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Bubba was an Elite that served in the war since the fall of Planet Harvest. He was known for his fast reflexes, pin-point accuracy, and ability to hot-wire foreign vehicles. He was promoted as an Honor Guard shortly after the fall of Planet Reach and served with the Prophet of Regret, who was later assassinated by UNSC's Spartan-117. Due to Bubba and the other Honor Guard's failure to protect the prophet, Bubba was able to make it back to the city fleet before the genocide was ordered.

Bubba made it out alone, taking the long way around resulting into some ugly turn when he bumps into the flood. Before he thought he could make it out in one piece after encountering the flood he discovers a shape-shifting parasite that happened to be the last of an entire species that was wiped out by the halo rings and was infected by the flood.

He narrowly escaped with his life that day battling her, however she did not truly di.e for she still lurks around the abandoned parts of the citidel of High Charity. Bubba managed to escape with a small covenant pod and landed on the Delta Halo safely.


OC Development:

Originally, I created Bubba as a joke to be a signature guardian- That's basically why I made him an Elite Honor Guard, hense also to his cheap name compared to a real sanghieli name like Rtas or Thal. To aid the joke, I created a simple hard-time personality to give a form of irony revealed in some of my forum subjects such as "Bubba just scuffed at me. Does that mean he wants a subject?" or "Elites. Learn to love them."

I then fell in love with Bubba and began using hi more because there is no Elite OCs— as far as I know of— on the forum and I intend to be the first one to have one. That was when I created a role-play* so I could play as him to introduce this new OC. As the RP died, I hope I'll find another RP where I could play him better after later development and updates.

After a few more drawings and getting used to drawing an elite on my own, I just noticed that some of the designs are relatively inaccurate to what an Honor Guard's armor should look like. Instead of spending an extra 2 days of work, I decided to just solve this simple issue saying that when he was fighting the flood his old armor was damaged and broken. And when he arrived at the ring he contacted nearby Elites that served the Arbiter and managed to repair his armor, but noticed that some of the parts were missing and have to create simple plates to cover what is need to be there and leave out the rest.


Just a recap that Bubba hates the Flood more then anything else. Just by thinking of them triggers horrendous memories of the fight during his last encounter.


In fact: I'm thinking of making another Elite OC names Snowflake





*Note: Bubba is partially infected by the Flood. Which means he gets extreme anxiety attacks when you grab him anonymously, or hug him. If you do he may swipe you violently and if you're friendly, he will yell at you to warn you never to do that again. (Then add something violent like threatening to tear your arms off)

It's also why he has anger issues and can turn a blind eye.


-Bubba never laughs, cries, or sings. He only knows bluntness, sarcasm, fear, and anger (And stubbornness)


-He is never friendly. Even if he likes you he can treat you like he doesn't care at times


-Bubba can take some things literally


-Bubba always accepts a challenge and he enjoys participating with duals. Who is the perfect OC to do that with?


-Bubba doesn't fear a thing but the Flood. Whatever he fears is going to be the things he goes after the most.


-Bubba is not his real name


-It is very rare for Bubba to miss a shot. He respects someone who can dodge a bullet. He also respects a winner.



*Out to the Inside was my first hosted RP that was about an infection that ravaged a digital world. This I played as Bubba until the rp got inactive. I'm not expecting it to come back to life though, it didn't really go anywhere