Loudlungs and Autumn

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Loudlungs and Autumn

The tale of a Night Sealer



By Lissa









I'm Lissa, a follower of Jesus ^^ I've been part of SoD for around 4 years; the forum for 3.

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By Ecliptic Eight Thx she is so cute!

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The Night Sealer is a Fandragon Speacies Created by Chameishida! Thank you for this amazing creature!

I haven't edited this story yet! Please do not reply directly to this post so it's possible for me to make changes. Thank you!





Loudlungs and Autumn




Loudlungs and Autumn


“Loudlungs fetch the water to the stables. Loudlungs clean up that pile of droppings the chief just stepped in. Loundlungs get your behind moving. LOUDLUNGS!”

A sour faced, irritable boy growled between wheezings as he tried to summit Gothi’s hut.

“Why can’t you keep up with everyone else Loudlungs? That Hiccup who does he think he is anyways?” Loudlungs held the bucket of minnows carefully, trying to be sure neither they or the water splashed up on any part of him. Golden leaves whipping around as the wind increased. “Not chief, not yet anyway.”

He wished Hiccup would never become chief. Hiccup liked dragons. And in his opinion dragons sucked.

Loudlungs hated the piles of dung everywhere, the scales scraped along every post and hut when they molted, the squawking and roaring, the fires, the lava, and that smell.

Just the thought of it mad him gag. Rotten fish mixed with sweat, wet dirty beards, seaweed and reptile? A whiff of that could knock a stranger out cold. It had actually, on more than one occasion.

What was wrong with people? Why did they open their arms and hearts wide to slithering, stinky, scaly slimy winged lizards and act like all the world was right?

Poor Loudlungs was not a fan of flight or reptiles or animals in general. He wasn’t a bad sort, the kind that’s always looking for trouble and of course always finding it… just completely uninterested and a little afraid. And when you are uninterested and a little afraid the fact that everyone else is obsessing over the same thing gets really old really fast.


Tap tap tap,

“Gothi, it’s Loudlungs. I have your minnows.”

The door creaked open. Gothi stood there, staff so thoroughly covered in terrible terrors it couldn’t be seen. At the scent of minnow they ravenously lunged at Loudlungs who had not thought to put the bucket down before knocking.

As Gothi looked lovingly upon the sight Loudlungs belted out his signature shriek, wildly backing away from the hungry little dragons until all at once he found there was nothing beneath his feet.

Down, down, down he careened towards the jagged cliffs below, and just as he thought “this time. This time it really is the end of me!” two teal blue talons plucked him neatly from the sky.

“That’s the second time this week,” Astrid snapped, her rescuee lying boneless and gasping for breath in the dirt. “Come on, Loudlungs. I have better things to do. YOU have better things to do.”

“I HATE terrible terrors!” Loudlungs clenched the grass between his fingers like somehow it would keep him from leaving the ground again. Stormfly thought this an interesting activity so she too, clawed at the ground. “I HATE climbing up to Gothi’s hut, I HATE heights,” He looked fiercely into Astrid’s face “I HATE stinky smelly fish and I HATE dragons!”

“A DRAGON just saved your miserable life you ingrate. MY dragon.” The hot-headed blonde returned. Her nadder looked up. “And if you weren’t such a stubborn neat freak you might learn to enjoy them!”

As the girl stormed away Loudlungs sat up.

All around him Vikings and dragons hustled through the streets. Zipplebacks, nadders, terrible terrors, gronckles and a monstrous nightmare or two. Everyone was so busy testing out new saddles, building feeding troughs, racing. The world kept spinning like he wasn’t even in it. People he would have considered his friends at one time didn’t give him a second glance.

She’s right, He thought forlornly. I just don’t belong here anymore.

Commotion arose from the southernmost part of the market. Dragons hissed and gave brief chase after a shaggy mutt hurrying five scruffy pups through the square. It barked as one Nightmare took interest in one of the living furballs. The nightmare was a mother herself, and looking for good ways to teach her hatchlings hunting skills. She snatched the pup up in her mouth. As things escalated, the young boy shuffled, unnoticed, quietly to his hut.

Usually when he opened that door the meticulously clean floor, polished and organized dishes, perfectly made bed with freshly cleaned furs had him sighing in relief. Today it seemed barren. No parents. No siblings. No friends. No life at all in his corner of the world.

He passed his model boats, stroking the hulls and adjusting the sails. Some were models and some were prototypes. He picked up one he and his father had designed together. Sweet memories danced in his head of cold winter nights spent by the great hearth, of each of them quietly chipping away at wood as mother cooked a fine meal. They were both so brave. He wished he had been as brave as they had.

