Loyalty. [A hunger games but with dinosaurs 7 spot rp]

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyRrrrrerrrr thar maaaaaayttttttuiiiiiieeeesss!

I haven't copied this off of anyone. 

N. O. 

I just wanna do a Dino rp where WE are the dinos... 

Yarrrrrrr soooooo I got no plot because I am a plop. :/

yar just stare at bob a. feet for now.  SW fans I think you know what I'm talking about. 

Seriously why won't UPLOAD FOR FETT's SAKE!!













Ill be back with the plot. 



Here it is.  

What if the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs......



well, it's the Hunger Games for dinos!




EARTH (oops chosen by me 'sorry' not sorry)







this will be dead even before its posted. 



you know it. Please people. 

Only one for each tribe. 

Each dino had to be different. 








Strengths and Weaknesses:

Extra poop things:






<-- I am a nasty a nasty gif so I don't go to the middle 





River's Homepage for FlightRising


Loading Signature...









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Tribe Air is taken but might be removed cause I'd prefer if you'd put your starter post in before 2 days (48 hrs)

Tribe Flame is taken

Tribe Water is taken

Tribe Shadow is taken

Saved spot


exception: Toaster Bunny will be the second outcast 

i don't care bout spelling



Scarlet (ya it's not a male name but whatever)




Earth yallz 




dunno. Do you?


Strengths and Weaknesses: Spitful, quick to blame, afraid of Dinosaurs with horns, very fast (he's a raptor duh), smart


you look like a duck scarlet

he has very badly damaged teeth and scars over eye, making an x

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like wut?

like wut?


My profile picture was made by Phoenix107. Check out her DeviantArt page here!


Dusk the Seasong, drawn by Adopto66

Amphitrite the Aquaborealis, by 1Flower! :D

This is Raster, the fictional Albaraptor, by Megaboltphoenix.

Giotheal, a second Albaraptor. <3

Here's his headshot.

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The Dino Games?

Save spot plz


" We spoke unspoken things, We rode on broken wings "

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I am already in nearly 4 active RP's so what the heck, why not

Name: Soular

Gender: male

Species: Spinosaurus

Personality: I am to lazy you'll just find out

Appearance: just look up pic on spinos, no specific colors

Strengths and Weaknesses: large, large sail, strong, fast, aquatic, etc.

Extra poop things: ?

Tribe: water


Looking forward to the holiday times :)


Hello to all who wish to read my Signature

My name is mechfighter, but you already know that

I go by that or you can call me Rukath

enjoy what you find below, some of which is mine and others are made by others from around the forum, Enjoy.


How my past few years have felt

(all poetry/what-ever-you-might-call-it below is made by me)


you watch the couples with a light eye

happy that they are happy and like a ghost you move on

your the good friend that all can trust with their emotions

but rarely ever express your own

stay strong for others and always be there for them

but the lonlyness always sits there in your heart

like a sleeping dragon

you want to wake it to learn and experiance

but you let it sleep for you don't know how to, or can't, wake it

you also fear retaliation or rejection for waking the sleeping dragon

family helps but it can't wake the dragon fully

so it just falls back into its deep sleep

the dragon requires a special person to wake it

and not some helpless damsle

the girl who will wake my heart will come one day

but till then my heart will allways have a dragon of lonelyness sitting on it


respect is due when respect is earned

and respest is earned though action, knowledge, and deed

not position, word, and greed


everyone who lives under these gray skies

learns to love the rain's soft lullabies

it pitter patters upon the roof

like the constant drumming of a thousand fingers

it dribbles down the window

in constant snake like patterns

slithering down the window

it can be harsh

ruining every ones plans for the once sunny day

but then it can be creative

sculpting a mountain with it's thousands of fingers

and the patience of a million years

let it's colorful nature never stop falling from its grey origins


one might ask "what is the most dangerous thing on the planet?"

and the simple answer is "man"

we are a cruel and evil species

we attack each other for petty reasons

we ruin the place where we live

and then we wipe out other creatures with our constant demands for our petty lives

but we are not all bad

we can change and evolve

we can fix some of the wrongs we have done to this world

we can control ourselves

we can make this planet better

but first

before we can do any of that

we must change ourselves


life is a constant circle

where one ends another begins

it is also the most unpredictable thing on this planet

but we love it for that

for life's curve balls keeps away the repetition

you could take it both hands an lead it by the nose in you preferred direction

or you could let it take its course and see what happens

life is also cruel and unforgiving at times

but we must take the good with the bad

to give up on it is not an option

for it is up to you to change your life and make it better

but in truth life is a gray fog

but all it takes is a little sun and everything becomes visible


Fire, Fire, where's your light?

Have thy embers turned to ash?

Has the air gone to thin for you to breath?

Will you light again brighter than before?

To warm the souls of others

To chase away the cold that creeps into bones

Fire, Fire burn so bright

Signle to others to gather around your warmth

And that you are reborn


Είμαι μέσα σε κάθε πλάσμα και το φυτό, είμαι πολύ περίπλοκη, αλλά μπορώ να κάνω απλά πράγματα, είμαι όλοι γύρω από σας, αλλά υπάρχουν μερικές θέσεις όπου δεν υπάρχουν. Τι είμαι εγώ;


To say that you are normal is a lie, there is no such thing

To say you are better is a lie, we are all the same

To say that you are worse is a lie, no one's perfect

We are just different

We are all perfect in our own way

And no one can change that

These are the lessons of life

And we must learn them




My Viking

Name: Rukath

Main dragon: Dubstep (Death Song)

Star level: Single Solid Platinum (400k)

Clan: Star Weyr (status:Leader)

Clan Status: Open, 50 spots

Trophy Count: 12000+

Friend Code: PM me if you want it

Dragon Count: 55 dragons, 12 eggs

6/9 sharp

7/11 mystery

7/11 bolder

8/9 stoker

3/3 tracker

3/3 strike

6/7 tidal


Reader of the

Dragonriders of Pern series

Pernese OC

Rider: Fa'lan

Dragon: Bronze Rukath

Weyr: Fort Weyr, Star Weyr

(found these on the internet, not mine)



Misfit made by Livy SoD ^

Rukath (the bronze Pern dragon) in his many forms

made by me 

made by themasterplan47

Soular the Skyvern

made by -Pyrelyth-

link to his backstory http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/re-introducing-skyvern-revamp-0

Rommer the Timberjack by themaserplan

skies edge my Mained Stratofier (Made by me)

Sun Spot the Noelani dragon (by hootowllighbulb))

Gaoth the Rocky Mountian Davus (by MegaBoltPhoenix)

Kailo the Male Vesupas by Bavelly


Listar the Sadow caster (By secret santa)

My Viking OC

Name: Rukath Soular

age: 17

Back story:

Seven years previous Rukath was found in the woods by Hiccup and the gang while they were out on patrol; he lay in a clearing, the ground was soaked with his blood, close to death, breath shallow. He was cut and bruised all over; his cloths were torn to complete shreds, his face had a massive slash across his right eye, and patch of scalp was bloodied at the back of his head where some one had tried to bludgeon his head in. A few bloodied weapons lay strewn about the clearing as if some one left in great haste, which suggested that Hiccup and company had scared off the attackers just in time. With Rukath being carried by Toothless, the gang flew off back to Berk where they took Rukath straight to Gothi who said that Rukath had a very slim chance of living, but none the less she started the healing process. 

