Lost Quest!

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While i was doing the new baby leviathan quest, i just got to the part where i met mala and logged off.

when i logged back in, Mala wasnt anywhere! now i cannot continue the quest! please please please fix this, the quest looks so fun. my username is SapphireSoul10 and my player name is SapphireStarr. Thanks!

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Other Islands

I can't remember if she is on any other islands, but try looking on all the islands and see if she is there. If this doesn't work, I don't know, but usually when I get a glitch that I can't fix, I just wait until the next update, they are usually fixed after that. 


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2.Airwalker-Teen Speed Stinger male.

3.Shatter-Adult Whispering Death male.

4.Slpitshake-Adult Whispering Death male. 

5.Hail-Adult Groncicle male.

6.Icicle-Teen Groncicle male.

7.Quake-Adult Gronckle male.

8.Darkfrost-Adult Devilish Dervish male.

9.Amber-Adult Deathsong male.

10.Windshear-Adult Razorwhip male. (I know Heathers is a female)

11.Union-Adult Singetail male.

12.Jack-Adult Prickleboggle male.                                                    

13.Rocksmasher-Adult Eruptodon male.     

14.Moonflight-Teen Tideglider female.

15.Pebble-Baby Hobblegrunt male. (Twin brother to Apple)

16.Apple-Baby Hobblegrunt female. (Twin sister to Pebble)

17.Alpha Toothless- Adult Nightfury male.

18.Typhoon- Adult Typhoomarang male

19.Thyme (Thyme, pronounced Time) Baby Scuttleclaw male.


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she isnt on any of the other

she isnt on any of the other islands ):... dang. I was really looking foward to the new dragonDOU

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Further Details...

Hello! Thank you for reporting this issue. Which platform are you using to play the game? Have you tried clearing your unity cache or reinstalling? This can sometimes help resolve certain issues. Could you please let us know the name of the quest? Thank you!