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There are only 2 signs before our savior returns. First, the gospel will be translated in all languages and received to all world tribes to hear the word. The second sign is all of the nations will turn against Israel and plan to destroy the Jews once and for all. As the armies arrive, Jesus will emerge as pure and fight all the armies all against one. There begins the rapture to break down the old world, then form a new one.

Today the bible has been translated to 98% of all languages, and now Obama wishes to plan offences against Israel.

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Not perfectly lined up. But I got to give it that Oh, Please note that this isn't Earth, so some of the animals are modified and changed.
It goes like...
Name          Breed            Gender      3 Best words to describe
Tatus-       Toyger-                        Male-         Protective, Passionate, Sly
Tak-           Havanna Brown-        Female-         Sarcastic, Athletic, Faithful
Tebone-      Burmilla-                   Male-         Optimistic, Persistent, Savage
Nate-         Persian Cat-             Male-           Emotionless, Headstrong, Poofy
Laurah-       Siamese-                 Female-           Outgoing, Joyful, Playful
Phoebe-       Bombay-                   Female-     Adventurous, Arrogant, Strict
Ivon-           Snowshoe-             Male-           Loyal, Strong, Irrefutable
Ceterus-       Burmese-                     Male-           Smart, Patient, Devious
Nyka-           Calico-                       Female-     Optimistic, Clever, Athletic
Mick-           Korat-                       Male-           Reliable, Sly, Dog-like
Zippy-         Ragdoll-                   Male-           Enthusiastic, Goofy, Astraphilic
Kru-             Balinese-                 Female-       Arrogant, Stubborn, Strict
Mwa-           Exotic Shorthair-        Female-       Shy, Dramatic, Mysophobic
Mugio-          Munchkin-               Male-           Creative, Generous, Clumsy
Ruth-           Lykoi-                         Male-           Hyper, Savage, Ignorant
Halsi-            Silver Tabby-           Female-       Clever, Quiet, Rebellious
Kieda-           Bengal-                     Female-       Protective, Loyal, Rude
Mona-           Burmese-                 Female-       Social, Kind, Sensitive
Osoriel-        Abyssinian-                 Female-       Outgoing, Loving, Protective
Vog-              Burmilla-                   Male-           Headstrong, Reckless, Unreliable
Fyku-           Turkish Van-                Male-             Ruthless, Honest, Sarcastic
Bruna-         Japanese bobtail-          Female-       Humble, Quiet, Incorruptible
Kaiva-         Chartreux-                 Female-       Quick, Smart, Optimistic
Saldion-        MaineCoon-                 Male-           Royal, Dependable, Honest
Ahi-            Ukrainian Levkoy-           Female-       Ruthless, Cunning, Selfish
Lilac-          Sphinx-                         Male-             Passionate, Caring, Brave
Jova-           Suphalak-                     Male-             Creative, Persistent, Cunning
Fodah-             Ocelot-                 Male-             Persistent, Loyal, Athletic
Eisa-                   Tiger-                     Female-         Grumpy, Selfish, Strong
Ieco-                 Cougar-                    Male-             Smart, Arrogant, Treacherous
Vitah-               Tiger-                     Female-         Devious, Broken, Powerful
Lurr-                   Jaguar-                 Female-         Behaved, Gentle, Quiet
Kison-                 Linx-                       Male-             Savage, Athletic, Mute
Gija-                   Bobcat-                  Female-         Ignorant, Sassy, Persistent
Taya-                Puma-                     Female-         Stubborn, Independent, Sarcastic
Deliolah-            Ocelot-                    Female-       Clumsy, Alert, Hated
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Kuba-          Jack Russell-          Male-         Goofy, Enthusiastic,  Swift
Vuru-          Doberman-             Male-         Smart, Quick, Devilish
Eilasa-         Pug-                     Female-      Silly, Sassy, Loyal
Sodu-      Labrador Retriever-    Male-       Generous, Friendly, Protective
Visa-        Golden Retriever-      Female-      Mute, Savage, Tempered
Jodasa-      Mutt-                     Female-      Selfish, Rude, Rebellious
Titirak-     Greek Shepherd-         Male-       Patient, Dependable, Devious
Kaado-        German Shepherd-    Male-      Aggressive, Protective, Loyal
Leo-          Yorkshire Terrier-      Male-      Chill, Timid, Ignorant
Kri-          Rat Terrier-              Female-      Enthusiastic, Sweet, Gullible
Anna-        Labradoodle-            Female-    Chill, Passionate, Sarcastic
Bella-          Chi-poo-               Female-      Smart, Patient, Kind
Idaka-         Chiwawa-             Female-      Energetic, Stubborn, Rude
Quirti-        Great Dane-         Female-         Stubborn, Ignorant, Selfish
Lola-         Irish Wolfhound-     Female-         Lustful, Jumpy, Loud
Una-              Wolf-            Female-          Chill, Obedient, Reliable
Kizora-          Wolf-            Female-          Passionate, Witt, Honest
Mitch-            Wolf-            Male-            Athletic, Loyal, Feisty
Agura-           Cerberus-     Female-         Loyal, Protective, Bruteful
Rogu-           Coyote-          Female-         Snappy, Foolish, Ill
Hosea-           Coyote-           Male-           Ruthless, Brave, Annoying
Oma-         Red Fox-           Female-          Shy, Passionate, Lonely
Soduroc-      Cerberus-         Male-          Sly, Reckless, Tempered
Khat-            Wolf-            Female-          Athletic, Independent, Warrior-Savage
Ocus-         Hyena-           Male-               Courageous, Sly, Sneaky
Trodon-        Wolf-            Male-             Brave, Heroic, Independent
Lycan-          Wolf-           Male-             Legendary, Intelligent, Evolutionary
Fiona-         Arctic Fox-    Female-           Outgoing, Clever, Quick
Jed-          Arctic Fox-        Male-            Heroic, Brave, Passionate
Yoku-            Arctic Fox-     Male-           Ruthless, Impatient, Strict
Revel-         Wolf-           Male-               Heroic, Tough, Kind
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Evie-     Western Dragon-         Female-     Obedient, Strong, Wise
Tabur-    Western Dragon-        Male-        Delirious, Persistent, Stubborn
Picu-       Eastern Dragon-        Male-          Outgoing, Savage, Hyper
Elogie-     Southern Dragon-     Male-          Loyal, Quiet, Warrior-Savage
Cuba-     Eastern Dragon-        Male-          Dependable, Outgoing, Honest
Ash-      Eastern Dragon-         Female-       Wise, Bruteful, Superior
Ardia-      Northern Dragon-     Female-       Psychotic, Stubborn, Foolish
Spiver-     Southern Dragon-     Male-         Friendly, Lonely, Spirited
Tak-       Eastern Dragon-         Female-      Sneaky, Impatient, Swift
Ebo-    Western Dragon-            Male-        Innocent, Lonely, Snappy
Jozzi-     Northern Dragon-        Female-     Shy, Mute, Tempered
Kiziel-    Western Dragon-        Male-          Aggressive, Stubborn, Tough
Lilla-      Unknown Species-       Female-      Kind, Quiet, Fearful
Quaia-     Southern Dragon-      Female-       Jumpy, Blind, Fearful
Zobu-      Northern Dragon-      Male-           Cranky, Selfish, Curious
Zoko-      Southern Dragon-       Male-           Rude, Feisty, Clever
Pivatto-    Unknown Species-     Male-            Aggressive, Unreliable, Greedy
Kikior-       Hydra-               Female-         Territorial, Smart, Prideful
Yuan-        Hydra-                Male-             Clever, Sly, Aggressive
Osodon-     Goralian Cobra-     Male-           Fast, Loyal, Protective
Goralion-    Goralian Cobra-     Male-           Swift, Reckless, Powerful
Nyo-          Hydra-                Male-             Suspicious, Sassy, Honest
Azill-        Goralian Cobra-      Female-         Dominate, Territorial, Ruthless
Zero-        Bull Snake-            Male-            Passionate, Optimistic, Greedy
Wanda-      Bush Viper-           Female-         Friendly, Outgoing, Slacker
Judah-        Burmese Python-    Male-          Envious, Strict, Reckless
Kunu-         Black Mamba-        Female-      Quiet, kind, Self-Abusive
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Mindi- Penna Rex- Female- Kind, Social, Assertive
Terris-  Tyrannosaurus Rex-   Male- Tough, Courageous, Cruel
Alsol-  Allosaurus-          Female- Generous, Brave, Protective
Piggie-  Protoceratops-    Female- Sassy, Harsh, Sarcastic
Oggi-    Stegosaurus-    Male- Tough, Ruthless, Quiet
Josea-   Velociraptor-    Female- Intelligent, Timid, Passionate
Ako-    Herrerasaurus-    Male- Selfish, Prideful, Wise
Guldeiah-  Tyrannosaurus Rex-   Male- Royal, Optimistic, Fair
Ayida-     Albaraptor- Female-   Outgoing, Protective, Defensive
Jiesel- Albaraptor- Female-   Mute, Territorial, Aggressive
Sodo- Velociraptor- Male-  Quiet, Clever, Sly
Dida- Buitreraptor- Female-  Tempered, Patient, Fair
Zosius- Carnotaurus- Male-  Smart, Cruel, Mischievous
Rai- Albaraptor-  Male- Intelligent, Wise, Powerful
Odu- Dimorphodon- Male- Reckless, Headstrong, Fearless
Thero- Spinosaurus- Male- Sneaky, Incorruptible, Cruel
Odda- Kentosaurus- Female- Kind, Loyal, Protective
Ticia- Iguanodon- Female- Timid, Ignorant, Fearful
Urian- Buitreraptor- Male- Brave, Adventurous, Social
Gyro- Pteradactyl- Male- Fair, Observant, Courageous
V- Austroraptor- Male- Emotionless, Quiet, Obedient
Zorial- Albaraptor- Male- Snappy, Rude, Ignorant
Aeral- Pteradactyl- Female- Ruthless, Undependable, Shy
Isal- Megalosaurus- Male- Aggressive, Savage, Greedy
Miggy- Massospondylus- Male- Observant, Reliable, Wise
Ky- Velociraptor- Female- Ignorant, Social, Enthusiastic
Eldu- Massospondylus- Male- Manipulative, Swift, Immature
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*Even though some of these are not actually rodents, but I guess its alright