After a few days had passed Rukath woke up, he was scared of all he did not know. Gothi had Hiccup and Stoick fly up to her hut so that they could talk to Rukath; they asked where he had come from and who had attacked him, but all Rukath could say was that he did not know, the only reason he had a name was because that was what was carved into a stone pendant that hung around his neck, it was the only thing that was not destroyed or ruined in any way, unlike his cloths, after getting nowhere with Rukath, who seemed to have no memory, Gothi pulled Stoick and Hiccup outside and told them what she thought and knew of Rukath, she said that he seemed to be about the age of ten and had no memory due to his close encounter with death, she then told Stoick what was on the boy's left shoulder, a black Skrill tattoo, all knew that that was the symbol of the Berserker tribe; this confused Stoick and Hiccup who decided to keep that part about the boy secret from the tribe.

Time passed slowly for Rukath, he was treated as a bit of an outsider, but there were a few that he had befriended. Rukath spent a lot of time reading up on dragons and studying them as well as creating several things that showed a resemblance to things that Hiccup built but with a different flare, this was a way to not interact with others. Many people treated Ruakth with little interest for the first year Rukath had been on the island, some still remembering what happened when they last brought an unknown person into their midst, this mostly changed when Rukath got into the Dragon training academy.

While at the Academy Rukath tried many different dragons, all of which didn't work for him for one reason or more, the main of which was that the dragons did not "connect" with him. He spent two years in the Academy, dragonless, this did not help the ridicule that he sometimes got. On the day that Hiccup announced that Dragon's Edge was open to the other trainers Rukath managed to hitch a ride on one of his friends dragons to the magnificent place. Once there Rukath found that there was not much to do when you did not have a dragon to ride. On a clear night with a strong wind, Rukath "borrowed" a small, one man, sailing ship, loaded it up with some supplies, and took off into the night to see what he could see, and maybe, just maybe, find the right dragon for himself. He spent several hours out at sea but it was not long before Rukath found himself in a massive storm which blew him way off course, though he did not have much of one to begin with.

Once the storm had passed Rukath found himself in the vicinity of an island that he did not recognize with mast that was shattered in half. Rukath managed to paddle the dilapidated craft to the shore of the island and beach it so that he could do repairs on the thing, he found out quickly that there was no way of fixing the craft's mast with out some metal sheets and some nails, with that on his mind, Rukath decided to explore the island that he had landed, it did not take long before he heard a sort of draconic mewling. Following the sound, it was not long before Rukath found a baby dragon trapped in a metal dragon hunters net, thinking quickly he cut the rope holding the net in the tree and lowered the baby dragon to the ground, removing the heavy and rusted net, Rukath found that he could not identify the small creature, he reveled at the dragonet whereupon it mewled again and Rukath realized that the creature was half starved, with a deft movement he brought out a piece of fish from his satchel and gave it to the baby dragon who snapped it up quickly, Rukath produced another fish from his satchel and gave it to the baby who once again snapped it up again and after the second fish the baby seemed sated and happy, he patted the dragonet and gave it a loving scratch, which caused the dragonet to hum a in a manner that was very pleasing to the ears, and stood up and began to walk back to his boat and the dragonet began to follow him; he was about to tell it to go find its mother but he thought that if the poor creature had been here this long with out help from its parentals that he figured it was parentless.

Sighing Rukath waited for the dragonet to catch up and he continued back towards the boat, when Rukath reached it he sighed and began to continue work on it, trying to fix it so that he could get back to the Edge. After a probable hour he gave up with the mast balanced precariously where it should go, he sat down and put his head in his hands, the dragonet looked at Rukath and then the mast and then the little dragon stood up and shot a small blob of amber onto the spot where the mast was broken and with that the mast was fixed, or at least repaired to usefulness. Rukath looked at the mast then the dragon, he now knew the golden colored baby dragon was a Death Song, and then stood up, took the Death Song in his arms and spun him around in elation that the Death Song and saved them both; after a few minutes of that Rukath put the suitably smug Death Song on the bench of the boat and again thanked the little creature, Rukath thought that the dragon needed a name, he named the little creature Dubstep and with that they set sail back towards the Edge.

Rukath was thoroughly scolded by Hiccup and the others when he got back but he did not care for he had a dragon that no one else had. Once back on Berk Rukath and Dubstep were given a house to live in for none had fostered him and none wanted to share a house with a dragon that every dragon feared. The old house sat on the side of the mountain that was topped by Gothi's hut. He took the rickety old house with gratitude and after time fixed it up with the help of Dubstep's amber and made the house there own.



In colaberation with Kcrockett, Rukath and Anikay are husband and wife in a PM RP that we have been doing

pic.c of the couple

(done by the talented Pixel, we thank you greatly for taking your time to do this)

(done by Krockett herself)

This is Dubstep my golden goofball

By Wuntend Bonfire (thanks a million Wuntend)

(done by Brownie14)^

(base by Megaboltphoenix, colored by me)^

(by Tosilohi for harvest haunt)^

(by my talented secret Santa, MajaPercuilum)^

(Dubstep dragon symbol done by Okamisusi)

made by FireNightStar

another pic by the lovely Arrowalker

by ScarfyWings

Rukath and Dubstep


(this amazing of picture if Rukath and Dyubstep was done by Witcherforever)^

(done by me "Night Comes")

(done by the ever skilled DatOneTumpet)

these are the many different pictures that I have drawn of My OC Viking

this is the first iteration

this is the second iteration

this is number three

Number four

Art of Rukath Soular

(Done by the new but incredibly talented Arrowalker)

this is his weapon (I call it a Swax)

his other weapon is the duel crossbow shown above

his shield is on his left arm and shown above

(it is a combo weapon, it is both a sword, an axe, and a hook)

Dragon in many different languages

Greek: Δράκος

Arabic: التنين

Russian: Дракон


Hebrew: דרקון

Korean: 용

give me suggestions for other languages

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Name: Pine Gender:

Name: Pine

Gender: male

Species: pteranodon longiceps (if allowed)

Personality: Idk

Appearance: I'm pretty sure everyone knows what a pteranodon looks like. He's got a long pointy head, digitigrade wings, about three feet tall without including his massive head. Brown, with dark speckles on his body, and white wingtips bordered by a thick black stripe. His crest is bright green with a flare of scarlet at the tip.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Can fly away from danger, but takeoffs are slow and require immense strength, with flight sustainable only through the use of thermals and updrafts. Pteranodons are pretty flimsy, and their cold-blooded metabolism makes them sluggish and slow, giving the plethora of plumed critters a huge advantage over him.

