decided to make AIs of their own and keep Eika as the forerunner's companion. A decade before GLaDOS was activated, the forerunner died of some condition.

From the moment she died she attempted to make new friends of her own, even some AIs. But rendering into depression for the loss of the forerunner the scientists decided to lock her up in a small soundproof room for as long as possible. By the loss of the forerunner was her dearest friend and companion, she accepted the offer and powered down for decades.


OC Development:

I made Eika as I went into designing robots on paper. I immediately fell in love with her when I finished and found her very fun to draw. The only problem was, I couldn't find out where I should put her. It was at first going to be my own character from no where but my own. But since she looked like a Promethean Crawler, I decided to give out the option to place it under a Halo OC. But the issue with that is, it also looked like it fits under Portal. After a self-debate and opinions from siblings I decided to just put it under both.

A Portal and a Halo OC. A Species of Promethean Crawler that was built in Aperture science.


Eika's Mating Call is only unlocked when she becomes savage (Blue state). What it does is it summons Promethean Crawler holograms to serve her during battle. She can summon up to 5 and adds 3 only for reinforcements. Then her power temporarily terminates.


Eika has Forerunner AI abilities. This includes:

  • Warping- Able to teleport certain locations however cannot teleport too far or teleport into completely closed spaces
  • Wall Climbing- Like a standard Crawler she can climb up walls and ceilings
  • Speed- She can add speed by firing up her spikes while charging
  • Firing- Every promethean is built with a gun. Like an Alpha crawler she is equipped with a Suppressor, she can shoot scattered bullets from (Behind) her spikes

But in addition by being built in Aperture, she has additional abilities like:

  • AI Communication- Forerunner AIs normally can't speak but she can if she is not savage. She can communicate with any other AI specimen
  • AI Engineering- She can fix minor damages on robots easily, but cannot fix physical or extreme damage

Design History

Eika started out as a reference in drawing robotic hands or claws. One of those drawings somehow I managed to make an animalistic AI. I've been working on AIs so I can practice drawing more cyber dragons. Turns out with minor modifications, I concluded Eika's final designs in one day.

The design took a day to make and so did her personality. It wasn't til the third day I made her origin and abilities. Even to today I'm still developing this character.

Eika's very first design, she had a long medal tail that lights in flames and slices everything it can whip in half at the speed of sound. But to make it less OP, I could make it weaker by just creating massive damage and can crack walls with her fire whip. Eventually the tail was removed because of the addition of her thrusters, and she looked too rat-like.

I thought at one point if Eika can invert her round fingertips and turn them into claws, but that would require some work and redesigning on how she can manage to do that.

The Adhesion Gel was a minor addition I made to tell how she is able to cling on surfaces without gecko feet or claws. Inside her toes contains just the right amount of traces for the gel to work and comes out when she needs it.

To be written...



-At one point, Eika was going to be a Tron OC. That can be arranged when I change her hard-light colors white and paint her armor navy blue or black.


-About the Tron, Eika does have a tail. When I thought about what abilities she could have, a thought stumbled across me saying if Eika's tail could only be visible if she runs fast and disintegrates whatever touches it. That drifted away when I added the warp ability. The "tail trail" still exists on her, but it is harmless.


-The Promethean Mode was an adjustment so I can put a little more "Halo" in this halo OC. She gets the full behavior of the promethean crawler.


-Eika seems to be a cross between a cat, dog, and bird. She walks like a cat (sometimes like a dog), has a dog/wolf-like behavior, and sometimes she chirps and perches like a four legged bird. (She only chirps in Promethean Mode)


-Even though Eika is pretty chill, but she loves the taste of action. She often likes to dual with warriors of combat to challenge them.


-Eika is a lover of music. She listens to soft rock, post grunge, and techno. As long as they have a heavy beat, good lyrics and tempo. Just so happens she really likes Starset