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Hey there guys/gals, I'm looking for a new clan, I went MIA for a while and gave my old clan away. Now I'm back, and semi-active (depends on the spare time I have.) 


Looking for a friendly and social group of players so it's not so lonely in-game.




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Dragon's Name: Nidus


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Dragon's Name: Drachen


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Why would I need a subject?

Yeah, I have a clan, but I need to do some clan stuff before I can accept new members. I may turn it into invite-only, if I can, to ensure that it has some acceptable members. It's called The Winged Oddities, but its full. I'm about to delete some people for lack of any activity whatsoever. But, just so you know beforehand, we are the worst ever. XC


This account is ded

I'm not acitve here any more, but you can find me on dA (nochtliproductions) and Discord (tomaytotomahto#8945). If you see me online it's a fluke.

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Lol, well the activities and

Lol, well the activities and ranking, really don't mean that much to me, I mean they can be brought up when people do them, but it's good to know about your clan :)

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I am the Leader of the Berk Academy Returned, here is a link for more info: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/berk-academy-returned-now-enrolling


we are a fun group that enjoys racing and Fireball Frenzy.... we also love just being together as a family :)



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  Hiccup and Astrid "A New Life" Is a clean Fanfiction that follows Hiccup and Astrid in their adventures as a married couple. This story is packed with adventure, Hicstrid, Trials that shake the foundation of their marrage, and loads of surprizes along the way! I highly suggest reading it. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

Here is a sneak peak from the first chapter of the story!

“DAD!?” He yelled. Stoick jumped up in shock

 “What’s wrong?!” Stoick paused “Hiccup?” Stoick said a little bit surprised. Hiccup ran and grabbed his dad’s hand and started pulling him out the door.

“Dad go right to my house! I will explain later!” yelled Hiccup as he ran to Astrid’s old house. Stoick raised his eye brow, he shook his head and walked to Hiccup’s house.

“Even with one foot he is still that fastest person on the island.” Stoick chuckled.  Once he got there he knocked on the door. Astrid opened the door with a smile. 

“Hello Stoick, please… come in.” she said while opening the door wider.

“Hi Astrid, Do you know what’s up? Hiccup is awful…. Energetic this morning.” Astrid smiled

“When have you known him not to be energetic?” She laughed.


Suddenly the front door opened again and Astrid’s parents and Hiccup were walking in. Hiccup went straight to Astrid and held her hand. Astrid’s parents and Stoick and exchanged glances.

 “Well, we called you here for a special reason.” Said Astrid. She nodded at Hiccup.

 “Astrid and I are………..” Hiccup paused, then Hiccup and Astrid said in unison “We are....TO BE CONTINUED in Hiccup and Astrid "A New Life"!

  thank you Hiccup Haddock for the wonderful anti hack banner below!        

The next few pictures are of Ember and his mate, Moonstone. Ember is known for is glowing blue scales on his forehead, ears, and back. He is very protective of his mate, but he very well know's that Toothless is the Alpha. His blue glowing scales aren't to be confused with the "alpha glow." He was born with the glowing scales. Moonstone,  grey night fury that fell in love with Ember. She was born with a blue/green marking around her stunning blue eyes.

Ember and Moonstone drawn by me.

Ember drawn by me.


Ember Drawn by me.





This section is to honor and welcome the stormcutter! Mostly my Stormcutters Spitfire and Star Gaze :D






wonderful clan emblem and shield made by: Diamond Racer  





MY FIRST BOUNCY!!!! Ember my Nightfury! PM me if you want one and i will see if i have time to make it :)




My FanFic: Hiccup and Astrid "A New Life."





Stormcutter bouncies made by ThunderRider19.


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Hi there! 

Fearless here:)

I can definitelly say that we are a group of friendly and fun people!

But also a group of hard working vikings:)

Will you fight with us?


"Don't waste your time or time will waste you."

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You are welcome to join The

You are welcome to join The Phantom Shadows. If you have over 1000 trophies and you can also enter The Phantom Lords. We have 2 clans and a large group of friends. 


 The Phantom Shadows                                            The Phantom Lords




                                                                My Dragons


Leader:  jjway                  Dragon: Monstrous Nightmare    Name: Event Horizon    

Code: 2HDJP


Elder:    Halcyon Plume    Dragon:Thunderdrum                 Name: Tidal Wave        

Code: AAG1S0


Elder:    Bella Luna           Dragon: Deadly Nadder              Name: Jovian Wind      

Code: 3NJZV


Elder:    ILFrantoio            Dragon: Whispering Death         Name: IL Macinino      

Code: 3QXL1


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Hey there!

When I first joined SOD, I came across the "clan quest" too. Instead of joining a clan, I decided to make one. Academic Acers is for anyone who is good at something, even if you just fish or farm. It's fine by us. We're a small clan, only about three members including myself, one elder, and a member. We currently have about 675 trophies, last I checked, but we're always looking for new members!


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-A World of Discoveries

-Being Me

-The Black Cowl (Also a roleplay. PM me if you wish to join.)

-Twice the Twins, Twice the Fun

-The Dragonsblood Curse (With special thanks to Scensoredearchers) 

-First Friends 

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Toothless' Kingdom (Dragonmic14), http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/toothlesss-kingdom

Hiccup and Astrid: A Family at Last! (NightFuryLover)


Also, if you'd like an uncensored version of my fanfictions, here's the link to Bond Between on Wattpad


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Spiker. (Whispering Death bouncie courtesy of Hattori!)

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Here's a little side project I was almost finished. I just need to get the racing banners I recently lost due to a glitch back so I can complete it.

I recently created a blog for Nina, so if you're interested, here's the link: http://ninahaddocklife.blogspot.ca

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Dragon Affinity

Hi there! I am Fawn, and I'd like to invite you to Dragon Affinity! We are and incredibly new clan, in fact I just made the clan today. I am the only curent member, so there are no fancy trophies are anything like that, but if we do make it big you can say you where one of the first members ^_^ I am activly searching for new members so I hope to have a good group soon. Pm me if you are interusted!