Feelings buried deep within him stirred. Loss… fear… bitterness…

A gronckle hummed by the window.

…and also betrayal. Quickly he put the boat down. Berk was no longer the place for him.


Gathering ten soap bars and all the food that he had, he wrapped it all up in a travel sack that could double as a warm blanket and went down to the docks. There he put it in a tiny tackle box on a tiny but well-made boat. He turned for the great hall.


“Leaving? But why, lad?” Stoick the vast looked genuinely saddened at the news. “Please tell me it wasn’t something Astrid said. Her heart’s in the right place but the words don’t always follow.”

“No Chief. It’s just- time I move on.”

Stoick studied the boy for a long while. He turned from him to a memorial lit with candles.

“If we didn’t have dragons, would you stay?”

Loudlungs shifted his weight. “I don’t know.”

Stoick nodded, glancing toward the tapestry of sailing Vikings. The fleet shimmered on the silky fabric like waves. His heart sighed.

“It’s not been easy getting used to the dragons. I had a way of doing things, of protecting the people, challenging us to grow stronger. A plan for my village, my fleet, my son- good plans in fact even great plans. But then things changed. And even though it’s been for the better it’s not been easy. But that’s life; somethings can’t be helped and somethings shouldn’t be. I’ve had to give up old dreams but only to make room for the new ones.”

Loudlungs nodded slowly, not sure what to say to the nostalgic chief.

“All I’m sayin, lad, is it isn’t what life throws at you that makes you who you are… it’s what you do with it.”

“Yes sir.”

Stoick sighed once more, quite certain not a word of his heartfelt message had entered the boys’ head.

“So, young adventurer, where will you go?”

“I… I hear the Bashem Oiks are looking for boat builders.”

“I see. Well Loudlungs, if things get too boring over at the neighbors give us a holler and someone will pick you up,” He laughed, wondering if they could actually hear Loudlung’s shriek from across the sea. “Berk will welcome you back with open arms.”



The boy cringed at the sound of the girl’s commanding voice. Stormfly close at her heels, Astrid ran up the dock to where he was untethering his tiny boat

“Yes?” He asked a bit curtly.

“You’re leaving,” She said between breaths.

Loudlungs straightened. “I am.”

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?”

“I did. I told Stoick. And I didn’t tell anyone else because I didn’t want to make a fuss.”

“This isn’t about yesterday, is it Loud? Because I didn’t mean it that way.”

“I can come to my own decisions by myself.” The boy found himself putting his hands on his hips.

“Right. Sure. Just as long as they aren’t stupid ones.”

“They’re not,“ He retorted. “And don’t bother trying to change my mind. The sea beckons and it’s time I find a place of my own.”

He thought that last part sounded very grown up.

Astrid looked a bit surprised. “Ok then. If that’s really what you want I won’t stop you- but I will miss you, Loudlungs. Be safe out there, the sea is a dangerous place without a dragon.”

As he sailed away in his tiny boat, the girl and her nadder standing on the dock watching, Loudlungs muttered under his breath. “I’ll take my chances.”

On the back of a dragon the trip to the Isle of Basham Oiks took little over three hours. In a boat it was closer to twenty, and much more in a rowboat. Loudlungs rowed until his shadow was as long as a timberjack is tall. Then he moored his vessel on an island somewhere between the two villages.

It was quiet here. No mess. No hissing and snarling. No stinky old fish. No dragons.

No dragons at all, he thought in some surprise. Not even a terrible terror!

In fact there wasn’t a flying creature to be seen, not even a seagull. You might think a warning bell would sound in Loud’s head but all the could think about was how perfect it was. No dragons or flying creatures of any sort! Maybe… maybe he should just stay here, and avoid people along with dragons.

The boy built a fire and lay down as it grew. He looked up at the southern sky, the lonely autumn star twinkling on the horizon. It was his favorite.

BURP! Loudlungs heard, just as he was thinking to himself what to eat for supper. A yawn and licking noise followed.

He bolted upright. That sound had come from his boat!

“No,” He rushed over to check on his supplies. The hinge on the hatch was broken. “No no no no NO!”

He threw back the door. The blanket that had wrapped all the food was torn to shreds, and laying on top of it, with a very self-satisfied look on it’s face sat the stray mutt. She burped again, a big, soapy bubble floating out of her mouth.

“Oh you stupid dog!” Loud yelled. It grunted and leapt out of the boat. “It’s bad enough you at the food and destroyed the blanket, but the SOAP?!? It’ll take me forever just to earn enough to buy the supplies to make it!”

He kicked sand her way.

The dog shied far enough to avoid it, but didn’t leave. At a safe distance she sat and panted contentedly, bubbles foaming out her mouth. It was a little disturbing.

Loudlungs returned to the fire and hopelessly plopped down. “And you got your grime all in my boat, too. I swear the archipelago has a vendetta against hygiene.”

He stared at the dog and it stared back at him. He nudged closer to the fire. The dog, now bored, explored her new surroundings.

She strode across the beach and chased the waves, sprinting and dodging in the ebb and flow. She ran up to Loudlungs periodically, barking in excitement, hoping he would join her.

When he made it clear he would not play her game she turned her attention to the cliffs and caves where ever manner of smell could be found.

“Glad you like it,” Loud grumbled as she made her way from the cliff’s base towards the trees, “’Cause you’re never gonna leave.”

It was just about pitch black now. Loudlungs could only hear the rustle of the undergrowth as his stowaway played in the wood.

How did she even get into the boat? He wondered. And where are her puppies?

He remembered the scuffle he left behind that morning. She must not have won.

The thought of the dog loosing so much to the dragons created a strange feeling inside of Loudlungs. A feeling of… compassion… for a stinky, dirty, soap-stealing animal.

“Bet if you were twice as big you’d have shown her,” He said... more to himself than the dog because there was no way she could hear him from this distance, “Bet you would march right back there and beat them all up. Show em who’s boss. Make things right again.”

Hungry, tired and irritable, he fell into a restless sleep.


It was deep into the night when he awoke to something stepping on him.

“Mmph!” He cried out as he was smothered. “Get off!”

The dog wasn’t listening- to him anyway. Sniffing the air and jerking her head one way then another she searched the inky night, eyes hard and body stiff.

Loudlungs wriggled out from under and backed away. He looked up at the sky. He didn’t see anything… once in a while the stars would blink like something might have flown in front of them but he didn’t hear any noise. Even as he had made up his mind that nothing was there, the mutt stood growling and whining, snapping at the sky with bubbles still floating out her mouth.

Maybe she didn’t eat my soap, he thought worriedly. Maybe she’s just rabid.

It seemed like a good possibility. And the more he thought about the less he wanted to be here, next to the delusional creature.

Very, very quietly, he took a step back. Then another, and another.

But no sooner had he turned to slip away than the dog barked. He looked over his shoulder to see it racing towards him at full speed.


Loudlungs belted his signature shriek as it closed in.

Something above his head flapped away, but it didn’t stop the dog. She grabbed him by the cuff of his sleeve and dragged him kicking and screaming into the trees.

This time. This time for sure! He bemoaned himself. What a weird way to go. Eaten by a bubble breathing mutt in a world filled with savages and dragons.

Not being the best navigator the dog accidently ran poor Loudlung’s head into a root. He stopped, but she kept running until she realized she was only holding the torn sleeve of his coat.


Loudlungs made a beeline for the shore. If he could just get back to the fire he could pull one of the burning branches out and ward-off the crazed animal long enough to escape to his boat.

The undergrowth beside him shivered. Loud yelped as the mutt bounded out in front, cutting his escape route off. Her head was low, her ears were back and legs braced. She snorted. Loudlungs put his arms up around his neck, afraid she was going to attack.

She whined and put out a paw. He backed into a tree and closed his eyes.

The next thing he felt was licking. Licking on his hand and his arm and then paws on his chest and licking on his face.

“Eww ew!” Loudlungs shrank down, wiping sudsy slime with a faint hint of lavender away. She just put more on, stubby tail wagging wildly behind her. “Gross. Weren’t you ever taught not to play with your food? If you had eaten me it would’ve been better.”

In truth, he was terribly relieved.

The leaves above the two whipped backward like an invisible sickle had swooped down. It narrowly missed their heads. Loud ducked instinctively.

The dog whimpered again and took him by the cuff of his other sleeve.

“Maybe your right,” he thought, getting up. The stars blinked above them. Over and over, in different places at the same time. The hair on the back of his neck rose.

“No… you’re definitely right.”

She lead him deeper into the forest, under the limbs of some giant trees and over impressive roots.

Loudlungs yelped. A force knocked him to the ground with sharp, eagle like talons. The dog turned to snap at the boy’s assailant but it had already passed.

They came across a thicket so well shrouded in branches and leaves that Loudlungs couldn’t see the sky. The dog squeazed through an opening and Loudlungs followed. On the inside there stood the trunk of a great cedar and around it just enough space for the two of them.

Back and forth the tops of the trees whipped. The dog growled softly, ears back. Loud found himself hugging her tightly. She turned to him and licked his shoulder in worry.

What are these things? The young boy shivered. They were bigger than night terrors but not by much. Could they be smokebreaths? Loud listened. No, smokebreaths make noise. Beside they’re daytime hunters.

One of the creatures flew by, ripping a chunk of branches away from their hiding place. A streak of white flashed by.

“Ow!” Loud couldn’t help but cringe. The dogs’ soapy tongue was really stinging as it licked. He put his hand over his shoulder to feel three gashes in his skin. Oh great. Now how were they going to escape? Everyone knows the easiest scent follow is one marked with blood.

With new energy the creature outside violently tore at the thicket. First one side would rip off then another, barely even seconds between blows.

The mutt barked relentlessly with every attack, trying to stay between the creature and Loud.

A powerful, pulsing wind sent leaves and twigs flying.

Loud and the dog stood at attention as a small, black and white dragon alighted the forest floor. It had talons like a raptor and beak-like snout, long, sharp pointed things that protruded out of it’s head like ears, a long thin tail that twisted irritably, and green eyes. The white part of the dragon was mostly the body with the wings, tailfan and legs all being black. A black streak also threaded its’ way up to the creature’s eyes.

The eyes  Thought Loudlungs. They reminded him of Toothless

In fact as he looked at the dragon it’s build was quite similar to the Hiccup’s dragon, just smaller. Could it be that he’d stumbled upon a subspecies of the nightfury?? The most feared dragon of the archipelago?

Unlike Toothless, these green eyes were cold. They studied the trembling boy and barking dog like a butcher studying two sheep.

Another flapping sound arose, promptly followed by a thunk, a rustling of leaves and a thud.  Loud glanced away from the black and white dragon to see a much smaller, darker blob fall to the ground after running into a tree.

It emerged from the shrubbery and hurried to the side of the bigger dragon.

Black and white, or Bn’W, looked down at the smaller dragon at her side, and back to the dog and boy. Snaking her tail along she slapped the little one on the rump and sent it yelping towards their cornered quarry. It looked back hesitantly. She bobbed her head and moved her mouth but no sound came out that Loud could hear. The dog growled; withdrawing a few steps back.

The little dark colored dragon stalked forward, focused, bright green eyes almost glowing as they caught the moonlight.

At another soundless que from Bn’W, it opened its’ mouth wide-

And sneezed.

What looked like a green glowing ball of snot shot from its’ mouth and right over Loudlung’s head, singing his hairs.

A splintering noise caused Loud to turn and look behind him. The great cedar’s trunk, still glowing green where it had been sliced in half, was falling toward them!

Bn’W leapt forward, giving the little one a dirty look as she took him in her maw. They dove one direction and the mutt and Loud went the other. They ran as fast as they could, ducking and covering their heads in what they hoped was a safe enough distance.


The tree was felled with tremendous force, knocking five or six others down as it went. Twigs, dust and debris floated through the air.

“Let’s go!” Loud whispered to the dog, who was shaking uncontrollably. “Get to the boat while we still have a chance!”

Even as the dust settled he could just make out the silhouette of the black and white dragon, standing on the trunk of the tree, watching them run.

“She’s coming,” He gasped, legs giving way to terror. “She’s coming she’s coming!”

A blast of green cut through the undergrowth and their direction, forcing the two to change course. They saw and aimed for a small cave but another blast split the rocks above it in half, they fell and blocked the way.

They only hesitated a second. But that was all she needed.

“Ahhh!” The boy yelled in pain.

Once more talons thrust Loudlungs to the ground. This time, though, all four were cutting in and they had a better grip.

The wings beat with determination and force. He felt himself lifting and franticly grasped at the earth and grass around him.

“Help!” He cried out to the dog. She ran up and caught him by his only sleeve as he was being carried away. It tore off.





“Ptew! Peteh!”

Loud regained consciousness to find he had a mouthful of sand. His legs were in searing pain, as were his arms- and something was sitting on top of him.

Despite the pain he jumped to his feet.

The little dark dragon toppled off his back and into the sand headfirst, the black and white one watching from atop a dune.

She had taken him back to the beach… but why?

The little one, flustered, puffed out its wings and hissed, sidling towards Loudlungs with talons extended and ready to scratch. It opened it’s mouth wide and sneezed.

A pile of green glowing goo flew up into the air and came straight down with a splat.

Bn’W just kept watching with those cold green eyes.

At last it finally dawned on poor Loud. He’d seen this behavior before- in Berk. The mother was teaching her offspring how hunt. She had found a safe place for him to practice where she could watch everything that happened, and had brought a small, defenseless creature for him to kill- Loud.




Another stream of green plasma cut through Loud’s thoughts and he ducked. It dug into the dune behind him and like the other misfire, turned the sand into a lump of glass.

Back and forth they ran and flew, Loud and the Dark Dragon, almost appearing to be in some terrible dance with the sand writing down their every move.