Jen- Rabbit- Female- Sneaky, Sweet, Cheerful
Garth- Gopher- Male- Territorial, Grumpy, Rude
Jude- Gopher- Male- Humorous, Honest, Depending
Brena- Mole- Female- Cranky, Rude, Independent
Raster- Jackalope- Male- Protective, Humorous, Crazy
Geida- Rabbit- Female- Suspicious, Protective, Caring
Ossea- Prarie Dog- Female- Reckless, Clumsy, Gullible
Piki- Rat- Female- Abusive, Fast, Reckless
Vo- Hamster- Male- Fearful, Timid, Quiet
Cody- Mouse- Male- Sassy, Loyal, Prideful
Husu- Skunk- Female- Feared, Rude, Insecure
Tee- Chipmunk- Female- Greedy, Prideful, Thief
Muddy- Chipmunk- Male- Faithful, Maneuverable, Strong
Ben- Squirrel- Male- Ruthless, Selfish, Protective
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Hurricane- Titan Skrill- Male- Heroic, Brave, Powerful
Alacer- Flightmare- Male- Kind, Generous, Faithful
Puma- Deadly Nadder- Male- Protective, Kind, Guilty
Geode- Titan Ice Nadder- Female- Goofy, Clumsy, Cheerful
Annabelle- Windwalker- Female- Savage, Cruel, Loyal
Bloo- Night Terror- Male- Ruthless, Rebellious, Rude
Humans (Marked human if not categorized)
Alpha Zero- Soldier- Female- Loyal, Friendly, Kind
Delta- Dragon Hunter- Female- Generous, Harmonic, Social
Rena the Phoenix- Human- Female- Kind, Sarcastic, Goofy
HTTYD Fan fiction
Isaac- Night Fury- Male- Prideful, Stubborn, Reckless
Luna- Night Fury- Female- Generous, Kind, Protective
Neibel- Night Fury- Female- Cranky, Selfish, Sassy
Ossil- Night Fury- Female- Sarcastic, Sly, Savage
Perci- Night Fury- Male- Passionate, Competitive, Sly
Iga- Monstrous Nightmare- Female- Generous, Honest, Caring
Vurioss- Night Fury- Male- Powerful, Smart, Cunning
Mactus- Night Fury- Male- Competitive, Aggressive, Devious
Juno- Deadly Nadder- Female- Timid, Quiet, Hopeful
Kiago- Monstrous Nightmare- Male- Tough, Bruteful, Warrior-Savage
Nieki- Night Fury- Female- Cheerful, Optimistic, Goofy
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Gah, I forgot Bubba!


