Living a Lie (Fan Fiction)

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((You guys can determine where this goes at certain parts of the story. Let me know what you guys think.))



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Chapter 1

((Btw, this will be told from Hiccup's POV, as well as the secondary character.))

((Hiccup's POV))

Two months, I thought as I looked up at Dad's statue. That's how long it's been since I became chief, Dad. Would you be proud? I looked over the village, now covered in a yellow, goopy substance that resembled foam that the Twins had created on accident, or so they claimed. I, personally, had my doubts. The only thing that kept them from getting in an other worldly amount of trouble was the fact that they didn't get any on the statue. If they had, I probably would have sentenced them to banishment or death. When birds drop their loads on the statue, Toothless blasts them to the next world, leaving little more than feathers and charred skin behind. 

Astrid landed beside me and climbed up to help with the roof I was repairing. This was one of the houses that was completely desimated by the Bewilderbeest. Her sudden appearance startled me from my thoughts. I blinked, then smiled at her.

"Hey, babe," I greeted her. We kissed, hugged, then together resumed rebuilding the house. I must have been quieter than normal because she nudged my hip, causing me to look back at her.

"What's eating you?" she asked me.

"I just-" I sighed, not knowing what to say or how to express what I was feeling. I sighed again. "It's been two months. I thought it'd be easier, but it's not getting any easier. I still feel like..." I trailed off, setting the hammer down and leaning against the boards. Then, barely audibly, "Like something's missing."

"You'll find it," she assured me.

"No, you don't get it, Astrid. I've started having these strange dreams," I said to her suddenly, needing to tell someone, anyone, about the dreams I'd begun having since Dad's death.

"That's perfectly normal for someone who lost a loved one, Hiccup. I-" she started.

"Not like this. I had these dreams when I was a kid too. I'm sitting in a dark room, being chased by something that terrifies me, then suddenly a voice breaks through, singing a soft, soothing lullaby. It's almost like I'm remembering something. Last night I noticed something I hadn't before, and I'm not sure what to make of it: I felt like there were two arms, cradling me, like when I was little and Da-d-" I swallowed my tears and blinked hard. "Like when I was little and Dad would rock me back and forth. Except, he never sang like this, and it's not Mom's voice. She doesn't recognize the melody, and claims it must be just my imagination..." My eyes stopped seeing the world around me, instead focusing on the dreams. I began to sing what I remembered clearly, softly at first, then growing in volume, not quite as beautiful as I heard it, but knowing I got the tune right. When I faltered, the memory stopped and I felt my eyelids flutter. Astrid was shaking my shoulder while holding me on the roof. I shook my head sharply, snapping out of the trance-like state.

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neat :) I'm looking forward

neat :) I'm looking forward to your next chapters.


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Wow. Just, wow. Awesome! The

Wow. Just, wow. Awesome! The idea is really intriguing, and the writing skills (Though I am not a good writer) are great! 

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Chapter 2

I poked the embers of the dying fire with a fire poker. Something kept playing through my mind aside from the embarrassing episode earlier where I practically blacked out with focusing on the song from my dreams. I threw another log onto the fire and dropped the tool into the bin. I stood up and stretched. I needed answers. Mom wasn't due back for about an hour, so I figured I had that long to look around. I started where Dad would have hidden the obvious things, but found nothing. I ventured upstairs, Toothless following me, and stood on his head as I reached up into the shelves where Dad often rummaged. In the back, behind some old gadgets I'd made when I was a kid, I found a wooden box, badly damaged and filthy. I pulled it out, and fell back from the sheer weight of it. Toothless caught me on his back.

"Oof! Oh, thanks bud," I said to him, rolling off and onto my feet. I staggered over to my desk where I set the box down. What startled me is the size of the box. It was much smaller than it, by all rights, should have been. I cracked it open just as Mom came up the stairs. Something caught my eye and I pulled out a small square of beautiful blue fabric with stitching in one of the corners that resembled an arrowhead with a snake through part of it.

"Good evening, Son. How was work?" she asked me. She stopped upon seeing the cloth in my hands. She gasped. "Where did you find this?!" 

"In this box. What's that symbol in the corner, Mom?" I asked. She took the box and the cloth, throwing it back into the wooden construction, and angrily slamming it shut. She stormed downstairs.

"Don't you ever look in this box again!" she demanded. I bristled, but didn't press it. Something in her eyes made me only silently agree.

If I was going to get answers, I'd have to sneak around and do it. I promised myself to get the blue cloth from the box and show it to Trader Johann the next time he came to Berk. He was due back the next day, so I made it my goal to find the time to get the fabric and sneak it to Johann in secret. If he knew where it came from, maybe he could tell me what it meant.

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Chapter 3

"'Ello, Master 'iccup! Er, sorry. Chief 'iccup, wot con aye do for you, sir?" Trader Johann asked.

"Well, I was just wondering if you recognized this cloth," I asked, holding it out. I'd stolen it from the box, replacing it with another scrap of fabric about the right size. Mom had hidden it well, but I still found it when she left the house, unusually early. I'd been afraid she had taken the box with her, but she forgot it.

