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Ugh guys, come on. A bunch of people are complaining their hearts out about this year's Dreadfall, and sorry if I offend you, but can't you all buck up? I mean, seriously, for once the devs give us a super cool event to play to gain super cool prizes, and ya'll complain because it's too hard, or you shouldn't have to spend money, or you don't have enough time. Well here's the deal, this event is made for an online game. It's backed by companies. Which means.... surprise! If you don't totally dedicate yourself, you'll have to spend money to get the dragons if you want them that bad. Money. The company is trying to make money, because that's its goal.

Honestly I had a lot of fun. I didn't get close to getting a dragon, and yeah, I think it was a bit high-priced, but again, I'm only playing for 30 minutes a day. If you're really close to getting the dragons, sorry if you didn't make it :(   To everyone else who's complaining and not taking one minute to think how much prep this event took, or how the devs gave us free candies, or how they extended the time, please, at least try to be a bit grateful.

Thank you devs for doing this! I really thought it was great idea. 

A tip or two might include starting an event like this a few weeks early, and not making the top prize so impossible, or regualrly giving free candies to help if you don't lower the prize's cost. I'm sure you guys know this now, after trying the new event thing out for the first time.

Is anyone looking forward to a maybe Christmas version of this?




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I was lucky enough and got both of the hybrid dragons. I can't agree with you. I didn't find it fun or enjoyable. Nope, I didn't spend money on it, I did spend a few gems, but not that much.
I would have rather bought the eggs with gems.
Oh, and there were too many glitches.


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Good post. I don't actually have much to add to it aside from the fact that I never needed money to finish it, personally, despite not having all the time in the world to farm candies. The catch-up freebies helped a ton, too.


I've never seen so much entitlement from a game's vocal player base ever, and honestly it's bizarre, if not a bit sad.


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You first say players should

You first say players should stop complaining, then you admit the top prizes are too expensive.

I too think the event idea was really nice, and I thankfully could get both dragons without spending real currency.


BUT it was a chore. It was frustrating. And I could do it only because for chance I had plenty of free time in this period. Did you forget that the event was launched actually in only ONE of the several platforms this game has? That mobile players had to wait DAYS to be able to not only play the event, but simply being able to get into the game at all? haven't you seen all the bugs reports linked to this event? Nearly every single way to gather candies had problems one day or another. The candies the devs generously gifted us, as I see it, were just a way to shut us up to compensate for all the bugs THEY should have make sure were fixed before release.

I play other games, and in any of them, if even a small glitch happen with a new release, it would be fixed within hours and an emergency maintentace would be scheduled.

So, yes, I think everyone has the right to complain, because we as players have usually too much patience with all the bugs that every update brings. It's time they hear our voice. There's people that pay for the monthly subscription, and can't even play the game properly. So, they can ignore all the complains from f2p players, but even if paying customers are not happy with how the game is going, they are better fixing thing up.


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Exactly. Just because some people managed to get one of the dragons , flight suit or whatever, does not mean others have no right to complain. The poor mobile users and windows store users had LESS time then the rest of us and the bugs were horrendous, and the connection issues? Eek it was not a good way to leave th event over the weekend.

If they were planning to release the update and be gone for the weekend, they really should have fixed the bugs beforehand. Also the candy output was just abyssmal. It felt even worse for me since I was trying to do the DT levels only for my level 50 viking to get reduced to level 10, add the fact that the enemies will freeze during their turn, and the constant "server call timed out"/"progress failed to sync" issues and it just drained the fun the event could have had.

On other MMOs I've played before, both older and newer then SoD, they would NOT have allowed the bug fixes to have taken this long. They would have done maintenence, hotfixes, all that with in a short time of the issues being discovered. Something like this can't be allowed to happen again.



Everyone is allowed to complain about it, no matter if they're f2p, members, old gamers, or newbies. If we, the consumers of the product, are given something with broken glass by golly you better believe people will complain as it is their right to do so. Don't tell us it's your way/opinion or the highway. There's plenty of us who are understandably and reasonably upset. We are entiled to have the games maintain a certain standard. Sure, the game's got bugs and all that (all games do), but when it's worse then it's ever been, we are entitled to complain about these issues. 


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Just to point out, it was

Just to point out, it was only Android users, not iPhone users, so only a portion of mobile users weren't able to download the update. However they got free candies and the event was extended by about the same amount of time that they lost. So really they had the normal planned time to get candies as everyone was supposed to. Of course the users who could download the update and - kind of - start earning candies have five extra days, but there isn't really a good way to extend for some and not others when everyone was effected in some way.


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I don't think I clarified what I specifically meant to address by saying ''complaining''. I didn't mean glitches and things that really should  be addressed. I meant people complaining constantly about how they can't earn the dragons and demanding the event be extended. Like previously commented, many of the players have an unbelievable sense of entitlement, and are complaining about things that are just really unnecessary. I don't mind if something is mentioned once or twice, but people are taking it too far and not being grateful.