Bubba-           Sangheili (Elite)-           Male-        Prideful, Independent, Ruthless

                          _                _

I guess that is it...   \_(°-°)_/

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I'll be making more

Tatus                             Tebone                       Tak                                   Ceterus






Delta and Alacer


An old picture of Isaac

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I LOVE the picture of Delta and Alacer! Keep up the (very, very, VERY) good work!



AMAZINGLY AWESOME drawing of Lexa by Scalecakes! Thank you so much! (Also my profile pic)


Drawing request status - OPEN

PM me details and a pic of your OC or anything you want drawn, and get it drawn by me.

HERE, HERE, and HERE are examples of my art.

​This is my Fluffy Sun Lover adoptable, Little Miss Starshine, by the jaw-dropping Witcherforever!

(Left) My Signature Protector adoptable, Oaken, by the amazing Witcherforever! (Right) My other signature protector, Bones, by Werewolfgirl1253! They protect my signature and everything in it, so BEWARE!

Meet my human OC's:

Freya, Lexa, Lancelot. By the AMAZING Vanilia Viking!!!! TYSM! These are the updated, more Viking-like versions of them. Former versions can be found below.

(Left) Lexa in Valka's armour (red version) by the crazily talented TosiLohi! Thanks! (Right) Lexa by the marvelous AllyNadderRider! Thanks!

(Left) AMAZING drawing of my OC Lancelot Edorian by the fantastic Vanilia Viking! (Right) Just as amazing drawing of my main OC, Lezia Lexa Larkin by Vanilia Viking! Thanks!

(Left) And amazing headshot of Lancelot Edorian by Georginia47 (aka Geo)! (Right) Awesome drawing of Lexa in Valka's armor (red version) with her blonde hair (her original color) by ​Vanilia Viking!


(Left) By the amazing Vanilia Viking! It's amazing! (Right) Lexa and my BFF, Rhaeyne (Vanilia Viking) by Aisha Snowqueen! TYSM!


(Left) Edit by the WONDERFUL Nessie! TYSM!  (Right) Lexa by the almost too good to be true Pixel! THANK YOU!

Lexa headshot by Werewolfgirl1235! TY!


My Vimeo account.


Check out my unfinished and not to be continued fanfic of Lexa and Lancelot chapters (named The Story of Us):

The Story of Us: Official Tracking Post



(Left) Amazing drawing of Lexa in Valka's armor (red version) by Aelyras! TYSM! (Right) Amazing drawing of my main Viking in Snoggletog theme, LezLexa by Frytha! Thanks!

LezLexa drawings by TosiLohi! Thanks so much fellow clan member!


​Click HERE for my FAQ's about me.

​Click HERE for my drawing  thread.

​Click HERE     for   my   OC   thread.


(Left) Amazing drawing of Lexa by the o-so-talented Fireflash! Thank you! (Right) By the amazing Mangopopcorn!

My OC Lexa and my friend, Vanilia Viking by me! :D

LezLexa, my Viking by TosiLohi! Thanks so much!

Lexa by Archery and Dragons! Thanks so much!

By the amazing Vanilia Viking! She drew my beautiful Starblue for my birthday :D

Adorably cute drawing of Starblue given to me for Secret Santa by the amazing Vanilia Viking! Thanks!

(Left) Starblue by the fantasticly talented Duckei! TY! (Right) Starblue being silly and playing in a puddle by Alicornbrodie!

Starblue by FloofQueen! TYSM!

Isn't this just so cute? A birthday present from Aelyras! Thanks so much! I <3 It!


Above are adorable edits of Starblue by the ridiculously talented Georginia47!


(Left) Amazing blinkie by no other than the best blinkie maker Nessie! (Right) Cute headshot of Starblue by Nessie!



(Left) Edit of Starblue by the spectacular Archery and Dragons! (Right) Cute edit of Starblue by amazing Aelyras!

Starblue the Night Fury by the amazing Scar Dragon Rider! Thank you!

Amazing blinkie of Starblue by ​DatOneTrumpet​!


Both of the above drawings of Starblue by ​DatOneTrumpet​! TYSM!


