Lost vicking toddler ~ (short true story)

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   lost vicking toddler

Tuesday, April 18 2017

This is a true story about what happened to my baby brother 

This is a story about the toddler who talks to the cows

Who loves to runaway and do whatever he pleases!

So many times we found him sitting in the midst of our cows, talking as if they where his old friends


There I sat with my mother and my five siblings, Then a moment later I realized I had SIX siblings!

My baby brother was gone! Again!  Panicked everyone searched and searched and had no luck!

My weeping mother called and called.............................no answer

We searched the barns searched the chicken coop........................nothing

I went to the celler to look, in the in storage area I found a bed and some creates had fallen over!

Paniced at the thought of what might have happend, i Quickly moved the bed and creates...............he wasn't there

Thank Odin! I moved on, I went outside to look again, I herd a voice! Then I saw a toddler talking to the yaks!

At the edg of a Creek there was a toddler sitting with them! I rushed to the yak patchier, climbed over gate after gate

Barefoot I plunged into the tall grass steping on I have no idea what! Just as I came to the last gate, he was gone!

Just then I herd him calling........he had fallen into the creek!

The yaks where panicked to! They were trying to get into the creek to get him out.........of course they had no luck

I hefted myself over the gate and leaped into the Creek and pulled him out, the crying toddler was OK!

Drenched I took him to my sobing mother, she had gone through so much stress!

We took the toddler into the house, and the moment we got in, he climbed the counter!

My sister rushed over and took him down

And now he's OK bathed and well! ( and ready for bed)


The end






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This was great. <3

Though, don't you mean Viking instead of vicking..? Just wondering.  ;)




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I didn't feel great!

Yeah? Well it didn't feel great when it happened! He was lost for a whole hour! It was terrifying! remember this is a true story, And yes I meant viking lol

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Whoops XD

Totally missed the true story part, my bad! XD 

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Lol! NP!

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Oh and after we got him down from the counter, he ran for the bathroom got in the bath with a diaper on and started crying about it! Lol!