The Malicious Mimikoo

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Is this a canon dragon or a fan dragon?

BC I love everything about its design & I need one in my life :O




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Hi guys! So I've made up a

Hi guys! So I've made up a dragon, something along the lines of a nadder I think. Anyway, I wanted to share and hope to hear what you think!






The Malicious Mimikoo




The Malicious Mimikoo is a crafty beast. Armed with an excellent sense of smell it tracks its quarry. When the victim is spotted, the Mimikoo will land and conceal herself, mimicking the call of the targeted creature. Once within range the dragon leaps with incredibly powerful hind legs. Its retractable fangs are equipped with poison, so long as it gets one bite in the game is over.



Kingdom:             Anamilia

Phylum:                Chordata

Class:                    Reptilia

Order:                  Carnivora

Family:                 Draco

Genius:                Indago (Tracker Class)

Species:               Mimikoo (mimic-oo)


Averaging 20ft (6m) tail to muzzle  5.5 ft (1.75m) at withers. Titans have been reported at 30ft length 8ft at the withers


Combination of:



Comodo Dragon

Red Junglefowl




Tiger Keelback Snake





Pride (group)

Brood (hens)

Clutch (hatchlings)

Rooster or C.ock (male)

Hen (female)

Hatchling (young)

Pullet (young female)

MimiKing (alpha male)

Lead Hen (alpha female)


LissaFish’s Mimikoos:

Indago, Carl, and Memeko


Class:                    Tracker

Ability:                 Lure and Leap

Attack:                 10

Speed:                 5

Armor:                 4

Shot Limit:          3

Venom:                95

Jaw Strength       26

Stealth                 50







Males can be any color. Females are grey and brown


Color Pattern:

Comb, beak, and the spines on the back, the tail fan, and the wings are the same color

Throat, Belly and undertail, arms, shoulders and underwing the same color

Face and body same color

Top of the neck, the back, overwing, tail fan, top of the tail same color



The Mimikoo is named for the uncanny way it mimics other creatures… including Vikings. It can imitate any sound almost flawlessly, some say they could not tell the beast from their own mother’s voice. Many an unfortunate Viking have been lost to this creature’s eerie calls.

This unique ability is due to the hollow chamber in the comb above it’s skull that connects to the throat and nostrils. It throws Vikings off because the Mimikoo can mimic without opening it’s mouth



Has no fire. Now it is fireproof, mind you, just as much as the next dragon, but no fire. Instead it eats sand and makes glass from it, similar to the Groncle’s ability but strictly a glass maker. This can be blasted, but the blast is weak and it can only carry three shots at best. No the mimikoo has a much more creative purpose for it’s glass fire. I’ll get to that in a minute


Flight and ground Movement:

Not a strong flyer, best described as fluttering. The wings do all the work, the tale is best used as a rudder or for gliding. It takes to the sky with a powerful, jumpstart leap. Very difficult to ride in the air but even worse on the ground since all the Mimikoo does is hop!  




The male Mimikoo builds a nest of stained glass to impress a female. This is an incredible feat; as there are many factors involved. First he must find a cave with more than one exit, and not too far from a sandy beach. When he’s done this he begins building, flying back and forth from the nearby beach, scooping up sand and laying down glass. He will often add things that catch his eye, and even eat certain plants to give color to his glass. Once the glass is laid, he sculpts with his comb. It’s razor sharp edge is perfect for making exact cuts.

The glass wall must be three feet thick, give or take a few inches. It has to hold even if a Monstrous Nightmare flies into it. Ventilation is a major factor. Having no fire means Mimikoos are more sensitive to the cold weather so the greenhouse effect that glass has is very useful in the winter, but if the cave is not properly ventilated for the summer they could from heatstroke.

When he is done, he goes outside and begins to dance. He fans his tale and wings, displaying his colors from the ground, singing loudly. A female takes notice and lands to watch. He hops over and dances circles around her, cooing, buxing, and trilling. Then he backs away and bows, inviting her to dance. She will snap at him if she is not impressed. But she will imitate his dance if she accepts.

This goes on for a few days.

When he is ready, he brings the female over to the waiting nest. She inspects for strength and ventilation. Usually if he has done well with these she accepts, but there have been female Mimikoos how have turned away suitors because they lacked artistic style! So the beauty of the nest is in question as well.

