make bug problem to everyone

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Viking Warrior
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normally you need to log in(a.k.a make account) and it take time to do..
until the request is accepted 
yes it take time to accept the request and i'm not going to ask why
when you have a bug that you want to report i think it's something that should be also for guest as well..
the way i see it when someone reporting a bug it should into 2 types of basing reports
type 1 (list one):
the members or those who got access to the website
type 2(list two):
those who are guest 
and why is that ?well when you have a n account you will think twice before making a prank on the support group in the server but normal people who are just looking in won't have that problem
so what's the point in that?
simple if there is a bug that people who already forgot about it and new people have problem with it they can report it and if the second list is filling up with the same bug report it's mean it's a real bug report and all those people who just start to play feel like they have voice in this game in the beginning 


This-is why we love him...