(Left) Awe-inspiring gif of Starblue by Laykary! (Right) Wonderful eye edit of Starblue by the talented Ruggedturf!


Both above by Lovlytigerss! Thank you so much!


(Left) By the awesome Georginia47! Thanks! (Right) By nightfuryatom4! Thanks!

(Left) Also by Georginia47! Thanks! (Right) By the talented Laykary (aka Lake) Thanks!

Both of thee above by the amazing and always kind LunarPride!! TYSM!


I love editing, drawing and writing. I currently have a book with 70 thousand words. And P.S. to everyone, you can call me Hunter, or Hunt ;)

A little bit about my main OC, Lezia Lexa Larkin:

Dragons: Renzo (Sand Wraith) Starblue (Night Fury). Main dragon is Starblue.

She can control and create fire, which can come in handy with life threating events. When she discovered her power, her hair went from brown to red with a few streaks of white. She and Starblue received their scars from a Skrill. Long story short, they were flying and a Skrill attacked them for no reason. Lexa's fire wouldn't work in the storm, and Starblue didn't react fast enough. Panicked, Lexa's fire finally sparked. She shot the Skrill with a blast. It didn't hurt much, but it was enough to send the Skrill on it's way.

Parents: Deceased. They died long ago of a kind of infection.

Hobbies: Reading, spending time in her red glass palace with her dragons, taking long flights, racing, training with her dagger and dragons.

Weapon(s) of choice: Her golden dagger given to her by her deceased boyfriend (I know, it's like she has a curse).


​A little bit about my other OC, Lancelot Edorian:

Dragons: Sy (short for Sheldon Yoko, Flightmare) Hungarian (Armorwing) Fleetfoot (Razorwhip). Main dragon is Fleetfoot.

He's like any normal viking. He like's his family, his dragons, ect. Unlike a lot of vikings, he has no battle scars. He has a growing affection to Lexa.

Parents: Alive and healthy. A younger sister.

Hobbies: Also reading, flights, acting, going on adventures searching for more dragons and islands, and drawing.

Weapon(s) of choice: His to stainless steel axes.


An edit I did of my OC, Lexa, with her Sand Wraith Renzo.

As you can see in the pictures, I can edit colours, teleport people from one picture to another, and do other things too. So, look out for my editing and drawing threads.


Other OC edits & drawings:

Lexa and Polarstar by me.

LezLexa and baby Polarstar by the beyond talented Vanilia Viking!

Left, adorable drawing of my baby Woolly Howl, Leah, and right, chibi Armorwing, Hungarian, both by Vanilia Viking!

(Left) By the AMAZING Frytha! TYSM!    (Right) AMAZING drawing of Lexa's sister, Freya, but Autumn5467!



(Left) My OC, Lexa, with her NF Starblue. By me. (Right) Lexa and Starblue by the talented Georgina47! TY!

(Above) Amazing screenshot edit by the skilled editor VeeVeela!! TYSM!

Lexa by the amazingly skilled editor Werewolfgirl1235! TYSM!

My OC, Sy (short for Sheldon Yoko) by Flowercrystal! Thanks!

Hungarian chibi by the amazing FloofQueen! Thanks!

Freaking more-than-amazing drawing of Sy by the talented, artistic Ruggedturf! TYSM!


(Left) Fleetfoot by Archery and Dragons!                 (Right) Hungarian my OC by Flowercrystal!

Hungarian, Renzo, Fleetfoot. Bases by MegaboltPhoenix!

(Left) Very cute pic of Renzo & Lexa by Laykary! (Right) Cool drawing of Hungarian by Archery and Dragons!

A happy birthday gift from Vanilia Viking, of Lexa, Lancelot, and Rhaeyne (Vanilia Viking)! TYSM!

Lancelot by Ruggedturf! Thanks!


Proud member of...


(Banner by me)


Proud member of The Resistance! Below is my cyber dragon, Firest, by Megaboltphoenix.

Species: Monstrous Nightmare

Biotech: 94% Robot

Cyber Ability: Creates walls of fire coming from any direction or all directions.

He also has a video game made by Megaboltphoenix, which can be found HERE.

The Resistance member-only badge.


A picture of my future Stormcutter, Sumo, by the talented and amazing drawer SupeDragoTraine!

A drawing of my dog, Bones, done by the amazing Georginia47! Thank you so much!


