Meet One of My Alphas... Scattersheild

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Scattersheild (I know I spelled his name wrong) is a fully grown

Silver Phantom with a black and silver scale color and a fire blast

as powerful as a Screaming Death!










I met Scattersheild on the top of a moutain in the Archipelago as a hatchling. I didn't know what species he was until I took a quick look

in the Book of Dragons.


When I started training him, he proved to be quite the challenge...

Just like some of my other dragons, Scattersheild loves to fly more

than anything!


When he became a teenager, he wanted to fly with me for so long but

I motioned him to wait until his wings grew strong enough to support me.


We found his parents in a Dragon Hunter's trap... unfortunately dead...

so he hates Dragon Hunters. He tested this burning passion for quite a

while when we encountered some near Changewing Island. We drove them away but... one of them knocked me off a cliff!


I'd assume be dead if it wasn't for him. He shed his hatred for the

Hunters and flew down so fast to save me. We flew away from that

island and didn't return there.


Since then... our bond has gotten so strong so he is one of the many

dragons that I have trained that I can give my life for.


Valkyrie of Valhalla