As the grey light of dawn stretched over the sea, Bn’W observed her hatchling’s progress with growing pride. He was doing a fine job intimidating, corralling and toying with his prey. Best of all his plasma shots were getting closer and closer to the mark. A well aimed one of those and he would have served his own dinner for the first time.

But it was getting light.

Loud was running out of time, energy and ideas. The fire had died out long ago, so he couldn’t use anything from that to ward the dragon off. And every time he’d try to make a break for his boat the little dragon beat him to it. Not that it would have made a difference. He had no weapons there, no safe hiding place. If anything it prevented him from running which was the only thing keeping Loud alive.

The hatchling hadn’t learned to fire a plasmid blasts and run/fly at the same time, and it couldn’t figure out how to make Loud stop. So, as long as Loud kept moving he wasn’t in too much danger… at least until dawn broke.

Slipping and sliding through the sand Loud was once more met with the no-longer dark dragon. It stood in front of him, crimson red, vibrant oranges and yellows mixed in. Under other circumstances Loud might have thought it beautiful.


With a whip of his tail, the autumn-colored dragon threw Loudlungs off his feet and onto his back. He leapt atop the boy’s chest, pinning him down.

Oh. This really is the end, Loud thought, heart pounding.

The little dragon threw his head back in a silent howl and looked expectantly towards its mother.

She wasn’t watching. Her eyes, squinting in the purple blue before the first rays of sun, were focused on the trees.

The hatchling was wounded at her lack of interest in the biggest catch of his little life. He howled again.

Bn’W sprang from her position and flew towards the wood, leaving both Loud and the hatchling in her dust. The boy turned to see what she was after.

There, kicking up clouds of early morning sand, was a scruffy looking dot which he knew was the mutt. She was putting every ounce of her strength into her stride and had eyes for one thing; Loudlungs, and she slowed for nothing. Not even the black and white dragon as it flew between them.

What? No! Loud thought. Why would you sacrifice yourself for me? Stupid dog, go back!

“Go back,” He croaked, throat dry from all his running, “Go back!”

Autumn looked at him curiously.

The dog continued in a head on collision course with Bn’W, teeth bared and ready for battle.

Loud watched as the Black and White dragon, much too high for the dog to ever hope to jump up and fight with, opened it’s mouth wide to end the battle before it even started.



Loudlungs screeched louder than he had ever screeched before.


Both mother and offspring staggered. They closed their eyes tightly and opened their mouths in some silent sort of cry, putting their wings over their ears in agony.

“YOU STAY AWAY FROM THAT DOG!” He yelled again, flinging the smaller dragon off his chest. Loud ran at the bigger dragon and grabbed a large piece of driftwood on his way.

His shouts disoriented the mother so badly that she not only missed the dog, but overcorrected and flip-flopped down to the ground. The dog had enough wit not to get too close but she barked her head off and bluffed a few rushes at it.

“RAAAAHHHHHHH!” Loud screamed at the dragon, coming alongside the dog and waving the stick around threateningly. “WE ARE NOT YOUR DINNER! GET OUT OF HERE!”

She shrank back with a hideous snarl, swatting at the piece of wood.

At the same time, the sun finally crested over the sea. Rays danced and shimmered on the water, bouncing of Loud and the dog’s backs but hitting the night dragon directly in the eyes. Blinded by light and deafened by Loud’s shouts, she spread her black and white wings and rose above them.

The dragon turned her gaze towards her hatchling, a good hundred yards away. He was rubbing his ears in the sand.

She called out on their silent frequency.

He kept rubbing his ears, so she called once more.

When he didn’t respond the second time she turned to the barking dog and the boy with the superweapon voice. Could she hit both the dog and the boy with the sun glaring in hear eyes? With her delicate ears ringing with that awful voice? If she engaged in battle now it would be to the death… and this battlefield… it belonged to the boy and the dog. Light and sound had become their allies.

Loud kept the mutt close to his side, preparing to shout out a few more notes if the dragon got to close to them.

One last time the mother cried out to her young, but he just kept rubbing those ears.

Clearly something was wrong with the hatchling. He didn’t hear her call at all. She had been a hundred yards away when Loud belted that first yell and had been left temporarily deaf. What would that have done to the little one, who was sitting right on top of him at the time?

There’s not much point to rearing an injured hatchling. The Archipelago was cold and harsh, often cruel. Something bigger and hungrier than you was always around the corner. What place was there in such a world for the crippled? Why should she risk her life for something doomed to be another’s prey?

It wasn’t worth it.

Loud and the mutt roared in triumph as the black and white dragon disappeared over the hills of the island. With their backs to the little one they merely assumed it had joined her.

