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I actually wanted to do this for a while, but I was too lazy to do so. Anyway, for the same questions and replies I've been getting (Or may give me), I'll give you the answers. Please wait while I post them.


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Q:  How do you do those AMAZING art?
A:  I practiced since I was 3. Actually most of the digital drawings I've done were traced from my hand-drawn drawings because I'm not much of a digital artist
Q:  Can I use you're bases for adoptables?
A:  Yes
Q:  Can I use your drawings for edits?
A: Bases only.
Q:  Can I use you bases to create OCs?
A:  That's why I made the bases, so you don't have to draw them
Q:  Can you teach me how to draw?
A:  No, I am not good at teaching, I'll just confuse you. But I might make some simple guides to dogs and cats.
Q:  Can you draw my human OCs?
A:  I don't have the skill to draw humans. Especially their face and clothing. Could be too complex.
​Q:​ Which art program do you use?
A:​ I use Gimp to draw and edit. But I don't do edits, I can draw the shape and base myself from scratch. Gimp 2.6 to be exact. I start by Microsoft Paint then the drawing gets promoted with Gimp to the the lighting and shading.
​In Conclusion, Microsoft Paint for the base, then Gimp to polish.
If you guys have anymore questions feel free to ask. I like answering questions. (Not mathematical questions)
Edited to remove the questions no one has actually asked me
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Trackin ^^ (Might have some questions for later)


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