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Sorry for yelling like that but I really want this to happen. In multiplayer when you see other people's dragons flying, they have stiff anims. Why can't we see them actually dive instead of just minds float down? It bothers me a lot but this is just me whining.


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a bit about me


join date: September 21, 2016

3 years after it came out on July 17, 2013

favorite dragon: stormcutter

hobbies: drawing, reading, and writing. 

favorite game(s) i have: "splatoon 2" and "the last guardian"

prized possesions: wooden mannikin, nintendo switch, trico statue

favorite musical artists: jonsi, fall out boy, jon bellion, porter robinson, maedon

favorite book series: wings of fire

favorite book from such series: book 8

dragon i have most of: stormcutter, planning to get a second one on my main viking.


weird or personal stuff about me that im fine sharing


im 14 currently, birthday is on april 3

i have monovision, a condition in your eyes that has one eye near and other far sighted. i can't see 3d movies, plus i dont wanna see red and blue through the entire thing. 

i have an actual raccoon skull i picked up from a field. dont worry, my friend helped me bleach it

i collect feathers and marbles

ive been drawing for 8 years. i started in 2010.





(Green star signifies a favorite dragon, which I call Dragons of Honor.)

(A flag next to them means that they are wild and like to visit. [in story terms])





Cloud - Deadly Nadder

Wasp - Speed Stinger

Flower/Feathersky lost account so had to rename - Woolly Howl

Glider - Titan Woolly Howl

Paralyze - Shockjaw

Nation - Stormcutter

Icicle - Snow Wraith

Airborne - Grapple Grounder

Bonlie - Boneknapper

Fang - Monstrous Nightmare

Needle - Whispering Death

Zues & Andrew - Hideous Zippleback

King - Timberjack

Nightsong - Slithersong

Coaster - Skrill

Armor - Razorwhip

Queen - Typhoomerang and a huge jerk

Serphant - Tide Glider

Wonder - Sandwraith

Camo - Changewing

Agaiga - ArmorWing

Tune - Thunderdrum

Unit - Eruptodon

Patches - ScuttleClaw

TOTAL: 24 dragons! (main viking)



Sticks - Deadly Nadder

Drain - Shockjaw

Animal - Stormcutter

Parade - Flame Whipper

Maw - Boneknapper

Ceu - Stormcutter 

Slither - Triple Stryke 


TOTAL: 7 dragons! (2nd viking)


Art dump here (imgur)

Edit dump here (imgur)



some gifs i enjoy looking at.











i guess thats it go home now.


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"Minds" didn't even need to be there, my phone is adding words, smh.

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It would definitely would be cool for this to happen. Simple animations being able to be seen by others and not just yourself. It would certainly make some people happy to see this be a new feature added to the game :D 



User: Janovia 

Nicknames: Lunar, Lun, Luny Tunes, Luny, Luney, Looney Tunes, Looney Tooney, Lunarlar, Lulu, Lunary ect. 


Gender: Female

My friend code is: FK4PE6

Clan: Ecliptic Embers

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Trophy count: 18k+ and counting

My favorite things to do in game are hang with my clan and friends, race, and watch drama unfold in TG(Training Grounds).


.....and its pronounced Ja-no-via.


Clan banner done by: Nykitalyn


Dragon of choice: Titan Sand Wraith named Champion

Gender: Male

Personlity: Competitive, stubborn, cheeky and playful. 


Both drawing's done by: JulTheBat 


Drawn by: xXBlueNightFoxXx
























Another favorite dragon of mine is a Razorwhip!


Name: ShimmerSlice

Gender: Female

Personality: Silly, sweet, and mischievous.

Drawn by: TrenchBlood




That's all for now. Enjoy the sunset c;



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Would be awesome! Along with more animations for dragons :p


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yes i know 


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Would be cool

It would be cool to have such details in the game but I think there is a reason why other players are so stiff animated. Maybe it would take too much from computers and phones to show all the ppl on a server in the right animation. I wouldnt have anything against an update like this for sure. Mostly bcs it looks sometimes like ppl walked into the air while they are still standing on the ground. And not forgetting how some of the other players sometimes fly arround without animation, just stuck in a pose. But could the game handle an update like this?










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My main dragon Valfaris :

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This is Kara

Her Story :

Kara is a dragonandriod who was build to do the work for her owner/master. He mistreated her alomst every day. Of course then to most ppl she is just a machine. A machine who does everything and cant say no. Bcs this is her program. They think a machine cant feel anyway. But Kara was much more then just a machine. And one day she opened her eyes. She dont want to listen to her owner/master anymore. She wants to make her own decisions and want to be free. Kara escaped from the place where she once used to be. Now she gets hunted, they want to catch her and reset her memory. They think it is just a error in her progarm that needs a fix. She is allways escaping and searching for the paradise, where she can be free. Her world is full with andriods who are slaves to the living folks. She is one of a few, who opened their eyes and escaped from this censored. These Andriods also get hated by a lot ppl. But the true monsters are not the andriods.

(This is a mix between how to train your dragon and Detriot : Become Human, in my story then Detriot : Become Dragon. The story isnt completly maked from my own. It is more a fan story based on a character in Detriot. I know its weird but I love it xD. I just became a big fan of this emotional game)






(hand drawn)



~About Me~    (If anybody cares)


Im a shy, young adult Woman (I guess? Dont feel so different as adult.) who just loves dragons.

Im not really open to ppl in real live. Im also bit much silent in game.

I need nice, friendly ppl arround me, who wants to talk a lot to get me out of my shell.

My favorite thing is doing drawings. (Right now only dragons, I used to draw animals when I was younger.)

Favorite color is blue of course. But I almost love all colors so long they are bright and strong.

Also Im an anime lover. One of my favorite is Tokyo Ghoul (I did even draw a Ken Kaneki Stormcutter.)

                                                      (Dont ask me why xD)