Lol, Anyone up for a game of, sticky Mc. Schnickens!?

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To every baseball and non/baseball fan on the forum!

(I'll watch this video a thousand times before I stop laughing)

Enjoy! ^ ^




Daugter of speed and accuracy

(Banner by my fellow clan members arrowalker and Brynakh)

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When I find a hacker...

Time to hunt....

All hackers...

Until I drop from exhaustion...

I will hunt until the end of time.


xXAbout meXx

I'm xXSadieKaneXx but you guys can call me Sadie, my gender is female

I've been a member to the forums for about 6 months now. I joined the game, January 4, 2014.

My favorite dragon is the triplestrike, my favorite food is pizza, and my favorite sport is baseball.

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xXMy vikingXx

Viking name: xXSadieKaneXx

nickname: Sadie 

Age: imorotal

lvl: 35 (maxed)

UDT points: 60000

Membership: 6 month

number of trophies: 2000

Buddy code: pm me

Status: Multi dragon trainer

clan: the dragon racers

Main dragon: xXNovaXx (triple strike)

Nova's lvl: 15

Favorite dragon: triplestrike

Number of dragons: 20


XXSadieXx, by my amazing friend arrowalker. (TYSM arrow!)

OC thread coming soon.


OC's in progress.


xXSadieKaneXx's art requests


green (done)

yellow (in progress)

RED (not yet started)


Request list

1S- ham

2. Rheithebrave

3. Crystal wings

4. blackwolfen

5. Rebell

6. Shamarra30







art, already done. Click here.

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xXArt by othersXx


Clan banner, by, Lermus12



xXSadieKaneXx and xXDeadMelodyXx, by my good friend, CristalWings


xXSadieKaneXx, by, Frotz wolf

(won in a competition)




xXNovaXx and xXDeadMelodyXx, by Okamisusi.


still working on it!