If she accepts, they begin their own pride. Other females searching for shelter are welcome to join the new pride, and their mates, if well mannered, are accepted as well





(The blast from a Mimikoo’s glass fire is enough to end a Viking, but a mere irritation to other dragons. It does not rely heavily on it.)

Plain is not always bad. The male Mimikoo is bright and beautiful, but his lifespan is much shorter than a female’s due in great part to her camoflauge. Predatory dragons are just not going to spot her as well as they do him. If a Mimikoo is in hiding, and something it perceives as a threat draws near, it will mimic a larger creature to frighten the would-be assailant.

Not being a fast dragon in the air, their best defense is to seek shelter, not flee. If they can make it, the thick glass walls they build at the entrances of their nests lend refuge and bewilder other dragons. They don’t see them and run right into them. This makes the hunter the hunted, because once in a daze on the ground the Mimikoo will attack any Dragon or Viking with it’s poisonous fangs.

One would think their razor sharp combs would be a good defense but this dragon prefers to kick. If they damage their combs there’s no going back, and they need them for building and fixing up the nests. Also the combs are so sharp they often get stuck in armor, leaving the Mimikoo open to attack








Male Mimikoos fight over females and territory. There’s always an alpha and always a challenger. Alphas are called MimiKings

They battle two ways; vocally and physically. preliminary fights consist of “yelling”. Whoever yells the loudest is the victor. These can be very entertaining as they can literally yell anything. So if a Viking were to shout something like “My voice is higher than YOUR voice!” To battling C.ocks they would compete by repeating it louder and louder until it was static.

The next step up is physical combat in the form of


Yes boxing. They stand up on their tales and punch and scratch and kick. Mimikoos have the most powerful, pound-for-pound hind legs of any dragon and they are not afraid to use them on each other. Jaw strength is not their strongsuit, and since Mimikoos are immune to their own poisons there’s little point in biting, especially since they risk getting their razor sharp combs caught in the armor of the other dragon.





Females do the hunting. They mostly hunt alone, but if there’s big enough game they work together. Flying above the islands she follows her nose to herds of deer or yaks or anything with ears basically. Once the quarry is spotted, she lands a distance away and sneaks closer.

Finding a place  to hide or camoflauge within hearing range, she begin to call. Bleating like the quarry’s young, or bugling a challenging rival, depending on what the victim will respond to. When the gullible beast gets within 50 ft range she strikes, power of her hind legs launching her at 80mph. She bites once with her fangs. The animal flees in terror but she does not pursue with haste. Her work has been done, the poison in her fangs moves swiftly and painlessly, and the infected animal d.ies within minutes.



Unlike most creatures the Mimikoo does not make it’s own poison. They create it by ingesting Hemlock, Henbane and Poppies. Overtime these produce the poisons in its fangs. They are the only creature immune to hemlock.

Vikings discovered after much trial and error that if Mimikoo poison was taken in a far smaller dosage it would put one to sleep. It was a very, very hazardous anesthetic, though, and honestly a terrible idea.


Telling gender:

Color, as we have already covered, is the easiest way to tell gender. Dull browns and greys for females, vibrant prisms for males. Females have pouches, males haves spines on their backs.

Male Mimikoos hatch with three protruding spines along the ridge of their back. As the dragon ages it grows new spines. Three years to every spine. A rare Titaned male’s spines go all the way from the neck to the tail, 15 spines in all.

The only way to tell a females (not exclusive males too) age is to look at her teeth… but nobody wants to get that close

A titan is easy to spot; much bigger with all spines (for males) and armor grown out. Fangs are longer, too, as are wing claws.



The Cunning Kite is the Mimikoos’ primary adversary. These dragons have sensitive hearing and know the difference of a Mimikoo and the animal it is mimicking. The Kite uses it’s incredible diving speed to attack a mimikoo in the air. It’s all over on impact.



Have no poison.

They are very curious and pretty friendly if not a little feisty. Want to please. Easy to train at this stage

Can not fly until a year old. If the mother feels they are threatened, she’ll grab her young, stuff them in her pouch and fly away.





Okay out of ideas. Got any?

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The Mimikoo's most daunting adversary, the Kyte. I haven't worked out the stats on him yet, but will soon


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Why Am I Subjected to a Subject?

Is so pretty. :) Is wuvs it sooo much. All of it. Yes is. Kytes are my favorite hands down, though. It's like flying fox doggies.


