Looking for Someone to Draw Dragon Age OC's

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My plan is to, one day, commission a professional artist to draw all of them. It'll provide them with food, and i'll get artwork for my wall. Unfortunately, that stage is a few years away (at minimum), and i need something that will represent my OC's (besides screenshots) for now. 


At this moment, my Dragon Age OC's are:

  • Queen Rovena Cousland from Dragon Age: Origins
  • The Champion of Kirkwall - Ailith Hawke from Dragon Age 2
  • Inquisitor Arwen Lavellan from Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Companion Imogen Trevelyan from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Four is a lot. If you would like to help, don't feel compelled to draw all. One is fine. My preferance is one picture per to go with their individual profiles. I have screenshots of all four, created in the newest game for updated look. My preferance is someone who is, on a base level, familiar with any of the Dragon Age games.


(creidt - Arrowwalk)




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...no seriously...SOLAS WHYY!?!?!? D:


But this hawtie ain't bad, eh? ;)


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(credits to Arrow for the photos)


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[screenshot post]

[screenshot post; DNR to this comment]


Inquisitor Arwen Lavellan

Romanced: Solas


Companion Imogen Trevelyan

Romanced: Cullen


The Champion of Kirkwall -- Ailith Hawke

Romanced: Fenris


Queen Rovena Cousland

Romanced: Alistair


*PLEASE NOTE: Eye Colour is not accurate in these screenshots!


Let me know if you're interested.