“We’re alive!” Loud cried in relief and disbelief. “There’s no way we should be. I don’t even know what happened! First the little one was going to eat me with the mom watching and then, you, crazy mutt, you ran head first at her and then I shouted and now she’s gone!! Stupid, wonderful dog! We made it!”

For the first time in a very long time, Loud forgot about the past. He forgot about being hurt, and alone. He forgot about being bitter and disappointed. All the sudden he could see the gorgeous colors of sunrise, hear the laughter in the waves, and feel the sand tickling his toes.

The two danced a very silly dance under the warm sun. “Look at us! We’re dirty and smelly and sleep deprived and we’re dancing with joy!”

Loud raised his hands over his head. “I just- wow. It’s never felt so good to breath before. It’s never felt so good to be alive!” He sighed deeply.

The dog jerked her attention away. She grunted and ran past Loudlungs.

“Now what?”

There was the little dragon, clawing desperately up a sand dune, wings flapping but getting nowhere.

What? Why did the mom leave him behind?? Loud thought, surprised. He quickly checked the sky to see if she was doubling back.

The hatchling’s mouth opened over and over in a silent cry, eyes fixed on the hill his mother had disappeared behind.

The mutt rushed at the him with head low and ears back. She growled menacingly.

Loud hurried after.

The little Autumn dragon fanned his wings and clicked his beak, whipping his tail above him like a lasso. He spat one plasmid ball and then another. The dog leapt and dodged every one hurled her way until the dragon ran dry.

When he did she came at him in earnest, slinking this way and that just waiting for him to slip up.

“No, dog, stop. Here,” Loud patted his leg and spoke with authority, hoping somewhere in her past there had been some basic training.

It took a few more scoldings from the boy to get the mutt to listen but she did respond- reluctantly.

“Leave him alone. He can’t hurt us anymore.”

The dog snorted. She was not convinced.

Autumn dragon glared hatefully up at the Loud. He looked like he wanted nothing more than to tear the boy apart, but knew better than to pick a fight now. Loud found himself feeling sorry for the little creature, wondering if there was anything they could do to reunite him with his mother… without getting eaten, of course.

A shadow rushed by the three and for a fleeting moment Loudlungs thought the black and white dragon had returned.

He was pleasantly surprised to spot a gold and sky blue nadder circling overhead.

“I’ve found him!” The rider shouted before cueing her dragon to land.

Loudlung’s dog growled softly at the newcomers.

“It’s okay, girl. They’re here to help us.”

The boy rand towards the blonde. “Astrid!”

“Loudlungs! Loudlungs are you alright?” She hurried to meet him, axe in hand in case there was danger somewhere.

Loud didn’t hear her questions. He was too busy trying to get words out of his own mouth. “You’re here! But, why are you here?”

“We heard you shout early this morning, before dawn. Stormfly tracked you down and just a little while ago we hear you scream again.”

Toothless and his boy landed next to Stormfly.

“…you’re sleeves are missing. And your covered in dirt.” She set aside the weapon and looked him over in concern, “Are you alright?!? Did you get hit in the head or something? Let me see your eyes are they dialated?”

“I was attacked,” He said shakily. “There was this dragon it was black and white and it didn’t make any sound but it shot green fire that can cut through rocks and trees and it chased us all over the forest until it cornered us and picked me up and took me here to train it’s baby to hunt and I had to run everywhere to escape but the dog came and I screamed and-”

“Hey, hey, slow down,” Hiccup joined the conversation. “Just take a few deep breaths there, Loud, and when you’re ready, tell us your story.”

He took Hiccup’s advice and explained to them everything that had happened since he departed Berk. From the dog eating all his food to it dragging him through the forest to the black and white dragon teaching the hatchling to hunt, and the mutt coming in for the rescue.

“You were lucky,” Astrid said when had finished. “I never should have let you leave without a dragon!”

“Stoick let me leave without a dragon.”

“Yeah but he’s- Stoick. Most things are afraid of him.”  Her expression danced between fear, guilt and responsibility. “If anything had happened…”

“But it didn’t,” Loud beamed. “Thanks to my stowaway.”

Up to this point the dog had kept her distance from the newcomers and their dragons. Now Loud beckoned her to come.

Gingerly, with head down in submission and ears back in uncertainty she came forward.

Stormfly cocked her head sideways and stepped closer, licked her lips.

“Eh eh eh! No, Stormfly.”

The nadder’s nostrils flared and her quills raised excitedly but she listened to her girl. If she said it was not for eating, it was not for eating.

Toothless was curious. He’d seen these sheepish looking creatures before but none of them ever let him get close. He walked right up and sniffed noses with her.

When he was satisfied he spun around and chased Stormfly playfully.