"Well, sir, that fabric is the cloth you were wrapped in as a babe," he replied.

"But this isn't from Berk!" I protested. "Where did it come from?!"

"Sir, there are some secrets that are better left unsaid," he cautioned me, handing the material back to me. I sighed, rolling my eyes.

"Just tell me whether you know the make or not," I demanded.

It was his turn to sigh and he took it, "Sir, the bundle that fabric was wrapped in was given to me by a woman on the Mainland, far from Berk at my furthest outpost on the Mainland. She gave me the material and its contents with the special request to find somewhere safe for her baby to grow up. She didn't tell me her name, only that it wasn't safe for her to raise her son." The world spun as he said those words.

"Y-you mean," I gasped, breathing suddenly becoming extremely difficult, "that this fabric comes from the Mainland, and the child in the fabric d-does too?" He nodded. "Does that mean what I think it does?"

"If we're thinking the same thing, suh, then yes," he said. "You were adopted."

The world slammed in around me and I staggered back, crashing into Toothless as I did. I was too stunned to notice, numb from the sudden revelation. He burbled in concern, looking back at me to confirm that I was alright. I put a hand on his nose, then blacked out.


A fire crackled somewhere in the room with me. I opened my eyes and Toothless gurgled happily, giving me a lick in greeting. I smiled gently and sat up. M-Valka was sitting on a chair, staring blankly into the fire. She noticed I was awake and alert and came over to me. I shied away from her touch, making her give me a wounded expression. She dragged the chair over with a sigh.

"You must have a million questions," she said after a while. "Son, I-"

"Don't call me 'son.' We both know you're not my birth mother," I growled. She flinched at my words, then I sighed, saying to myself, "I should have known. I'm too different from everyone else here. A foundling, how could I have been so stupid?!"

"Would," she hesitated to say, "would you like to hear what we know?"

I exhaled and looked at Toothless. He was looking between us in confusion, almost as if to say, "What's wrong buddy? Why're you so unhappy?" I stroked his nose and he gave me a grin.

"I think I deserve the truth," I said to Valka.

"When you first came here, Trader Johann approached us with an odd request. He told us that a stranger had told him to find a safe place for her baby to grow up. When he heard her words he immediately thought of us. We had recently lo-" she choked on her words, "-lost a child, a boy, and we eagerly took you in, thinking that the gods were saying sorry for our son's untimely death. When I was taken away, Stoick raised you as best he could, keeping your true heritage hidden. I fear that he may have forgotten that, while we raised you, we didn't create you. But that doesn't mean we loved you any less."

"I-I have to find this woman. I need answers!" I cried, leaping from the bed, struggling with the blanket that was wrapped around my prosthetic and real leg, tripping me. I landed heavily on my stomach.

"Hiccup, it-we," she sighed. "We tried to find answers too. We sent our best scouts and messages to the Mainland, asking for the woman to contact us. For twenty years we searched, but each time, Trader Johann came back with nothing. I've discussed it with both Gothi, who was there when you were brought here, and Johann, and they agree that perhaps the woman, your mother, maybe she got sick and didn't make it-"

"No! I won't believe it," I yelled, fear twisting its ugly rope around my heart. I swallowed and blinked back the tears that stung my eyes, hugging Toothless for moral support.

"Or," she continued gently, "perhaps she was in an unfortunate circumstance where she wasn't allowed to raise you." I bolted upright.

"What do you mean, not allowed to raise me? She's my mother, wasn't she?" I demanded.

"I developed a theory a while ago, and I'm afraid that perhaps she was a conquered woman, a slave to a cruel owner, but she didn't want that life for you, so she sent you away in the hopes that you'd be safer with us," Valka said to me, putting a hand on my shoulder in a comforting manner. I shrugged it off, too hurt to stand being in the same house as the woman whose husband raised me. Toothless and I left, flying off to a thinking place we'd found a while ago.

Astrid found us a few minutes later. "Hey," she said gently, sitting beside me and putting her arms around me. "Your mom told me what happened. I'm sorry."

I laughed. "You're sorry? She should be sorry, they're the ones who lied to me about who I really belong to!" I shouted, jumping up and pacing. I was trembling, still in shock that Stoick, the man I had grown up calling "Daddy or Dad" really wasn't my father and still sacrificed himself to save me.

"Well," Astrid said, her tone making me instantly defensive. "They may not have created you but that doesn't mean the woman who did loved you very much. If she really had loved you, she would have found a way to keep you and raise you as her own, no matter what anyone else thought." I saw red.

"Don't talk about her like that!" I roared, whirling on her. Toothless growled uncertainly while Stormfly staggered over to Astrid, standing over her with her spines raised in my direction. It didn't feel threatening, but it wasn't very nice. "You may not have been there when I came here, but you still don't understand! You were born here, you always belonged here. I've always been the misfit, the outcast among your people! I need answers, and by Thor I'm going to find them."

