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Here is my part of the art for a story trade! 



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It was Lo.ki' day. A day when everbody pulls the best prank they can while getting pranked themselves. Shielle didn’t understand why the Vikings would waste an entire day doing useless stuff and possibly hurting each others’ feelings. But, thus far, she hadn’t found a sound solution as to why most Vikings did a lot of senseless stuff (shooting sheep up into the air? Poor sheep). Anyways. Shielle was contemplating why people would want to prank others when Pearl popped by. 

"Hey Shielle, come watch this!” she said excitedly. Shielle hesitated. 

"Don't worry, Shielle! Carl rigged this one so it won’t hurt anybody,” Pearl assured her. “Grab a jacket or something. It’s gonna be cold where we’re going,” Pearl added. Shielle grabbed her coat and followed Pearl down to the stables

Bumbles and Snowdust were already saddled and waiting by the launch pad. Each dragon had a saddle pack with a few provisions tied in a satchel. Shielle eyed the saddle bags quizzically. 

"I had Snowdust and Bumbles readied beforehand,” Pearl said, walking up to Snowdust. She mounted gracefully, checking straps and buckles were secure. Shielle mounted her own Windgnasher, stuffing her jacket into the provided satchel, and soon they were off, flying towards Icestorm Island. 

A while later, they reached the cave-infested island. Shielle had donned her coat on the flight there, and she glided around the outskirts of the island, looking for anything that might spell out exactly what they were doing here. Pearl broke into her thoughts. 

"We;ll land over in that cave," she shouted above the tumultuous winds, pointing at a cave that seemed to be glowing with firelight. Shielle nodded and Bumbles veered right towards the glowing cave. They landed and went inside. Shielle looked around and was surprised to see Carl and Zane there. 

"What are you two doing here?" she asked, scanning the jars Carl had spread out before him. 

"Today, we're gonna prank the pranksters," he said, grinning as he mixed a powder in with a liquid from another jar. 

"Be sure to get the mixture right. We don’t want to be lugging home unconscious twins,” Pearl said, plopping down beside Zane and helping him. Then it dawned on Shielle. She smiled at the thought and sat down to help with the mixing. Pearl showed her which potions to mix and which ones to avoid mixing and pretty soon they were done. Pearl also explained to her the plan they had in mind. Shielle, for once, wholeheartedly agreed, since it did serve them right. 

Carl glanced outside at the setting sun. 

"They should be here soon," he said. he said. Zane dusted his hands off and went to the cave entrance. He scanned the horizon, looking for somebody. 

"I see them!" He said after a while of intense searching. “They’re just on the horizon!” Zane returned and helped Carl and Pearl as they began packing up some jars. Shielle started clearing all trace of them from the cave. Zane had led the dragons outside and Carl went a little deeper into the depths of the cave with an armful of jars. He returned with empty arms and a grin on his face. 

"I can't wait to see their faces when they pull the cord!" he said, mounting his dragon. Shielle and the others did likewise. Carl led them to an outcropping not far from the cave they had just cleared. 

"Ok. When they get here, act normal. Got if? Good." Carl checked. Right then a hideous Zippleback landed in front of them, bearing the bickering twins on each neck. 

"Hello Ruff, Tuff," Carl greeted. Ruffnut slid off Barf's saddle. 

"So what's this mysterious meeting about?" she asked, cozied up in a sheep's wool jacket. 

"Uh, there's a point in things being mysterious, sis," Tuffnut said, dropping off of Belch's neck. Ruffnut just rolled her eyes. Pearl couldn't resist a grin as Carl spoke up. 

"You know the rumor of the haunted cave on Icestorm Island, right?" Carl began. Thw twins looked at each other, then back at Carl and nodded. 

"Haunted by the soul of a bloodthirsty Snow Wraith, they say," Zane chimed. 

"Yeah, and the only way to stop it from mau.ling visitors is to trap it with a good, strong potion of monstrous nightmare blood," Carl said in a creepy, meant-to-chill-you voice. 

"Where is it?" Tuffnut asked. He looked around and so did Ruffnut. 

"Right below us," Pearl said in a dramatic voice, pointing to the ground beneath her feet. Ruff and Tuff looked a tad nervous as they looked down. 

"And it's best if you do it right before the sun disappears over the mountains," Shielle put in, glancing at the slice of sun just visible over the mountains. Carl held out a skin of dyed water meant to be the "monstrous nightmare blood potion," and waited for one of the twins to take it. Tuff took it with a suspicious glance. 

"All you have to do is pull the cord, wait for the snow wraith, and the douse it with the potion," Carl exaplined. 

"And how do you know what ot do?" Ruff demanded. 

"Because my uncle was a lucky survivor, but ran out of the potion before it could get rid of the beast for good," Carl said. Convinced, Ruff and Tuff headed down into the cave. Carl, Pearl, Shielle and Zane followed them to the cave's entrance. Tuff paused before going in. He glared at the group suspiciously. Carl just smiled and waved for them to conintue. Without further ado, Ruff and Tuff went inside. De.ad silence followed for the next few minutes. It was abruptly broken by Tuff and Ruff's screaming as they dashed out of the "haunted" cave. 

Carl burst out laughing. Shielle sniggered. Zane clapped and grinned at their success. Pearl doubled over in laughter. 

Both of the twins were covered in white powder and looked like ghosts themselves. Theu looked prettu shaken up, as if "they had seen a ghost". 

"That. Was--" Tuffnut began. 

"--Absolutely horrifyingly cool!" Ruffnut burst out. 

"Yeah. I can't wait to tell the youngsters when we get back!" Tuffnut said. Ruffnut and Tuffnut then helped clean up the cave, opting to let Barf and Belch dissolve the dust with a blast. They ended up helping Pearl pack the jars. Soon they were headed home for Berk. 

Later that night, Shielle passed by Ruff and Tuff's table in the Great Hall telling their 'ghost' story. 

"We entered the domain of the beastly ghost," Ruffnut said with a dramatic wave of her mug. 

"With the blood filled wineskin in our hands, we crept closer to the Snow Wraith's lair. Legends says to pull the cord found by a stalagmite to summon the wrathful ghost."

"We pulled the cord and--" Ruffnut started, Shielle jumped in. 

"--a great powdery cloud of dust fell down upon them!" she said with as much drama as she could muster at the moment. "It was a trap!" she finished with relish. The twins "awwwed" at their ruined moment. Shielle grinned and continued on her way towards her group table. 

A storm raged oustide, wind shrieking like a mad dragon, sounding much like an enraged SnowWraith... 


The End! 

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Thoughts would be helpful if I actually had them

Tell me what you think! Should I open a writing for art trade thread or not? 

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May the Purple be with you ;)

Aww, good job!  Thank was really funny XD

But is it finished?  I wanna find out what happens after the twins get Loki'd.....Heh, Carl even got Zane in on it too!  What a sly dog he is...

Edit: It's offically in my siggy!  Thanks again ;)


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Life is gray & dull, & all i see is dark,

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Pearl looked inside & gasped.  There, as if inviting itself to be read, was the map.  

Pearl took the yellowed paper in her hand & shakily unrolled it.  She scanned it, beads of sweat forming on her forehead.  This was it.  The key to finding the Winter Rider.

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Good job, you made it to the end!  Snowdust says goodbye! :D

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I'm glad you liked it!  I

I'm glad you liked it!  I enjoyed and it gave me a few ideas...