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 The Legend of Zelda BOTW (comic) by Okamisusi


So this probably explains the reason why I have been quite inactive (well this and the fact that last week had an amazing weather). But to summarize it: My family got the Nintendo switch (surprisingly) and I and my brother bought two games for it. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8. My brother played more than me (well at first I didn't play at all) but eventually, he rage quit on both games. Then I started playing the Zelda game and got hooked.
My biggest problem is "Ooh, shiny" because this game has a lot of shiny things. I just run around doing pretty much nothing. Well, I did something as I had pretty much half of the map visible (?) before I even thought about the first divine beast.

My original idea was to make the "quality" increase whit my interest(?) of the game. But looking now I didn't execute it that well. I also wanted to have the character (me?) just grabbing everything in the last panel but I'm not that good whit hands. BTW is it just me or are those ears bit too big for hyleans? (If they are I blame Jak & Daxter.)
My favorite panel is probably the third or the second one.

(Oh and if anyone is wondering what I meant whit "Hopefully the same thing happens as whit Skyrim." I got bored whit Skyrim surprisingly quickly. And I think that was a good thing seeing that it is a game whit a lot of things to do. I was introduced to it sometime early winter few years ago and it would have hindered my ability to do anything else like school stuff.)


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