"But you have a duty to protect and lead the people of Berk!" she protested. I sighed, torn between my loyalty to the people who raised me, and the need to find answers.

I owe him this much, I growled to myself. "Fine. But only until I find someone who can take over the village. Then I fly off to find my birth family, or at least some answers," I relented. She smiled and kissed me. I pursed my lips half-heartedly, not really in the mood to kiss someone who just suggested that my birth mother hadn't loved me.

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This is a subject.

Interesting story so far. Looking forward to the next chapter!


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Chapter 4

A few days later I still hadn't found someone who was responsible enough to run the village. By this time everyone knew that I had been adopted by Stoick and Valka, born from the Mainland. Snotlout stopped paying attention to, "A Mainlander" which really made me angry. Fortunately, Astrid and Valka were both there to keep his complaints quiet. I was fixing a hole in the roof of our house when Snotlout's footsteps, followed closely by Hookfang's telltale click-swish-click-swish-click-swish steps approaching. I sighed when he came to a stop below me.

"What do you want, Snotlout?" I called over my shoulder.

"I want to run the village," he stated simply. The hammer fell from my hand and clunked him on the head with a noisy clang! "Ow!" 

"Snotlout, you don't know the first thing about running the village. You and Hookfang combined with the Twins would have the placed destroyed inside a week!" I remarked. I climbed down and faced him. "I dealt, even before finding out that I was adopted, with people coming up to me with countless complaints, many of which stemmed from families and clans living with each other because of the Bewilderbeest's attack! Disputes over belongings, accidental brushes in the wrong area, or even purposeful caresses with the wrong person! Tell me, how would you deal with those situations in a diplomatic way?"

"Tell them to stop whining and pay attention to me. My rules go," he declared. A small crowd was beginning to form. "I personally don't see why we're being lead by a Mainlander like you. Considering the fact that you destroyed the village on a regular basis when we were kids, I'd almost say should be chief!"

Everything in me screamed to hit him, to wipe the nasty, smug look on his face. I resisted, curling my toes inside my boot. I smiled at him and was about to retort when a horn sounded in the distance. We all looked out to sea and saw Trader Johann coming back in. He'd left a few days ago to go to the Mainland with some goods and to replenish his items. Something about seeing his ship made my heart leap, not from excitement, but from some emotion I wasn't familiar with, and had never felt before.

"Listen, as it is, you're not chief, and I am," I said. "Now if you'll excuse me, Snotlout, I've got to go see what Trader Johann wants."

He grumbled but followed me down to the docks. A woman who looked to be in her thirties climbed off the ship and stood swaying on the boards. Trader Johann tied the ship up and helped her over to me. 

"Chief, this is Queen 'Elen of Isla del Sol," he said to me. "She and I were good friends growing up, and she recently got out of a bad situation. She requested that I bring her to somewhere that dragons are welcomed and I brought her here. I hope that's ohlright, sir."

"It's fine, Johann; thank you for bringing her here. Dragons are indeed welcomed," I said. 

"Thank you, Chief. That's very kind of you," she said in an old voice that didn't match her body. I offered her an arm and she took it as I lead her up to the village. She put two fingers to her lips and issued a piercing whistle that made my ears ring and Toothless cringe, whining like he had when Gobber sang solo. After she finished and scanned the skies to the South, searching for something. A black spot suddenly appeared from behind a cloud and she brightened.

"Sasha!" she bellowed. "SASHA!" Her cries sounded more like a Night Fury's call than human speech, but surprisingly the creature responded.

My eyes almost popped out of my head when a Night Fury landed in the middle of town and Helen ran to her, embracing her head and almost glowing from happiness. Then I realized something: she was actually glowing. Instantly I was put on alert, ready for any sign of danger. I slowly reached for my firesword, but Johann put a hand on my arm, stopping me.

"Sir, she's a Warrior of the Isle of Moon and Sun. Her mother and father died the day after she married. I know not if she had any children, but she claims she had a son," he explained in a hushed tone. I relaxed. Warriors of the Isle of Moon and Sun were reknowned fighters with abilities that far exceeded those of a normal man. They were famous for their magic, and often declared god-like. There was something about this woman's face, however. It was almost like I'd seen her before. I shook my head, clearing it of thoughts of my dreams. I'd get to know her soon enough, but for now I needed to get her settled.

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Chapter 5

(Helen's POV) 

There was something strange about the Chief, something familiar. He was about the age my son would be, so it wasn't impossible. He lead me to a building made from the corpses of trees and I supressed a scream. He must have sensed my distress because he turned to me with a concerned look.

"What's wrong?" he asked me. I dry-swallowed to keep my gorge down.

"I live in houses similar to this but made from living trees. W-would it be alright if I created my home in the forest?" I asked. He seemed taken aback, blinked, then nodded. "Thank you, sir."

"Call me Hiccup," he replied. "And I probably won't be around for much longer." I looked at him in confusion as we walked to the forest. "I'm finding someone to replace me as Chief then going to look for my family, or at least my mother."

My heart leapt, or at least paid attention. That's when I started noticing things: his gait was, while a bit skewed from his prosthetic, steady and even, the bracers on his arm were little more than sleeves, his hair was about as brown as my father's, but he had eyes as green as my husbands, and the way he spoke Norse was...okay at best. He clearly had learned it from a young age, but wasn't born with the knowledge of how to speak it. Whether that meant he was my son was a different story altogether. He stopped and noticed me studying him. I blinked and flashed a quick smile before looking at the trees. There was a large one, but the voice and vibe I was getting from him was old, tired, and a little sick. A small one almost sang with life, but wasn't very big, so I switched my gaze to the next one. 

"Ah," I said happily, spotting the one that would be perfect. I approached the spruce and placed a hand on his trunk. I envisioned the glyphs for communication and began to speak to the tree. After a moment I changed the glyph of communication to the ones for Create and House. The tree began to bulge under my hand, and soon I had a nice sized tree home. A door opened in the bark and I entered. I beckoned for Hiccup and his Night Fury, who said his name was Toothless, to follow and they did.

"Wow," I heard Hiccup say. I smiled and twirled my fingers in a spiral and a hammock spun from a spool of spider silk was woven between the core of the tree, which shot up the middle, and the wall. A small rock pile with a flagstone underneath it made up the hearth. I put some sticks from a lightning kissed tree in an arrangement, lighting them on fire with a quick word. Hiccup jumped back in surprise, but slowly approached when I stepped to the side to adjust the bed slightly.

"You think this is impressive? This is just the basics," I laughed when he gawked at me. "I was born and raised in a castle made from stone, not carved, but coaxed. Similar to what I did with this great spruce, but with someone who's gifted with rock. He used the finest marble and granite. It was and likely still is a safe-haven for dragons. If it weren't for the blasted Romans I'd still be there with my son and his father."

"How-how long ago did your son go missing?" he asked me. I sighed and turned to face a window that sprang up when I requested.

"I sent him away so he could grow up outside of a slave's camp. About six months ago our slave owner died, taking his son with him, and I came looking for my son. I asked Johann to take me where he brought my son, and he's been quite direct with me, but not in a harsh way," I said. He gasped, then began to hum. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I turned and looked at him.

"Hmm HMMM hmm hmm hmhmhMMMmm, As Sun embraces the mOOnlight, The clouds will cAR-Ry us OFF tonight," he paused, searching for the right words.

"Our dreams will run deep like the sea," I finished. He froze, staring at me with eyes as wide as the flagstone beneath the hearth. "Our dreams will run deep like the SEA! Constant as the sta-ars above, Always know, that you are loved, and my love shi-ining in you will he-elp yo-u ma-ake your dreams come true. Will help your dreams," I paused, taking a deep breath. "Come...Truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue."

"C-could it be?" we breathed at the same time. He brought out a piece of fabric from a hidden pouch at his hip and I gaped at him.

"I found this cloth about a week ago, but Valka didn't give me any answers, so I took it to Trader Johann," he explained. I took the material from him and stroked it lovingly. "He's the one who told me I'd been adopted by S-Stoick and Valka. They looked for you for twenty years, or at least she did. The man I called 'Dad' she suspects forgot that I wasn't born from him, only raised by him. He di-died a couple months ago, and I-I guess I just felt like I didn't belong. Imean, I've always felt like that, but never understood why. I believed that I was raised by the man who made me. You can imagine it was a rude awakening for me when it was revealed that I wasn't."

I listened to his story, then looked at him, really looked at him. "Alexander, your father believes that you died when Johann got lost in a storm. But I never believed it for a moment," I said, pulling him in for a tight hug.

"Waitaminute, who? Who's Alexander?" he asked.

"That's what we called you when you were born. We named you after the great conquerer, Alexander the Great. He became known for his fighting skills and his leadership," I explained. Understanding dawned in his eyes. "We both saw you as being a great leader who would lead a people into a brighter, safer future. But when our slave driver found out that you were born and a son, I knew that I had to spirit you away in the dead of night on Sasha, who I still saw in secrecy. I found Johann and begged him to find somewhere safe for you to grow up. He told me he knew of a couple who would be the perfect fit, and promised safe passage. He offered to get me and your father out, but I shook my head no. We needed to be with our people." I released him from the embrace and turned back to the window. "I swore a vow when I was married that upon my parents' deaths I would take the throne gladly and lead our people with all the grace and wisdom that they did."

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((Okay, everyone! Here's your

((Okay, everyone! Here's your chance to direct the story! Now that Hiccup's found his mother, will he leave Berk behind forever, or will he stay? *Note: Both options can be combined.*))

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((ooo, how about they stay

((ooo, how about they stay for a bit, then they leave? Valka v. Helen could be interesting :D))

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Chapter 6

((Btw, what do you guys honestly think of Hiccup's birth name being Alexander?))

