Looking for Someone to Draw Dragon Age OC's

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My plan is to, one day, commission a professional artist to draw all of them. It'll provide them with food, and i'll get artwork for my wall. Unfortunately, that stage is a few years away (at minimum), and i need something that will represent my OC's (besides screenshots) for now. 


At this moment, my Dragon Age OC's are:

  • Queen Rovena Cousland from Dragon Age: Origins
  • The Champion of Kirkwall - Ailith Hawke from Dragon Age 2
  • Inquisitor Arwen Lavellan from Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Companion Imogen Trevelyan from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Four is a lot. If you would like to help, don't feel compelled to draw all. One is fine. My preferance is one picture per to go with their individual profiles. I have screenshots of all four, created in the newest game for updated look. My preferance is someone who is, on a base level, familiar with any of the Dragon Age games.






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He'd never know. An innocent fifteen year old afraid of dragons. Viggo was never wrong. But it's not like it mattered, because he'd be like everyone else. And nothing would change her mind. (Hiccup x OC; Rated T in case)
















A collection of short stories focusing on Melodious Malena, Victoria Trainer and Manera, as they balance their lives and looking after an island full of unwanted dragons. Included will be stories from the dragons point of view.










(credits to Arrow)

Art from Others

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[screenshot post]

[screenshot post; DNR to this comment]


Inquisitor Arwen Lavellan

Romanced: Solas


Companion Imogen Trevelyan

Romanced: Cullen


The Champion of Kirkwall -- Ailith Hawke

Romanced: Fenris


Queen Rovena Cousland

Romanced: Alistair


*PLEASE NOTE: Eye Colour is not accurate in these screenshots!


Let me know if you're interested.