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Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 03/30/2014

Viking Name: Kathy L

Dragon Name (Breed): Strongscale (Thunder Drum)

Clan: Berkian Dragons, hopefully Snow Leapards soon :3

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy Thunder Run Racing, Fireball Frenzy, completing quests, and flying around on my Thunder Drum, which I like doing with friends more than alone. I also enjoy helping new players and answering questions.


But I'm not done there! Strongscale is a Broad wing with the Thornado skin and a banded saddle. I decided to spend most of my 500 gems in one place. After I had the dragon skin and saddle, I spent a little more money on new hair and a helmet.

I also enjoy Flight Club, generally improving my turning timing with my own dragon, but I enjoy Flight Club with  Toothless, too.

People are always following me and shooting fireballs at me, but I think that must be because of Strongscale. 
I got member yesterday, and am extremely active since.




Signature Under Construction!<3







Hello friends and welcome to my signature <3

I have loved the HTTYD series ever since its release in 2010 (I was only 6 at the time). 






Warning: This user has a strange obsession with multiple fictional characters. Please frown upon her so she feels bad about it.





My Dragons:


Electrifying - Skrill


Poison - Deadly Nadder


Moonglow - Flightmare


Earthripper - Whispering Death


Kamatay - Triple Stryke


Blue Spark Lizard - Singetail


Allegro - Slithersong


Viggo - Grapple Grounder 


Toothless - Night Fury


Mercy - Stormcutter


Storm - Raincutter

Valor - Woolly Howl



Dragons I Want


Smothering Smokebreath

Speed Stinger

Night Terror

Death Song & Razorwhip (My expansion pack bugged out so I can't get them.  Since said bug has been happening for months I don't think it'll be fixed any time soon. :c)

Snow Wraith (I'll have every Strike Class dragon >:)