Loud bent down and scratched around her neck. Her whole body wiggled as her tail wagged wildly and her paws pranced in position.

“I might not be a dragon person, but this mutt has changed my opinion on dogs! She saved me, we barely knew each other and she risked her life for mine.”

Hiccup kneeled down and put a hand out to the dog to sniff. When her tongue rolled out he reached back and scratched one of her ears.

“So what happened to the hatchling?” Hiccup returned to the story.

“She left him behind. I don’t know why.”

“Where is he now?”

“Right over-“

Loud turned towards the sand dune where the autumn colored dragon had stood. He was gone.


The three Vikings searched the entire shore but the little dragon was nowhere to be found.

“I guess he flew off to join his mother,” Loud shrugged.

Deep inside however, something told him this was not the case. And whatever that was the dog seemed to agree with it.

Hiccup was visually disappointed.

“I would have loved to have gotten a look at him. And make sure he made it safely home,” He said longingly.

“I say it’s all the better for us. We have no idea what Loud’s dragon is capable of or if there’s more.”

Loud thought about last night, remembering how the stars kept blinking. He became away that even though it was now daylight, not a seagull could be seen in the sky.

In fact, nothing that flew.

“Or maybe it’s just the mother and the hatchling. What if we made cover and waited until night-”

“Let’s not,” Loud interrupted Hiccup. “I think that there are more. Lots more. And any sort of cover we could build overnight they can easily destroy.” He thought about the giant cedar. “Last night they didn’t know anything about us. Tonight might not end as well now that they know we are here.”

“Loud’s right,” Astrid sided, picking up on the eerily empty skies. “There’s nothing we can do for the little dragon if we can’t find him or his mother. Let’s go.”

The chief’s son looked to the two Vikings, two dragons, and dog. Their safety was priority, even over discovering a new species.

“Alright. Maybe another time.” Hiccup turned to Loudlungs. “We’re happy to escort you the rest of the way to the Bashem Oiks Loud, if that’s what you want.”

He didn’t answer right away. The dragons had found Loud’s driftwood stick. Stormfly, getting over her first impression of the mutt and had decided she made a great playmate. They were locked in a battle of tug of war which the nadder (no surprise) was winning. Toothless watched on the sidelines, waiting to challenge the winner.

Loud marveled. Yesterday the dog had lost everything to a dragon. Today she was playing with two dragons on the beach. He reflected on himself.

He wanted that. He was tired of thinking about how things should have been, what he should have been. He wanted to step out of the past and into today- a day beautiful day. A day he had been lucky enough to see for himself.

It isn’t what life throws at us that makes us who we are… it’s what we do with it.

“No thanks.”

“No thanks?” Astrid repeated. “You nearly got eaten alive last night. I’m not letting you go alone.”

“No I mean I don’t want to go the Bashem Oiks. I have a home, and it’s on Berk.”

“Well, if that’s what you want,” Hiccup said hesitantly, knowing how hard it was for Loud to live among the dragons.

“It is. There’s no use in trying run from my own problems. Maybe I should look at fixing some of them.”

Hiccup thought about his carefully orchestrated plan of escape, all neatly folded under his pillow for the day his dad decided to make him chief. “I guess not.”

“So what are you going to name your dog?” Astrid asked as she mounted Stormfly.

“I’m gonna name her…” He thought a moment, getting up on Toothless behind Hiccup. A smile spread across his face. “Bubbles.”


“Yeah, ‘cause she ate all my soap.”

They laughed as they took to the sky, Stormfly picked up Loud’s tiny boat in her talons. Bubbles sat inside of it, panting; enjoying the bird’s eye view of the island.

Loud had his eyes closed for most of the trip, in an attempt to avoid a panic attack. But in a moment of courage he’d open them and marvel at what perspective can do to change your view of the world.

One such time he saw Bubbles looking behind them. He stared into the blue sky, squinting. What was that? A little dark dot? A bird? … Or could it be???”

There was no telling. It was just to far away. He turned and looked forward. Berk towered out of the ocean, a tiny village nestled in between her rocks. Smoke still funneled from the chimneys on the crisp Autumn morning.

For the first time in a very long time, he looked down on that village and thought to himself. “It’s a good day today.”








Autumn, as the little dragon was later named, had completely lost his hearing in that first battle with Loud. He tried to return to his mother but she rejected him and moved on to her next clutch. He followed Loud to Berk, making his home on an outcropping of the island. Although the people of Berk, and Loud himself, continued to show kindness to the Night Sealer he was determined to take Loud’s life. When he was big enough to challenge other dragons he grew so aggressive that the Berkians finally had to drive him away.

 Loudlungs the Valiant and Autumn the Night Sealer battled for decades, but through it all Loud never let go of the hope that one day the magnificent dragon would make peace.