(Hiccup/Alexander's POV)

After getting my mother settled, I headed back home to Valka, with Toothless and Sasha trailing behind me. I left them to their own choices, as they were the last two of their kind. I decided to let them be like bunnies, if they wished, as it wasn't my business. I strolled into town, head held high and whistling happily.

"Well you're in a good mood today," Valka remarked when I went home for lunch.

"I found her," I said. Valka choked on her water, looking over at me in shock and alarm. "The woman Trader Johann brought here today, she's my birth mother. She knows the song, she recognized the cloth, and even explained why I wasn't raised by her: she was a slave. She didn't want that life for me, so she took me to Trader Johann and asked him to look after me."

"Hiccup, are you sure?" she asked me, her tone slightly crestfallen.

I was about to reply when there was a hestitant knocking at the door, as though someone hesitating to push a corpse off an important piece of equipment. I smiled, rose and opened the door. I welcomed H-Mom in and introduced her to Valka.

"So you're the one who raised my son?" she asked. A guarded look came to Valka's eyes and I unconsciously poised to intervene if needed.

"Perhaps," came the reply. "How can you tell, though, that the child I raised was yours not someone else's?"

"When he was born, Alexander was taken from my arms and given a scar on his forearm, on the soft skinned part. It wasn't long and likely faded into near-invisibility by this point," Mom answered evenly, looking a bit like a caged animal, poised to flee at the slightest sign of danger.

"I'm not sure how things are on the Mainland, but here on Berk the child of a slave is also a slave," Valka said challengingly. If it fazed Mom, she didn't show it. "That would mean the mother and child would bear the same marks, and yet on your forearms I see no markings. Which begs the question, what happened to your slave-marks?"

"I healed them, trying to erase the years I'd sooner forget. The only good thing to come out of my exile is Alexander." The warmth in her voice was like a secure hug that surrounded you and made you feel safe. I smiled.

"Hiccup, remove your bracers," Valka instructed in a clipped tone. I tried not to roll my eyes, but did as she requested. I removed both bracers and showed them my forearms. I instantly looked at the slightly puckered skin that made the lose shape of an infinite symbol. Both women spied it within seconds of each other and reached for it, tracing it delicately, though Mom's was much lighter and made me almost squirm with barely contained laughter. Mom rolled her left sleeve up and revealed a scar that stood out from her otherwise flawless skin, the same symbol forever engraved in her flesh, just as mine was. Valka bowed her head in defeat. "Truly you are his mother."

Mom put a hand on her shoulder, forcing her to look her in the eye. "You raised him," she said simply. "That's more than I could have done. A Warrior of the Isle of Moon and Sun isn't allowed to kill with their...abilities, so sending him away was the only thing I could have done while protecting my people. You did so much for me and my family; don't be ashamed of that." 

They shared a secret smile then embraced, erradicating the tension in the air.

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Chapter 9

A week later, Mom and Valka were getting along great. I'd seen my birth father through a fire, which still confused me even after Mom explained it to me. Once we got past that, however, she began teaching me the culture I was born into, not the slave life, but the life of a Warrior of the Isle of Moon and Sun's child. She began to seem to feel a bit more comfortable at least knocking on the door of the houses, which I now understood was horrifying for her, as not a single house was built out of dead trees where she was born and raised. After work one day she took me by the hand and lead me to a glade which had a large flat rock in the middle of it. I recognized it as the place where I had cut Toothless free all those years ago.

"Do you trust me?" she asked after we had sat down cross-legged on the stone.

"Huh? Of course I trust you, Mom. You're my mother, nothing could ever change that," I said. She sighed with relief and took my hand. I'd grown accustomed to her constant petting me. At first it was odd, but after a while I grew used to it. My hand began to grow warm under her touch and I looked down in alarm as it glowed with a light that was visible in the sunlight.

"Don't worry, just let your mind go blank, my son. Let me show you how alive the world around you is," she said. Her voice lulled me into a trance-like state, then suddenly it was like I was outside my body, but not. Everything seemed brighter, softly out of focus, then clearer than anything I'd ever seen before. Thoughts flowed from everything: the grass, the herd of deer grazing peacefully in a glade not far away, even from Toothless.

I wonder how Sasha's doing. Oh she's such a beautiful dragon, I've never seen such a beautiful specimen, he was thinking. I laughed and he looked up at me. What's gotten into him, I wonder? Perhaps he's finally had one stress too many. I hope he's not broken. Maybe if I lick him it'll fix him. He licked me and I wrinkled my nose. Hm...Nope. Not broken, then why'd he laugh? Maybe it's because the Light One is holding his hand. If I lick her, it should fix-Yipe! Whoa, I was not expecting that! As he got closer to Mom her glow began to surround him too, drawing him into our connection.

This, my son, Mom's thought came to me, warm and resonating to the very core of my being. This is what you were born to be. What do you think?

I-I'm speechless, I thought back. Toothless seemed to crow with joy at the connection he and I now shared. His mind flowed out and met mine, if a bit hesitantly. Hey, Bud. How's it going?