Me and my Night Fury by the amazing Cinderflower! TYSM Cinderflower!


The amazing edit of me and my Skrill, OC (don't ask me why I called him that;)), done by the amazingly talented Cinderflower! TYSM!

Me and OC, we are best friends for ever. No matter what separates us, we will always be together.


(Left) My Splinterhorn adoptable which I called Splinterhound by Flowercrystal! (Right) My Seaspike adoptable

called Kebab, by Werewolfgirl1235!

(Left) Vanilia (named after Vanilia Viking, my BFF) my Rocky Mountain Davus by MegaboltPhoenix! (Right) Lez the Whirlpool by DatOneTrumpet! TY!

Coraline, my Coral Leaper adoptable by Georginia47! She's based of the movie Coraline ;)

My Ukrainian Mistus adoptable, Vericops, by Megaboltphoenix! Thanks!

My Roaming Sand Devil adoptable, Usetess, by ScarfyWings! (Info HERE)

This is Maui, my Glowy Cave Lizard adoptable by ScarfyWings! (HERE is backstory)

Meet Eaglestorm, my Feathered Fan Wing adoptable by ScarfyWings. (Backstory HERE)

​Curanian, my Singing Fin Wing adoptable, by ScarfyWings! (Bacstory HERE)

Meet Daredevil, my Shadow Hunter adoptable by ScarfyWings. Thanks! (Backstory HERE)


​My Ice Piercer adoptable, Glacier, by ​ScarfyWings!​ (Backstory HERE)

​Stormfall, my Storm Chaser adoptable by ​ScarfyWings​! Thank you! (Backstory HERE)


Spikes, adopted from Georginia47, base by Megaboltphoenix. Info can be found by clicking on either pics.

Hisense, my Sprectral Leviathan adoptable, by the amazing Wutend Bonfire!


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Loyal to his friends and harsh to his foes. He is strong and fast at combat and pretty ethic leader skills. Though he tends to play the game his way and puts himself at his own risk.

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf

Strengths: Knows good leadership morals, loyal, and ready to serve

Weaknesses: Can sometimes be gullible enough to step into a trap and become stubborn enough not to listen to a warning given to him before proceeding.


As a pup, he was separated by parental divorce and was forced to live with his dad. He taught him everything he knew by having good leadership and combat. However, Mitch was too young to remember his mother and sometimes he wishes to see her again. The reason for their separation never became known, in other words, his father always tried to avoid the subject. Though his life journeyed all the way through his childhood after he met Una, and eventually grew up and moved away from his father to live on his life. And hoped that one day, he'll finally meet up with his mother.



Very energetic, enthusiastic and quite a goof-ball to his friends yet he never backs down to an acquaintance. Kuba never gives up on a task, even if it means fighting a dog 3 times his size, however pack in a good fight for denying orders he knows isn't right.

Gender: Male

Species: Dog (Jack Russell Terrier)

Strengths:​ Shares a strong bond with his friends, trustworthy, and he is always there when you need him

Weaknesses: Can be easily distracted, unfocused, having a hard time keeping track, and secretly insecure.


As a young puppy, he lived a normal live with 2 brothers and 1 sister. One day his mother was taken away behind his back, and never was heard from again. He fought the worry and stress and drowned it with hope thinking she'll come back one day. Then her siblings disappeared, and not long later his father did too. As Kuba struggled in fear to protect himself for the remains of his childhood. One day, he met a dog much larger then himself. He called himself Kaado and took Kuba in. He took him to an old facility in Nescio* that is dwelled by a large team of dogs who called themselves "The Aetheris Guild" (Whatever that meant).

The alpha Kaado raised him, and taught him to fight and serve for them. Deep inside, Kuba felt as if he should know something they were hiding from him. Curious, he snuck in to the alpha's shed to search for the records. It took hours to see what he could learn until finally, there his mother was. The documents said everything about her; taken from her family. As he read down, it has said her puppies were taken to her after her tears of begging but of course, couldn't reach Kuba.

His mother grew with Kaado to serve him. The one day she had a task with him to assassinate the Cothrian alpha. As they were ready to leave, she denied the order fearing it will cause a war with the two countries.