Loved all of it!



Меня зовут стойкий жук!

*cough cough*

Or not.


Here is a Russian doing the Cossack dance for you to enjoy.


To see my characters and dragons, drawn by the amazing artists on this forum, check out my Imgur:

IrishMexicanViking's OCs

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Oops! I was so excited about the design that I ruined your threeaaddddd.
Sorry sorry
*cowers off the board*

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It happens :)

That's ok. I've done it too :) Besides now it show's someone is excited about it B-)   :D

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I didn't realize until now that you did your siggy character and just saw Foxglove on another post. You're art is fantastic!

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Thank you so much! I created her in 2010 after I saw the first HTTYD movie and have been working on her and developing her story ever since. I love her so much I even named my in-game viking after her, lol.


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I bet she's an amazing

I bet she's an amazing character, that much developement! I have an oc I've probably put ten years into :P 


...actually, more than one. I write wwi historical fiction, fantasy, and animal stories.  A lot of my inspiration for the animal stories came from toys I had when I was little.. kind of whinnie the pooh style

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so you know...

I want to do adoptions for this dragon, and the kyte, but I don't quite have the time yet. Would you want one if I did?

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The Heart Of A Chief And The Soul Of A Dragon

I do! If you do save me a spot!


Signature under construction! 


I am on the Snow Wraith, Rheithebrave is on the Deathsong, on the Stormcutter is Kasanelover and the Whoolly Howl (actually a Svalbard Howl) is Shirokagefox!

this photo was taken by the fabulous Titan Sandwraith rider, Saigner!

this was really fun guys. Thank you so much!





Signature banners made by VexyLu^^



For all the people waiting patiently for Triple Stryke


By MerricupNightFury^^




Starlight Lenox by Snowflake12298^^



My hands have touched the highest clouds. My feet have touched the depths of the ocean. Soaring through the sky, swimming through the sea, dancing through life. But what is it for? 

People wander this earth wanting to be like other people. They sing the same song. 

But my soul sings a song. A different song. I dance to the beat of this song, for this song is what he has given me. This song is a part of me. It follows me as I dance, through rain, through snow, through the hilltop. It cradles me in its warm embrace. This song is my life. And I will sing with, even when the song turns sad... For this song, is who I am. 

By Arrowalker^^

No. I don't belong here. But the only place you'll belong is the place where you make yourself belong. 



Star and all her dragons by FireNightStar^^
Name: Star The Navigator
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Star has incredibly long Chestnut brown hair that when in a braid reaches down to her waist. Her skin is a light Carmel color and sure has a few freckles on the bridge if her nose. She has a slight scar across her left eye, but thankfully it does not affect her vision. She has amethyst purple eyes. 
By BrynneBjorrnson^^
By Fireflash^^
By BoomBox74^^
By FireNightStar^^
By Boombox74^^
Designed by Arrowalker, Vanilia Viking and I. Drawn by Arrow
Her shirt is a long sleeve olive green shirt with gold borders. She wears a brown leather chest piece and coyote fur wrapping around her waist. Her boots, wristbands and cape are lined with coyote fur also. Her pants are brown with deep brown buckles and she keeps her messenger style bag with her at all times. 
When summer comes she changes to a green three quarter length sleeve shirt with gold borders. Her wristbands are no longer lined with fur, and so are her boots. She removes the fur from her waist and only wears her cloak on the colder days or when flying. 
Background: Star was 9 years old when she joined the school of dragons. 
Upon joining she made many friends. She Trained many dragons and because of her, Snow Wraiths were welcomed​into the school. But still, something was calling her. 
She went on many journeys​ to find what was calling her, but she never found it. She did find, however​, many different islands. Including, an island with a mountain in the middle. The mountain is hollow and covered in ice. Star decided it was the perfect place for all of her dragon companions.
 During the summer months Star stays on the islands to keep her ice dragons healthy. 
Personality: Star believes in following her heart more than anything. She sees the world at a different angle and because of that has traveled FAR beyond where any Viking has gone before. 
Star has not limited herself to Dragons. She is the proud trainer of a pack of wolves, a bear, a pod of Orcas, several birds and even a family of rabbits​!
As you might have guessed, star does things very differently.
Drawn by Mechfighter^^
Other: Star has a necklace with the chiefs symbol ingraved on it. 
Name: Skyfire
Species: Deadly Nadderhead
Gender: Female
By MajoraTheHyilan^^
By FireNightStar^^
There was some confusion. She's red and not pink. Still an amazing edit!
By Rrpetti^^
My good friend and Packmate, Shirokagefox, edited the edit! (Didn't know that was possible:/) thanks to Rrpetti for the edit and Fox for editing it!
By FloofQueen^^
Beautiful edit of Star (When she was younger) and Skyfire by Zitka!^^
I found something Piggyxl is bad at! Doing bad art! Can you believe I got this lil' gem from a thread called "Draw A Dragon Above You Poorly"!?!?!
By Piggyxl^^
Personalize: Skyfire does not tolerate sarcasm in the wrong moment. Nor does she allow games when they are on a mission. Wish she is given a task she will get it done THEN play. Unless of course someone throws something. Yay if her only weakness: Fetch. She cannot resist retrieving things. Which she gets made fun of by Star's other dragons for.
Favorite activity: Fetch
Biggest fear: Eels
Origin: Star received Skyfire as an egg when she first joined the school of dragons. 
Name: Polaris
Species: Snow Wraith
Gender: Male
By BoomBox74^^
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by Zitka^^
By WraithSkrill^^
Polaris was enjoying a fun game of fetch in the snow!
A scene from the story of how Star and Polaris met by Aelyras^^
Personality: Polaris is playful as can be. Once you get to know him or he sees that Star trusts you, he is caring as can be. But before you​ gain his trust, he might come off as cold (Pun Intended) He is playfully competitive and will not refuse a competition. 
Favorite activity: Snowball Fight
Biggest fear: Cabbage
Origin: During one of Berk's coldest Winters​ travel to the wilderness was banned due to a report of seeing Snow Wraiths. Star followed her heart and trained one anyway and aided Hiccup in defending the School from dragon hunters. Since then Snow Wraiths have been welcomed into the school. 
Name: Wolf
Species: Woolly Howl
Gender: Male
By AlexaDragonOnFire^^
By ScarfyWings^^
I think Wolf has been dreaming about Dragon Hunters again...
Doodle by Scarfywings animated by Mrizky2121^^
By FireNightStar^^
 By Arrowalker^^
By Laykary^^
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by Zitka^^
Star and Wolf flying high above Berk!
By Arrowalker(Top) and By WraithSkrillBottom)
Baby Wolf by Dragonist Hellen^^
Apparently baby Woolly Howls are in!
By WraithSkrill^^
Seriously in :/ whatever! I'm not going to complain! These are adorable!
By Okamisusi^^
By Raxforax^^ 
Personality: Wolf is very protective of Star and the rest of her dragons. He is undyingly loyal to Star and overly protective. 
Favorite activity: Flying
Biggest fear: Dragon Hunters
Origin: Star found Wolf when she was in captivity in the dragon hunter's base. Wolf was trapped as well and had received a scar across his snout
Name: Journey
Species: Night Fury
Gender: Female
By BoomBox74^^
By EmeraldDragon03^^
Bases by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by Zitka^^
Journey by Violetta Rosemary^^
By NeverendingSilverstorm^^
Personality: Journey loves to annoy people more than anything. She will play jokes (that aren't​ really funny) as is sarcastic. 
She is incredibly competitive and (just because is bugs Skyfire) will challenge Polaris to races all the time. However, she will do most anything to save Star.
Favorite activity: Racing 
Biggest fear: Losing everyone she cares about​.
Origin: Star found Journey on one of her trips. This time she flew farther than ever before. After weeks of travel she found a large section of land. It was too big to be a island. Upon exploration she made a surprising discovery, and met Journey. 
                          The Leaders Of Vivvore...
By Boombox74^^
Name: Sonda
Species: Titan Sand Wraith
Gender: Male
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by BrynneBjorrnson^^
Personality: Sonda is short tempered and hot headed. He is stubborn and has a wry sense of humor. 
His firmness is good for some aspects of leading, but he can be to harsh, so he needs some others to help balance his personality.
Favorite activity: Sleeping
Biggest fear: Hurting Star and letting her down. 
Origin: Star met Sonda when he stole Moana the Tide Glider's eggs. Star recused the eggs and in the process befriended the Tide Glider. 
After a long adventure trying to find the answer to why Sonda was stealing her eggs, Star found out that his family died when he was young, and so he was lonely and jealous of Moana. Star invited him to Vivvore, where he grew to in unofficial leadership position. Star saw this and officially​ made him the leader.
Name: Moana 
Species: Tide Glider
Gender: Female
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by BrynneBjorrnson^^
Personality: Moana is compassionate and forgiving. Perfect to contrast Sonda's harshness, although occasionally they will clash. 
Favorite activity: Searching the depths of the ocean for treasures. 
Biggest fear: The dark
Origin: Star met Moana when Sonda stole her eggs. Star rescued the eggs and in the process earned her trust. 
Name: Pompeii
Species: Eruptadon
Gender: Female
Base by MegaboltPheonix, Filled by BrynneBjorrnson^^
Personality: Pompeii is a gentle giant but can also be firm. She does not find Sonda's sense of humor funny and will call him out on it. 
Favorite activity: Watching the hatchlings play
Biggest fear: Swimming
Origin: Star found Pompeii when she needed to fly into the depths of a volcano. None of her dragons could take that kind of heat, so Pompeii helped out.
Home Island
Name: Sivard 
Size: Small 3/10
Inhabitants: Omar, Carlil, Afnan, Lex, Star, Foxtrot, Azariah
Location: Not to far East of Berk
Name: Berk/The School
Size: Medium 7/10
Inhabitants: Too many to list
The School^^
Location: Um, Berk. 
Name: Dragons Edge
Size: Small 5/10
Inhabitants: The Dragon Riders, Star and any other students who have moved in
Location: Outside the Archipelago
Name: Vivvore
Size: Large 9/10
Inhabitants: Star, Skyfire, Wolf, Polaris, Journey, and the rest of Star's dragons
Location: Far South of Berk
Random Images That Have No Place In My Signature Right Now!!!!
Looks like Cardinal is trying to steal Onyx fish again...
By ShiroKageFox^^
All my friend's Terrible Terrors! 
Sparrow is mine, Bluejay belongs to Jedi, Falcon is Shey's, Ace's is Cardinal, Strix has Whitney and Raven belongs to Kyra. 
By VoSpader^^
By (Yep you guessed it) Keu Ray^^
Shey and Madeline by Violetta Rosemary^^
Boo by ShiroKageFox^^
Ace and Onyx by xXSilver.Night Xx^^
And while we're on the subject... here's how they met!