When I say lower the prices, I don't mean by a ton. Many people were implying and requesting more than in reason for it to be a challenge.

I'm glad you got the dragons! You worked very hard, and I admire that.

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Thanks for clarifying. I saw

Thanks for clarifying.

I saw after I posted here that a player spammed several boards with the same message, and I guess that was one of the thing that triggered you to write this post. 

I personally don't think that specific post(s) is showing a sense of entitlement, just some sort of desperation for being so close to the reward and running out of time. (spamming is annoying though). But of course opinions can vary, and I haven't looked at other posts about the same topic that can indeed show that.

Of course, the higher prizes are meant to be hard to obtain, or they could just have gifted all players with the eggs, but this time was just way harder than it was meant to. 

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*Grabs popcorns*

I'm with you on this. I litterally had to play from 3.30 PM to 11.30 PM (*8 hours of playing) just to get 900 candies, and i only got 1 dragon. So yeah, we all need to complain, since it was a daily, frustraiting chore, and we had to forcefully play every single day to get at least 1 hybrid. But the thing is, the players that have these hybrids are all high level players, with the UDT star, and so that probably means they don't play as much as they did before. Usually people with the UDT star have 1+ years old accounts, so, after playing constantly for that much, they probably started playing less and less, and decided to spnd their free time on different things, but because of this event, they were forced to restart playing every day again, and waste a lot of their free time just to get candies (me included, i wouldn't have played this much if there weren't the hybrids). So, the thing is, i'm with you. We have all the rights to complain (at least for me) even if the event itself was amazing. If they had made it a bit less expensive, everyone would have enjoyed it a little bit more. After all, this is a game, right? We're supposed to have fun, not to be stressed.


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LaElylveon: Female Adult Woolly Howl (Dedicated To My Friend Elylveon)

Burst: Adult Male Woolly Howl

Typhoon: Male Adult Typhoomerang

Boomerang: Female Adult Typhoomerang

Lantern: Male Adult Typhoomerang (Torch Brother)

Night And Day: Male Titanwing Zippleback

Dark And Light: Female Adult Zippleback

Briciola E Scheggia: Adult Male Zippleback (It's An Italian Name)

Shyra: Female Titanwing Monsterous Nightmare

FlashWing: Male Adult Monsterous Nightmare (Tribute To Skylanders)

Hurricane\Nerone Il Tamburenna: Male Titanwing Thunderdrum (Fourth Main Dragon)

Thundy: Male Adult Thunderdrum

Ares: Male Adult Thunderdrum

Bianchina Rennadrum: Female Adult Snoggletog Thunderdrum

Warning: This List Is Not Finished Yet!

I Have Too Many Dragons..Not Going To Finish The List Today...








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Agree to everything!

I was only about 100 candies off the light fury sword when the event ended. I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't earn the new dragons, but hybrids are supposed to be rare and difficult to obtain. Overall I think the devs did a great job creating this brand new event for us to enjoy! There were a few glitches along the way but that was to be expected. Hopefully they can bring us more events like this n the future. My only request (as you already stated) starting the event a few weeks earlier.








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Tsunami is a cheeky, playful, sometimes sassy, and loyal scauldron who was Embala's first dragon she bonded with. When Embala was caught in a wild and unruly storm while out fishing, Tsunami saved her from the huge tidal waves that would have destroyed Embala's fishing boat. The two have been together ever since! (Screenshot edit by Wolf and Star)



Embala rescued Volcanus from a dragon hunter raid when she first moved to Berk to pursue her interest in learning about dragons. At first he was fierce and unruly from his life on the hunter's ship where his fire-power was used for smelting weapons, but after he and Embala bonded he turned into the equivalent of an oversized puppy. Volcanus will do almost anything for his favoutite fish; salmon. 



Indigo is fiercly protective of Embala and the rest of her dragon family. Although her personality is usually quite sharp, she does have a soft side. She enjoys long flights and fighting by Embala's side in tactics battles. 



 Iguana was found as a baby near the tropical labryinths of Impossible Island. Embala took her home and raised her until she could take care of herself, but when Embala decided to release the flamewhipper Iguana refused to leave!




Embala bonded with Juniper on a trip to Icestorm Island. When she found the young dragon wounded with dragon root arrows she took her home and cared for her. Junipers personality could be described as elegant, sweet and caring.  



