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Hi !!!

I am really bad at phrasing my words, but anyways I have trouble turning my dragon. This is very problematic because I keep crashing into the walls. This usually happens on tracks like Woolly Canyon, Gronckle Run and Geyser Maze.


I race on a Woolly Howl and occasionally on my Snow Wraith. Both of them have bad turn rates. I could just opt for racing with my Sand Wraith or Scuttleclaw, however at the third lap of the race, they slow down significantly while certain dragons maintain their speed.


I would really appreciate some tips as it too would be useful for other player. Thank you for reading and have a really nice day.

- Erica Heather aka Airhead (just for simplification)





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 My favourite dragon is the Scauldron and my favourite animal is the turtle.I love reading books and watching anime.

I love racing and I usually race with my Shivertooth, Scuttleclaw and Woolly Howl. I would rarely pull out my Sand Wraith only unless the person I am racing against is notorious for 'dirty racing' .

How I acquired my racing dragons


I saved up all my gems for months. Afterwards an ecstatic viking rushed into Johann's Trading Post. I asked Johann for a Sand Wraith and he happily gave me one. Immediately I rushed back to the stables and waited for the completion of the incubation process. It was quite tedious to wait until I could hatch the dragon but, after what felt like a million years finally came and small yellow eyes popped out of a craked egg. He became my constant champion for the 2 years that we have been together. There were times when things become rough but nonetheless we both survived together.


There was a sale for Snow Wraith eggs and I had enough gems for one. Once the egg hatched, a mischievous little baby dragon peaked out of his egg and experienced the love and warmth of a lifelong bond with his trainer. He is 4 days older than Sandstorm and he loves racing. 

*I have more racing dragons but I will probably update later

I do have strange racing philosophies. One might call me a hypocrite since I hate traps and boosting but I still use them... Continuing on, I love racing but certain people ruin my day. I don't normally trap only unless I race with someone who does. Sometimes I wonder why I hesitate to boost ? Maybe it is because I prefer fair racing but sometimes people take advantage of this and use last minute speed boosts. Traps and boosts are a part of the game but people who frequently use them seem rude. I don't judge people on whether they trap, maybe they are nice people, however I am reluctant to befriend them. All of these factors are worsened by the fact that I race on a Woolly Howl. I could just use my Sand Wraith but there are just so many of them, they're supposed to be rare. 

Concerning Friends

If you want my friend code, please PM me. If you greet me in the game but I don't respond, that usually means that I have the chat ban. Feel free to say hello later, it gets quite lonely since most of my friends in the game have left or are inactive. 

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hello! I know how you feel, my game keeps crashing and faltering (if this is the right word), which is very bad while racing :/

I always use dragons which are a little slower (ex:whispering death), bc for me it's hard turning with high speed, but if you insist on very fast dragons then slow down a little before taking a sharp turn, or start turning sooner, (a little before you would reach the turn). And choose dragons with high acceleration!-so if you bump into something you can speed up easily.

I don't have any of the dragons you mentioned, so I don't know how they work, but I hope it helped.


ps: an important thing that I didn't know for a veeery long time: ALWAYS go through the green rings. If you don't it won't count your laps. I'm pretty sure you knew it but in case you didn't I just wanted to warn you


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I use a sand wraith and I also find that the turn rate is not that good. However, when I am racing, pressing the "stop/slow down" button helps me with sharp turns. Try that. Otherwise, gronkles and groncicles have good turn rates, but they are not very fast. 



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Racing stripes on the Hotburple

Different dragons have different turn rates and it is very hard to race with a different dragons all the time. The only advice I can give is to use your fastest dragon (or Dragon of choice) for racing and practice, practice, practice. Timing and approach to a turn are different for every dragon and when you fully bond with one dragon in TRR you and your dragon can have a ton of fun. XD

If I am looking to win races I will use Toothless or Sandwraith with the fastest gear combo possible.

If I am looking just to help others earn trophies and have fun racing I will use all other dragons and use my favorite gear combo not worried about speed.


TRR racing is modeled after Mario Kart. Like Mario Kart different rides have different speeds so if you are not primarily using Toothless then you must learn how to use power ups explain and justify why you spent gems to put racing stripes on your Hotburple :p