One blue and gold wyvern, a young girl with blazing red hair, and another older girl with a mess of black on her head. Nearby some sheep watched in half-hearted interest and in the distant background several tall wooden buildings were swarmed with a rainbow of different dragons of all ages and breeds. The School of Dragons.

“Now remember, let the dragon fly herself”

“Got it”

“And don’t yank back on the horns too hard”

“Knew that”

“And don’t put your foot there”


Aunrey looked at where Jurada, her instructor, was pointing. Her heel was wedged in the Monstrous Nightmares armpit, which wouldn’t have been a problem except for the fact that she would be trying to get airborne in the next minute. “Oh, right” Aunrey apologized.

Jurada smiled confidently at her. The girl looked about 19, maybe 20, and had a maniacs’ glint behind her joyful eyes. Her thick black hair enhanced that look, and it didn’t help that her outfit was a weird combination of red-stained leather and fabrics matched with light armouring made from a very, very dark metal of some sort. “Alright, then- Ace, you said your name was?”


“Let’s see if you can get along with Nyemeri. Onwards!”

Nyemeri, the dragon, launched into the sky with a jolt. Aunrey was almost thrown off (again) but managed to grasp her lower horns.

This turned out to be a terrible idea because instead of throwing the dragons whole head back, it just pulled her jaws open to make a gout of sticky flames shoot out in surprise. Nyemeri tucked in her wings, rolled to one side, and made a nose dive for the ocean. Neither Aunrey or Jurada had time to protest to those manoeuvres and all three were now floating in the waves.

“Nyemeri, what in the name of Odin’s eyepatch was that!” Jurada cursed loudly.

The dragon started paddling back to shore, clearly done with todays lessons. Muttering a few more severe informalities under her breath, Jurada grabbed a shell-shocked Aunrey and followed Nyemeri.

“I think we’re done with flying practice for today” Jurada puffed. “You should get up to the Hatchery before the rare ones go” she suggested.

Aunrey clutched her arm. It stung badly, as did a lot of the rest of her body, but there were no marks or burns. “I guess” she agreed.


No more than an hour later, she had managed to reach the magmatic hearth of the Hatchery(and the heat dried her off, which was a plus). Left and right, other students made b-lines for different nests and others made round trips a few times before settling on their first dragon.

Not Aunrey, though. She just stood there.

“Just give it a moment” a boy said to her at some point. “You’ll feel what’s right for you”

And she gave it plenty of moments. Enough moments for even the Whispering Death’s nest to clear out. The mother happily lay curled around the empty ditch, just like the rest of them.

Maybe come back tomorrow?’ Aunrey thought to herself, but even she was having a hard time keeping her spirits up. For now, she would just have to find something else to do. Exploring the islands would have to do for a distraction for now.

It was a weird sensation. Aunrey normally was in a constant state of optimism, but the type of sadness or disappointment in her right now was almost nothingness. A sort of emptiness in her chest, as if the ‘happy-go-lucky’ carelessness was now just ‘go’. Go somewhere and do nothing.

The Lookout was pretty boring. A plot of land was for sale but she had no coin. Groups of students took turns gazing through a telescope fixed to an outcropping but there wasn’t much on the horizon to get a better look at.

The Training Grounds had some more promise- the racing tower stood proudly on its own rocky cape, its height outmatched only by the Flight Club platform. Arena’s built into caves either side of the entrance added another layer to the cove but Fireball was strictly experienced trainers only and ‘Bullseye Lagoon’ had a faded ‘Closed’ sign nailed to its door. Aunrey couldn’t wait until she could explore the place properly with her own dragon- something that she was slowly fearing would never happen.

This only left the Wilderness to wander through, the only forested part of the island. It was where most of the Hatcheries eggs came from, according to Jurada, so it wasn’t unheard of for a student to go in there with just the one scaled companion and leave with two.

It was reassuringly quiet here. No other students. Any dragons that saw her turned tail and left silently. It was a good place to reset, and by now the sun was touching the horizon, adding to the serene environment.

In the distant forest, a pillar of black smoke billowed from the trees. Some boars burst out of the undergrowth, squealing and paying no mind to her in their blind fear. These were sure sounds of an injured or angry dragon- just the kind of thing she was looking for.

Racing towards the smoke, she grinned to herself as she pondered what could be the owner of the smoke. Smokebreath? Stormcutter? Hotburple? At this point any kind of dragon would be fine for her. She reached the place that the smoke was coming from, and found a patch of forest stripped bare by flames and gales. The ground was still warm- coals embedded in the tree trunks still glowed rather brightly. The tops of the trees melted into the dusk sky.

Then a beam of sunlight pulled itself from the rest.

She watched in awe as a dragon with fiery wings materialize out of the dusk sky, landing heavily on the other side of the field to her. They locked eyes, and Aunrey felt the connection. A Typhoomerang with eyes of light bronze, a face like white ash and a body made of fire, stood regal and proud. He was a powerful beast, but not without intelligence or kindness. Pale striping in his scarlet belly reminded her of the onyx geodes brought back from trading vessels, smoothed and buffed into shining stones as bright as his scales.

The dragon took a step towards her, growling. She wasn’t scared, however. And he didn’t seem defensive, either, growling more out of a test than to frighten her. He stopped rumbling and his pupils widened, taking another step forward. Their noses were almost touching. “Hi there” Aunrey whispered.

He sniffed her head, and made a strange gurgling noise. “Would you want to come with me?” she asked, hopeful.

It was a long shot, but there was no way she would leave this majestic dragon behind without even trying.

He slow-blinked, considering the offer. After a moment, he nuzzled her forehead, gurgling again. “You want a name?” she asked her new dragon, who was very quickly warming up to her. “What about Onyx?” she suggested, remembering the small stones again.

Onyx didn’t exactly object to his name, if anything humming even louder. She laughed, stroking his nose and horns, finally with her dragon.

Written by the AMAZING Wutend Bonfire^^ TYSM! 