“You know, Loud,” Hiccup said as they came to a landing. “I bet you would do really well selling soap bars. We could really use them around here.”

“I know we could, but will anyone?”

“I’d buy them from you.”

“You would??” Loud said in surprise.

“Absolutely. I love toothless but I don’t want to always smell like him.”

“Goes for me too,” Astrid hopped down from Stormfly. Bubbles jumped out of the boat and rand towards a Monstrous Nightmare.

“Did someone say something about soap?” A mother with five children piped up. “I’ll take as many as you can sell!”

Shouts throughout the crowd came up. Some Vikings even began to outbid each other.

Loud was floored. “Well, okay then! I guess I have a new trade!”

Hiccup smiled. “I guess you do!” Then he added in a lower voice with an ornery spark in his eye “Give my dad some too. I’ll pay you for it, but make sure you don’t tell him it’s from me. Call it a free sample.”

Bubbles barked excitedly.

Five Monstrous Nightmare Hatchlings slithered their way to the foreground. They were accompanied by five rolly polly balls of fluff.

“You’re puppies!” Loud said with joy. They surrounded her and she licked each one fervently as they began to nurse.

“I’m sorry about my dragon,” the owner of the mother nightmare came up. “She stole the babies and I couldn’t get her to give them back. When I finally did pry them away I couldn’t find their mother, so I went ahead and let her adopt them.”


Hehcup! Hehcup!


Simultaneously all five puppies began to hiccup. Little bubbles floated out of their mouths.

Loud Laughed.




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Ahhh Lissaaaa!!!!

Your character and how you breath life into them and the world and the connectiong to the lore continue to astonished me! Loud is a really likable character and a type that I'd love to see more in canon. I think I have two or three Ocs who're either indifferent toward dragons or straight up haing them and feel betrayed that eveyone treating this like nothing had hapen and that everything is suddenly alright. I can imagine that there have to have some vikings like this especially id they suffered from the war or just hating the hype (We have mildew but he was paint in the bad unsympatetic light unfortunately)

If I'm being honest, I didn't flesh out my idea for nightsealers behavior outside of this harsh and cold perosna and perhaps being very fixated on things and everything else that made the name nightsealer making sense and even those can be bend a little so I said to myself that I'm okay with any interpretation for thus one. But I must say that yours has come close to whatever vague idea I was unable to put into word. It's fitting to have the mother being a harsh only the strong survive type.  It's on point to have their territory being eeirily lack of other skydwellers. It's surprising to make them weak against noise (I haven't thought about that at all but it made perfect sense! come to think of it...weren't most dragon suppose to be weak against noise? like in httyd 1? Shame is was never brought up again) It is fun to think about the edgy young dragon swear to hunt down this scaleless ape and soap eating mutt who ruin his life to the end of the earth. Like Loud, I feel like i am hopeful that Autumn would one day be able to find peace in his heart.

And after three stories from you I think I should have come to expect some dark turn at one point in your work and yet I was like "No oh no not the puppies!" and I'm not even a dog person! Glad to see them turn out okay at the end, oh god XD


Your writing is amazing and it's a treat and a pleassure to see to see such work and interpretation on my creations! Thank you!

I will put Autumn in the main thread as soon as I post this!


 Chameishida's Book of Fan dragons Thread 

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Currently all Fan dragon customization is on Hiatus for the time being :(




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Thanks! Yes it was just too terrible to do that to the puppies but I wanted to elude to that part of predatory behavior with dragons so it wasn't such a surprise later on. So I made a compramise- and I won't lie I had hoped it would scare you into thinking it had actually happened XD


I'm really glad you liked Loud (forgive the corny name but he does live one Berk lol), I wasn't sure how you would feel about him because at first he seems whiney... and in truth he is... but I'm just trying to show a more human side and his struggle with letting go of things that can't be changed.

Thank you for Autumn! He's a cute little baby! I was wondering, if ever there came a time that I actually made a signature, can I download and then put all three versions of him on it? I wouldn't use him as a second Night sealer, I would just want to show how he grew up ^^



Maybe someday after a great battle and both Loud and he are too tired, old, and worn out to fight, the will just sit down together and watch the sunset. I imagine it being a strange feeling. After all the years in both their lives others have come and gone but they could always rely on seeing each other again.

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Sorry, I would still delete

Sorry, I would still delete the previous version from my image hosting site but I won't stop anyone who want to save the picture to their computer for themselves and maybe do whatever they want to do with it afterward ;)

I really like those kind of poetic ending and the arch frienamy tropes so much :'O

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Okay, thanks! That's pretty much what I had in mind anyway. just wanted to ask permission first