This looks like a good deal!

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Gonna sound like an advert but this is important:

Thankfully we can now buy bundles as many times as we want. There's a very noice bundle called the 'advanced dragon tactics bundle' this gives you a stormcutter egg, a skill egg and two titan tickets along with a huge amount of item spaces for tactics. As a member this only costs 800 gems! That's awesome considering it should cost around 2000 if nothing was discounted. I say make the most of it and buy your discounted titan tickets there!

Can anyone tell me what dragon bundles have been on sale so far. I need a titan Hobgobbler but I'm not paying full price for that.


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I'm a little surprised how good of a deal it is.


I already got 3 skrills (1 unhatched egg) and a stormcutter. So tempted I am at this very good deal, I feel like there's gonna be a big update soon.


Was it possibly an error in SOD's part?






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*ate my own subject*

These deals have been around for months actually. Well for me they have.


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Fancy that. I guess I never really noticed it xux

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this is kinda weird, usually every set can only be bought once, cause I bought the advanced set on 3 of my accs and they were gone after I bought them so I couldn't get it again on that respective acc. But like only as of a few days ago they randomly came back O.o


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Yeah, lucky for us in the

Yeah, lucky for us in the most recent update, they allowed us to re-buy the packs we already have. To earn them more money I'd imagine.

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Yeah there probably trying to

Yeah there probably trying to make us by it more with our gems so by the time they have a new event we'll be gemless and wanna spend money -_-

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This bundle is new, actually. The old bundle which also cost about 800 (to members anyway) had a Skrill, a Stormcutter, one Titan age-up, and no extra inventory space. So perhaps this is why they're allowing us to re-purchase it? Idk. I already have a Stormcutter and Titan Skrill so I'm thinking I might buy it for the Titan age-ups... Two of those would normally cost 1,000 (to members) so I'd be saving gems, but I'd also get two eggs I don't need. I already have a plethora of unneeded eggs... 


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