Extra: Air tribe

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This thread is a great

This thread is a great example of the fact that, no matter how poorly thought out or randomly made something is, people will always go to the dinosaur roleplays.

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people like this just

Wow thanks


this was made 2am and probably doing d.(r)ugz

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First of all I need to say that it is my very first rp in English. And my English is not really good and I dont have any expierence in it. So sorry if I do smth wrong...But I love the idea very much!
Name: Echo
Gender: Female
Species: Velociraptor
Eyes: bright yellow xD
Body color: Dark orange. The feathers are lighter or darker making a camouflage and at the same time a beautiful pattern.
Tail: looooooong. The end of it is darker.
Claws: bronze color
Personality: You will find out xD
But she is very smart and sly to her enemies. But to her friends she is veryyyyy devoted. The rest u will find out
Strength: she is smart and can run very quickly. Echo has a lot of leader features too. When she is with other velociraptors they are the deadly machine xD. But Echo doesnt want to open her all strength to her enemies lol
Weakness: sometimes Echo is really disconcentrated and one day it can be fatal. She also never overrate somebody and believe in real friendship...but real friends can be fake ones
Extra: ?
Tribe: fire
I wanted to be air but ok
Yea thats it.


Welcome to msssssignature

to very long one XD

(actually it isnt very long yet-_-)

lets bet that you wont be able to read it to the end XD


My viking: 

  • Name:Astra
  • Age:14
  • Gender: Female
  • Clan: Swift Champions
  • Main dragonChangewing ARTHAS
  • Trophies: 2600+
  • Dragon training Level:35 
  • Fishing Level: 30
  • Farming Level: 18
  • UDT: 1 gold star (13000+)

​My Facebook: Astra Changewing

My Google+: Astra Changewing

My YouTube: Astra Changewing

My forum name:KrasivaAstra

My in-game name: KrasivaAstra

My OC`s name: Astra Swiftson

My Chatzy name: Ch@ngeAstr@ da LOVE CHAMPION3


1. Monstrous Nightmare RIFE male adult

2. Whispering Deah MOLEY female adult

3. Stormcutter CALCEFER male adult

4. Whispering Death BLIDAPOGANKA female baby

5. Changewing ARTHAS male adult

6. Groncicle AURORA female adult

7. Sand Wraith ZAMIS male adult

8. Scuttleclaw OPHELIA female adult

9. Smoking Smokebreath SIRKO male adult

10. Razorwhip  SILVERMOON female adult

11. Typhoomerang FERRARI female adult

12.Fireworm Queen CHRYSAN the MUM female adult

13. Rumblehorn MR CHAFER adult

14. Speed Stinger BLUE teen

15. Tide Glider PEARL female adult

16.   Flightmare VEGA female adult

17. Screaming Death GENOQUEEN female teen

18. Shockjaw SPARKY male baby

19.Singetail CAMILA female adult

How many female dragons >.< xD)
















Astra Swiftson - my main oc viking. I will add her photo later.

She lives on Berk with her family. Father - Olex

ander TheBravest (his surname was Windson but vikings named him TheBravest for his bravery in the battles) and mother Leanore Windson. Their farm is very interesting and unusual. Because it is a Fireworm Farm! They make honey for themselves or sell it.

Astra was born when hiccup was at the age of 5. Astra reached this age when Hiccup trained Toothless and now when Hiccup is at the age of 20, Astra has 15 years)))))

Astra loves speed and extreme, adventures and dangerous journeys. Her hobby is traveling but it isnt the only thing she goes in for. Her life is very various and interesting, i think. After her training a changewing her favourite thing became racing. Oh, it is the best thing ever! Flight, wind, sky, speed, clouds...

That was general information which is still under a construction)))...

And now a story of training Artas - Astra`s dragon!

If you want to have dragon you have to pass an exame about dragons and only after it you will get a permission to train a dragon.

Astra wanted a night fury, of course, but noone knows where they live. One boy, Clawet to be exact, hasnt passed the exam but Astra has. He met Astra near her house and said:

- Astra, Im glad that you have won!

- Oh, thank you, Clawet! You had good results, too...

- I have a very interesting deal for you. It is about night furies...

- Really?

- I was walking around Hiccup's house and...Well, I have stolen THIS.

- Looks like a map. You have STOLEN it!!!

- I want to train a night fury but I havent passed the test! And I hoped that you would help me...

- Ok, What do you mean?

- I will give you a map and you will train the night fury...

- !!!

- ...and than you will take me with you and I`ll train my one ,too.

- It`s great but how can I even find night furies...

- You have a map of the Night Isle! It is in your hands now.Ok,I have to go! Goood bye, good luck!

Astra got up very early. She took a map, a rope, a little copy of the book of dragons and one fireworm...Astra became a bit worried and a bit afraid.

Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, Snotlout came and said to go to the arena. "It starts in 30 mins" - they said. Astra nodded and took her bag. It was scary to leave her home... Maybe it is the last time she is here, in her house.

There were very many people, the whole village, maybe. Astra sat on Toothles with Hiccup and they flew to theDragon Isle. Hiccup told me the rules:

- We will land on the Dragon Isle. Astrid and I will fly over and around the island. If something happends to you call us. You can spend here at much a week. You can go fishing or hunting. Be very careful because you will be among WILD dragons. You can took your weapons but it isnt allowed to shot at dragons without a reason. Only for a protection, OK?


It was really great feeling that you will soon have your own night fury...

- Dont be afraid, I believe that you will manage! - said Astrid when she landed after Toothless.

Astra nodded and run to the forest. There were so many different scary sounds! Astra became really afraid...She had a plan (the plan is to train a random dragon and then to fly to the night isle) and she had to catch some fish. After that Astra climed a tree and saw a deadly nadder not far from her. Astra got down and run to the place where she saw that nadder.

...Nadder attacked by jumping on Astra but the girl rowed and found herself near a large pine-tree. She climed but the nadder fired the tree and it was about to fall. 

- It is my chance!

Astra jumped from the pine on nadder`s back. Deadly Nadder was suprised and disappointed. Astra gave the nadder a fish and "trained it with her hand".

Hiccup landed to congratulate Astra but she was GONE!!!

Astra flew on her first trained dragon to the Night Isle. She hoped to train a night fury besides she had some expeirence after a nadder))). 

- Come on, Poppy ( she named her nadder this way)! I think that's it, I think.

And really there was an island on the sea line. Suddenly the little smokebreath appeared. There were a lot of different weapons in his jaw. It flew above Astra when one of its axes fell down and hit Poppy's head. She fell uncouncious and stoped flying.

- Oh,Thor...POPPY!!!!!!!!

...First thing she could saw after her falling was a blue-blue sky. "Im probably dead" - thought Astra. But then she could see some pines, stones. She realized thet her arms, legs and practically the whole body had hurt very much.

- Ehm...Well, Im not dead if I still fell pain but where am I? Is it the Night Isle?

Astra made a fire and took some fish from her bag (it is impssible but after the falling it remaind near Astra XD >.<). Fried salmon without salt, sauces and etc wasnt very tasty but there was nothing else. Astra hasnt seen any night furies, she has heard only some scary sounds like "Shooh-shooh-shooh". It was getting dark and Astra fell asleep under a large pine-tree...

...Warm sunlight woke up her. Astra felt great! She looked around and realized that she had found herself in a stone cave. She came to the enter of the cave and looked out. The cave was situated very high on the mountain and pine-trees were so small down on the ground. Suddenly she heard a swish. Something invinsible (try to guess what it is)))) landed. Astra closed her eyes becouse of fright and was ready to meet her death...

But nothing happended. She opened one eye and saw THE CHANGEWING looking at her.

- Oh, my Thor! - whispered Astra, - Arent you going to kill me?

The changewing looked quite kind and Astra tried to train it. And what do you think? The whole her arm remained and the changewing wasnt going to attack.


Im very lazy XD XD 

What story do you want next? 





I cant believe but you have read it all! And as a reward here are some gifs!









by NarixuZen

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Save shadow allosaurus spot





Hi I am Vas.Night in Game ^.^

Friend Code:PM

Clan:The Night Fury Racers





CHANNEL NAME : Winter Alpha 






and a little animation :D


all by me!



Nasender-Deadly Nadder

Night Wave-W.Death





My Possible future Razorwhip and Fireworm~

My OC Night Fury~.~

















~~Random Gifs~~







PM me if you want to join :)







~Flying Through The Skies~

by me

Image result for how to train your dragon

Twist n turning

Up and Downtwist n turning

Thats What I Like To Do

No one Can Stop Me

from doing that

Image result for how to train your dragon

as long my buddy is there

theres always hope

no matter what

 we will always strike

to the end

Image result for how to train your dragon

the best part is

having fun

thats what a buddy is for

to have fun together

and even if fun times end in crashes and other things

Image result for night fury

it always end with a smile that will make your heart melt

and thats called love


Image result for night fury

if they had made you angry

always forgive them

cause theres nothing that will replace

the precious bond of us

Image result for night fury

hugs are most welcomed among buddies !!!

Image result for night fury

no matter they are cute


Image result for grump in httyd

or they are fat

what matters is

if their friendship isnt bad!

Image result for grump in httyd




I am an adoptable maker~



MY Adoptions


Name: Sunsetixy
Number:Orange Delight
Personality: Active on the Day and Night.Also known as the hyperactive orange.Likes to run a lot.Favourite sports is Dragon racing and she is very competitive.Call when disasters happens.
Her weakness is when the place is too crowded.Likes to be with a few people more.


 Spacious the Stellar*
Name : Stelaxia
Gender : Female
Personality :
Stelaxia Enjoys Being Outdooors Much . Her Favourite Season of The Year is Winter , where she imagined snowfalkes as shoooting stars coming down from space . She is quite active and can be hyperactive at night during the winter. She is a competitive Spacial Beauty who enjoys taking challenges . Whenher friends are bullied she will always be the one to stand up for others no matter what happens when it the bully is as twice as big as her.
Powers : Minor Teleport
Weakness : Doesnt like being alone

Cloudy Knight the Stellar

Name: Asteroid
Personality: Tough but caring. A knight of wonder. Defender of the Galaxies. Curious about anything he sees and gets into trouble sometimes. An understanding little fella who cares deeply about your feelings.
Powers:Minor Camouflage
A little Backstory: Asteroid was born on the deepest edge in the galaxies. He was found by another Spacial Beauty and brought up to become a leader, a knight.

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Personality in two words: Competitive and Self Minded.
Backstory: On a peaceful, queit day. Bayshock and I were flying above the seas. We flew with some seashockers and fought off some terrible terrors. Suddenly, waves are slkasing violently. Bayshock, a shockjaw, who was a tidal class dragon sensed unusual movements and flew off to a beach on an island nearby. We onserved behind a rock and some trees. Suddenly, something flew out of the volcano far away, roaring which seems like screaming to a dragon. I cjecked my dragon handbook, it wasnt a Screaming death because it had limbs. It wasnt a Fireworm beacuseit has spikes on its body. A Hybrid !!! I quickly dreq down the hybrid on my handbook. The hybrid roared and glowed with Fury. I turned back to see Bayshock to make sure she was ok but when i turned back the hybrid dissapeared. I looked at my surroundings to make sure it wasnt hiding somewhere spying on me. Sure enough, there was a large molten rock behind me. I troed to walk as slow and quietly to observe if anything was behibd the rock. I signalledBayshock to not attack any creature it sees. When I walked near the rock, "ROOAAARRRRRRRRRRR" the force of the scream tossed me into the water. Bayshock dragged me out of the water while the beast looked at us curiously.It doesnt seem so much with fury now.Maybe I can try to tame it I thought. I tried to create a bond with it. It tried to bite me and flew off. Well that was unexpected. I rode on Bayshock and went back to Berk. A few days later, I was walking on the docks of Berk when I saw a familiar tail going in the caves. I saw to the entrance of the cave and saw...The hybrid."Uh-Oh" I tried to run away fron the dragon but i failed beacause of the whispering death holes. I cant decide which one to enter. I looked back and saw that the dragon didnt attacl me but looked at me instead. I tried to create a bond with it again. This time it worked.It worked! I was so happy that I hugged the dragon. But seriously i cant keep a screaming fireworm in my stables.The dragon had stripes so i decided ro name it dimension. It decided to go inti the wild too so we met secreatly every week.
Location (can be unknown):Near Berk, she visits me through caves located under Berk sice she will scare the villagers. Comes back to Berk every week.

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This boy is as sweet as his mother. He enjoys getting hugged and being around people. He does not enjoy being alone, and will usually follow you around wherever you go.
Galaxy Puff
Colouraze~ by me
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Ok I hope you understand I am

Ok I hope you understand I am active in SoD but I don't really write really much .
Sorry please understand it :)

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AHHHH! I thought it was dead

AHHHH! I thought it was dead already! Okay. I'll fill out my form. 

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Sry :(

 Edit: Deleted (give my spot to someone else)


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Full name: Skylar Estellé Krymark (Kossakevsky)

Gender: Female

Age: N/A 

Ethnicity: Russian/Japanese

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Personality: WIP

Backstory: WIP


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Hey! The name's Sky and I'm a retired SoD player and a former Phantom Lords member. 

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I'm an enthusiast of League, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Osu!, and NieR: Automata. 

From the U.S and a proud Virgo

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Dinos dinos dinos yeh.

Save me an Outcast Saichania spot, ple-e-ase.


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Murp. Sorry bout that toaster. Maybe I can make an exception.

There was only one spot left so person who just posted above Toaster, you have it. 

But whatever: toaster can join too

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Dinos dinos dinos yeh.

Name: Tank

Gender: Male

Species: Saichania

Personality: Bloop.


Strengths and Weaknesses: He is heavily armored and has that club tail. Tank is also very slow, and is at a major weakness if you manage to flip him onto his back...which is difficult, as he weighs several tons.

Extra poop things: Outcast

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L-O-Y-A-L-T-Y royalty.. Whatever.

I think we can start. 

Scarlet shook his body, and ruffled his fur. A few days ago he was picked for Loyalty - you must kill everyone and be the last standing. Scarlet cowered down anxiously awaiting for Screechtalon, his brother, to come over and comfort him. His brother had been picked but was allowed to be released from it when they realized he was under age and they put his name in by mistake. Scarlet started shivering uncontrollably even though it was warm and his feathers were dripping from when he was playingin the waterfall near the edge of his tribe. Gecko, the leader, was heartwarming and gentle but he was ruthless and... -- scary when he got mad. He did not want others to that he was weak. Scarlet got up and scratched his talons on the rock he was resting his badly hurt side against from the brawl with Disk. She was a velociraptor, and stronger then him, although he was the same age as him. Scarlet whimpered softly, and limped put the door. 

"Going somewhere?" Disk's voice. 

"Just going to get some fruit." Scarlet said sharply, and walked away without looking at her, trying to flap his feathers to fly away even though his species couldn't fly. Disk zipped in front of him. 

"Not so fast. I want you to get me my spear or I'll have to beat up again." She growled. Scarlet just looked blankly at the fruit tree and his mouth started to water. 

"No." At that instant, Disk drove her sharp teeth into his hind leg and slammed him against a tree, making a bone crack. 

"You get it now or I'll break your neck." Scarlet closed his eyes and thought for a moment, but was soon retrieving her spear glumly and shoved it over to her. Disk scooped it up and left. Scarlet's stomach roared with hunger and bit at the pain to make it worse. Scarlet saw a tiny outcast dinosaur - probably a Microatoe zhaoianus - scurry past but Scarlet lept out and crushed the prey. He slowly tore away its wings and and ate it slowly. A piece of chewy meat was not swallowed so Scarlet just spit it out after his jaw got sore from chewing. He left a few pieces of meat - which his tribe usually did - so other could eat it if they couldn't hunt for themselves. He wandered off the border and stumbled into a Flame Tribe dinosaur, who was known as Echo. 

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Echo the velociraptor

Echo was chosen to th Loyalty and was forced here...She didnt like the idea of killinf everyone. But now she didnt care. She likes hunting very much and she felt like it is only one more hunting. 

Echo was running through the forest. Huge ferns made the way more difficult -- a lot of turns, but it was even better. More interesting. Echo enjoyed the run. Her feathers were trembling because of the wind...Suddenly Echo smelled something. Someone. Another dinosaur. Her yellow eyes widened, the apple of her eye shortened. She couldnt define what species it was but it was probably a predator. 

Echo slowed down and started to creep avoiding open spaces...

"Maybe this dino will become my ally, not all the predators are obsessed by killing. I hope we can make an allience..." - thought Echo keeping on creeping. 

Now she was really close. Echo could see a brown sinornithosaurus. The velociraptor smiled. They were close relatives with this species. Echo relaxed thinking about it and forgot about danger that this stranger-dino could be...

Echo came out of the bush and roared. It was a friendly roar. But famous velociraptors` claws were raised, the tail was trembling and eyes were watching the sinornithosaurus carefully...

She noiced that this dino had a damaged leg. 

"Thats good" - she thought, - " More chances to win in a battle but I hope we can avoid it"





*im so excited!!!!*

Echo is the second fromm the bottom




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Name: Irritator

Gender: Male

Species: Irritator

Tribe: Light

Personality: Irritator, as his name suggests, he irritates others. He loves watching people burst into flames and shout because of his stupidity. He's stubborn and can't sit down and listen for ten seconds. But Irritator gets bored easily, usually getting on the nerves of others to keep himself occupied. He's quite skilled when it comes to competing against others and ends up finding out the plans of others to use for himself.




( Not my picture. He has yellow eyes.)

Strengths and Weaknesses: Can blend in with the forest with ease, quick and agile, can defend himself for a long time, his attacks aren't very effective, he's not too smart either, thinks he can take on anything and anyone

Extra Poop Things: Nah

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((I take it were have not been entered into the Loyalty?))

 I walked around the forest the was around our tribe. It was nearly impossible to walk around the surrounding forest without running into a river of varying size, but today I was looking for a sizable river. I found a river of decent size and then waded in. I remained in the river until a fish wandered to close and then I hook the fish with my forearms and tossed it onto the shore. I walked over to the floundering fish, grabbed it in my massive jaws and began to eat it.

 I head a noise behind behind me and I turned to find nothing, I hate insects I thought to myself as I began to walk back through the forest, but this time towards the boundaries of our tribe, it was fun seeing other Dinos from other tribes, they looked so different than what I was used to. I wandered through the forest until I heard some faint noises and so I crashed through the bush at a slow lumbering speed. It was hard to be stealthy when you are the largest carnivore known.

 I soon came upon a couple miniscule, at least in comparison to me, Dinos. One was a Sinornithosaurus and the other was a Velociraptor, I knew they were from other tribes son I asked a question, "do either of you know who was picked from you tribe to fight in Loyalty?" I had been "chosen" to be in it, no one ever wanted to be in it, but one was chosen and he or she was usually never seen again, at least in the water tribe. Last Loyalty a Sarco went in, we heard he had almost won but had gotten kille.d by a T-rex, the year before that was a Titanaboa and she was the third to last to di.e, we get so close each year but we have won few and far between.

 I hated the Loyalty but we had no choice in the matter, the elders did, but that was it. I thought to my self as I waited for the two small creature to answer.

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Echo the velociraptor

(I thought we have already entered it -.-)
Echo heard hard steps and vibrations of the ground. She turned her head and saw a huge dinosaur.
"Things are going to be worse" - she thought. Echo made one step back, to the forest. Suddenly the huge dino asked who was chosen to the Loyalty. Echo relaxed. Because they cant kill each other before the Loyalty.
"Me!" - roared Echo. She was watching the sinornithosaur to answer. The Velociraptor was interested in this dino. It was also a raptor but with such a wings! Echo has wings too but they are smaller.
Her great claw knocked the ground in the impatience and the tail was waving.
It was rather difficult to watch both dinos. She thought:"What injustice it is! How can the little herbivorous dinosaur survive among T-rexes and raptors...And it is called Loyalty! Loyalty! Where is this loyalty? Im so lucky that Im a raptor! I have some chances to return home. There are lots of winners-velociraptors. And of course T-rexes...Anyway the Loyalty is going to be interesting this year". Echo signed. She was optimistic but couldnt help fearing the future. Echo didnt want to die. And she will fight. Till the last minute.

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Meh Form is Out !!

Name: Kyla
Species:Allosaurus (Shadow)
Personality:You will know later
Appearance: Dark brown with a few red markings in the back .A few red coloured feathers running down from the head
Strengths and Weaknesses: Calm in situations but can mess things up sometimes.
Extra poop things: ....-_-.....

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Disk is a fatty

Scarlet bared his teeth and a growl gurgled from the back of his throat. He opened his mouth and a roar flew out of his mouth, shaking himself and the velociraptor. 

"I'm not a herbivore..." Scarlet informed. "I like fruit, but I eat meat." Scarlet plucked at a loose feather. He watched the big dinosaur and his pupils dilated. "I may be small, but my teeth are as sharp as razors and you'll never find be in the underbrush." Scarlet narrowed his eyes and moved over to Echo. 

"I'm Scarlet, and I think I've seen you before." Scarlet gave a small toothy grin before turning back to the other dinosaur. "You must be a bully. I can see it." Judged Scarlet, scoffing. Just then, Disk pulled him right across the water and back on his side. She stood in front of him. 

"Go away. He doesn't need friends before the Loyalty." Scarlet glared at Disk.

"I don't need you either." Scarlet jumped on her and bit into her stomach, but she rolled over so she was on top of him, and she rattled a cry into his ears that was the loudest he had ever heard. Scarlet scampered right across the water and shivered beside Echo. 

"Your friend can't help you at Loyalty. She will just have to kill you."

"No..." Scarlet breathed in, and inched away from her. Then Scarlet thought about the ragtag geoup with mostly those long necks and Triceratops. 

"They'd be an easy bunch to devour." He said aloud. 

"Do you mean you're friends?" Disk snickered. 

"No, I mean the ragtag group. Two of them are joining this year instead of one." Scarlet snarled. "Go away."

"As you wish." Disk hissed, and sped away to bully someone else. 


"Ready... On your marks, Loyalty."-- An ostrich like dinosaur that could run 50 miles spoke--"Get set." She grinned. "Kill." She whispered. There was no weapons, only claws and teeth. Scarlet ran as fast as his legs would take him, and he probably went 25 miles. Or 30. Maybe 35 if he tried. Scarlet nawed at the first one he got to. Echo!

"Oh no, I didn't mean to hurt you!" Then he realized she might kill him because they were in the Loyalty. He turned tall and ran through obstacle course. He ran into the trees and ran on the branches, then covered himself with mud and lay in a bush silently. 

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Echo the velociraptor

Everything was very unpredictable and surprising. The Loyalty began. Echo reacted quickly and started running. She run very fast and only the wind could catch her. 

"It has started! Now. The big hunting began...And I have to kill other dinos to end this nightmare and return to my tribe. There are a lot of good dinos though. and good enemies...Ill never see my family again I guess. Ok. Calm down, Echo! You are a raptor, arent you?" - Echo was running and thinking about the Loyalty and her last days of life noticing nothing around. "Scaret! Hm, interesting how is he doing now. We could be a good team but I see he prefers being single killer" - Echo laughed. 

- And now Im gonna find a hideout, - said the velociraptor stopping. She caught a sight at huge steps of a herbivorous dinosaur. Echo started following them and as she predicted she found herself near the stream. Not far from this place the brown raptor has found a cave which was made of huge fern`s roots. 

- Perfect! - exclaimed Echo

She took some pine branches and coverd the entrance to the cave. Now it was hidden not only from someones eye but also from someones too long and interesting nose.

Raptors usually hunt at night so Echo got into her hideout and fall asleep. But when the sun has just hidden, the Velociraptor opened her eyes. Echo stood up and came out. She smelled the late evening air. 

-- Let the REAL hunting began! - roared Echo and jumped over the stream. She drank some cold clear water and shook her head. "Scarlet, - thought Echo, - Hm...I think I should find him to make an allience. Or to kill".The velociraptor clicked her mouth and her white sharp perfect! teeth shone. "I want to know how to understand his words:"Oh no, I didn't mean to hurt you!" -- like a friendly excusing or sarcasm? and "You must be a bully. I can see it." -- like a compliment or kidding?

Echo sighed. The forest became totally dark but the raptor felt comfortable. She could see every little leaf. She started running. Silently. Like a shadow. As if she was cutting the frozen night air making no noise...As if she wasnt touching the ground, as if she was flying...

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 I looked at the smaller and more winged dino as he spoke and then said a few words "we have our advantages and our disadvantages, size being both, do not be quick to judge others" and with that I walked away from the high strung and speedy dinos.

 Loyalty had begun when a speedy, onithaminus like Dino announced the beginning of the match. I saw the two dinos I had met a few days earlier flee to the under bush without fighting the other dinos, I did to. I was built for catching and eating fish not other dinos. I fled to a masive river that lay on the edge of the clearing and went straight in and disappeared under its surface. I went down stream for a while before I stopped in a small clearing that was only accessible by river. This was where I set up my camp and where I would stay until the end of the fight. I fished for a little while and then slept and waited for the night. I knew that raptor I met would be out hunting now and even though the forest was really thick I was not going to take a chance of having the little creature get me while I slept. I positioned myself so that I was laying with my face to the forest and my tail in the water, an escape to my world where none would dare pursue.

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Echo finally felt hungry. She stopped and lowed her head to the ground. Everything was calm. Then she raised her head and turned it to different sides - she was looking for the least sound of the least creature. But only crickets were breaking the silence. But dont forget that Echo is a velociraptor and she easily could hear a teen Eolambia near the river.
Echo licked her teeth and began hunting. It was first hunting when Echo was alone. Raptors always hunt together. However the teen Eolambia lives its last minutes.
The velociraptor was running towards noticing nothing on her left or right. Someone could jump on her. But no. Echo is finally near the river. Eolambia was drinking water. Echo crept in the bushes watching the dino. She was ready to jump... It lasted only a few seconds.
Echo jumbed on the back of this herbivorous dino and cut her sides with famous velociraptors claws. Blood started running from the wounds - they were deep. Eolambia was roaring and trying to throw the raptor down but all her attempts were useless. Another wound appeared on the stomach. Sharp teeth cut her backs again. But the Eolambia was fighting bravely.
Echo bitten its neck. Warm blood filled her mouth. She could hear the sound of braking bones.The Eolambia fall down. Echo licked her teeth which were in blood. Suddenly she saw a pair of eyes staring at her from water. Echo got afraid and decided to go away from here. She pulled the dead body of the dino to her cave. On her way she realised that the pair of eyes belonged to a dinosaur who hid in water. "Clever!" - she thought.
Finally the cave. Echo got in and separated parts of the dead dino. Some parts she put into holes she digged to get rid of the smell and spoiling the meat, some she has eaten. But the tail was left. Because the velociraptor has a strategy now.

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Scarlet was perched on the branch and he closed his eyes, concentrating and heard screams of a dinosaur getting killed. It was a terrible cry, and the roar rattled the whole jungle. It was suddenly cut off and a loud screech of joy and hunger was let out.

It was Disk! She was in the Loyalty? Scarlet didn't remember her name being called but made sure to stay away from her. All the sudden, another Turkey Raptor (it's my code for sinor-whatever--scarlet's type of dinosaur) pounced on him, with blood red feathers and green eyes that were so bright they were easy to see against the leaves. The raptor snarled into his face loudly, with displeasure and flicked  tail back and forth. Scarlet struggled as he saw her mouth open for the killing bite, but then something pulled her away and fought it. As soon as the raptor ran away, Scarlet saw it was a small orange Torvosaurus gurneyi, Mango. Her sharp teeth gleamed against the sun as she smiled at him. She was friends with him since he was only two moons old, and she was seven moons (seven months). Mango took Scarlet under her arm.

"You need to be more careful." Mango chuckled. She was much smaller then the average Torvosaurus gurneyi, but very strong and colorful. Scarlet and Mango ran through the forests in search of something to eat, since they were both starved. 

"Look! There's a dinosaur!" Mango waded in the water and saw a dinosaur in the water. She bit into his throat and he, startled, came up to her and nipped at her legs, but only a sharp snap could be heard. He was dead in seconds. They ate him slowly.

"I want to show you Echo. She's a friend. I think. But there was another dinosaur in the water so watch out. He might be stronger than you."

"But I'm already super strong!" Mango let out a loud roar, but followed Scarlet as he walked through the ferns and the jungle shaked.

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Rukath and Dubstep

 I decided to take to the river so that I could be hidden and hard to attack. I heard a dino sceam and then be silent, there gose one I thought to myself as I swam. It was not long before I caught sight an orange dino and that little raptor that I met before the Loyalty. The river was deep enough that my sail did not break the surface, only a small bit of my head peaked out of the water. I followed them to where ever they were going, keeping an eye on them the whole way, I did not know what else to do 'cause I really did not want to kil.l them. So I followed silently and beneath the surface.

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(HI) (Sorry but I don't know

(Sorry but I don't know where to start XD)

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just start with you entering

just start with you entering in the Loyalty and night falling.

- I am in a river watching Scarlet and his friend Mango

- they are next to a river

- Echo just fought a Quetzo and is lying on the ground next to the dead creature because she is injured

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Echo drank some water from

Echo drank some water from the stream and hid in her cave. She cleared her feathers, sharpened her claws. The Velociraptor came out of the cave and looked around for danger. But everything seemed to be calm. Echo run to the end of the forest to discover what was here...She could see some mountains on the West. Suddenly a black silhouette appeared in the sky. Echo hid in the bushes. It was the huge and dangerous Quetzalcoatlus...
The velociraptor was trembling but she understood that if she didnt kill him he would kill her. Echo returned to the cave and took the Eolambia's tail. She run to the mountains again. Then the raptor put this tail and started roaring as if she is a dying dino. After that Echo hid in the bushes not far from the tail.
The wind raised and the whole glade was coverd by a shadow. The Quetza landed. Echo could fall down because of fear...But she tried to stay calm and get ready to the attack.
"See, my little girl? It is a quetzalcoatlus. They very dangerous, be careful. But if you have to fight with them, my little girl, damage their wings...Dont let them fly or else you are dead..." - Echo's mother showed a huge scar on her back...

"Oh, mommy, you are so far from me, I miss you! And I dont know if we will meet again" - sighed Echo.
The velociraptor jumped out of the bushes and reached the quetzalcoatlus' wings to tear them. Quetza was surprised and the wings hurt. But it wasnt blank and tried to get the raptor on its back. But Echo was very fast and flexible. The second wing was damaged very badly too. Blood was everywhere...Echo tried to damage the wings as good as she could but suddenly something sharp bit her neck and threw down. Echo couldnt even breathe, warm blood run from her neck.
The velociraptor forced herself to roll to the other side - the quetza missed to bite Echo. Then raptor stood up though it was so painful! And closed her mouth around thin Quetza's neck...Flyable dinos are so bad on the ground!
Echo won this battle. But will she live untill the sun raises? She was laying in the center of the glade next to the dead querzalcoatlus...

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Shadow Allosaurus

Darkness fell...
I am Ready...Kyla said as she focused on the light in front a few meters from her, the only thing she could see right now.
A few days ago Kyla
had been choosen to enter a game called Loyalty where only one could remain standing.
Kyla slowly walked to the spot where the light came in . Kyla roared as louldly as site could when she came out . She saw a dead Quetzo and a velociraptor lying next to the ground .The raptor look injured. I saw a Spinosaurus watching two other dinosaurs who are next to a river.
"I am Kyla a Shadow Allosaurus."
She found a spot to his and went there hiding , ready for the hunt to begin. She searched and tried to find the other's strong parts and weaknesses. She watched.

