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When I had just started playing, it took a long time for all the files to load. I had noticed other new players were having the same problems. It sometimes helps if all other tabs are closed, because School of Dragons is pretty big. As well, it's not always other tabs and things like that. I found out that the internet speed has pleanty to do with all the loading. I have slowish internet so it take a long time for the game to load. I tried on a different computer with fast internet and the game loaded in minute.


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Well The game takes a lot of

Well The game takes a lot of time to load if you are playing for the first time.. But if you play regularly the number of updates aren't that much....



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True, the files do cut down

True, the files do cut down in numbers but with my slowish internet it still takes ages to load.

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Same here,

Mine takes quite a while indeed also, plus I don't even go on the game as much anymore because of how it takes at least 2 hours now to load for me :(


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Thats about how long it takes

Thats about how long it takes for mine to load when it was only about 100 files.

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I haven't been too active

I haven't been too active these days because it takes TOO LONG TO LOAD. For about, 1 hour. But sometimes, it just takes for about, 5 minutes.



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