Major things (releasing dragons, farm animals, models, food) - long and detailed post but give it a read :)

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1. Releasing dragons: if you buy expansions, you get a lot of dragons. Not all of them are the ones you want. Also sometimes you get a dragon and it turns out to be something you didnt expect. So why not have a "release" option, but not "discard". I think itd be a good idea to be able to release only fully grown, happy and well fed dragons. Just a nice thing to do, say goodbye and release it back into the wild. And it doesnt really have anything to do with lacking space in stables. If you can afford an expansion pack or so many eggs that you have no space left then im sure you can afford to buy another stable room.


2. Dragon food: let us buy fish for gold please. Not just eels but at least all the common ones (perch, trout, herring, halibut).

Speaking of fish id like to see more species of fish that can be seen in the common areas, for example cod, mackerel, eelpout, capelin, haddock, nelma and outside of fish there could be a slightly different way for catching squids, sea snails, crabs etc. also as food to our dragons.

Another food item id be very glad to see is meat. Just available at the store for gold. No gore, no violence, no blood. Just a steak at the store.

And also honey could be used as a food item and increase the happiness of a dragon.


3. Farming: I think we all want to see more animals on our farms. I have a few candidates which are falcon (could bring you meat. i doubt you introduce it but a person can dream), reindeer (could give you fur or antlers), grey rabbits, more chickens (black, red, multicoloured, roosters), goats maybe, sheep with horns, brown sheep or white sheep with black faces and please please the scottish cow (they are awesome).

Trees could be a great addition to the farming as a decoration but also they could produce fruits, maple sirup maybe? and some other items from different trees (which maybe could be given to a dragon too?)

Currently available animals could use some corrections too. Sheep are the most natural in my opinion. They walk, they blink, they graze... unlike the yak. I almost feel sorry for it because all it does is stand and eat. It doesnt even blink which is kind of creepy. The fox does nothing, thanks to its walk it looks like a zombie. Foxes are energetic, it should be trotting, scratching the ground, maybe lick its paw from time to time, chase its tail. Chickens arent that bad but they too could feel more alive.

You know what would be great? if those animals could roam free on the farm (to some extend). most of the pens feel really small.

Thats it if it comes to their behaviour, but heres a few nice details that would make the game feel a bit more realistic: sheep have much wool when ready to be "harvested", and few a moment later. Its a big jump between these models, i suggest an intermediate model between them, to which it would switch after you feed the sheep (you could use Fungus' model from the Icestorm Island expansion). Fox and bunny give you fur too. We sure would like to see more models of them (fox white and fluffy/brown and not so fluffy, bunny the same)


4. Dragon models: I think its time. Many dragons' models are inaccurate. Im going to show it to you with pictures.

Starting with death song - it should be placing only its toes on the ground, not the entire foot. This makes its legs look awfully short and beefy, which they are not. They are long and indeed muscular but only on the tighs 




you can see it clearly in this scene from the latest season of RTTE

Additionaly its forelimbs arent that short, they can support the animals weight. And this animal is massive. And its body flexible.


Also what is the deal with SoD's dragons that so many of them keep their wings widely spread all the time? Deathsong i think does it the most (when its running or just standing). Its posture is a bit weird too, its head should be held higher (currently it looks like a hunchback which is not so majestic) and its whole body should tilt more forward and downward when its running. And the wings should be "opened" only for flying/display.


The same thing seems to be going on in stormcutters. The legs are bad, wings are "opened" too much. Look at this. Wings close to the body. (and notice how muscular the upper shoulder is)



Another thing is its too small. I mean.. majority of SoD's dragons are downsized and theres not much that can be done about it but proportionally to its wings its very small. Aaaand the lower pair of wings should be smaller than the upper.

Compare these two (borrowed SoD dragon pic. Its not mine. I dont know who it belongs to, hope you wont get angry)



And speaking of wings, it has four of them. So it should use them as it has four of them. This dragon is a favourite of so many of us, it should really get its very own animation instead of toothless' adapted one. Its model should be revisited as well. When its gliding it should use only the upper pair and hide the lower pair of wings (censored you see below) The chest is bigger than the belly.