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Blazewing (Monstrous Nightmare) ♂️

Duskflap (Monstrous Nightmare) ♀️

Embershot (Singetail) ♂️

Firestalker (Monstrous Nightmare) ♀️

Iguana (Flame Whipper) ♀️

Illumina (Monstrous Nightmare) ♀️

Inferno (Monstrous Nightmare) ♂️

Pickles (Typhoomerang) ♂️

Piranha (Hobgobbler) ♀️



Amethyst (Gronckle) ♀️

Brittlespine (Whispering Death) ♀️

Gargoyle (Elder Sentinel) ♂️

Geode (Gronckle) ♂️

Groundsplitter (Whispering Death) ♂️
Holler (Screaming Death)

Kilauea (Eruptodon) ♀️

Lavachaser (Eruptodon) ♂️

Meatball (Gronckle) ♂️

Mossclaw (Sentinel) ♀️

Pebbles (Gronckle) ♀️

Snowberry (Groncicle) ♀️

Tigereye (Whispering Death) ♀️

Tunneltwister (Whispering Death) ♂️



Bramblefrost (Prickleboggle) ♂️

Fleetfoot (Speed Stinger) ♂️

Quickfeather (Speed Stinger) ♀️

Skittles (Scuttleclaw) ♀️

Skydancer (Razorwhip) ♀️

Sunburst (Stormcutter) ♀️

Swordtail (Razorwhip) ♂️



Bramblefrost (Prickleboggle)

Fish and Chips (Hideous Zippleback) ♂️

Flint and Steel (Hideous Zippleback) ♂️

Fuchsia and Violet (Hideous Zippleback) ♀️

Honeydew (Sweet Death) ♀️

Lorikeet (Dramillion) ♀️

Mistwalker (Flightmare) ♀️

Rhythm (Deathsong) ♀️

Rusty (Armorwing) ♂️

Sugar and Spice (Hideous Zippleback) ♀️



Amberthorn (Deadly Nadder) ♀️

Blackberry (Deadly Nadder) ♂️

Lavender (Deadly Nadder) ♀️

Peppermint (Deadly Nadder) ♀️

Porcupine (Deadly Nadder) ♂️

Rosebud (Deadly Nadder) ♀️

Sharpthorns (Deadly Nadder) ♂️

Skittles (Scuttleclaw) ♀️

Thistle (Deadly Nadder) ♀️



Clearpool (Tideglider) ♀️

Echo (Thunderdrum) ♂️

Lagoon (Thunderdrum) ♀️

Reefwrecker (Thunderdrum) ♂️

Tsunami (Scauldron) ♀️

Volcanus (Sand Wraith) ♂️



Indigo (Skrill) ♀️

Juniper (Woolly Howl) ♀️

Moonflower* (Light fury) ♀️

Nightshade (Triple Stryke) ♀️

Prickle (Deathgripper) ♀️

Ruffrunner (Night Light) ♂️

Toothless* (Night fury) ♂️

Vespa (Triple Strike) ♀️

* = Seasonal exchange dragons becuase I usually don't have memebership :D


More coming soon...

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Haha, you should see some of the comments in-game.
A lot of things like:
"Fneh fneh, it's not fair my mom won't let me use her card"


The "difficult to obtain" prizes were intentional. We were meant to work for it. The dragons are meant to be trophies of their own- exclusive prizes to reward those who really put effort into earning them. I personally spent a little money near the end there because {1} I got impatient & {2} I got a nice little Halloween bonus on my paycheck, but the rest was just racing, farming, daily candy quests, stable quests, & battle events.


I expected complaints because honestly that seems to be the main function of the forums nowadays. We were given plenty of free candy {3000} throughout the event, and were supplied with lots of ways to get it otherwise. We also got an extension. Of course everyone has the right to voice their own opinion, but the amount of negativity surrounding the event seems eh... unwarrented to me. I thought it was fun.



~Glacia ~


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     Thistlemaw - - Titan Sand Wraith      Forgebane - - Armor Wing    Shiverplume - - Silver Phantom

     Slinktalon - - Titan Grim Gnasher     Dreadshaw - - Titan Skrill       Chillrend - - Shivertooth     

     Mournfang - - Titan Woolly Howl   Voltdredger - - Titan Shockjaw   Crawlock - - Titan Deathgripper

     Shimmerstrike - - Titan Flightmare   Withertwist - - Titan T. Stryke    Freezerburn - - Titan Dramillion

    Snowskipper - - Titan Speed Stinger   Squallspewer - - Titan Thunderdrum  Cupquake  - - C. Quaken

Dirgeharpe - - Titan Deathsong    Mistweaver - - Titan Stormcutter   Toothless - - Night Fury
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Glamtasm  - - Dreadstrider  Harrowgale  - - Titan Boneknapper



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I agree with everything you said. Honestly, it was a bit annoying when people started demanding for an extension, despite the fact that we had already got one. Conpensaion or not, the bonus candies were still a huge help.

I couldn't get the Dreadstrider, but I could care less and I'm definitely not going to complain. It was supposed to be the hardest prize to earn.

