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​Even though I'm not new, I joined the same day as when the skrill came out. (Did it come out on my birthday? It was a friday, June 27th 2014. Am I correct?) So yah, I joined on my 14th birthday.

​I'll post all my vikings and dragons below in separate DNRD (do not reply directly) posts.


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If you have any questions about me whether it's about a base, the games I play, my intersts, please post it on my FAQs thread. Feel free to ask me anything



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You reached to this point of my signature. The bottom actually. Bubba isn't doing his job very well *whispers* he's a slacker.


There are only 2 signs before our savior returns. First, the gospel will be translated in all languages and received to all world tribes to hear the word. The second sign is all of the nations will turn against Israel and plan to destroy the Jews once and for all. As the armies arrive, Jesus will emerge as pure and fight all the armies all against one. There begins the rapture to break down the old world, then form a new one.

Today the bible has been translated to 98% of all languages, and now Obama wishes to plan offences against Israel.

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Name: Alpha Zero

UDT: 400000 (Platinum Star)

Nickname: alpha  

Gender: Female  

Clan: The Messengers  (Leader)

Favorite place: Dark Deep

Trophies:​ 5000+

Hobbies:​ Command Stable Quests, Sky Dive (With a flight suit), Hacker Hunting, and Fishing


Dragon: Hurricane

Gender:​ Male

​Species: ​Titan Skrill

OC:​ Hurricane is part monsuno part skrill. Like a monsuno, Hurricane has powers such as casting shields, shoot beams, can't di.e from ageing, and can do many tricks with lightning that skrills cannot do. Therefore, Hurricane is an incredibly powerful skrill. Unlike a monsuno, Hurricane is mortal with flesh (Monsunos are not mortal. They're not immortal niether. They just di.e in different ways (Like the gems in Steven Universe)). With no core, Hurricane can perish from wounds and poison.

Weakness:​ Hurricane doesn't actually have a weakness to water like a normal skrill. He has an ability called Sub-Shock where he emits himself into his Monsuno essence and regains his lightning ability even underwater. But Hurricane can get exhausted quickly when using too much energy and has less power indoors or in caves to cast out the average skrill abilities. He is also mortal with flesh unlike a monsuno (So he needs to eat, drink, and sleep).


​OC real name:​ Irene Jeddeson (She rather wants to be called "alpha")

Age:​ 18

Personality:​ Irene is like me: Sarcastic, picky, independent, and slightly barbaric. Irene knows good morals and friendship to both allies and enemies. Unlike me, Irene is outgoing and good at meeting new people and starting long conversations. As once a member of S.T.O.R.M, she is athletic and pays good respect to a leader and worthy foes as granted an "Alpha" title to the organization. She is also nice, but can be a jerk at times.

OC:​ When I started playing, alpha was going to be a Monsuno OC. I grew out of Monsuno, but I decided to keep her origin as a monsuno oc and keep Hurricane part Monsuno and adding the fact that Irene quit S.T.O.R.M to live in the Viking/Dragon world because she felt that Marshall Charlemagne will use Hurricane as a weapon and corrupt all dragons and use them for her own.

​By doing so, she had an argument with her about the dragons and letting Alpha keep her own. After the argument got heated she handed over her badge and took Hurricane. Charlemagne did not take it well so she wanted to destroy Alpha and pulled out her monsuno, Driftblade,

And led to a violent battle between Hurricane and the dragons. (She won the battle and moved to the Viking world and never return(She destroyed the portal when she jumped in))


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Name: rWilenius

Nickname: Wil

UDT:​ 40000+ (1.5 silver stars)

Gender: Female  

Clan: (Open)

Favorite Place: Melody Island

Trophies:​ 25

Hobbies:​ Fishing, Hanging out with my dragons, Challenge strangers


Dragon: Ociel (Don't have her yet)

Gender:​ Female

​Species: Grapple Grounder

OC:​ Just a normal Half deaf Grapple grounder (Not much thought into it)

Weakness:​ Any grapple grounder weakness, and the fact she doesn't always listen


OC: It's just a rip off version of me

Personality:​ Me

Age:​ Same as me


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Name: Delta IHQ

Nickname: Del

UDT:​ 60000+ (2 silver stars)

Gender: Female

Clan: The Resistance Society

​Favorite Place:​ Training Grounds

​Trophies: ​42


Dragon: Alacer

Gender:​ Male

Species:​ Flightmare

OC:​ Alacer is latin for "Big-Hearted" to come to Delta and help her. Flightmares themselves are rare and normally blue. But a red flightmare is a big level of rare. And a normally greedy flightmare, only one will come to a human to rescue and take care of her.

