Lost Archives of Afar - FOUND - The Autobiographical Works of Estowick Selfovet III

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My name is EstowickEstowick Selfovet the III and I was once the ruler of Afar, a far away land now known as Icestorm Island. This is my autobiographical work. An archive which will fuel minds and jog the cogs in people's brains, letting them figure something or two about me and my children. From my childhood to my son's recent death, I really do hope that you will all figure out who I am by the end, hopefully.


“May this Beast descend back to Torment,


back to where it began and Loki doest stay content,


selling the souls of humans to free this foul creature,


only to let it back, and I, the Preacher,


Doest one day hope for a Dragon-less age,


Where all of the corpses do lay in a cage,


Then they shall never retreat or conspire,


For this will be the age of 'The Umpire's Empire!'


- The Umpire, Archivolt Dell    

 Finding the Afar-Land, Chapter Six