The way I see it, this event was more of a test run, so the devs and admins could see the feedback and what they should change in case they were to do future events like this.

Personally, I enjoyed it, despite the bugs and the amount of time it required.


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Dawnlight-Sand Wraith (female)

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BlueJay-Titan Deadly Nadder (female)

Freyja-Deadly Nadder (female)

Gaia-Whispering Death (female)

Ember-Monstrous Nightmare (female)

Souran-Monstrous Nightmare (male)

Iris-Titan Stormcutter (female)

Lily-Scauldron (female)

Vulture-Scauldron (male)

Flare-Skrill (male)

Heilagr-Titan Skrill (female)

Nightingale-Night Terror (female)

Breeze and Burst-Titan Hideous Zippleback (female)

Dayspring-Tide Glider (female)

Phantom-Titan Boneknapper (male)

Felix-Titan Sand Wraith (male)

Theo-Sand Wraith (male)

Blackheart-Snow Wraith (male)

Cyclone-Thunderdrum (male)

Nevermore-Smothering Smokebreath (male)

Cosmos-Titan Gronckle (male)

Stormbane-Woolly Howl (male)

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Sly-Shivertooth (male)

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Puddle-Raincutter (male)

Mercury-Fireworm Queen (female)

Bastion-Sentinel (male)


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Saving Gems

Gonna Start saving up my gems since this event drained most of them for a possible Christmas version maybe!

But I'm happy for getting the Flightmare dragon armor! Now I'm hoping for a Skrill Dragon Armor Flight Suit. I would totally wear it!


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Name: Firesome

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Hair Color: Light Brown

Title: The Phantom Skrill Rider


Name: Azyru

Species: Skrill

Gender: Female

Color: Gray with Purple Highlights

Titan Wing Color: Black, white spines, and turquoise blue highlights

Eye Color: Violet

Viking Companion/Sister: Firesome





Azyru acts like a sister to Firesome. Always loving her and protecting her, but she also enjoys a bit of adventure every now and then. She was rescued by Firesome from Dragon Hunters who had planned on selling her to their dreaded leader, Viggo. Ryker had blinded her in one eye with his dagger, and she vows for revenge one day. She loves Firesome like a sister and will never leave her side.





Firesome arrived mysteriously on Berk on the back of the second most feared Dragon: the Skrill after hearing of the peace between men and dragon. Upon meeting Hiccup, he was so in awe at the bonding between Firesome and her soulmate dragon friend, a female Skrill called Azyru that he invited Firesome to train dragons for him while he is on guard for Dragon Hunters to take their leaders, Viggo and Ryker down and reclaim the Dragon Eye once and for all. Firesome has trained many dragons, common, rare, and new. 68 in all!


My Beloved Dragon Family:

1. Azyru - (Female Titan Skrill)

2. Spinetail - (Male Titan Deadly Nadder)

3. Toothless - (Male Night Fury)

4. Thunderwing - (Male Thunderdrum)

5. Grindheart - (Male Whispering Death)

6. Sweetie - (Female Gronkle)

7. Glowmist - (Male Flightmare)

8. Scorcher - (Male Typhoomerang)

9. Merida - Female Smothering Smokebreath)

10. Tadashi and Hiro - (Male Hideous Zippleback)

11. Skipper - (Male Stormcutter)

12. Smaug - (Male Titan Monstrous Nightmare)

13. Geode - (Male Snafflefang)

14. Aurora - (Female Fireworm Queen)

15. Flynn - (Male Scauldron)

16. Sunset Shimmer - (Female Changewing)

17. Crusoe - (Male Raincutter)

18. Nyra - (Female Screaming Death)

19. Ragestorm - (Male Woolly Howl)

20. Stoick - (Male Rumblehorn)

21. Soren - (Male Sand Wraith)

22. Elsa - (Female Groncicle)

23. Milo - (Male Speed Stinger)

24. Luna - (Female Moldruffle)

25. Shelly - (Female Boneknapper)

26. Typhoonblast - (Male Sliquifire)

27. Snowdevil - (Male Snow Wraith)

28. Windswipe - (Female Razorwhip)

29. Apollo - (Male Deathsong)

30. Hydra - (Male Snaptrapper)

31. Discord - (Male Devilish Dervish)

32. Kendra - (Female Chatastrophic Quaken)

33. Shira - (Female Armor Wing)

34. Kion - (Male Prickleboggle)

35. Sharpwind - (Male Timberjack)

36. Arlo - (Male Night Terror)

37. Sylvia - (Female Slithersong)

38. Stormfin - (Male Shockjaw)

39. Pigwidgeon - (Male Hotburple)

40. Yoshi - (Male Grapple Grounder)

41. Godzilla - (Male Thunderpede)

42. Higgins - (Male Scuttleclaw)

43. Iceflame - (Male Shivertooth)

44. Sonata - (Female Tide Glider)

45. Voltage - (Male Skrill/Azyru's firstborn son)

46. Firespirit - (Male Singetail)

47. Lavastone - (Male Eruptudon)

48. Shattermaster - (Male Gronkle/Dagur's lost dragon)

49. Coral - (Female Sweet Death)

50. Shadowbolt - (Female Skrill/Azyru's daughter)

51. Willowbreeze - (Female Windwalker)

52. Stryka - (Female Night Fury/Sand Wraith cross-species)

53. Sulley - (Male Shovelhelm)

54. Blazer - (Male Monstrous Nightmare)

55. Adagio - (Female Deathsong)

56. Aria - (Female Slithersong)

57. Scourge - (Male Terrible Terror)

58. Silverstrike - (Male Silver Phantom)

59. Buffie - (Male Buffaloard)

60. Icebane - (Male Skrill/Azyru's third-born son)

61. Padmè - (Female Flame Whipper)

62. Yakone - (Male Mudraker)

63. Wynter - (Female Triple Stryke)

64. Dreadfall - (Male Titan Flightmare)

65. Thor - (Male Elder Sentinel)

66. Neytiri - (Female Sentinel)

67. Sharpclaw - (Male Grim Gnasher)

68. Gantu - (Male Dramillion)

69. Inferno - (Male Fire Terror)

70. Silverstream - (Female Light Fury)

71. Tigerclaw - (Male Deathgripper)

72. Ronno - (Male Crimson Gorcutter)

73. Bunga - (Male Hobgobbler)

74. Riley - (Female Night Light/blue eyes)

75. Hiccup/Bing Bong - (Male Night Light/green eyes)

76. Joy - (Female Night Light/green eyes)

77. Wicket - (Male Titan Hobgobbler)

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I have to say I enjoyed this

I have to say I enjoyed this a lot for the first 3 weeks it was fun and new, their was a lot of good stuff......but that said I did have to spend £15 and buy 26 animals to get the amount of candies and I didn't get either dragons which was disappointing and I'm....a lvl 50 player I had just received the flightsuit today. I am tired of people begging too but I think people need to except that some people can't spend money and don't have gems to begin with complaining about people complaining won't really help I think we just have to except people have different views and some are young kids so they want something and complaining is how they get it this event  will be over very soon I don't believe they will do it for snoggletog or next dreadfall I think this is a one time thing it was a cool idea but I like dreadfall the way it used to be I really wanted a dreadfall stable but wasn't able to get it so I was looking forward to getting it this year but I could only get it in a chest I think the should of given us a choice to buy it or earn it,it would be a good compromise for people that can't get it.........ok guys sorry if any off this offended anyone and I have nothing against anyone on here.


just so you know....I am a massive star wars fan!!!!












A bit about me!!!!

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Least favourite dragons:deadly nadder,seashockers

Favourite Dragon class:strike

Least favourite dragon class:tidal

I love art 



favorite httyd movie- httyd2 

my top star wars build-up

  1. the rise of skywalker
  2.  Return of the Jedi
  3. revenge of the sith




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Yes and no?

I get why people are disappointed with the event - it was very glitchy for a long time, which made it much more difficult than it needed to be for a lot of people. The response to complaints was pretty slow, as were the fixes, and some weren't well-publicised at all (I only recently discovered how to get the level glitch resolved thanks to someone posting their PMs on the forum, which isn't good, this should have been a general announcement).  Even playing today, I had a couple of Dragon Tactics levels freeze up on me. And as you said, I think there are very few players who could collect enough candies to get the dragons without spending any gems at all.


However, we've had a decent extension and a fair amount of free stuff. The even has got to end sometime, otherwise it'll be January before we get Dreadfall out of the way!


Some people really did overreact, but you have to remember that some of the folks on this forum are pretty young -  like, tween/very early teens - and not all of them will have a lot of perspective or a mature outlook on things! If they sound like whiny kids... they quite probably are kids. They post what they are feeling right now without thinking about how it actually comes across. Yeah, it's annoying, but they will learn better as real life happens to them. (hashtag not all teenagers?)


I'm in two minds about whether I want to see a similar event for Snoggletog. Some people have a lot of time over the winter break - but others don't. If there is, I hope it's a bit smaller-scale and easier to achieve, or they risk people getting event burnout!


I think in future I would like to see one dragon as an event reward, and one as a very limited-time purchase for gems. Then there would be one super rare dragon that people who put a lot of work into could show off, and one that those who were around for the event could get more easily but would still be unique to the event. That's what I was expecting when they introduced the Dreadstrider and didn't put it in the rewards - I assumed it would be available to buy for maybe one week over Halloween, or maybe even for just a few days. 