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Echo is in a trouble!

"Hi, Echo! Welcome back to your home, - grey raptor said softly, - I missed you, my little girl"

"Mom? Am I at home?"
"Yes, my dear, but what is wronv with your neck?"
"Mom, I fought with a Quetzalcoatlus!"
"Im proud of you. Dont you want to go in a run?"
"Wait, I cant stand up! My neck hurts! Mom! Mom, wait!!!!"
But the grey velocirapotor was running away farther and farther...and no matter how loudly Echo was screaming.
But suddenly her mind cleared and Echo found herself inside the Loyalty. She wasnt at home. The velociraptor felt cold, very cold and weak. Neck hurt so much that Echo tried her best to not fall unconscious. She caught a sight on little dinosaurs who gathered arount the glade.
- Waiting for me to hideso you will eat me?! Never!- Echo raised her head but it fell down again. She started crewling towards her cave but it was so difficult. Ecery second she told herself not to fall asleep cause she could never wake up again. "Ive already killed to dinos but if I continue crewling Ill kill the third one...And it will be me"
But she crewled and crewled...leaving a bloody trail.
She saw her mother. She wanted Echo to keep on crewling but Echo didnt want to. She didnt even knew where she is now. At home or with Echo, here inside the Loyalty? (Her mother was a dream, delirium). Oh, how badly Echo wanted her mother to be here! But that would mean that one of them (or even both!) has to die. Echo even didnt know where is SHE! Somewhere in the forest. Where everyone can come and kill her.
Suddenly her mouth touched smth cold and wet. Echo could hear the noise of a stream. She raised her sight and saw her cave.
- Thank you, Mom...
In the cave she fall asleep...
Maybe forever. Who knows?

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Very short post to show everyone that Echo is alive :)

Echo has been sleeping for two days. But when she opened her eyes she felt much more healthy. Though the wound hasnt desappeared, it was smaller and dry. Echo tried to stand up but she still was too weak because she has lost a lot of blood. Fortunately Echo left some meat! The raptor digged one "fridge" and ate the whole leg.
During the day Echo ate the rest of the meat, so she had to go hunting again. But the velociraptor was too weak for fights.
Echo remembered the quetzalcoatlus she killed, he has not much meat but something! Echo run slowly to that place, but there was nothing left! Echo roared and returned to her cave, hungry and ful of anger. Passing the stream inspired Echo to try herself at catching fish. Her attempts were not really succesful but she maneged to catch some.
Good food, silence, no hard work and Echo will be healthy soon. But if someone attack her now she could defend herself only with claws - teeth are not those things she can rely on with her damaged neck.

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Kyla-Shadow Allosaurus

She watched.
She was afraid that someone will find and hunt her down first before she did and she always wasn't the first one to make the first move when she hunts. The prey always strike first when she is hunting.Kyla only hunts when she was hungry.She does not simply kill poor little things for no reasons.
She was forced to join Loyalty though and the only way out was to hunt them all.
She watched beneath the bushes thinking of a way and a plan as soon as possible and what to do next..and now of course. But her mind is empty currently.So she decided to wait for the toime to strike and think of the next move.

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 I became bored watching the Raptor and her orange friend and swam off down river to continue hiding from other Dinos and to last out the rest. I swam down river and then got out on a suitable beach and began to wander the nearby clearing. There was a dead quetzoquatilus in it which was nearly picked apart, there was a few small Dinos feeding on it when I neared but they fled as soon as I was visible. I could smell blood from another Dino here and I guessed the Quetz. bit of more than it could chew and ended up as the dinner  of another Dino, though did not go down without a fight.

 I wandered around the clearing and then caught the scent of an Allasorus, great I thought to myself. I knew they were pack creatures but even one could be pretty difficult to fight. As I wandered the scent got stronger and stronger. Once it was pretty strong I stopped and looked around trying to locate the creature as to get a visual of him or her for future reference.

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(This is how i look)

(picture found on the internet)

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Here comes the Allosaurus !!!

Kyla saw some small dinosaurs scuttling infront of her, they looked like they are spooked by something. "Probably a large carnivore dino." She thought. She could hear footsteps of a dinosaur nearby. She tried to walk to another place as quiet as she could, she looked back to make sure nobody was following her. When she turned back she saw a place with tall trees and covered with bushes. She charged in and saw.. a lake, a shady place with some ferns and conifers. Which she liked a lot and decided to rest there since it was hidden beneath the tall trees.It was a paradise in Loyalty, since she hasnt been out from Loyalty for like 3 days and Day 4 was coming in 10 hours. It was sunset now.So she lied down and slept....to make the time go faster and tomorroe to come

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Echo the velociraptor

Echo opened her eyes. Sunlight was shining in the cave. This morning was so nice! The raptor stood up and went to the stream. She could see that the awful wound has practically disappeared. Echo turned her neck to right and left, down and up. There was no pain, only a bit discomfort doing this.
Echo jumped up in excitement. But the hunger remind about itself and the velociraptor had to catch someone. Now she run to the other side of the forest. During the run she thought:"There are 32 dinos inside the Loyalty, Ive killed two. Someone has also killed some dinos...How many of us are left? Is even Scarlet alive?" Echo lowed her head and smelled some dinosaurs. But suddenly something attacked the velociraptor from the bushes. A lot of claws-teeth tore Echo'skin. She roared and tried to throw down it. She turned her head and saw seven, ten, twelve? Little dinos.
It is impossible to get rid of them. Only to kill. Wounds were not deep but they hurt very much. Echo cauhgt one dino with her teeth and killed at once - they are so small.
She did the same to some dinos but the rest were farther and Echo couldnt reach them. Suddenly she got an idea. Echo run to the lake. Fortunately it wasnt very far. Echo jumped in the water making lots of splatters around. Water became red from velociraptors blood. She was so deep in the lake that only her head wasnt underwater. Little dinos swam away, some of them has drowned.
Echo came out of the water and went back to the cage. Little wounds will disappear quickly and it isnt the thing to worry about but she was very hungry and tired.
"My hideout will be found very soon...my blood smell spread through the whole forest! And it is the second time..."-sighed Echo. Surviing in the Loyalty wasnt that easy.

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(I gpt the same idea of

(I gpt the same idea of little dinos a few days ago but deleted it instead XD)

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It seems everyone is dead.

It seems everyone is dead. Lol. Noone is answering posts.
Lmao! Echo won! Lololol! Echo the velociraptor won!