Marvel backstories

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So you Marvel fans out there... What back stories of your heroes and villains do you follow or know? I noticed in a new roleplay that one such for the Hulk is the one provided by the movie to tie in Cap. to Banner. In the comics he was testing a gamma bomb and was saving a kid (Rick Jones) who'd wandered onto the test site. But the countdown wasn't stopped and it went off. 

Thor's movie  is pretty close to the comics. Odin banished Thor to Midgard to teach him humility. Donald Blake was his alter ego, a doctor with a limp and a cane (that was actually Mjolnir). 

Most of them are the same, I think they changed Hulk's to tie Banner to Cap for Avengers but I'm just speculating. I know heaps more than this, if you want to know more. I've got a pretty extensive knowledge of these sorts of things.