The Lost Egg - Prolouge

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(This is my first fanfiction, so please don't be rude.)

11 years ago...

The sky was dark and cloudy. Rain poured down, piercing the dragon's skin. Lightning flashed, illimuinating the shape of a struggling Night Fury.

 Only a little farther, She promised herself. The egg in her talons grew heavier as pushed herself fowards. It's not like I can just drop it. She told herself, although, she knew she wasn't going to make it with the egg. Suddenly, bright stinging pain flashed through her body. The egg dropped, plummeting through empty air. Her sight began to fade as the world started to dizzolve into black. Lightning... She thought dizzily, as she fell. My EGG! Using her last remaining strength, she dove down, caught the egg, and then... That was the last thing she saw.

The next morning...


The light poured into the cave, making Crystal open her eyes slowly. She raised her neck and shook it, spraying the cave with morning dew. She crawled over to her mother, still snoozing in the corner. Crystal jumped on her, yelping, "Rrrraarrrrkkk!" However, Amber was still larger, and didn't even stir. Crystal sat on the ground, and unhappily snorted. She thought of the viking who had hatched her. She thought of how her mother had broken in and stolen her egg back. Crystal missed the human, although her mother hated her. Something caught Crystal's eye as she was pondering all those things; A dark blue shape on the ground outside. Crystal began to run over to it, flapping as she did, but stopped abrubtly. 'Never go outside without me,' Amber had said. Crystal glanced at her, then the dragon-shaped blue blob. Being naughty, she ran outside. The fresh air caught her nose, and the sky begged to go flying in. There wasn't a cloud in sight, and the soft, moist grass invited Crystal to lay down. She started to wonder what the viking would be doing now... Then she snapped back to reality. Crystal sneaked over to the body and paused. It was a Night Fury. But that wasn't what had made her stop. In her talons, was a galaxy-purple egg. A Night Fury egg. SNAP! Crystal raised her head alertly. She looked around nervously, but after not seeing anything... Crystal heard a whoosh noise and stared as a steel-tipped arrow landed right in front of her. Fearfully, she cried and roared, as more arrows and nets appeared out of the bushes. As one zoomed towards Crystal's heart, Amber, Crystal's mother, jumped in front of her, and swiped the arrow aside. She breathed hot flames on the bushes, and hunters scurried out, but there were much more then Crystal had thought. Crystal huddled behind a tree and watched as her mother slashed the dragon hunters. Finally, a arrow caught her throat, and she roared fiercely. She set herself on fire, raging across the woods. Crystal saw something. A brave dragon hunter was approaching her, a spear in his hands. He crept closer... And closer... "Mommy!" Crystal shrieked as the spear sunk into her back. Amber fell to the ground writithing in pain. Crystal felt a rope tug around her neck. Angerily, she turned on the hunter and roared, slicing the chains with her claws. She felt herself growing hotter until, she was on fire for the first time. Crystal launched herself at the hunters. For a moment, Crystal felt like she was winning. She was small and could dodge their attacks, and her flaming wings caught fire to flamable shrubs and trees. Suddenly, something bashed Crystal on the head. She fell, and slowly, the world went black. 


Hope you enjoyed the prolouge!




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