When its flying actively it should use its pairs of wings separatly. Whats the point of having two pairs of wings if use them as only one? They are almost "glued" together too often. Theres actually much more space between them, look.



When turning it could do the famous X-wing figure




About the body: look at its neck - its massive, long (at least longer than in the model), it keeps the head high above its body. Its head should be the highest point on this dragon. The ear-flop-things are mobile and again - bigger than the model.



The eyes should be bigger on the model, the face a bit longer because its too flat.



Theres too many dragons that could be redone animation-wise and model-wise. Nightmares wings need to be redone. Nightmares animation doesnt play well with typhoomerangs model. Descending and Ascending could look better in rumblehorn and many dragons with toothless animation. Toothless needs a new animation! Also hes too small and shouldnt have a claw on its wings' wrist.

There are dragons that are done well like timberjack, scauldron (its active flight is a bit too bouncy and fast for such a massive dragon though, should look more like the slow flight and slow flight should be even slower), thunderdrum, rumblehorn, sandwraith, snowwraith.. Those are just my opinions.

Its a great game considering its free to play. Devs youre doing an amazing job. Recently youve been fixing more than adding new dragons. What im asking for is you improving the game's quality even more. Some of the things on my long list are relatively easy to make and would be a really interestng addition. Some of them certainly require more time but those are major things that need to be done. Your fandom certainly will be grateful.

Thank you very much for reading. Can I count on you and get some feedback from lets say an admin? Id like to know if this mass of text gets even read or not :P And if you arent an admin - also let me know what you think of it.



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I try to give my dragons names with meanings :D


Monstrous Nightmare - Suzuki (my first dragon, named after my lovely cat :33)

Deadly Nadder - Kuuna (which means "marten")

Rumblehorn - Tavro (bull)

Stormcutter - Simba (lion)

Scauldron - Peixes (fish)


I also have some other dragons but don't count them because i got them through mystery box/quest/expansion etc.



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Minnows are the only fish

Minnows are the only fish that can be bought for gold, and if you're like me with way too much gold (I play battles much more often than anything else and frequently get gold from them, as well as from quests which I use to level up my dragons) then you just feed all your dragons with minnows, lol


Also a lot of the models could use some work


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Could the Maker of the stars hear the sound of my breakin heart?

Catching haddock.... That wouldn't be weird................




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I agree!

I absolutely agree with the farm stuff. I actually posted a thread a while back with a bunch of similar suggestions, but of course I'm not accusing you of idea robbing or anything. :) But, yeah, trees with fruits and things would be great. You could have to "feed" the tree to get a harvest. And the tree food? Dragon dung from your stables!

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Great work!

This is some great thinking. I definetly agree with the stormcutter and deathsong. I also feel some of the wings and such are like, paper-thin and it just looks off. Maybe some more dimention. I also really agree with the fish thing, I mean we already use gems for many other things and fish, well those should definetly be purchased with coins. A bigger chicken variety would be fun too, my whole farm is chickens, and havig black and multi-colored ones, I would defintely purchase some of those! Great job I totally agree with you!




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Im really glad to hear it! (read) <3

because i spent several hours thinking it through, typing and getting right pics and gifs :|

This game has great potential, however itd be nice if it put quality over quantity more often.

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Stryka Blasted my Subject Sorry

I pretty much agree with all your ideas but releasing dragons. Come on you you feed it you play you bonded with it and you cared for be like getting rid of your dog that did nothing it was a loyal faithful friend you don't just do that! What if Hiccup got rid of Toothless cuz he had too many dragons or Astrid getting rid of Stormfly because she wanted stable space. You don't just get of you best friend!



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that is my friend why i added

that is my friend why i added "not discard". I dont want it to be "deleting" a dragon or selling (f... no!). You know, Hiccup once gave toothless a chance to leave. He didnt leave him but there were many dragons in the series that were expected to stay with the  vikings but in the end they were set free. Sometimes you just gotta let go, let your animal be free (dogs are fully domesticated so setting them free wouldnt be such a good idea)

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Dragons should be free

I agree! Dragons should have the chance to return to the wild.