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All information will be posted below on a DNR post. (Also, note that their could be bad spelling)



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Eika was built by a Forerunner who said to have fled from a super weapon her race was designing. She fled to Aperture and made her own Promethean AI to remind her of home. As a spark of inspiration of this AI to the scientists, they decided to make AIs of their own and keep Eika as the forerunner's companion. A decade before GLaDOS was activated, the forerunner mysteriously fell dead on the floor.

After Eika discovered blood on her paws at the moment of her creator's death, she fell into a deep rage that murdured six scientists. Calming down by her former buddies, she rendering into depression for the loss of the forerunner and her crime. She decided to lock herself up in a Cryptum for as long as possible. By the loss of the forerunner was her dearest friend and companion, she accepted the offer and powered down for decades, remaining under stasis.


Over the course of time, she found out that she was alone and without her creator tended to be very snappy and aggressive towards anyone she meets. That includes Spark, the first Aperture Science Personality Sphere she ever encountered. Life towards Spark at first seemed crude and snappy and they try to keep their distance from each other in utter hatred, but by mistakenly bumped into again and again, they slowly build a bond.

Death: Eika discovers Mala's murder and plans vengance against the murderer, a machine-like sound shifting AI prototype before Eika that went rampant soaking in all Forerunner knowledge. Eika's rampancy reaches its peak and she lashes out at Audit, leading to an unsettling fight for Spark who tries to keep Eika away from Audit. Eika soon realized the damage she cause when confronting Audit and plans to redeem herself by defeating Audit in a sacrificial death. Eika leads Audit to the chamber she was first created in and she activates and overloads the syetem. She kept herself and Audit inside until they were both completely torn apart.


Character Development:

Eika was made originally by practicing mech drawings. A concept of an anialistic robot came to mind and went sketching on paper. The first design of Eika looked similar to a Promethean Crawler fused with an Aperture Portal devise and that;s when Eika was born. Her original name was never decided until some time. I wanted her name to be a catchy acronymn, but unfortunately one has never came up in mind, so I had to try something else. I looked at my long list of names on what I should name my OCs, and it turns out, Eika was next.

Eika was at first a female, but at some point, I wondered what it would be like if Eika was masculene and went with that for a little in the process; however, I realized that I might play Eika in a roleplay and I changed her back to female because I play too many male characters in roleplays.

Eika went through many character designs to make her more Promethean Crawler, adding a few traits and removing others.



Species: Aperture Science Promethean Crawler
Gender: Feminine
Determination: Always front and center, but lacks the capability to back down on a situation she can't handle.
Hobbies: Singing, piano playing, duals, music writing, stargazing.
Problem-Solving: Acts more than thinks. Relies on more action and defense than critical thinking.
Morality: Forgets to grasp morality unless subject is powerless.
Reflexes: Very high.
Temperament: Sassy, independant, humble, excitable, and honest. Very protective and playful towards infants.
Agency: Bodyguard
Self-Preservation: Very quick to react and responds to any nearby danger.
IQ: 90
Diagnostics: Rampancy.
Name: Eika
Weight: 21 lbs
Height: 3'1
Hair Color: N/A
Hair legnth: N/A
Eyes: Variant- Orange = normal; Blue = Savage/Promeathean mode; White = Controlled; Red = Rampant.
Occupation: Full-time guardian/companion
Birthday: June 3rd 1953
Blood Type: N/A
Pain Tolerance: Low
Role-Play Appearances:
The Core and the Fury (First Appearance)
The Core and The Fury- Eika's backstory in The Core and The Fury appeared to be different as well as her personality. She seemed to bond rather quickly in the RP to be able to show a better relationship with her.
According to the Role-Play, instead of Eika getting out of the Cryptum by the work of the sentinels, the Cryptum was opened by AEGIS who took control of her and attempted to take down the main characters, but Virgil as the primary target. Eika claims that all of her memories of the fight are in tact, but has no control of her body. Instead of Spark being the first core she meets, it's the idea of nearly crushing Virgil before getting bashed into the pits by ApertureNightFury's OC Harper.
Eika tends to be less sassy and doesn't make very many dirty jokes or roasting comments upon someone, but her overconfidence and protective manors are still in there, not to make Eika too far out of character. Eika is Eika on the inside, and can spring out of her cage at anytime.
In this roleplay, Eika has met Spark and is just friends with him. The relationship last too short for a strong bond with one another.
The Multiverse- Eika's original backstory is redeemable, revealing her full story without a tweak, known as an after-event of her story and bonding with Spark. According to The Multiverse, Eika knows how to play cool in front of people; therefor, Eika shows great respect for people in the start and can get among with somebody easily. The RP hasn't gone long enough for Eika to really show herself.
Eika shows great respect for other people, only because she first met them and willing to give them a good first impression before her sassiness kicks in. Regardless that she seemed very pouty over the Cinderella reenact.
She mentions that her creator Mala loved fantasy, so she knows a little bit about fairy tails. But, it is shown to never pose her as a Disney princess, otherwise she will show an example to children such as running across the streets naked for instance. Not too good with acting in fairy plays.
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Eika and Spark


Eika's finalized design.



More artwork will be posted in this reply.

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AHHAHAHAH I LOVE IT! A Promethean with a personality! Your artwork is amazing btw, you're an inspiration. I especially love the mechanical look and lightning!


One crawler I wouldn't want to snipe with the light rifle.


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*Fangirl high five*

Halo fans unite! XD



Be careful though, she also has a Suppressor C:

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Oh I will, *glances suspiciously at checkpoint*


It's so cool that she's a crossover between Halo and Portal, two awesome games in one! Seriously though, that was a good idea.