Looking for a clan.

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Hello, I'm looking for a clan that is willing to take me in, currently I have 216 trophies and I'm still trying to earn more. I'm trying to earn as many trophies every week as I can. If anyone is willing to take me in as a recruit, my friend code is AFFKPU or just PM me, we'll get to know each other.

Thank you everyone.



Welcome to my signature or a siggy as you'd call it!
I'm Folk my viking name is Nawpol, currently max level and training multiple dragons.
(Friend code is AFFKPU, be sure to visit my farm!)

I have been a player since over 5 years ago! (Since the time where Thunder Run Racing was in the same place as school)

I'm proud to be a dragon rider alongside many others!


Let me list some of my dragons!

Tsunami (Female titanwing Scaldroun)

Khione (Female titanwing Snow Wraith)

Thanatos (Male Adult Elder Sentinel)

Cyclone (Female Adult Stormcutter)

Red death (Male Adult Whispering Death)

All of the dragons were recent, except for the Red Death.


Thanks for reading!

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Your always welcome to join without limits. I'm not good about messaging on game but if you pm me on form I can answer any questions


Officially Retired February 2020


Leaving with love and warmth in my heart

Thanks for the memories  


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Mistys asleep.. But Scorpio melted the subject

EthicalxWarriorsz exepting! Your very welcome to join!




My siggy.



1).If I say stuff, I mean no offense to people whom I mention.



Don't hold my words against me. I'm serious!


I'm not mean. I'm not holding grudges. I'm just... Ally.

Don't make me seem like a demon.

Don't make me seem like an angle. Because I'm neither!

I'm just..Ally.

When I'm upset, leave me be!

When I seem like I want help... Do what you want.

When you need help, I've got your back, as long as you've got mine...


Dragon list!

Nadders: PinkxLemonade. Troublexmaker. GoldenxHeart. Yakstacker. (Others I can't remember!)

Zipplebacks: Sugar and Spice. (Other I can remember)

Deathgripper: Scorpio.

Groncicles:  OreosxFrostbite (when we were friends :c). FrostxLilly (I think?)

Speedstingers: Thorns. StupidxChris (Glitched?! And don't blame me abt dat name!)

Lightfury: Hopestrike

nightfury: Howlnight

Woollyhowl: Whisper The  Winterwolf

(All I can remember!)


My story...

  When I was born, I WAS a bludvist. But I was stolen, and along I went, stolen till I ended up with hiccup. A dragon stole me.. Left me surrounded by wolves. Then I was brought back to Drago, by a scout. Raised where I belong, I have many sibs. Too many to count! I'm too close to my oldest sister, storm. Now, I'm extremely loyal, and I'm willing to defend my family, friends and clan (even though king annoys the fudge-cake outa me). So, do me a solid, don't get in my way of defending my sister :l. 


name: IXIAllyBludvistIXI

gender: female

Main dragon: Misty, Female titan flightmare

friendcode: Gepziz

Clan: EthicalxWarriorsz

Catchphrase: EEEEEEEEEEK!

Hobby: Pushing gut into water... Hehe











misty's personality:

Misty can be a pain.. She's too energetic!

And she freezes everyone!





Misty as done by frugal!




Oh.. And.. Plz help me hatch my little dragons on dragoncave? Please? Here's the link: