Make More Dragons Available for Dragon Tactics

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Some of the dragons I'd like to level up via Dragon Tactics aren't available to play yet, which makes it harder to level them up besides waiting for Battle Events and the method of 'play Flight Club until your dragon faints'. 

As much as I would like to play Dragon Tactics with my Silver Phantom and Windwalker, it's probably going to be a long while. I noticed that there aren't a whole lot of dragons that can actually play Tactics, which is quite frustrating if you want to level up some of your dragons. 

Maybe some more dragons that can play will come out, but idk.

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The Windwalker may never come

The Windwalker may never come as it doesn't have combat stats, at least last time I checked. Every single other dragon does have the stats, excluding the Night Lights. So every other dragon is bound to come eventually. They probably won't be announced, since the admins this is a wonderful strategy to let people know what's up with the game.



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I would LOVE for the Night Lights to be available for DT!


I have a hint for you if you're trying to level dragons from activities. Work them til their energy is 0, then feed them chicken eggs until their energy is full. Rinse and repeat. It gets the job done faster.


Aka Cryp or Cryptic, occasionally Fang. I have the same username in the game (my main viking). I have all three Night Lights. Ruffrunner is my favorite and I really hope they become available for Dragon Tactics since that's my favorite minigame. AND I REALLY HOPE DREAMWORKS ALLOWS ADULT NIGHT LIGHTS BECAUSE THEY HAVE EVERYTHING TO GAIN AND BECAUSE MY LIL FURIES WOULD LOOK SO COOL GROWN UP!


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Salmon like no tomorrow

I prefer to do this: in the Wilderness there's a waterfall in which you can fish Salmon with high probability (you can reach it by flying east after the world map, right after entering the area). I simply fish Salmon and feed it to my dragons: each fish gives 15 Energy (it's Night Fury's favorite fish, after all XD).


If you fish eels, SELL them at the job board, unless you have Typhoomerangs who love them.

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It's not the energy, it's the

It's not the energy, it's the xp. Eggs give a lot of xp, getting a dragon down to 0 energy means you can give them more eggs to get more xp.

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Good to know

In this case the question is: do I want to spend less money for bait and Salmon, but with a chance to get different fish or do I want to spend more to feed chicken and get 3 eggs everytime for sure?


However, good to know. Thanks.

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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

Just to add some extra info.

Once you reach a certain point in the game coins don't really become a problum anymore as you'll likely have more then you know what to do with (you'll know when you hit that point). You can put four chickens in one pen and three eggs per chicken every feeding round really adds up over time.



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I have a total of twelve chickens and and ever increasing amount of coins, and I currently have over 800 chicken eggs. I just buy like 500 chicken feed at a time. Best part about eggs is that while salmon give more energy and are a mere probability (I've known about that cove forever but there's a reason I never visit it), eggs are a certainty and give 5 energy, so you ultimately get about 3x the amount of xp a salmon would give you because 1 salmon = 3 eggs. My best suggestion is eggs. And with babies, to "work" them down, just play with them with the ball. 1 ball toss = -1 energy but if you repeatedly toss it it goes by faster than a light. If they're unhappy, petting them gives more xp than play. I implore you to at least try this method for faster levels and if you don't like it that's totally fine.

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Point for stats under level 10?

You brought out this question: what's the point of having dragon stats under level 10, if you're allowed to bring them in DT only when they become Broad Wings (happening at lvl 10)?


I think it would be great to also allow Short Wings to enter DT, in order to ease the leveling up of those dragons.


Besides, if you remember RttE, Garffiljorg was a teen Death Song and he led an entire army of dragons in the final fight... So I don't see why a Short Wing cannot fight in DT.

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There are adult dragons under

There are adult dragons under level 10. Toothless and the Light Fury are level one adults when you receive them so are a lot of expansion dragons. And some people will use age ups.

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I'd love to see Thunderpedes in DT. They have really good battle stats last time I checked (or at least.. they objectively looked good since I am too lazy to check other ones + when I DO check other ones, my terrible memory doesn't quite remember them too well.)


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