After a short heated argument, Kaado announced her in order of treason and convinced her of guilt and sentenced to death. And her children who tried to stop it, the papers said that they had a special plan for them. As he was in shock and grieved for his mother's death he confronted Kaado, who caught him in his shed. By a hurtful and violent chat, Kuba narrowly escaped the guild outrunning Kaado's vicious jaws and quick feet.

Later, when he met Kri and Jen who he befriended, he formed a rebellion to bring down the guild who claims to have control over the country.


*Remember, it isn't Earth.

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Uribian Dragons

I might promote this to a separate thread if I can

The dragons on planet Uriban are similar, but not the same as you find in folklore or fantasy. On the note, the species of a western dragon you usually find those dragons just averagely structured: 4 legs, long arrowhead tail, and common horns. The western dragon and the eastern dragon is switched around. In Uriban, the eastern dragons have those traits instead. Each of these dragons will be explained below.



Northern Dragon

Also known as an Arctic Dragon, Frost Dragon, or Arctic Rex (A-Rex). This dragon was the only dragon proven that was evolved from a dinosaur known as an Arctic Rex. These are one of the featherless dinos which were the only type that shoots ice instead of fire, and it is one of the few who all wield the trait.


The evolution of the dinosaur into a dragon, they used to be smaller. As once had stubby short wings slowly became larger then developed the cold resistant scales to adapt to the freezing desert that is able to keep it's name. Later, the Arctic Rex has officially became a dragon.


The northern dragon stands out because of the dragon's origin and it's ability traits. Despite on it's the smallest dragon being almost twice a human's height, but can shoot a liquid nitrogen breath that instantly freezes a target. These dragons are also known for it's long sharp horns and whip-like tail made it arguably known as the sharpest dragon.


These dragons live in cold areas, much likely in the arctic. They are quite common all around Milfire, northern Cothria, and the northern-most peaks of Tanroc, but rarely seen anywhere below. These dragons have small rounded scales of different sized with a smooth texture (quite unusual for an arctic critter), they all have black claws, spikes, and horns, but they can come in different shades of white, sometimes with blue stripes and yellow tips. (Fun-Fact: The black northern dragons live longer because of their black scales absorbs sunlight to keep it warm enough to keep it's energy running).

When these dragons reproduce, they can lay from 3-9 eggs and can live up to 400 years.


Specimen Traits

-Liquid Nitrogen Breath

-Two Legs

-Long, Thin, Sharp talons, spikes, and horns

-Long Tail

-Smallest Dragon

-Quick and Durable

-Small Rounded scales

-Smooth Texture



Southern Dragon

Also know as the Jungle (Rainforest) Dragon, it is relatively unknown where this species originated like the northern dragon, rumors say it came from an acid spitting dinosaur but it has not been proven because unlike the A-Rex, the species of the acid-spitting dino still exists in the jungle.


Slightly smaller then the eastern dragon but quite larger then the northern dragon, these dragons stand out for their speed and agility. This dragon is equipped with thin frills that aids its agility, tail frills that help them fly, and light mass and wide wings that proves its speed as the fastest dragon in Uriban. This is also a dragon with 2 layers of scales that resistant to tree scrapes and spits acid to avoid wildfires. In addition, having two legs and dinosaur-like arms (Sometimes used as forearms) and thumbs these dragons can use much more things then others.


These dragons generally lives in warm moist areas such as the tropics: Swamps, Jungles, and tropical rainforests. These dragons mostly come in shades of green and sometimes bronze or red. The green color can sometimes be codominant to having brown tips in it's tiny beaded scales and rarely yellow-gold membranes when shined through a light.They are most common in East and West Bride and most of Southern Territory, and rarely in south of Siide.

Specimen Traits

-Acid Spit

-2(or 4) legs

-Humanoid forearms

-Small sharp teeth


-Fastest Dragon

-Thumb Talons on Shines

-Strongest Jaws

-Poor Smell

-Tiny beaded scales

-Double layered scales



Eastern Dragon

Also known as "Grass Dragons" or "Tree Dragons." These are among the first dragons to have been discovered and studied. This dragon is infamous for having the thickest skin and arguably the strongest dragon (Western dragon in contest) according to natives in the east.


These dragons have the basic 4 legs, fire, cellulose horns and spikes, an arrowheaded tail, a pair of wings. What not many know about this dragon is it's high sense of smell, sharpest vision, and longest range of fire tells that this is a special dragon with unique abilities can help it during a battle with a larger dragon.