Please note I'm not suggesting they put the Dreadstrider or Skrillknapper in the shop now - that would be unfair on the people who worked hard (or spent a LOT) to get them. Just for the future, it would be nicer if it worked this way, and they'd still make money from people buying gems for the exclusive dragon!


That said, there were some excellent ideas which really changed the daily gameplay for the better. I love farming, so it was great to have a purpose for it again. And the revolving, randomised daily quests and the cauldron into which you can chuck stuff you aren't using are brilliant! I hope they can carry these over into the regular gameplay.


In short... The event had its good and bad points, I can see where the disappointed people are coming from, but not everybody has been very mature about it, and I think ending the event now is the right thing to do. 


Thanks SentinelSoul! Oh, and we are recruiting - visit our clan thread or search for us in-game!


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Meet the adults here:

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I thought it was engaging.


I think my opinion here is on the unpopular side because  I really liked the event thoroughly. Sure, it was glitchy as heck for awhile and it wasn't kind to those delayed/too busy, but it's a seasonal game update. A timed event that should have ended ten days ago, if you want to be specific. I was glad for the extra time, but it actually rubs me the wrong way that this month's plans, whatever they may have been for the team, were put on hold because of a glitchy release.

As soon as I say "I was lucky enough to get both hybrids" my opinion is probably gonna be ignored by those who didn't, but hear me out. I didn't spend a penny. I have three month memberships to this game, and since it didn't renew during this event, I neither directly nor indirectly spent any money on my prizes. Did I use gems? Yes, but if you have all 10 vikings, Toothless at at least level 20 (more is prefered) and you spam the crap out of Long Night Flight I can honestly say I have the same number of gems back in my possession as I did before the even was announced. I lost nothing, and I enjoyed those special race tracks, tactics levels, battle events and the maze.
And before you go on about the membership "advantage" just, just stop. My point here is it IS possible to get the hybrids without spending real money, and yeah you may argue a membership is the only reason, but the membership thus access to the key quest that gained me my prizes is only a $30 pay. I know, as someone who only has this membership because it's a gift, that that's still a lot of money but $99 for 1,000 candies is way worse. The membership is actually a lot easier, and this will probably prove true again in future events.

I've lightly before gone into detail how this game bit off more than it could chew, likely never expecting the take-off it actually got when it became popular. Jumpstart is a children's science learning site, once they realized the opportunity they had they were likely in over their heads and rushing around, thus leading to higher prices to maintain this game we love. I'd prefer to have to save up for awhile to get something, I don't want this game disappearing. It's a great str
ess relief for me and has been a life-saver. 


Anyway, I liked the event, I hope they have something similar for Snoggletog and that the events return next year. It would be really great if the extra candies I earned after the Dreadstrider stay for next year, but we'll have to wait and see. 

I've got my hopes up for Snoggletog, and I hope all this negative behavior hasn't swayed the team. 


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*sighs* Here we go...

Thank you. -_-

Yeah, I got both hybrids and I only spent about 780 gems, most of which were used for buying spider...I really loved the event and hope they iron out the bugs and maybe tweak a few things. I really hope they do this more in the future. Also, I saw someone mention that most who have both spent money/have memberships/or have full UDT stars. Last time I checked, I have none of those three.

Everyone seriously needs to chill out and stop being so entitled. The devs were kind enough to extend the event by five days and give everyone 3,000 free candies. This was a test run. It won't be perfeect. But let's appreciate what they did to try and make something fun for everyone.

I wasn't going to comment here. I don't like drama, but people need to stop complaining about the trivial things.


Sooo, first things first. When I made this account I choose hookless as my username because hookfang and toothless were my two favorites out of the gang's dragons at the time, and I combined their names. I just want to clear that up so people don't take it the wrong way. :)




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Another good post. Words are difficult and you put some of my thoughts into words better than I can.


I made it with time to spare even without a membership. I didn't even consider getting the trial membership, of which I heard many people actually did so they could just send Toothless onto a quest, and use the gems from that quest to get candies.


Sure, many of the events were super buggy and that made the grind frustrating due to my lack of time, but if I disregard the bugs the event was fine. The candy farm is a chore like it is in any MMO. We got catch-up gifts and a well-deserved extension, and people are still saying the game should just handing them the dragon they want for no effort or so.


I hope that JS considers more events like these. Albeit less buggy next time, please? C:

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laughing in gacha ptsd

Sorry did not uh finish making the rp. Will be up soon tm ig since I feel like hanging out here a lil more.
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Not Overreacting

This is a game ment for kids. there is no reason the rewards should have costed 100-200$ thats just for an in game mount.....Compare that to other microtansactins in games.... I can buy 8 WoW mounts....a primeum bundle on PoE...And tons of other stuff where my money goes way further. They are ripping off kids. And to top it all off Bugs galore that should have been hotfixed day 1, but some of them were all event. Most other game holidays you can get the rewards in a timely mannor and are not time gated behind 20 hour windows before you can get rewards again. And even though they extended the even I never got 1 candy stable quest during the extension. They prob didn't fix bugs because it would be more profitable to have people need to be short on candy :/ I mean why should we be happy that we got scammed. Yes companys need to make money but Scamming the fans is not the way. This was a very poor way to use Microtransactions. You can say buck up and shrug it off but I will speak up when i see something that was done wrong. Being a doormat and not saying anything is just as bad.


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No Doormats Here

Saying it's "meant for kids" has aged out as a reason to be upset. The game stopped being exclusively for kids as soon as they realized the success they had. There's no "you have to be 10 or under" rule, and they know very well because of people like Silver and Foxico that adults are definitely interested. 


The rewards cost is actually not that bad. Offering the candies for that price is not a scam as it is a choice to buy the packs, no one's forcing people to buy the hundred dollar 1,000 candy pack. I get your frustrations, really I do, I at first didn't think I'd get anywhere with this event. But once I hunkered down and looked at what all I had access to I was able to get into a rhythm. First of all, the 20 hour rule didn't always stay firm. Midnight was sometimes a rollover, I disocvered it accidentally in racing. Even if it was that steady, if you are going to complain about it being for kids this is actually giving them reasonable time to play the game and earn candies without messing with their real life schedule. 

Second, they did bug fix. And compensated the majority of effected, as well as giving out free candies on at least two occasions before it ended. 
Third, I've said this before and I'll say it again, this game got more traffic than it expected, and so of course they don't have things down pat. They're continuing to try new things to keep players, especially after the Hidden World. Granted, it's annoying, but I only stick around because I have reason to hope they'll get better in time as some things have been fixed. It takes awhile, but again, we don't know the team size, much less how many people work on what; how they divide the workers is a big deal. 


So chill out, no one's being scammed, no one's a doormat - if you bought the packs that was a choice, not a scam. If you had a $30 membership this was easily won by repitition, and yeah for those without a membership this must have been hard, but the game did nothing wrong. It had issues, it didn't try to mess with people. 

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     Ok, I agree most people really shouldn't complain, we got free 3000 candies, 5 extra days, and the event needs to be released a few weeks earlier. Here's what I don't agree on, I really wanted at least one of the hybrid dragons. I have things going on in my life that need my attention and not 24/7 of forceful playing to earn the dragons. I have to watch my siblings while my parents are at work, I have school, I have parents that are divorcing, anxiety, depression, and the fact my 13 year old dog had to be put down. These are things that have been needing more of my attention than the game. I have been depressed and its almost lead me to do deadly and lethal things. I need to do things that aren't stressful and stuff that makes me feel happy. Hopefully my point was brought across. There are things that are going on at home with others as well, which means they can't play. Have a nice day.




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All the Nope's in the Effin World


Nope, nope, and nope. You just pushed all of my buttons and lost all potential respect. 
I'm sorry you're dealing with a rough patch, but as someone also in a rough patch, I can say it's disgusting you use those emotions as a reason to get behind the unfairness you claim this event was riddled with. It went on for over an effin month, they can't do it year-round to accomodate people suffering a hard time as that would be literally impossible. 

If you need something to make you happy and this didn't help, please find an alternative. There's always something. 

Not trying to slam you but I hate it when people say these things. Please go take care of yourself and I wish you all the best, but this isn't an argument for the event, so please refrain from doing it again. 

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Lady fighter
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      I wish you the best as well. I will not do this again... I was not thinking when typing this as it was late at night I hope you can forgive me. I will PM Brynjolf to delete my comment.

Viking Warrior
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With the 3700 free gems they

With the 3700 free gems they gave out and the extension I was easily able to get both dragons.  They wern't supposed to be easy to get.  

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The biggest thing here is be

The biggest thing here is be glad the admins have worked hard to provide more content for the game.  I've been playing this game for over six years.  Just past the first year of playing SoD, there is zero new content in the form of quests, gear, or dragons for a year and a half.  Back in the day where there were only four areas:  Berk, School grounds, Wilderness, and Training Grounds.  (Who remembers the day when the farm, thunder run, and flight club were all in close promixity to each other in the School area?)  All you could do was farm, fish, race, fireball frenzy, and hang out with friends.  Back when you had to download 300 files each time and you would have to wait hours for it to load sometimes.  Back when there were only five (6?) tracks in Thunder Run.  Back when the Thunderdrum and the Whispering Death were considered exclusive dragons.  (Could only get them by buying Riders and Defenders of Berk on DVD and using a code.)  Back when Thunder Run was so fast and didn't have to worry about the rings and backwards racing.  Back when you had a stamina bar in Thunder Run Racing.  Back when the Timberjack Taxi was the "world map."  Back when Heather was not the school alchemist.  Back before Eel roast.  Back before clan tournaments.  Back when there were no power-ups in Thunder Run.