Ohboyohboyohboy! I'm so happy to finally be able to talk to you! Yipee! Oh, sorry, Light One. Ahem! I can't express with words how excited I am to be able to talk to you like this. Now we'll finally achieve husremr, the ultimate bond between rider and dragon, he said. My eyes widened. Mom had told me about husremr, about the significance it bore. It meant that whoever the dragon chose, if their bond was close enough, they could possibly live forever. I was humbled at his words. I slowly, hesitantly, lowered my barriers around my mind that Mom had showed me how to put up, and our minds welded together. 

I don't know how to describe a dragon's mind, but let's just say that it's nothing like a human's mind. There's more meaning to everything, every word, every syllable, every letter, bore a significance. The only way to unlock the secrets is to achieve husremr. I didn't notice Mom leave until Toothless snorted and nudged me, knocking me over onto my side. I shook my head as if coming out of a daze.

"Come, it's late and you haven't eaten," she said. I looked around in confusion, then alarm as I realized that it was early evening, well after supper. I stretched and stood, wincing as my stiff joints cracked and popped with my movement. Toothless' mind tickled mine as we went home. 

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((What do you guys think of

((What do you guys think of Toothless' personality? Did I nail it or did I make him too puppy-ish?))

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(Nailed it~!)

Personally i think you nailed his personality since he comes off rather puppy dog like even in the movies! o3o

Great story by the way! x3  ))


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Chapter 10

(Helen's POV)

As I left my son to sleep for the night the tree I was staying in gave a shiver, as though trembling from fear of some unforseen event. I let my mind go out of focus and began to share thoughts with the tree.

Greetings, old one. What seems to be the issue? I sent him.

Ugh! Light One, the ground is disturbed. I can feel it grow increasingly hot against my furthest, deepest reaching roots. Long ago this island was a mountain that spat fire like a dragon. I feel the beast that the Star Makers put to rest is stirring, and awakening, he replied. I felt the blood drain from my face.

I decided not to worry Alexander, or as he insisted I call him, Hiccup, for the night. I would tell him in the morning. I set about preparing a late meal from the wild edibles around the glade I had chosen, intent on saving as much energy as I could. After I ate I picked up the weaving project where it had left off. I was making a traveller's cloak for Hiccup, using the technique my mother had showed me, which involved envisioning Glyphs and tracing patterns in the air while soft purple light followed my movements. An hour later I began to doze, soon slipping into a light slumber then a deep sleep.

Not ten minutes after I fell asleep I felt the island give a great heave. I toppled off my chair and landed on my back. I winced in pain as I got to my feet again. I bolted out the door before I could even straighten properly. I needed to find out if Hiccup was alright. I paused briefly outside the door he had showed me and raised a hand, fighting the nausea that rose in me at the sight of the corpse pile he lived in. I heard someone or something fall down the stairs and burst through the doors.

(Hiccup's POV)

Around midnight that night I was awakened by a sudden roar that seemed to come from the earth. A second after I woke up the bed was thrown violently into the air then came crashing down. I sensed Toothless' mind explode in alarm. He squawked like a Nadder then wheezed as he came down on his side. I tumbled down the stairs when I landed on the edge. I looked up at him as he trotted down to my side. Mom kicked the door open and ran in.

I couldn't form a proper word because I'd bitten my tongue. It was bleeding and swelling very rapidly. She grabbed a cloth and stuffed it in my mouth. It was green in color and tasted horrible, like rotten food and yaknog mixed together. I tried to tell her this, but she put a finger in the air, stopping my words. She reached out with her mind just as Toothless did.

Are you alright? they asked in unison. I nodded.

I'm fine, just bit my tongue. Mom, what was that? I asked her. She sighed.

That, my son, was called a earthquake. They're quite common where we're from, and they're normally caused by two fault lines, or pieces of the earth, grinding together, then suddenly releasing all that bound pressure. This time, however, it was caused by a volcano waking up, she said. Toothless' alarm matched mine.

He was the first to respond. I-I'm guessing that's bad? She nodded. W-what exactly is a volcano?

Your kind would call it a Fire Mountain, she answered. He warbled in fear and sorrow. There's a bit of hope, though. 

What kind of hope? How is a volcano so bad? I asked, alarmed by Toothless' response to her words.

A volcano is a mountain that spits fire and hot ash. Most of the time they're harmless, but if there's a village at the foot of one of them, it could spell disaster for them, she replied. Toothless can show you as, judging by his reaction, he's seen a volcano desecrate a village or his nest.

It was my family. I am the last of my family, Light One, he moaned, laying down beside me. Images began to flow between his mind and mine....


"Felthir! Fly! Quickly, go! The Fire Mountain is about to blow!" I hear someone say. I look around and see a large black shape, a familiar shape. The creature turns its head toward me and I recognize it: It's my Aba! He roars at he as I nuzzle him. I give him a hurt look then fly off. From a sea stack I see the Fire Mountain rear up in a fiery explosion. That's when sorrow washed over me, like sea water over a wound. I was alone. 