Weakness:​ Any of a normal Flightmare


OC:​ Delta is a dragon hunter (Still is), but not Viggo's. Deliola Feino's dragon hunters only hunt specific dragons for food because they need to preserve the farms to keep Autum island blooming (They don't want to ruin the island by cutting down trees and turn it into Liston Island). Hunting dragons for teeth, claws, and skin is currently illegal same as hunting domestic dragons.

Liston:​ The village on Autumn Isle, far away from Berk and the Edge. Berk's most common dragons are Zipplebacks, Nightmares, Terrible Terrors, Nadders, and Gronckles and Liston's common dragons are Razorwhips, Flightmares, Snaptrappers, Puff Nadders, and Windstrikers. Liston is larger then Berk and owns mostly Razorwhips, and Windstrikers as domestic pets and hunting dragons, and gronckle iron insolation on buildings.

Age:​ 18

Personality: ​Kind and Adventurous like her dragon Alacer. Though she sometimes get a crude attitude, tough, intimidating, persuasive, and rude to anyone she chooses. She can come up with well-made strategies to go easy on her foes to build up their confidence before she strikes before Alacer freezes them.


((I'll send the last 2 later. Microsoft Edge is not handling this like Google Chrome would))


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A wild post appeared!!!

Glad to know there are oldies still around! I was here WAY before the skrill came out. Before the whispering deaths came out. When you could only have one dragon. And that was my purple monsterous nightmare. Then I got a membership and got a whispering death. And when the skrill came out, I got jelous. I wanted a skrill! XD


I take pride in know that I was amongst the vikings that started the clans. :D

Sorry if I posted too soon.


(By Megaboltphoenix)

The Triple Stryke appreciates the love he's getting, but he does not like to be around those who don't learn to wait for him. (Post this on your signature if you agree).


by Stinger23

By: Tosilohi




Hi there, for random reasons, try to find and count the diamonds (♦) Ive placed around my Signature. The answer will be given at the bottom.





Im Not  a art theif so I try my best to give credit. Im not perfect so please, I accept constuctive citisim, don't be rude. 



(by: ScaleFeatherz) 

 by Megabolt

By Pixel



 Profile Pic: Laykary

By: Witcherforever


Name: Wolf and Star

Friend Code: Not accepting friend requests

Friend List Status: Virtually empty. (I cleared it out recently)

Clan: Phantom Lords

Trophies: 6,100 (always rounded, not accurate. Gives you the General idea.)

Dragon Count: 45 








Oh! I'm so sorry! I completely forgot who made these banners! I really like them and would love to keep them so please, if you see one of your banners on here please tell me so I can give you credit!


Nightshade:  (By: Me)


Nightshade and Azure By Werewolfgirl


My Hideous Mudcutter Slpish and Splat By: Ladybrasa




By: CocoPuppy of Nightshade


Hapoy belated Easter?








(by Nessie)

All of the Following images I got from online. And I give credit to whom ever made them...  if you see an image here you own and dont want me to display please PM me so we can work something out.


More toothless cuteness...
















(3D Toothlessness)








Now for OCs



This is Cleopatra also made by Autumn5467




This is my BewilderFury named Christmas made by: SpottedBreeze

This is Ornament made by: MidnightMare




This is Neon and Alpha hugging made by: TildenWolfGirl


images made by: Toothless572

frostandme.jpgThis is Forest And Solar's babies


This is Cleopatra and Ender Dragon's



boltfearless.jpgAnd this is Bolt's and Fearless's babies (Made by: Toothless572)



This is a nightfury and skrill hybrid made by: Rei♦


This is the same skrill Nightfury hybrid, made by Tryannosaur! Her name is Ferocity 




This is Cleopatra made by ELSA II♦

This is of wild toothless made by SadoMazoCat

This AMAZING pic of Solar was made by the one and only DUCKIE


Arashi by: AngNadder



By: Tryannosaur66


SandWraiths... xD

Answer: 13

Did you find them all?

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​I got membership because it was my birthday. So the skrill was my first dragon I got. Pretty neat for a noobie who didn't have to wait XD

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Name: Deep Dweller  

Nickname: Deep  

​UDT: 30000 (1 silver star)

Gender: Female   

Clan: Open   

Trophies:​ 10


Dragon: Ventus   

Gender:​ Male

Species:​ Razorwhip

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Name:​ Rena the Phoenix

Nickname:​ Phoenix

​UDT: ​1500+ (2.5 bronze stars)

Gender:​ Female

​Clan:​ (Open)

Faverite Place:​ Anywhere

​Trophies:​ 20

Hobbies:​ Drawing, Fishing, Exploring, and doing random things


Dragon:​ Geode

​Gender:​ Female

Species:​ Titan Ice Nadder (deadly nadder)


​OC avatar:​ This to reflect me. The closest I can get at least

Age: ​16

​Personality:​ silant but deadly