And also, back when you could only train one dragon and only have one dragon.


While I haven't been playing SoD as much as I have wanted, seeing them do this event, the next one should get better.  If there is anything to learn from a veteran player it is this:  SoD admins eventually get stuff done and add new stuff.  They do listen, but they are a small team.  Now we have multiple expansion packs, new mini games, new quests, new tracks, new farm items, a hideout, train multiple dragons, stables, stable quests, (The Lagoon for a little while), new dragons, new gear...


I would suggest being appreciative that they even had an event.  More than likely, they will have a Snoggletog event.  With how Dreadfall went, they will make changes and maybe have a winter event.  However far you got with the candies, you got gear that was exclusive to the event.  Just having that gear others will not have it so you can use it to show you participated in the event.  If you didn't get what you wanted, you know what you need to do for the next event.


All I am saying is everything that goes on in SoD is all about perspective.



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Lady fighter
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     Gotcha. Well I agree I love they added more stuff like Dreadfall Dailies, the concept of candies and I am excited to see what's planned for Snoggletog! Especially with HTTYD: Homecoming in December!

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I think we can all agree,

I think we can all agree, though, that the event itself - all the activities and challenges and new content - was a good thing? Yes (as always) they need to mind the glitches better, and also maybe balance the earnings vs goals a little better. Not saying drastic, but bring the amounts needed down a little and bring up what you earn from activities up a little. Hopefully this is a learning experience. 




And as always with everything SOD does, someone will always complain about something ...




My complaint? Not sciencey enough! Where's the explanation about hybrids suddenly appearing?? Hopefully there will be more content on that later.

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Drums R Round. Pi R Squared.


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They probably didn't (scientifically) explain hybridism because because the HTTYD hybids cannot really be explained with science.

At least, that's my take.

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Dragonriders Fury
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"THANK you, Astrid!"

Thank you so much for this post.  I wholeheartedly agree!  All the negativity was really getting on my nerves.


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Geez luiez!

Wow. I did not expect for this to have so many replies in so little time! You guys really added some good thoughts to this and I agree with most of you. Thank you all so much for the contributions to my post! I hope this adds a little positivity to this year's Dreadfall in the forums.

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Slightly late

Sorry for replying late, I was away from the game for a few days, but I still wanted to add my opinion.


The opinions considering the dreaded event were mixed. Some people liked it, some people thought it had some good points and some bad ones (including me), some people disliked it entirely.

Some people thought the hybrids were too easy to get (yes, I´ve actually read this on this forum), some said it was manageable if you invested a lot of time, gems, or money in any given combination (again, including me - with a limited playing time of about an hour a day it cost me about 8,000 gems to get both hybrids), some thought it was impossible.


But... everyone has the right to voice his or her opinion, right? What I really don´t like is the underlying message of "the only opinion that matters is mine, and everybody else better shut up" that I´ve read in too many posts on this forum, mainly (but surely not exclusively) from the pro side. If you liked it... congrats, good for you. If somebody didn´t... offer condolences, or at least don´t tell them their opinion is worthless.


Yes, it is true that the company wants to make money, and that is their right. This was very clear from the beginning - see this thread. I personally think the monetary demands were too high, especially for novice players, but I also think that the company made quite a lot of money, although possibly at the risk of alienating  parts of the player base. So I believe we will see similar "events" again, though I really hope that there won´t be one for Christmas. Christmas should be a time for peace and serenity, not frenzied online reward grabbing. But maybe I´m just too old :-).


My main criticism is twofold, and it still holds:

- First, the bugs. The "event" ran for a month, and still, even after that, we have unkillable ships that don´t list their HP correctly, we still have freezing Dragon Tactics levels, we still fly uncontrollably when we don racing gear... all of these should have been fixed weeks ago. Grade for game support: F.

- Second, that the game shut off almost all gem income during the "event", except for a few gems via Dragon Tactics and the Long Night Flight quest. Some of them (gem stable quests) are still unavailable. There was and still is no real reason to do this. IMO, this is the company´s way of saying "we want your money BADLY, and we want it NOW". Grade for company greed: A+.

If they get these two points right for the next "event", I´m actually interested if they can make things better on the second attempt.


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I still think complains are needed since MAYBE next time they'll put more effort in checking if everything works properly. It's called feedback and it's not always going to be positive, especially not after getting an event like that. How could I even enjoy it if every single thing was buged af? If they're getting a lot of negative feedback now it should help with future events so no, I don't think people should stop :') 


Yeah, I'm GRATEFUL for the IDEA but not for the event itself.