All through the night I waited, calling out to my family. "Lala! Aba! Popa! Anybody!" No dragon responded. I was only five summers old, but I was completely alone. The sound of wind over wings filled my sensitive ears, but they weren't from a Night Fury. I looked up and saw a white Monstrous Nightmare with black spines accompanied by a green and blue Deadly Nadder and a red, turquoise and gold Gronckle.

"Easy, little one. We won't hurt you," crooned the Gronckle, approaching me with just a bit of caution. After all, I may be young, but I'm still a Night Fury.

"Please. Where's my mother and father? They were on the Fire Mountain and told me they'd be right behind me," I whimpered. The white Nightmare raised his head and looked over toward my burning island. He sighed and lowered his head, looking at the others while shaking his head. "No. Th-they can't be gone! Lala!" I screamed at the mountain. Fear and sorrow swelled in my chest, choking my airways. Tears flowed from my eyes as I collapsed to my stomach, wailing in grief. The Gronckle and Nadder lay down beside me, spreading wings over my back in a comforting manner.

"We can't leave him here, Gerjjjl, he won't survive!" I heard the Nadder hiss at the Nightmare. "He's not even ten summers old yet! And besides, the poor dear's just lost his family. C'mon, Ger, you know what it's like to be the only one of your family." I sensed the Nightmare stiffen up, then I turned into the wing and side of the Gronckle. She began grooming me with her tongue. The gesture soothed me, and eventually I calmed down. I scrubbed my face with my paws, wiping away any stray tears.

"Please, Leader," I said turning to face the Nightmare. He reared his head at my approach. I stopped, dipping my head in respect. "I won't be any trouble. I'm five summers old, so I can hunt and catch fish. And, my m-mother says I'm good at shooting stuff already, even though I'm so young."

After much humming and ha-ing, it was decided I could stay. After what I'd gone through, this was the first time my life looked up.


I blinked as I came back to my body. Tears soaked my cheeks and kept coming even after I dried them. I looked over at Toothless, who was staring into the fire, lost in thought. I reached out a comforting thought to him.

You'll always have me, Bud, I said. I felt the warmth and appreciation at my words. He looked up from the fireplace and gave me a large toothless smile. We butted foreheads together and held them there for a brief spell. Then his tongue came out and swamped my face in his spit. "Eww!" I laughed as he chuckled.

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Chapter 11

(Helen's POV)

After Toothless shared his memory of the volcano that destroyed his home, I felt my heart give a pained twitch. I put a hand to the side of his cheek and sent him wave after wave of sympathy and comfort. Valka sat up and rubbed her head, wincing when she hit a bump where she'd knocked her head on the table beside her bed.

"What's going on?" she asked after a moment of remembering who I was, why I was there, and why she'd woken up.

"There was an earthquake. A volcano is waking up on Berk. We need everyone and everydragon to be ready to leave at a moments notice. We have about a week before the mountain blows," I replied. "I'm going to be finding the trees that wish to become part of a ship, and then I'll begin singing it into shape. I've plenty of spare energy, so the ship will be big enough for the entire island with extra room for the dragons and anyone else who needs transportation out of danger."

"Mom, do you think we could transfer a statue too?" Hiccup asked me, though his tongue was still swollen. I turned toward him and opened his mouth, examining his wound. It had stopped swelling and it had begun to subside. I patted his cheek gently.

"Unfortunately no. But I believe I can collaborate with your father and send it there ahead of us if it's not too big. We'll find an appropriate place for it as well," I said with a gentle smile. "It's the one of Stoick, isn't it?" He blinked hard as pain flitted through his thoughts.

I heard Valka swallow hard. "Yeah," she said.

"I'll talk to my husband tonight and we'll arrange something, I promise," I said to her. Before she could react, I hugged her, sending comforting thoughts her way.

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Chapter 12

I coaxed the fire pit in the house into a strong small blaze then traced the patterns for the glyphs. First I sent a loud blipping noise. Then I sent the call to my husband. He answered groggily.

"Hello?" he asked. When he realized it was me and our son, he shot up out of bed. "Oh! Sorry; good morning."

"Hi, mikeeko," I said to him. He grinned. "Our son and the woman who raised him have a request."

"Sure thing. What is it?" he asked.

"They want to-" I started.

"We want to move a big, fifty foot statue made entirely of marble," Hiccup said. "Think you could both transfer it home?"

"What's the statue of, son?" Haekim, my husband, asked. "I want to make sure we have a suitable place for it. We're planning on reclaiming the Isle of Sun, starting with Crater Pass."

I gasped in excitement, grinning ear to ear. I had been born and raised in the palace at Moon Harbor, and the name of the island I had been raised on brought fond memories back to me. I recovered after a moment and spoke up. "It's a statue of the man who raised him," I said putting my arms around my son gently. "His name was Stoick the Vast, an-"

"Stoick the Vast?!" exclaimed my husband. I nodded. "Didn't he come here once to visit with his father?"