Meet Snowbelle! She's Wolf's crush! 
By Fen Brekkie^^
More Snowbelle art! 
                                     By WraithSkrill^^
Wolf and Snowbelle by Snowflake12298^^
My sister, Lex and her Dragon Camaczi by Boombox74^^
Lex Lenox by Starke Raving Madmen^^
And Camacazi, also by Starke Raving Madmen^^
My Razorwhips, Blitz (Male, copper) and Iceshard(Female, silver) by Snowflake12298^^
And a WIP OC's Dragon!
By Teekay^^ (duh)
Tempest by RedEmber^^
Species: Skyworm
Species first discovered by: Chameisida
Gender: Male
  I met Sniper on an island far south of Berk.

My dragon, Polaris, spotted him first, he was high above the island, as if scouting out his next move.

As we   approached the dragon he attacked. He hit Polaris, barely, but it was still clear that Polaris was in excruciating pain.

We crashed into the island below, Sniper was quick to follow.

I tried to tend to my dragon, but Sniper came bursting through the trees, wanting to finish what he'd started.
I dodged a few attacks but he had me cornered.
"Stop!" I yelled as he readied the final blow.
This interested him. A human, who can speak with dragons?
"How can you do that?" He asked in a gruff voice.
"I learned your language, I live alone in an island will with dragons for half of the year." I answered.
"Show me the island." He demanded.

"I can't, my dragon is injured."

"Then care for him, then you will show me the island."
I tended to Polaris most of the night, amidst talking to Sniper.
The next morning woke up to see Sniper guarding us. He hadn't killed us!
Polaris was well enough to fly now and we began the flight back to Vivvore.
Once there Sniper was welcomed with open wings. It was there he realized that I had befriended all these dragons and I keep them safe.
I named him Sniper and offered him a place at Vivvore. He agreed.

He remains aggressive, but a bit less. Now he happily lives as the head of defense at Vivvore.

Yay! You made it to the end! Now you get the rest of the quote!
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I would definitely want one ;3;


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My advice - Hope it helps.

My advice on the egg design: Don't design it how they design a lot of dragon eggs in RoB,like don't make it with pointy things or bulges on it. 

So not like these:

I feel sorry for any dragon who has to lay these.


As for any patterns or the shape of it... I don't have any ideas either XD. 


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(Pretty muchly just looks like the Screaming Death from Httyd)


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(Pic coming soon)


Laluby the Death Song (adult) female.


Bolder the Gronckle (adult) male.

Zig and Zag the Zippleback (adult) male(males?)

Sheld the Armorwing (adult) male(When I was naming Sheld I was actually trying to spell "Sheild" but forgot the i) 


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Somethin' or Other the Chiropan. Made by the talented NightmareRebuff!

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Good point. Glad you mentioned that I can't stand that either poor mommy dragons! :P




I was wondering about making them different colors depending on the baby dragon, but see-through, like tainted glass

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You know what I think would be pretty neat? Usually, animals who have brightly coloured males and neutral coloured females are all about blending in with their surroundings. Perhaps the eggs could be smaller than normal {to make for easy pouch carrying in emergency situations}, but also "natural" coloured. Perhaps a dark grey base fading to a mossy looking green top. Similar to a small pebble or rock. That way predators wouldn't be able to see them as easily ^_^

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I like that! I'm going to use it. The part about them being so little would explain why it takes so long for them to learn to fly, too. You have great ideas XD

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nice design

It's super late at night so I won't say much except these look fantastic and I would love to adopt one if you do open them for that! I like how they fly like a sparrow or other short-winged bird.


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Lilja by the great Arrowalker

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Njall and Lilja by FloofQueen!

Kas by Redwind

 Lilja by ShiroKageFox

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thank you!

Thank you Paxy, you and Fury made my day! 


I will be doing adoptables, but it may be a few weeks. I have a really full schedule right now :P



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''Tis the season to be- oh. Wrong season

Oh my great goodness gracious, I absolutely love them to death :D this is a perfect example of a really good fanmade species that I wouldn't mind seeing at the school ;;;)))) hint hint hint Brynjolf?

You put so much thought into everything about the Mimikoo (that's a really cool name btw)

If you ever made adoptables of either the Mimikoo or the Kyte, I'd be sure to get one. Glass-making mockingbird rooster dragon? Yes please!


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Thanks so much, Fury! You and Paxyromana made my day.


I plan to do adoptables soon for both dragons. :D

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''Tis the season to be- oh. Wrong season

Aw you're welcome, I'm glad I could brighten your day :D 

Best of luck making those, no rush!