These dragons prefer being at ground level rather then high places. Eastern dragons can actually be found all around the world, buy would much rather prefer being around the east shores of the supercontinent. These dragons mostly dwell in temperate forests and live in burrows or ground level caves that they either carve, or find my nature. These dragons also love grasslands because they can see further for hunting prey. They are most common in Zybolia, Cothria, Nesqio, and Eastern Milfire.

These dragons can come in many different colors and patterns like solid, striped, colorprint, and/or spots.

Specimen Traits

-Basic Fire

-Longest Ranged fire

-4 legs

-5 Talons on forearms

-Horns and spike made of cell wall

-Thickest Skin

-Greatest Sight and Smell

-Toughest Dragon



Western Dragon

Also known as "Mountain Dragons" due for their great climbing skills and the two wings act like forearms to help it scale mountains the fastest. These are arguably the strongest, deadliest, and most powerful dragons of all the others. Others say that the western dragon is like the OP of the dragon species and don't believe that's true (some don't even care). Though these are the largest dragons of all of them being only 3ft larger then the eastern dragon and also being the most massive


These dragons lack the speed in flight compared to the rest but can still make quick dives and flight. These dragons are coated with heavy plated scales that protect them from blasts and intense heat makes it having the highest armored dragon. Despite some weaknesses that these dragons are vulnerable in the mouth to be stabbed or shot and also having an unprotected eye when it's open. And you'll have time to get out of the way when you see the chest glow gold before it shoots a deadly explosive fire blasts.


Rarely seen in other places in the world, but common in Siide, Southwestern Milfire, and Western Tanroc towards the mountain ranges. A place called the Atlas of Fire is a supervolcano, but also a breeding ground for these species. These dragons can live up to 600 years and not known to catch diseases or di.e of venom or often di.e of poisoning. But when killed suddenly the dragon's blood starts to boil or the dragon explodes into flames because the fire glands are detonated.

These dragons live in high places, mountains, extreme hills, plateaus, and places with high levels of rock. They can come in almost any color bit dark colors on the large scale plates

Specimen Traits

-Explosive Fire Blast

-Plated Scales

-Highest Armor

-Largest Dragon

-2 legs (4 for the wings)

-Slowest flyer

-Long lasting fireballs

-Weak Flames

-Boned spikes and horns



Unknown Species

Only one has been actually discovered and was found to be an infant that fell out of a lightning storm and wounded. She was a strange dragon that none had never seen. The only thing they learn is that this dragon looks a lot like the Eastern Dragon with 4 legs, an arrowhead tail-tip, and 5 taloned forearms, but an unusual shape of wings, small frills, and long spikes. This dragon also had a small layer of fur and feathers on her back and upper wings, plated underbelly, and unique color pattern.

Another thing unique they discovered about her was not shooting fire, frost, acid, or fireballs, but she shoots lightning from her mouth. This was proven that this is a new species of dragon. But since this dragon has been very recently discovered, they don't know what to call it.

Air Dragon, Sky Dragon, Wind Dragon, or Storm Dragon.



There are gender differences to the dragons for instance, male eastern and western dragons have spikes on their chin and females don't. To the southern dragon, the females are a bit smaller, skinnier, and larger tail frill so it flies faster and more maneuverable and the male is stronger and shoots stronger acid. And the northern dragon female has a taller body and a spikes on the wing tips and males have a broader body and only a spike on the one tip of both wings. (The picture shown is female)

You can also tell the dragon's age by the texture on the scales. When the dragon scales is smooth and thin, it is a hatchling and a dragon with a rough, shaggy, and bony scales it is an old mature dragon. Another difference is that all dragons wing membranes eventually get worn off and brittle, then slows down the regeneration rate and thin out causing it to rip itself.

A sign that a dragon is reaching the end of it's life is the loss of it's fire. The dragon then becomes defenseless and sick, too weak to hunt, and very low on energy very quickly. But how a northern dragon dies, their horn begin to chip off then become more and more stiff, it is harder for them to walk around. The nitrogen turns itself against the dragon freezing it to death on the inside then it dies.

Fact: A western dragon has heavy plated scales. However, a hatchling drake's plated scales are very thin, weak, and almost invisible, but they develop as they age. Same thing comes with the fire, the dragon is born without it's defensive breath but it comes in development that they work on breathing it.