My brow furrowed as I thought back to my childhood. I recalled vaguely standing behind my father's legs before noticing a Terrible Terror slinking around behind some visitors who weren't friendly towards dragons. I had darted around them and slipped the dragon up my skirt before nipping down the laundry chute. "I...think so," I said after a moment. I remembered faintly being introduced to the boy and the much taller, far broader man as Stoick and his father. I couldn't remember his dad's name, only the boy who was around my age. 

"Hm..." my husband said thoughtfully. "Our scouts reported severe damage to the Guardian statue to the West of the palace doors. We probably won't be able to repair it, so we could replace it with the statue. We're marching into battle tomorrow. If we win, I'll contact you immediately and let you know," he said. I felt my stomach twist slightly from nerves. 

"Please stay safe," I said to him softly. Our eyes met and his eyes were gentle and confident.

"I will," he promised. "When will you be coming home?"

"The trees say a week before the volcano blows," I said.

"Volcano?!" exclaimed he. I nodded. "How many on, where did you say you are again?"

"The Isle of Berk," I replied. "And there are less than a thousand but more than a hundred. Rough-"

"500 people," Hiccup interrupted.

"Okay. There should be enough room for them," his father said.

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Chapter 13

(Helen's POV)

The next day, I went into the forest and sat down in a glade. I cast my mind out and spoke to the trees, both living and dead, and asked for those who wished to become a ship to light up, using the light from the Life-Giver. I sensed many of the trees light up, and took a deep breath, preparing for the magics that were to come. I had just begun singing them into shape, when I heard my son come up behind me with Sasha and Toothless close behind him. I stopped and turned to them.

"Hey, Mom," Hiccup said, embracing me. "What are you up to right now?"

"Getting ready to make the ship that will carry us to safety. There will be enough room to accommodate extra passengers from the other islands if you wish to send word to them," I said.

He nodded. "Can I ask you something?" He inquired.

"Of course," I said warmly.

"Why didn't you reach out to me when you were alone?" He asked. My heart stung. I knew he'd ask that.

"Because I didn't want to upset the life you were living. I knew you were healthy, and I sent you small gifts when I could," I replied. "When you and Toothless were knocked out of the air, I willed your descent to be slowed, so he could catch you and keep you safe. Even so I feared you hadn't made it."

He and Toothless were stunned into silence. Suddenly, Hiccup threw his arms around me and squeezed tightly. I returned his spontaneous hug with a happy little sigh. "I can't wait to introduce you to Astrid, Mom. I hope you two get along," he said quietly.

"Hm... Isn't she the little firecracker that has an attitude like a Nightmare?" I asked. He bent double with laughter, pulling away as he did.

"I...have...never heard that description before! Haha! But yes, I suppose she is quite Nightmare-ish," he hooted. Toothless made a sound in the back of his throat and we followed his gaze to where a girl on a Nadder had just landed. I could tell she intimidated him, though I didn't know why.

"Hey, babe," she greeted my son warmly. She gave him a kiss on the cheek. Turning to me with almost friendly eyes, she nodded to me curtly and said nothing. "Helen."

"Mom, this is Astrid, my girlfriend. Astrid, this is my mother, Helen," Hiccup said, trying to run intermission.

"What kind of mother leaves her kid to be raised by some strangers in a distant land?" she snapped. I was appalled, and judging by their faces, Hiccup and Toothless were too.

"I beg your pardon?!" I exclaimed once I regained control of my voice. "I don't think you have any right to tell me how to be a parent, young lady! I did the best I could for him, and I knew I didn't want my son to grow up in a slave's camp. And before you get any wild ideas, I am Queen Helen of Isla Luna, and I am also a Warrior of the Isle of Moon and Sun! I think that demands a bit more respect!" I forced my anger to keep my powers at bay. Astrid seemed horrified at her previous outburst. She dipped her head slightly.

"I-I'm sorry," she said gently.

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Chapter 14

After an awkward farewell, Hiccup and Astrid departed, leaving me to continue working on the ship. I lifted the trees from their root systems and set them down in a large meadow with a clear shot to the ocean. I felt the trees shudder as they were pieced together, creating the hull of the ship. Then, I cast my mind out, searching for pitch and tar to seal the cracks and make it so the boat wouldn't sink. I rested after about an hour. I lay back, Sasha curling around me, allowing me to use her as a pillow.

I dozed for a few hours, my dragon shifting slightly to shield me from the sun. I woke to my son shaking my shoulder. I opened my eyes with a start. I looked up at him then sat up, rubbing my face a little wearily.

"Maybe you should go home, Mom," he suggested gently. "I don't want you over exerting yourself."


"I know," he interrupted. "I know you want to help, but you've done more than enough." He smiled at me.

I put a hand to his cheek. "When you have children of your own, you'll understand, my son," I explained. He helped me to my feet and guided me to my tree. There he wouldn't leave until I was laying in my bed; and then he finally turned and gestured beckoningly where a slew of Vikings filed past my shelter toward the meadow. I sighed, resigning myself to resting.

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